Thursday, May 26, 2022

Bible lovers Jesus haters

 Following Jesus Christ is not about "following the Bible", but about following the Holy Spirit. There is a BIG difference. Many Christians follow the Bible and love to talk about the scriptures and how biblical their church is. The Pharisees also loved to speak about their scriptures and their organization. They were the same ones that had Jesus put up on the cross crying out, "CRUCIFY HIM, CRUCIFY HIM!!!" 

Sunday, May 22, 2022

Speak in tongues


It is good to speak in tongues, whatever the tongue may be, a prayer language, a tongue not known by men, prophecy, interpretation etc...GRANTED it is truly of the Holy Spirit and not something else. How do you know the difference for SURE? Well, that is entirely hinged upon your heart and which S(s)pirit you are connected to. There is no praying in tongues "wrong" or accidentally to Satan, IF in your heart of hearts you are worshiping the Spirit of God. But many Christians are deceived and let their heart LIE to them. These foolish Christians chase after sensationalism, feelings and what appears spiritual before MEN. They want to impress others with their spirituality and have a spirit of manipulation and are also manipulated. The important thing is to be VERY serious to check your own heart and make sure that you are actually going after the Holy Spirit, not something else. Be honest with yourself and be honest with God.

Saturday, May 21, 2022

Christian Witchcraft is real (false tongues)

Not everyone who has been baptized (or baptizes others) and "speaks in tongues" really is following the Holy Spirit. Many people receive a sort of, so called "kundalini" spirit and manifest bizarre speach (Exp: shdahalalalalalalalal.... this is not an angelic tongue but hypnotic), movements, attitudes and emotions that they CALL the Holy Spirit. Be warned that this sort of stuff is a witchcraft. (Also note that SOME Christians using this witchcraft and this sort of tongue know EXACTLY what they are doing and are purposely out to put you in a trance to control you.) Many Christians fall for this because these sorts of Christians are generally very charismatic, likable and outgoing. Often they do "faith healings" and miraculous signs seem to happen through them. They also promise others that if they are baptized by THEM, they will also receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit with tongues. Do NOT be duped by their witchcraft. It will be exposed soon enough that this is NOT of God. Don't set yourself up to look extremely foolish by associating with these people. The TRUE Spirit of God is the Spirit of complete self-control. The true Spirit of God is the Spirit of revelation, CLARITY and comfort! NOT confusion, awkwardness and bizarre manifestations. 

Thursday, May 19, 2022

Reason why the pastor's kids are on drugs and suicidal


Reason Why the Pastor’s Kids are on Drugs and Suicidal 

There is a reason why the pastor’s kids are committing suicide and why the Christian celebrities’ children are on drugs and killing themselves.  You can look at pastors such as rick Warren who had a son that some years ago committed suicide.  And there are other famous people such as the rapper TobyMac, who recently his son overdosed on drugs, fentanyl.  The reason why is because pastor’s kids, even if they don’t know it are growing up in hypocrisy.  AND HYPOCRISY DIRECTLY LEADS TO DEPRESSION! And there is no one more hypocritical than someone such as a pastor, a preacher or a Christian who abandons their own family, doesn’t raise them for GOD, but “does ministry” and appears good before A LARGE AMOUNT OF PEOPLE.  I grew up Christian.  I grew up seeing the hypocrisy in church, and I myself also became a hypocrite pastor.  This climaxed in my life when I was in college and I found myself with two different lives.  I had the life at church on Wednesday and on Sunday, where I would pull myself together, pull a sermon together, and I would preach and appear godly, and a LOT of people looked up to me!  And I had my OTHER life at college where I was hanging out with women, I was going out with people, going to the bars, and this double lifestyle that I started to live more and MORE got me into a depression.  And the interesting is, at the time, I couldn’t even put my thumb on WHY I was depressed!  I didn’t even REALIZE I was living a double life!  I knew it, I think at TIMES, but it was easy just to forget about.  Now from my perspective outside, and hind-sight, seeing all of this from the future from then, it is SO OBVIOUS that I was living as a hypocrite, so obvious that the hypocrisy itself was leading me to depression.  But in the time I just thought; “I’m having fun in college, having fun with girls, having fun playing shows, going out to bars, and then I just have to pull myself together on Sunday to appear good to the people at church…”  It was a very weird thing to be a part of and Satan totally blinded me to that.  It wasn’t that I just though; “I’m going to deceive people in church, I’m going to be a hypocrite…”  I just simply WAS a hypocrite and I was extremely depressed.  During this time Satan would put all kinds of things in my mind.  I was so depressed, that certain women that I was with even would bring it up, they could tell that I was depressed… It took me a LONG time to come out of that, to actually get right with God, to surrender my life FULLY to the HOLY SPIRIT.  But now that Jesus has restored me, pulled me away from the hypocritical church system, pulled me away from being a lying pastor, NOW I can stand up and expose what is going on, and I can tell you, the pastors kids are going to be the MOST depressed children of ANYBODY, even more than atheist’s kids, more than other religion’s kids.  The pastor’s sons and daughters are going to commit suicide, they will be on drugs, they will overdose and they will die.  They will be the first ones that are found DEAD along the freeways!  They are the ones who have seen the truth of G(g)od and they have realized that it is all a game.  They may not even know that hypocrisy is what led them to depression, BUT IT DID!  I encourage you to GET OUT OF CHURCH.  Get OUT of hypocrisy.  Don’t listen to the pastors.  Don’t bring your family into the doors of the church.  IT WILL LEAD YOU TO HELL.   Separate yourself from hypocrisy, otherwise it will lead you to depression and it will lead your children to hell.  There is a VERY specific reason WHY the pastor’s kids are committing suicide and the celebrities sons and daughters are overdosing on drugs.  Don’t follow them.  DON’T BE A PART OF THE CHURCH CULTURE!  Separate yourselves, sever yourself AND your family.  Otherwise, you will also follow them to hell.  OBEY Jesus Christ, live by HIS words and TOTALLY come OUT of the leaven of hypocrisy.  May the grace of Jesus be with you. 

