Monday, February 10, 2020

The Bible can't lead to you

The Bible Can’t Lead You
In my younger Christian life, growing up in church, being raised by parents that were in church, I did at times really want to know God, and I tried my best by the way that I was taught to get to know God, by seeking after mentors, what they think, by reading the bible, by being in bible studies of course.  And occasionally I would really get into prophecy or I would get into, you know, revelation, and it ended up just being something that would scare me or really getting me to thing, but it would never bring me TO JESUS.  I remember one Sunday I sat in church and I didn’t listen to a single thing the pastor was saying because he was boring anyway to me, but I read all the way through revelation, and I remember just reading all those prophecies in Revelation and then I would tell people about what I was learning in Revelation.  I started to get the impression that if we just could decipher prophecy, if we could understand what all the prophets were saying, then we would be better people, closer to God and we would be able to, you know, be saved, to be able to navigate our way to everlasting life.  To me it was much more about understanding the scripture, the prophecy, the prophets, than it was ever about a RELATIONSHIP WITH JESUS, and THAT is where the problem lies.  Many Christians today, they DO know the prophecies, they know the scriptures, but they don’t have any relationship with Jesus, they can’t differentiate between HIS VOICE and their own opinions about the scriptures, their own opinions about the prophets, everything they have learned, their doctrines.  They can’t differentiate, they cannot even tell the difference… they wouldn’t know if Jesus was speaking to them compared to some theologian that was lying to them.  They wouldn’t be able to tell at all.  They way we know the difference between truth and error is, not by just bringing things back to the bible, because after all the pharisees did that to Jesus and they found Jesus to be a liar and a heretic and then they crucified Him.  So if we always just bring things back to our own opinion of the bible we are sure to go wrong.  The bible is NOT the “More SURE Word of God”, as Christians say.  The SURE way to know Jesus and to be connected to Him and to be going in the right direction is to receive the HOLY SPIRIT.  And there is only ONE way to do that.  It’s not through bible study, it’s NOT through going to church over and over again, but IT IS THROUGH PRAYER, through dedicating your life to Jesus Christ, asking Him for the Holy Spirit and just asking Him to FILL you with the power from on high, that He would teach you, that He would be your ONLY Teacher.  See, so many people are… they think that they will find life in the bible, and I’m not saying that the bible is something that we shouldn’t read, because after all, there are MANY testimonies of Jesus in the bible, many prophets foretold His coming and even the Old Testament Law is a shadow of Jesus that JESUS fulfilled.  So, the bible will POINT to Jesus, and the New Testament, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, Acts… all those early Apostles, those Prophets, those men of God, were ALL POINTING TO JESUS.  THEY WERE NOT POINTING BACK JUST TO THEIR WRITINGS THAT YOU WOULD GET MORE AND MORE INTO THE SCRIPTURE AND BECOME A THEOLOGIAN.  They were all pointing to the AUTHOR of their FAITH, who is JESUS, not the bible.  So, are we today at a place that we recognize JESUS, that we lift our eyes up to heaven and we just call on Him for our help that HE may save us?  Have we received the Holy Spirit and are we hearing from HIM that we may be guided through life?  The Holy Spirit, HE is the only one who is qualified to lead us and guide us, not the bible, not a theologian, not a pastor… ALL of these things fall short. But if you pray and ask the Lord Jesus for His Holy Spirit to guide you, He will.  The Holy Spirit is not a feeling, it’s not just some emotion that is aloof floating around that you catch.  The Holy Spirit is supernatural guidance that comes from God. He is the Spirit of GOD. He loves you an He will guide you into everlasting life IF YOU LISTEN TO HIM, and not the opinions of men and the doctrines of men and all the stuff that is in church.  So, who are you clinging onto to lead you into everlasting life?  What are you clinging to?  Are you clinging to the church?  Are you clinging to bible study?  To other Christians as your mentors?  Or are you really clinging to the Spirit of God, have you received Him?  Are you drinking the Water of Life, are you drinking Jesus’s blood and eating His flesh?  Are you really getting revelation from GOD or are you just connected to dead religion and you don’t really have everlasting life in you because you are not really connected to Jesus Christ.  May the grace of Jesus be with you.

Worship Jesus because He is God.

