F.A.Q. Frequently Asked Questions

Over the years I have heard a few questions about the Way that have been asked over and over again. So I have compiled a list of these frequently asked questions and done my best to answer them to the best of my knowledge. I hope this brings some insight to those that are desiring to find truth in Jesus Christ.

Q: Have I blasphemed the Holy Spirit? 

A:   I want to just speak this quick message on blasphemy because so many people are just distracted and (not even distracted is a good word) but, they just feel it’s impossible to get back to Jesus because they think they have blasphemed the Holy Spirit and now they can’t get back to God.  The really annoying thing thought is, satan has made people feel that they have no forgiveness that want forgiveness, so he tells people who have NOT really blasphemed the Holy Spirit that they HAVE.  And then on the flip side he tells people that have blasphemed the Holy Spirit that it’s okay, that they are going to heaven.  So, all these people whether they have or haven’t blasphemed the Holy Spirt, satan is taking them to hell, and it’s because they are listening to satan.  If you listen to the devil and his lies you will be deceived because satan is the father of LIES.   The truth is, Jesus will quickly and easily forgive you if you go to Him with a true and contrite heart.  Let nothing stop you from working out your relationship with Jesus.  Just ask Him your questions.  Just say to Him; “Lord, I don’t want to blaspheme you, if I did forgive me.  Do I have forgiveness?  Can you forgive me?”  Take your questions to Him.  Take your life before Him.   He loves you and He will help you.   If you go to Him He will give you life, He will not reject you.  But if you don’t go to Him and you continue to buy the devil’s lie that you have blasphemed, that you have rejected God, what do you think that you will do?  If you believe that lie, you will continue to be held down by the thumb of satan, and you will continue to live by every word that satan puts in your mind.  Do you want to live by the words of satan?  Or do you want to live by the words of Jesus?  Repent of your sins if you haven’t repented.  Start listening to Jesus and rebuke every spirit that you know comes from the devil.  If you want life you have to start asking Jesus your questions.  You have to let HIM answer, not the devil.

Q: How do I truly repent?

A: Be serious to pray to Jesus and work your relationship out with Him. Confess your sins and repent of them. Ask for power to defeat the Devil and to walk in the newness of life. Ask Jesus for the supernatural gift of the Holy Spirit.

Q: How do I learn to hear God?

A: You need to acquire a prayer life. If you want to have a relationship with Jesus ask him to manifest to you. He promises to manifest to those who love Him.

Q: How long should I pray?

A: We need to learn to pray continually dedicating our entire existence to doing what is right before God. But as far as time dedicated only to prayer that is between you and Jesus to determine. There is no set formula.

Q: Do I have to be baptized?

A: A lot of Christians use the excuse of the thief on the cross. It is an excuse. They are not on the cross and if they wanted to be baptized they could in faith. If we want to follow in Jesus's footsteps we will be baptized as He also was baptized. It is an outward demonstration that we are leaving our old life of sin in the grave to come out and walk with Jesus in the newness of life

Q: How do I know if I've received the Holy Spirit?

A: The fruit of the spirit is love,  joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Do you have these attributes in your life and are you hearing from Jesus by His Holy Spirit?

Q: Does receiving the baptism of the Holy Spirit mean I have to speak in a tongue like they do in the Pentecostal Church?

A: No. While the Holy Spirit does give His children spiritual gifts and new tongues we have to beware of false sensational gifts that are knock-offs. Take into consideration that these Pentecostal churches that say they are speaking in tongues from the Holy Spirit later leave their Church to be committing adultery, looking at pornography and doing all other sorts of wickedness. How is it possible that the Holy Spirit only manifests in their Church during worship music and a sermon but not out on the street or inside these people's homes?  True tongues that come from the Spirit of God encourage His true church and cause God's children to truly repent and change from their evil.

Q: What is all that "slain in the spirit" stuff and holy laughter is that real?

A: It is not the truth, but it is very similar to hypnotism. Remember that the Holy Spirit calls us to a sound mind and to have self-control. These strange manifestations of the so-called "spirit" are causing people to lose control which is not from the Spirit of God.

Q: Is divorce and remarriage a sin?

A: This is a question that many Christians have suffered a lot of condemnation over. Others have quickly jumped to conclusions to their own demise. The truth is everyone situation is unique and different and you have to go to Jesus and hear from Him in your own situation. Jesus is alive and ready to lead you no matter what mess you've got yourself into. He is mighty to guide you and to show you what you need to do in your life to get everything in order with God

Q: When and how will the Rapture occur?