Thursday, May 12, 2022

If you don't accept their sin don't accept their concern

 Often Christians keep an open ear to criticism from others, even if they KNOW those other people are in sin. The devil tells them if they don't listen they're prideful. That is a bunch of nonsense and manipulation.  If you don't accept someone's SIN, dont accept their CONCERN for your life!

Saturday, May 7, 2022

Salvation by Belief ALONE is a lie

Salvation by Belief Alone IS A LIE

Praise Jesus today everyone, it truly is a blessing to find our life in Jesus Christ, to find our happiness in Him, to find ourselves completely in His love.  What I wanted to talk about for a minute here is how we are saved and our salvation.  I remember when I was first coming to Jesus I had this dream, and I had it in a few different variations, but it had to do with this young boy who was walking on the edge of a cliff, and on the bottom of the cliff was just jagged, or rather it was just basically death to fall off the cliff. But as this boy walked along the edge of this cliff he realized that he kind of had a super-power, that he could fall off the edge of the cliff and be protected, GOD would protect him. (Luke 4:12/Deuteronomy 6:16 Don’t Put the Lord your God to the test.) And in my dream he fell a few times (or jumped intentionally) and he had a bubble of protection and when he fell he bounced to the bottom of the cliff but he was not mortally wounded, he may have been injured to some extent but he did not die. But another time he fell and he broke bones and then I see him again another time and he is all mangled up.  And in this dream, when I was first coming to the Holy Spirit and understanding our salvation, the Holy Spirit was speaking to me about what our salvation was like.

 When we walk on our path with the Lord, we stumble, we fall, and the Lord has grace on us, because He loves us and does not wish that even one of us fall into hell.  But as we continue down that road and if we are PLAYING GAMES WITH GOD (watch the video here), and if we are purposely jumping off the cliff, and we continue to say; “Well, GOD will save us, His hedge of protection, the hedge of His Holy Spirit will still be around me… I know that I’m entitle to go to heaven!”  and we have that kind of attitude, that we believe that we are entitled to heaven no matter WHAT (like Once Saved Always Saved doctrine), then we will keep on falling, but eventually we will end up FALLING TO OUR DEATH.  Jesus Christ is ALIVE and His Holy Spirit KNOWS EACH OF US INTIMATELY.  He sees the bottom of our heart.  He sees what is in the SOUL of a man, and He divides between bone and marrow, soul and spirit (like Hebrews 4:12 says) He KNOWS WHO YOU ARE in your CORE, YOU CAN’T FOOL HIM.  A lot of Christians are playing dangerous games with God.  They continue to fall off the cliff, because they go, “I’ve fell off before, God picked me up, I had the hedge of protection, God is grace, God is love…”  And they are right, but at some point, GRACE RUNS OUT, and that is why many people are actually in HELL who WERE CHRISTIANS!  You have to ask yourself, why is ANYONE in HELL if that God loved?  Why did He allow them to go there if God is love?  And the answer is, there is a certain amount of time that we can walk with the LORD, reconcile with HIM, WORK OUT OUR SALVATION WITH HIM, and be SAVED! (Read John 11:9) There is a certain amount of time that we can repent and show by our works (like James 2:24-26 states) that we are in LOVE with Jesus Christ and mean business with HIM. (Like John said to the Jews in Matthew 3:8 to show fruit worthy of repentance)