There are some people that go around saying that you shouldn’t worship JESUS, that He is not GOD, that you shouldn’t pray to JESUS, that you should pray in Jesus’s name, and they mascaraed as if they are very educated and as if they are very spiritual.  (The power just went out, but praise Jesus anyway)   These Christians that go around saying that Jesus should not be prayed to or should not be worshiped have never really met Jesus, they themselves are pretending to be teachers, but they haven’t met the GOOD Teacher.  Jesus and His Father are ONE, just as the angel said, He is Immanuel GOD WITH US. (Matthew 1:23) And those who meet Jesus know that He and His Father and ONE, they KNOW Him as their personal LORD and their GOD.  I want to read to you what Jesus says in Matthew chapter 28 I’m actually going to start in verse 16-20; “Then the eleven disciples went away into Galilee, to the mountain which Jesus had appointed for them.  When they saw Him, THEY WORSHIPED HIM; but some doubted.  And Jesus came and spoke to them, saying;  ‘All authority has been given to ME in heaven and on earth.  Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching the to observe all things that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.’ Amen.”  They worshiped Jesus in the Old Testament, the Disciples worshiped Him in the New Testament, and those who KNOW JESUS, who KNOW their Lord, they STILL worship Him today.  ALL authority and ALL power has been given to Jesus Christ, He CAN hear your prayers, He does hear the prayers of those who pray to Him who are His children.  His sheep hear His voice, and He hears them.  Are you one of HIS?  Do you belong to Jesus and do you recognize Him as LORD and as GOD?  Or have you been deceived by these people whether they are Jews or claim to be Christians who say that; “You can’t pray to Jesus… He is not God…”  and on and on they blab (acting as though it were a secret scam they are exposing to you) .  Don’t listen to the liars, don’t listen to the devil.  Jesus is ALIVE, HE IS GOD, and He is able to lead HIS children.  PRAISE the name of JESUS, WORSHIP Him and honor Him and you will have life, reject Him and you will perish.  May the grace of Jesus be with you.

sATAN works hard to make Christians feel inferior

sATAN Works Hard to Make Christians Feel Inferior 
The devil tries really hard to make Christians feel inferior or that they are just silly for standing up for Jesus.  Don’t let ANYTHING put you off from praying, seeking Jesus, shining for Him being a light.  Don’t stop talking about Him because JESUS is our ONLY hope of everlasting life and salvation.  He is the ONLY Way and the ONLY Truth.  People that are unwilling to stand with Jesus, they have NO HOPE of everlasting life, Jesus is not going to stand for them when they die, and when they want to enter into the Kingdom of God He is going to say; “Away from Me you who SIN, you who despise MY name, you who work iniquity…”  There is NO HOPE of salvation OTHER THAN IN JESUS.  Don’t think other people are enlightened because they sin and seem to have no conscience.  Don’t think that they are enlightened by science or news stories that try to portray Jesus as false and something else is the truth, it is all a fraud… JESUS IS THE WAY, THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE AND NOBODY COMES TO THE FATHER, NO ONE ENTERS ETERNAL LIFE WITHOUT JESUS, WITHOUT THE WORD OF LIFE.  So, let no one put you off.  Stand firm in the truth of Jesus.  Don’t be ashamed to let your light shine.  Don’t be ashamed to REBUKE evil when it comes against you and continue to stand in the light of the Truth.  May the grace of Jesus be with you.

Let your light shine for Jesus

Let Your Light SHINE for Jesus
Good morning, today is another day to praise Jesus and to speak about HIM.  HE is the reason why we live and move and breathe.  HE is the reason why we exist.  This life is about LOVE that we may demonstrate the love of our Father to others that all people may be reconciled with their Heavenly Father.  Jesus loves you, He loves me, and we need to display that love towards others, preaching the truth, not siding with error.  And in this day and age that we live we actually have a whole lot of opportunity, a whole l of freedom of speech to be able to share the truth with others.  The only think that will hold you back or stop you IS YOURSELF.  Will you be too shy?  Will you be ashamed of Jesus?  Or will you stand up for Him and take each opportunity captive, to speak for Jesus, to show others His love, to be a light?  Don’t hide your light under a basked or under a bed, but put it on the top of the house, put it on top of you that wherever you go people may your light and praise your Father in heaven.  We don’t live for our own works that people may just say; “He’s a good person, look at the good he does… he gives to the poor, he goes to church 3 times a week…”  We don’t live for dead religion or for people to think that we are just good people by what we do.  But we do need to let our light so shine before men that that they see our good works and glorify our Father in heaven.  If we let our light sine for Jesus, we will be talking to others about Him.  We will be SALT and LIGHT, we will always be sharing the love of Jesus.  So, are you ashamed of the gospel, are you ashamed to stand up for the truth?  Or are you really letting your light shine for your Savior?  Are you telling others about the HOPE of SALVATION in JESUS ALONE?

