Saturday, June 12, 2021

Sin won't take care of itself


Sin Won’t Take Care of Itself

You have probably heard Christians say before that they’re covered with the blood of Jesus and because they repented and that the blood covers over their sin in the past, in the present and in the future.  They will also preach at you if you get to talking about sin and true repentance that NO ONE actually really repents, they just say that you kind of get better, you know, you slowly progressively get better at following Jesus if you try, BUT NO ONE WILL STOP SINNING.  The truth is that kind of mentality keeps people thinking it’s okay to sin.  But whatever your sin is, I encourage you to PUT A NAME ON IT.  If it is addiction, call it what it is, if it is lust call it what it is.  The problem with modern day Christians is they call it all sorts of things that it is not, they all it “adult content”, they all it “art”, they call it “hobbies”,  they call it “recreation”.  But these things are SINS and take people to hell.  One thing that was on my mind this morning is how SIN DOES NOT TAKE CARE OF ITSELF. If you think it’s going to be Jesus’ job to do it’s never going to happen, because it is YOUR responsibility to stop sinning.  Jesus already did His work, He did His work on this earth.  It is true that He is still working in people’s lives that want to repent, but He will never clean up your life without you lifting your finger.  I’ve been to people’s houses before and probably so have you, that they are just the kind of people that leave trash everywhere.  They have old broken down cars from who knows how long ago, all kinds of pieces of junk, just thinks that they should have taken to the dump years ago,  and you walk to their house one day and you see that trash, and you think, “That needs to be picked up”  and you come back later 5 years later, and you see all that same trash in the exact same spot, no one has touched it;  the wind storm didn’t take it away,  the rain didn’t take it away, the snow didn’t take it away, the neighbor didn’t take it away.  ALL that that trash that was there for 5 or 10 or 20 years ago is STILL sitting in the EXACT SAME SPOT!  Why is that?  It was NOT Jesus’s responsibility to pick up that trash.  You can’t call on His blood, you can’t say, “Jesus paid it all” All that trash is STILL SITTING THERE because YOU, as the property owner didn’t pick it up!  And sin is the exact same way.  Sin is going to stay right in your heart, right where it’s at, unless YOU take the proactive steps to get it out.  Jesus will help you, and without Jesus’ help it is impossible to stop sinning, but with GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE, and He will make the way for you to clean up your house, to clean up your life, to get all the trash to the dump and buried, taken away from you as far as the depths of the sea is, as far as the east is from the west.  He will easily clean up your life if you let Him.  But if you don’ allow Him to start purging you and getting those sins and addictions and just the things that are pornographic and wicked and lustful, if you don’t let Him purge those things OUT of you, IT’S NOT GOING TO COME OUF YOU BY JUST BELIEVING THAT YOU ARE SAVED AND BELIEVING THAT YOU ARE GOING TO HEAVEN AND UNDER GRACE.  A lot of Christians never fall under grace because they NEVER REPENT, they think that God is blind and He is going to let them into heaven with all their sins because of His great grace.  It is wonderful that Jesus is gracious, He has great grace on all of us,  but a lot of people just deplete grace, they don’t want to repent, they don’t want to get the lustful thoughts out of their mind, all they want is God’s forgiveness while they are STILL IN THEIR SINS, and that is a big problem because God knows your heart and He will  still send you to hell if you haven’t picked up your life, your property, your house.  With Jesus it is possible to stop sinning, you can repent, you can ask for help.  If those property owners with all the trash on their property wanted help they could higher someone or they could find a neighbor or they could ask their own family to help and people would help them pick everything up.  There would be people willing to have a trailer, make a day of it, take all of that stuff to dump.  But the reason why all of these things aren’t being fixed is because trash doesn’t just disappear.  And sin doesn’t just go away naturally either.  You have to be proactive, you have to walk out the door on your own too feet and start moving your hands, start using your muscles, work as hard as you can.  And spiritually it’s the exact same thing, you need to start working for Jesus.  Don’t listen to the people that say you can’t work for God because it’s salvation by works.  JESUS HAS CREATED YOU FOR GOOD WORKS.  He has created you in a way that there is a path that you need to walk.  You need to overcome the old life, all the sins and all the problems of the world.  And He will give you the strength to overcome and He will give you the works of righteousness that come from His Holy Spirit, but it will be work, it will be difficult, but with God all things are possible.  So, I encourage you as your brother in the Lord to do something GOOD.  Do something good in Jesus Christ, ask Him to give you the power to overcome, stop going the way of the evil one and just saying it’s okay because God is gracious.  A lot of Christians are in hell today because they believed in God’s grace, but they didn’t believe in His judgment and His justice.  Why do we thing think that Jesus says to MANY people; “Away from Me you who sin I do not know you.”?  and that they were the one who were casting out demons even? They may have been healing the sick, preaching sermons, knowing the truth… These people went to hell because they never overcame, they never asked Jesus help to clean up their life, they didn’t allow themselves to be purged and made clean and made new.  But if we bring ourselves humbly before Jesus Christ and say, “Please clean up my life, I can’t do it on my own, please help me…”  He will start helping us, He will purge us and clean us.  And that’s what we want because no one is going to enter His kingdom with dirt and filth and trash.  So, do whatever it takes to get sin and parasites, lust OUT of your life. DO whatever it takes, ask the Lord Jesus to purify you.  May the grace of Jesus be with you.