 People go around saying that salvation is NOT by works, it’s not by holiness and righteousness, it’s not by the things we do.  And it’s true in the sense that by our OWN works alone we are not saved, BUT if we truly are with JESUS CHRIST, His HOLY SPIRIT IS IN US and He puts His Spirit of truth and RIGHTEOUSNESS and HOLINESS in us, and without those things in us WE ARE NOT GOING TO BE SAVED.  (As written in Hebrews 12:14) You cannot enter into God’s Holy Kingdom without righteousness inside of you.  (Compare Matt 6:33 with Matt 22:12)  If you continue to say; “I am saved, I am entitled to heaven…”  One day you are going to FALL and you will be as someone TESTING THE LORD, and you are gong to fall down that cliff, you are going to hit the bottom, you are going to break bones, maybe YOU WILL DIE, then you will stand before a HOLY GOD and we KNOW that God will say to MANY who believed that they were saved, Christians who cast out demons, who healed people in Jesus’s name… He will say to them; “Away from Me I NEVER KNEW YOU, YOU WORKERS OF INIQUITY!” (Matthew 7:31-23) Many Christians will say; “But that wasn’t me Lord, I had faith in you, I trusted you, I believed in YOU!  ISN’T BELIEF ENOUGH???  Isn’t it enough to believe, I know John 3:16, I know the verses that say BY FAITH WE ARE SAVED, NOT BY WORKS SO NO ONE CAN BOAST, LORD, I HAVE YOU IN MY HEART!!!”  Jesus will say to these people; “Away from Me, you who commit iniquity!  I don’t know you!”  That is an example of GOD’S GRACE NOT BEING GIVEN TO SOMEONE.  That is a VERY scary thing. God is extremely gracious; He loves every single one of us.  He sent His Son to die for the iniquity of the WORLD (John 3:16) that each of us can repent. (Acts 2:38) But if we continue to turn our backs on God and play games with God, and say it in our hearts; “I’m entitled to heaven, no matter what I do, God can’t love me any more or any less, I’m going to heaven, I can’t doubt my salvation…”  That’s a VERY DANGEROUS place to be as a brother or sister in the LORD.

 Now on the flipside of this, Satan is ALWAYS condemning the Children of God.  Satan is always saying things like; “Well, you messed up, now you are going to hell…”  Satan is the accuser of the brethren (Revelation 12:10) he accuses brothers and sisters in the Lord, day and night, he says; “You messed up, now you are going to hell…”  That is also a lie from satan, because God’s grace DOES cover over us when we sin, BUT WE HAVE TO REPENT FROM THE BOTTOM OF OUR HEART.  Remember how Jesus taught the disciples when they asked; “How many times should we forgive? Should we forgive up to 7 times?” (Matthew 18:21-22)  Jesus did not say just forgive them 7 times and then tell them to go to hell, and Jesus doesn’t tell people to go to hell after 7 times either, but He says 70 times 7.  Jesus was not talking about what 70 times 7 is actually is mathematically, but perpetually if someone actually askes for forgiveness from their HEART. (Read Luke 17:1-4 for more clarity)

 The KEY here is DO WE MEAN BUSINESS WITH GOD from the bottom of our heart?  Or are we playing games with God, believing that we are entitled, that no harm will ever come to us, that we can walk on the edge of the cliff (that is on the border of sin) and that God will always have his hedge of protection around us.  Do we believe we are not going to hell just because we said a prayer when we were 8 years old?