Christians; Does your faith have any substance?

CHRISTIANS Does Your Faith Have ANY Substance?
So, the question that I want to ask you today is DOES YOUR FAITH REALLY HAVE SUBSTANCE?  The apostle wrote that; NO other foundation can be laid other than that which is already laid, that is Jesus Christ. (1 Corinthians 3:11) I have been in a lot of Christian churches, not recently, but I grew up in church, and these churches claim to have substance.  They claim to have Jesus, they will even say that it is about JESUS CHRIST, a relationship with Him, NOT about religion.  But these same folks surround themselves with DEAD religion.  It becomes to them all about bible study, all about the knowledge of the bible, all about Christian fellowship, all about their church attendance, all about their tithe, all of these RELIGIOUS things.  They surround themselves with all of these things and it becomes this “Christian” illusion, and illusion that we are men and women of God.  For some it’s also about how they LOOK, if they drive a nice car, if they live in a nice house, if the have a nice-looking family, if they wear a tie… then they think that they are good upright people, BUT THEY ARE MISSING THEIR SUBSTANCE!  Is the substance of our faith JESUS CHRIST?  Are we really EATING HIS FLESH AND DRINKING HIS BLOOD?  I’m not talking about a ritualistic thing in the Catholic church.  Are we really eating Jesus’ flesh and drinking HIS blood?  In other words, is Jesus really in us?  Are we in Him?  Are we literally hearing from GOD when we pray?  Or are we JUST hearing from the pastor? Are we just getting into the bible like a theologian and hearing more sermons, hearing more bible studies, do we think that we are finding life in the bible?  The bible is NOT the substance to our faith, neither is church attendance or anything like that.  JESUS is the SUBSTANCE to our faith HE IS OUR FOUNDATION.  For most Christians if you were to strip away their Bible, they would have no substance to their faith, their faith revolves around other people’s opinion, you know other Christians in their church, their bible studies.  If you were to just strip away their friends and their bible, THEY WOULD HAVE NO FAITH LEFT, they’d just fall over, they would die.  Is our substance REALLY in JESUS?  Is He the reality of our faith because we are in Him, He is in us, we are eating His flesh and drinking His blood, we are having a real WORD from GOD daily?  Is He sustaining us?  Is He in our veins to our very core?  Is He the essence of our being?  Or are we just FAKE CHRISTIANS because we have surrounded ourselves with all of this STUFF that makes us LOOK good, that makes us LOOK like we are a Christian, but we have no substance?  Are we living an illusion?  Or do we really have that substance in Jesus Christ, are we hearing from Jesus DAILY?  Check yourself and see if you are really ALIVE spiritually, or if you are a dead Christian that appears to be alive because you got your bible, your Christian friends, your tie, your nice car, your church… or whatever it is you have… DO YOU REAY HAVE JESUS CHRIST? He is the substance, NOTHING ELSE.  May the grace of Jesus be with you.

Few Christians are unashamed of Jesus Christ

Few Christians are Unashamed of JESUS CHRIST
If you are not someone who is actively following Jesus by daily picking up your cross, it’s pretty easy for satan to get you to be ashamed of the gospel and ashamed of Jesus Himself.  All that satan has to do for you is put someone in your path that you respect or look up to, someone that you don’t want to offend at work or at school, and as soon as that person is in front of you and blasphemes God or speaks evil of the gospel, you won’t want to say anything.  You will become shy, timid, you will just know that if you say anything this person may be against you and your relationship may be damaged.  The devil will put this scenario right on your lap and then the devil will just sit back and watch to see what you will do.  In THESE times will you stand up for JESUS?  Will you be unashamed to make a stand in the TRUTH?  Will you deny yourself, will you take up your cross in THAT moment?  Will you take a good stand for your Savior?  Or will you pretend that you don’t know the truth, will you shrink back, will you say nothing?  I want to read to you what Jesus says in Luke chapter 9 verse 26; “For whoever is ashamed of Me and My words, of him the Son of Man will be ashamed when He comes in His own glory, and in His Father’s, and of the holy angels.”  If you are ashamed of Jesus He is going to deny you and be ashamed of you in front of His angels and in front of GOD.  Are we daily taking up our cross?  And are we unashamed of the gospel that brings us everlasting life? Or will we shrink back and pretend that we don’t know Jesus as soon as someone comes in our path that the devil has strategically planted there?  May the grace of Jesus be with you and may the strength of GOD be in you.

The moment you die

The Moment You Die
At the end of your life the ONLY thing that is going to matter is what YOU did with the words of JESUS.  Will your words condemn you or justify you?  It’s not going to be you and your mom, or you and your husband or wife, or you and your dad, or you and ANYONE ELSE.  NO ONE is going to come to your aid.  What is going to save you or condemn you WILL BE YOUR OWN WORDS.  What are you doing with the words of JESUS?  Are you living by them?  Are you speaking them?  Are you eating His flesh and drinking His blood?  Or are you living for OTHER things.  No amount of glory in this WORLD will mean ANYTHING the moment you die.  It doesn’t matter if you were the most famous person, the most rich person, or the most unknown person, the poorest person.  BOTH the rich and the poor the popular and the unpopular are ALL GOING TO DIE JUST THE SAME IN THE END.  The only thing that will matter is how you  lived according to the words of Jesus Christ. By your words you will be justified or by your words you will be condemned.  Check yourself against the words of Jesus.  Where do you find yourself today? Going to heaven?  Or going to HELL?  May the grace of Jesus be with you.

Jesus didn't come to destroy the Law and the Prophets but to fulfill

Jesus Didn’t Come to DESTROY the Law and Prophets But FULFILL
It is SUCH a wonderful blessing that our LORD and our Savior Jesus Christ FULFILLED the LAW and the PROPHETS.  BOTH Jews and Gentiles alike are under a NEW COVENANT, a covenant that is between GOD and men, through the BLOOD, through the FLESH OF JESUS CHRIST!  The OLD Covenant, that was between God and the nation of Israel, NO LONGER IS FOR THE CHILDREN OF GOD WHO WILL COME INTO THE KINGDOM BY THE NEW COVENANT! 
 Now, what does this mean then when Jesus said “I did not come to DESTROY the Law or the Prophets but to FULFILL?  Because there are STILL some Jews, still some Christians who say; “Oh, bother, we have to keep ALL of the Old Testament laws if we want to be pleasing to God… we have to keep the dietary laws… we have to keep those Sabbaths… we have to make sure that we are not mixing fabrics…”  So, what DID Jesus mean when He said that He did not come to DESTROY?  Well, if Jesu did come to destroy, He would have said things like; The Old Testament Law was unbeneficial, that it was for NO USE…  BUT, He would have been a liar if He said that because there WAS A USE for the Old Testament Law, IT WAS TO POINT TO HIM, it was the point to JESUS CHRIST!
 So, what does it mean that Jesus came to FULFILL the Law and the Prophets, their words?  I want to read this to you, this is Hebrews 8:7-13 and it’s actually a quote from Jeremiah 31 I’m going to start in verse 7; “For if that first covenant had been FAULTLESS, then no place would have been sough for a second.  Because FINDING FAULT with them, He (meaning GOD) says: ‘Behold, the days are coming, says the LORD, when I will make a NEW COVENANT with the house of Israel and with the house of Judah- NOT according to the covenant that I made with their fathers in the day when I took the by the hand too lead them out of the land of Egypt; because they did not continue in My covenant, and I disregarded them, says the LORD.  For this is the covenant that I will make with the house of Israel AFTER those days, says the LORD: I WILL PUT MY LAWS IN THEIR MIND AND WRITE THEM ON THEIR HEARTS; AND I WLL BE THEIR GOD, AND TNEY SHALL BE MY PEOPLE.  None of them shall teach his neighbor, and none his brother, saying, ‘Know the Lord,’ for all shall know Me, from the least of them to the greatest of them. (Just Like Jesus said to make HIM our ONLY Teacher) For I will be merciful to their unrighteousness, and their sins and their lawless deeds I will remember no more.’  In that He says, ‘A NEW COVENANT,’ He has made the FIRST OBSOLETE.  Now what is becoming obsolete and growing old is ready to VANISH AWAY.” 
 Are we receiving the NEW COVENANT that has come by the death and resurrection of JESUS CHRIST?  Are we receiving His BLOOD?  Are we receiving HIS FLESH?  The NEW COVENANT is eating the flesh of Jesus Christ and drinking His BLOOD! (Mark 14:24)   Are YOU part of the NEW COVENANT?  Or are you still trying to uphold the OLD covenant that has nothing to do with EVERLASTING LIFE (but works of the law)?  Are you connected to JESUS and HIS words?  Or are you still trying to put people under the OLD Covenant that DID NOT BRING EVERLASTING LIFE.  There is only ONE name under ALL of heaven and ALL of earth and EVERYTHING that exists that will bring YOU and me SALVATION and EVERLASTING LIFE, and that is the NAME OF JESUS CHRIST!  HE ALONE has the POWER TO SAVE!  Are YOU part of His NEW Covenant?  Do you belong to Him?  Or are you trying to be saved by WORKS?  May the grace of Jesus be with you.