 The entitled mentality and that easy grace mentality that we don’t have to do anything is also a lie from satan.  BOTH sides of this spectrum, the easy grace/ hyper grace and then also this condemnation side, that you are going to hell no matter what, BOTH sides of that are demonic.   True salvation is found in Jesus Christ when you mean business with Him from the bottom of your heart, when you are praying and you say; “Lord please save me!  I know that there is nothing that I can do to earn my salvation.  Please put YOUR righteousness in me, change me, get everything that is ungodly out of my heart and out of my life.  Purify me from ALL unrighteousness…”  And as you start to get your eyes on HIM and off of the doctrines of men, He picks you up, He purifies you and He puts A NEW SPIRIT IN YOU, and He makes you HOLY and RIGHTEOUS.  All the things that were defiling you He pulls OUT of your heart.  And as you are changed, He leads you in the newness of life.  So, I want to encourage people to not let condemnation fall on them.  And also, that they/you don’t fall into lukewarm living, but that we get our eyes on Jesus Christ and that we don’t let ANYTHING stop us from entering the Kingdom of God.  I hope this encourages someone to get their eyes on Jesus Christ, to REPENT of their sins and to follow Jesus Christ in complete holiness!  May the grace of Jesus be with you. 


Sunday, May 1, 2022

Don't put your faith in the Rapture date

Don’t Put Your Faith in the Rapture Date

Don’t put your faith in someone’s word who has predicted the end of the world or a rapture date, the return of the Lord or the Day of the Lord.  The one thing ALL of these people have had in common is they have missed the date, they have been wrong, and they have misled people.  Jesus said this in Matthew chapter 24:36; “Of that day and hour no one knows, NOT EVEN THE ANGELS OF HEAVEN, BUT MY FATHER ONLY.”  They all know this verse, but they say; “But we know the times we are in, we know the season, we know what the starts of heaven are saying…” And so they look at what the moon and the sun is doing and the alignment of the stars in the galaxy and they see the blood moons, and then they think they can predict what God will do by the signs that God has put in the heavens.  But they are always wrong, because they are not following Jesus Christ.  Satan cannot predict when Jesus will return, he couldn’t predict when Jesus would be on this earth or what his plan would be (to foil it) even though all the prophets spoke of it, and the prophets knew.  The only way to know what is going to happen is to say in tune with the Holy Spirit, NOT in tune with a prophet on the internet.  All these prophets will fall  short, their words will not come true, their dates will fail.  This is what Jesus did say in Matthew chapter 24, I’m going to start in verse 4-13; “Take heed that NO ONE DECEIVES YOU.  For MANY will come in My name, saying, ‘I am the Christ,’ and will deceive many.  And you will hear of wars and rumors of wars.  See that you are not troubled; for all these things must come to pass, but the END IS NOT YET.”  See, a lot of people see the rumors of wars, we hear of the war that is happening right now, and people think it must be the end immediately.  But Jesus did NOT say the end would happen immediately during the time of this war, but He said the end is still to come, THE END IS NOT YET.  And then again Jesus said; Matt 24:11-13; “Then MANY FALSE prophets will rise up and deceive many.  And because lawlessness will abound, the love of many will grow cold.  But HE WHO ENDURES TO THE END SHALL BE SAVED.”   We cannot put our hope in being raptured, or a prophet’s rapture date.  We have to set in our hearts and our minds to endure to the VERY END OF OUR LIFE.  MANY people will be discouraged when the date comes and then it GOES and they are STILL HERE!  They will say; “Why was I not raptured?  Why did Jesus not come?”  And then they will have to question their entire foundation of their faith because NOTHING happened to the way THEY were imagining!  Is our faith REALLY in Jesus Christ?  Are we truly hearing from HIM?   Or are we listening to lying prophets and preachers and teachers who are led by their OWN imagination, who are led by their OWN thoughts of what the heavens are doing, that is the blood moons, what the sun and starts are doing… are we led by our own imagination of these things or are we truly in tune with the Holy Spirit?  It is true that God put signs in the heavens!  But WHO are we listening to?  Are we listening to Satan’s interpretation of that?  Are we listening to a lying prophet’s interpretation of that?  Or truly are we being led by the Holy Spirit?  Is HE in our heart?  And is our faith genuine and real because our eyes are on JESUS CHRIST, not anyone else?  Don’t put your faith in these prophecies that are coming out!  Don’t put your faith in the lying prophets.  And certainly DON’T put your faith in the rapture!  May the grace of Jesus be with you.