The commandments of Jesus are His words not 613 laws of Torah

Video transcript part 1
The Commandments of Jesus are HIS WORDS Not 613 Laws of Torah 
I feel absolutely compelled to make this video because there are 2 extremes, and they are BOTH against the TRUE GOSPEL, the gospel of everlasting life that is in JESUS ALONE.  One extreme is the HYPER GRACE, and that says that you are saved by “grace alone”, by “faith alone”, and they totally exclude works of righteousness. I’m not talking about works of the LAW such as circumcision, but works of righteousness that come by the Holy Spirit.  Many misunderstand what this means, they twist the scriptures, they twist what the Apostle Paul was saying and these Christians to their own demise make a false gospel that becomes the “easy grace gospel” also known as the HYPER GRACE gospel.  It’s the idea that you are saved even though you are still in sin, you don’t really have to REPENT, you can continue to live for yourself and you are just under God’s grace as long as you believe in the cross.  This obviously is a false gospel, it is NOT what Jesus taught and it’s not what the Apostle Paul taught nor any of the early apostles or those who were really the disciples.
 On the other hand however, there is another extreme that preaches salvation or getting in right connection with God rather, through keeping ALL the commandments of the OLD testament.  These folks generally are 7th day Adventist, or they are Jews, or just really strict OLD testament and “LAW” abiding folks.  And one verse that they constantly lead people astray with is the verse actually that Jesus spoke in Matthew chapter 5, and I want to read it to you because they really spin quite a deceptive lie, and I want to EXPLODE this lie so that if you are watching this you will NOT go down this rout and be deceived.  This is actually found in Matthew chapter 5 and it’s where Jesus is talking about the LAW. I’m going to just read it to you, I’m going to start in verse 17 of Matthew chapter 5 Jesus said; “Do not think that I came to destroy the Law or the Prophets.  I did not come to destroy BUT TO FULFILL.  For assuredly, I say to you, till heaven and earth pass away, one jot or one tittle will by no means pass from the law till all is fulfilled.   Whoever therefore breaks one of the least of THESE commandments, and teachers men so, shall be called least in the kingdom of heaven; but whoever does and teaches them, he shall be called great in the kingdom of heaven.”
So, what these Jews say, or Christians like 7 Day Adventists, or those who are trying to hold the OLD Testament, they say; “If you think you are following Jesus are you keeping His commandments?” and they then say; “What Jesus’s commandments are, are upholding the Law, which means the 613 laws of the Torah, which are the Old Testament, and when you look at verse 19 of Matthew chapter 5 Jesus says; “Whoever therefore breaks one of the least of THESE…”  So the big question arises, what did Jesus mean when He said; “THESE”?  Was He talking about the 613 LAWS?  Or was He talking about His words?  In short, the answer is HIS WORDS.  In some versions or in some Bibles it is the RED LETTERS  because the words of Jesus are in red letters, and in other Bibles you will not find those red letters, but still, Jesus commandments are the words that HE SPOKE.  Now, how can this be when Jesus was talking about the Law and the Prophets?  WELL, if you go on (We are not gong to have time in this video to read all of this)  but if you go on and you read Matthew chapter 5, the rest of it, you will start to notice that Jesus is NOT saying, if you just keep the Law like a layer or a Pharisee or a Scribe that you will be saved, He goes above and beyond.  For example He talks about an eye for and eye a tooth for a tooth, which we know is in the Law.  Obviously, the Pharisees were using this more for REVENGE, instead of just keeping the law of LOVE, they were saying;  “Well, if someone poked out your eye, then you aught to poke out their eye, it’s in the LAW..”  And so they weren’t abiding by any law of love or any mercy that GOD desired, but they would just take things out of their law out of context.   BUT, regardless of how we see this, the Pharisees were trying to live by the Law to JUSTIFY themselves, but Jesus was pushing it ABOVE the Law to actually the HEART of the Law, which wouldn’t just be keeping individual laws, but keeping the LAW OF LOVE.  For example, Jesus later goes into talking about King David and how he ate the showbread, even thought it was only supposed to be for that priest in the TEMPLE to eat, and he shouldn’t have eaten it, but because it was necessary, because his men were hungry it was okay.  Now, the people who are trying to keep the LAW, the 613 commandments, they will say;  “But brother, that doesn’t justify you to not keep the OTHER laws, for example murder, should you just go out and murder?”  Well, of course that is not what we are saying.  If you have the law of love in you, you are not going to be going out murdering, committing adultery, anything like that.  If you have the love of Jesus in you, ALL of the laws that apply to YOU as a CHRISTIAN you WILL be keeping, such as LOVING THE LORD YOUR GOD, not blaspheming His name, not having sex outside of marriage, not committing adultery, ALL of those laws still apply, but we are not keeping them because they are recorded in the Levitical Law (or Old Testament), but we are keeping them because the Law of TRUTH, of JUSTICE is recorded on our heart when the Holy Spirit puts it on our heart.
Now, you can read this for yourself to see what Jesus is really saying, but when He is speaking about “THESE” (laws/ rules to live by) He is not speaking about all 613 laws of the Law of Moses, or those Jewish Laws.  I know that the Jews will say things like; “Well, obviously not all the Jews (Laws) apply to Gentiles, or not every law applies to males or females, so not all 613 laws will apply to every person. 
But here is another thing to really consider, and I know a lot of people disregard the Apostle Paul these days, which is actually an antichrist agenda, but the Apostle Paul WAS REALLY following Jesus and had the heart to win souls into the Kingdom of God, and most people in his day were twisting his words, I mean Pharisees and his Jewish contemporaries.  People were twisting his words in his day, and people are still twisting his words today.  BUT, nevertheless the Apostle Paul WAS following Jesus, he was a man of God, of course many times he did share his own opinion and his own words, many things were cultural (issues Paul addressed specific to his time/culture) but nevertheless the Apostle Paul did want to see souls enter into the Kingdom of God, He had a revelation from Jesus Christ, he was a changed man, and he was a true Apostle that loved the Lord and called other people to follow the Lord. 
The Apostle Paul also had some really amazing words against false brethren, false leaders of the law, or Pharisees who were teaching the law rather, because even during their time there were a lot of these Jews who were trying to basically control new Christian converts.  They didn’t like not having power so they would try to manipulate and gather these Christians and the Jews to deceive them and put them back under the law, making them think that they had to be circumcised, keeping all these laws… WELL, number 1; Gentiles, (meaning people who are not Jews) ARE NOT JEWS.  So, pretty much all the Jewish laws do not apply to them. (Such as temple ordinances and other specifics) Of course adultery applies to everyone, murder applies to everyone, but all of the laws about what Jews should eat and all of those laws given by Moses, those do not apply to Gentiles… Such things as Circumcision… If you want to be circumcised, DO IT FOR HEALTH, but not because it is something you need to do to WORK YOU WAY INTO HEAVEN, that is just (THE DEFINITION OF DEAD WORKS) against the salvation through Jesus Christ.
But I want to read to you what the Apostle Paul said which is an extremely valid argument in this argument that people are making to say that “THESE”, when Jesus was saying “THESE”, was applying to 613 commandments of the Old Testament, Levitical Law, or the Law of Moses, or the 10

What the Holy Spirit showed me upon the death of Jan Boshoff (Isaiah 53)

What the Holy Spirit Showed Me Upon Jan Boshoff’s Death (Isaiah 53)
Who would want the life of Jesus Christ or one of His prophets?  Pretty much NO ONE unless they have seen the Kingdom of God.  I want to share with you something that the Holy Spirit spoke to me after our brother in the Lord, Brother Jan Boshoff passed away.  See, Jan Boshoff taught JESUS, not that it was his teachings, but he spoke the words of JESUS over and over and over again.  And to those who had an ear to hear they heard the truth and rejoiced.  But to the world, they considered him any other ordinary lunatic, any other person who has lost their mind, any person who is just a fanatic about something, that is radical but is unimportant.  
You would think that GOD in all of His might and power would send out a prophet with more “power”, or with more health, maybe with more money.  You wouldn’t expect such a “poor” ambassador.  In the eyes of the world the prophets of God had pretty much NOTHING and God didn’t treat them very well.  You would think that a mighty King would treat His men well, that He would bless the on this earth and make them prosper, like all the FALSE prophets.  But this brother, Brother Jan Boshoff served the LORD and the LORD did NOT heal him, but he ended up dying of CANCER.  To the world they would say; “Why would we ever follow his GOD? Why would we ever want that?” But what the Holy Spirit showed me is that Jesus was the same way.  I want to read to you what the prophet said in Isaiah chapter 53;
 “WHO has believed our message and to whom has the arm of the LORD been revealed?  For He grew up before HIM like a tender shoot, and like a root out of parched ground.  HE HAS NO STATELY FORM OR MAJESTY THAT WE SHOULD LOOK UPON HIM OR APPERANCE THAT WE SHOULD BE ATTRACTED TO HIM.  He was despised and forsaken of men, a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief (illnesses/ sufferings) and like of one whom men hid their face.  He was despised and we did not esteem Him.  Surely our griefs He Himself bore, and our sorrows He carried, yet we ourselves esteemed Him stricken, smitten of GOD and afflicted…” 
 If Jesus Himself was afflicted, hated by men, accused and His Father let Him go all the way to His death without saving Him, do we then suppose that the prophets of God, the holy men and women who follow in the footsteps of their Christ will be treated any better? In the eyes of the world we are a failure, we are the scum of the earth.  So why would anyone want to follow the Heavenly Father, the Heavenly Father that Brother Jan Boshoff followed?  The same God that Jesus Christ followed?  The GOD of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, why would anyone want to follow this God who lets His servants die, who lets their names be drug through the MUD and does not come to their help?  The reason why we follow this GOD, even though Jesus Christ had no beauty is because HE IS TRUE LOVE, He has shown us love, He loved us FIRST, and He showed us the WAY.  HE is everlasting life.  He is the LIFE, the WAY and the TRUTH.  And He is TRUE LOVE.  But if you haven’t seen Him it makes no sense.  The prophet (Isaiah) was not speaking of Jesus’s physical face, His physical appearance BUT HOW THE WORD WOULD VIEW HIM.  He has no beauty to His life, to the world He is trash.  WHY would you want to be like Him?  But if you have east to hear and spiritual eyes to see at all, you will KNOW that Jesus Christ is TRUE LOVE and all of the other “ambassadors” supposed “men of God”, supposed preaches, are all LIARS, hypocrites, they are all frauds, they do NOT bring everlasting life.  The only one who brings eternal life is Jesus Christ.  And the same Holy Spirit that resurrected JESUS CHRIST FROM THE DEAD will also resurrect His children from the dead, spiritually and physically on the last day. 
 Will we seek our reward, our eternal reward from Jesus Christ and will we be well pleased in HIM?  Or are we seeking after the rewards of the world?  Do we care about how people think of us?  Do we just want immediate gratification?  For people to think; “WOW, he’s rich and famous, God’s really blessed him…”?  Are we really looking for that?  Or are we really looing for the true love that our Father in heaven has to offer through His Son Jesus Christ?  Jesus is truly ALIVE! If you have eyes to see and ears to hear, SEE HIM and HEAR HIM and get to know your MAKER.  May the grace of Jesus be with you.

Predict now hindsight regrets and make adjustments

Predict NOW Hindsight Regrets and Make Adjustments
You’re never going to regret that you didn’t spend enough time in the workplace, at your job or for your career in college etc. When my wife and I were married and we didn’t have children yet, my wife and I were both working, my wife was a teller at the bank, and we weren’t making a whole lot of money, but enough money to easily sustain all of our needs, and once we started having children, we then had to make the choice if we were going to have a babysitter or if my wife was going to become a full-time mom. It was a hard decision at first for my wife because she felt torn between staying at work, what the work people needed her to do, and also our children. I remember we just talked and I said to her, “You’re never going to regret that you didn’t spend enough time at work…” When you’re 60, 70, or 80 years old you’re not going to wish, “Man, I just wish that I was at work more being a teller, away from my family…”, You’re never going to say that. You’re regrets are going to be, that you didn’t spend enough time with your children.
 I always like to think of myself at the moment that I die and stand before my maker.  When I am with Jesus and He is reflecting on my life with me, will He find that my life was pleasing to Him?  Will He be proud of me? Or will He find that I did and said many things that were unnecessary or against God? I like to reflect on my life from that perspective because one day I am going to be there, so are you.  Every single one of us are going to die, is just a matter of when, and WILL WE BE READY?
 We should start predicting now what are hindsight regrets will be and then make whatever changes we need to, to be right with God, we need to clean up our life NOW.  Don’t let something bad and then FORCE you to change, because by then it will be too late. You know the first thing people do when their children get cancer or when they have a terminal illness, the first thing they do is they quit their job, they downsize to a small apartment or something like that, and they just get back to the very necessities of life to survive, so that they can then spend time with their family, spend more time praying, getting to know the God they’ve always wanted to know. They get back to the IMPORTANT things, the things that have to do with love, mercy, justice, forgiveness.  They start going around and making sure they have mended everything they want to mend in their life.
 Will we have regrets when we die because we never took the time to look in hindsight?  We never cleaned up our life?  Or will we have no regrets, because we truly live the way that are Maker wanted us to live? That is the way that I want to live. I don’t want to live with regrets that I didn’t spend time with my children, that I didn’t teach them about Jesus Christ. I don’t want to regret that I spent all my money and time on things that are now totally unimportant. I want all my time and energy to have been spend on things that will be Eternal, because I spend my time and energy focusing on Jesus and doing HIS work. What about you? Are you ready to look in hindsight now before it’s too late and to make those corrections? Or will you be found on your deathbed having regrets? May the grace of Jesus be with you.

Destroy the "don't give up the fellowship" hypocrisy.

DESTROY the “Don’t Give Up the Fellowship” Hypocrisy
Jesus never called us as His disciples to go out into all the world and seek out a good Bible fearing church. A good church where we could just sit and fellowship and listen to a pastor. Jesus called His disciples to first be holy and pure to stop sinning, to go in sin no more, and He called us to make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, and to teach them everything that He commanded us, which is to live HOLY, to LOVE others. He didn’t call us to sit in a church, He didn’t call us to “fellowship” with sinners.  He didn’t call us to go find some body that is called the “body of Christ” but that doesn’t follow the God they say is there Christ, and to submit ourselves to them to pretend that we are humbled and listen to their teachings. Jesus called us to listen to Him, He is the Good Shepherd and his sheep hear His voice and they follow Him. Don’t believe the Christians that are trying to deceive the world by saying that; “You have to be in church… you can’t give up the fellowship brother…” Don’t listen to that nonsense. Most all the churches today are APOSTATE, which means they have FALLEN AWAY from the love of God. They don’t follow Jesus they follow men. They are people of the “book” they are NOT people of the Spirit of God.  They have no LOVE of Jesus Christ in them. They say they love the prophets and the Bible, but they love the prophets BECAUSE THEY ARE DEAD. (Thus thinking they can manipulate their words) If the prophets were alive they would rebuke them and they would not be able to manipulate their words, and they would also hate the prophets because they (false religious men) are the same ones that put Jesus Christ up on the cross, they are the same ones that murdered Him. 
Are we separate from the apostate church, the church that has no love, the church that will be held accountable to killing all the saints, all the holy profits and apostles, all those who love Jesus Christ? Will we have the blood of them on our hands also because we did not stay separate from the harlot apostate church system? These are the churches that are on all the street corners, most all the preachers belong to them, they are the churches that take your tithe.  They are the churches that like to quote the Bible and say; “You can’t give up the fellowship… it’s written in the Word of God, you can’t give up…” WELL, WHAT FELLOWSHIP ARE WE NOT TO GIVE UP?  the fellowship with sinners?  The fellowship with those addicted to pornography and drugs and alcohol? I’m not just casting my judgement on others, but they literally confess that they are sinners, they want YOU to be a SINNER and they offer NO HOPE to actually REPENT and be RIGHT with God. They teach hyper GRACE.  They think everyone is going to just continue to sin and God forgives everyone as if He’s a big hippie.  What a wicked, shameful generation this is!  What a whorehouse the church has become!  Stay separate!   Keep yourself and your family separate from the Christians… the so-called Christians that take God’s name in vain constantly saying; “Pay your tithe to a church… Come to us…You can’t give up the fellowship…” What nonsense! We need our connection to Jesus Christ. Without Jesus you have no hope of salvation. 
If you are stuck in church though, even if you’re keeping all your principles, even if you’re keeping your Bible study, even if you’re keeping all the words of the pastor, what uses it to you when you are losing your soul because you have no communion with your MAKER?  I encourage you to seek Jesus for real. Have no part of these shameful hypocrites that try to control and manipulate people. They try to get people plugged into their harlot systems, that keep them enslaved to SIN.  “Oh!  You can’t stop SINNING brother, that would be a WORK… You can’t really hear from Jesus brother, you have to listen to the PASTOR… Get more into the Word of God… You have to study the Greek, Hebrew and Ara…(Aramaic) You have to know the Lexicon… (Strong’s Concordance)” what hypocrisy!
 Are we really in love with Jesus Christ, our maker who knows us? You don’t have to know any language but the language that your mother taught you, your mother tongue. Do you speak English? Jesus will speak you in English. He speaks every single language.  Don’t get wrapped up with these hypocrites. Jesus knows your heart.  Is your heart right before your maker?  Or are you just playing Church games, religious games, Bible games, word games, semantics… Is your heat really for the true living GOD or are you just a hypocrite? A church-goer? A religious man who could care less about the God who made you because you care about what people think?  May the grace of Jesus be with you.