A: I used to think that the pinnacle of our spiritual walk with the Lord was being able to pray each night and every day for the Lord's return. I thought that if we had our heart and mind set on the return of Christ, "The Rapture", and going to heaven we were heavenly minded and our focus wouldn't be on things of this earth. When I started to walk with Jesus however, He taught me there is much work to be done here and there are very few workers. I want to tell you what the Kingdom of Heaven is like. The Kingdom of Heaven is like a certain boss who had an employee and that employee worked a nine-to-five job, and around 10am that employee ask the boss if it was time to go home. He continued to look at his watch, he asked how much he was getting paid, and finally the boss let him go home because he was such a poor worker. When the employee asked if he was able to come back to work, he was not allowed to come back to work, he realized he was fired. Many Christians are waiting for a rapture. They have their mind set on heaven as if they're going there, but they don't do the work that Jesus has called them to do. Such disciples are not really disciples of Jesus at all. Many Christians do not have their heart and mind set on Jesus and His work, they're just waiting for the rapture. Are you really doing the Lord's work, or are you like the employee who's always looking at the watch waiting for your money, but not doing the bosses work?

Q: What is the right Church?

A: The churches that you see are brick and mortar and wood, these are buildings and gatherings of people. These gatherings may or may not have true Christians that belong to the body of Christ. But the organization or the structure itself certainly is not God's Church. The vast majority of the so-called churches are part of the false prophet spoken of in Revelation that are deceiving the world. The true church worships God in spirit and in truth and they are a spiritual body made up of Believers all around the earth who have put their faith in Jesus Christ. This body has Jesus as their leader not a pastor and they are supernaturally guided and do not allow the old sinful nature to control them. The True Body of Christ is washed clean by His blood and they are part of the New Covenant.

Q: Which version of the Bible is the  true Word of God or the most accurate?

A: No version of the Bible is perfect because men had a hand in it and men are not perfect. The Bible is the word of men that testified what they heard from the Word of God. Jesus Christ is the Word of God. That being said, virtually ANY version of the Bible is enough to convict a sinner and bring conviction which leads to true repentance. People go around talking about how good the King James version is and how bad the NIV is. I have read from both versions in the Holy Spirit has spoken to me while reading each version. More importantly you need to receive the Holy Spirit.

Q: What do I have to do to be saved?

A: Call on the name of Jesus Christ and ask Him for the gift of the Holy Spirit. The gift of the Holy Spirit is for YOU. Once you receive the Holy Spirit and you are hearing from Jesus,  never let go of Him and endure with Him to the very end of your life. With Jesus you have salvation and without Jesus you have nothing.

Q: Is covid-19 the mark of the beast?

A:   A lot of chatter on the internet about this and a lot of conspiracy theories. The truth is no one knows exactly how everything will play out but GOD. If you want clear direction for your life then you need to call on the name of Jesus who is alive and who can speak to you and lead you Himself. Do not seek to be guided by prophets who say they know how everything will end. You need to hear a word from Jesus Christ and be led by Him to escape the grips of Satan that will lead this world to hell.

Q: Do I have no hope to repent?

A: As long as you are still breathing you have a chance to call out to Jesus and get your life in order with Him. Let Jesus decide not your heart that feels condemned.

Q: What happens when someone commits suicide?

A: They end in hell. Suicide is murder of yourself. We know from the scriptures, (Revelation 21:8) that murders have their end in the lake that burns with fire and brimstone.

Q: What is sleep paralysis and how do you overcome it?

A: From my limited perspective, it appears that Millennials and Generation Z have suffered more from sleep paralysis then our parents and grandparents generation. (Note that this is not a fact, just from my observations) This possibly is due to technology and other advancements in our culture that have allowed for the advancement of demons and the demonic empire. Sleep paralysis is actually the beginning of "astral projection" which is demonic. This is when a demon attempts to pull your spirit out of the flesh into the spiritual realm. If you agree with the devil you will go. If you pray and call on the name of Jesus you will be protected and He will keep you in your body so that you have complete self-control over what God has given you. If you experience this demonic attack you need to pray and ask Jesus to give you the power to overcome it. He is mighty to lead you and to help you sleep and peace and safety if you desire His peace and His safety. He will also give you a clear mind and heart so that when you are awake you will be able to have on the full armor of God and stand against the devil.

Q: Is it wrong to seek physical help if you have a physical addiction such as drugs or alcohol?

A: No. Often organized agencies can be very helpful to help you detox a substance. The problem is not advancing AFTER you have been set free. Once you have been set free and Jesus has come into your life then you need to walk forward with Jesus Christ. Many people get stuck and they just continue to go back because they become friends with people who love their addiction and want support in their addiction. If you really want to be set free you can be set free and there are many people who also want to help you. Do not hesitate to ask for help. Jesus will guide you.

Q: What is permissible intercourse in the context of a Christian holy marriage?

A: Certain perverted men have tried to make rules for YOUR marriage bed regarding positions and preferences. Do not let anyone put a wedge between you and your wife. Many Christian marriages have suffered from these false condemnations. We know what things are truly ungodly such as premarital sex, pornography, homosexuality, self gratification which leads to lustful fantasies, adulatory, perverted sexual objects, promiscuity, vanity, half nudity in public, the spirit of Jezebel, and other deviant offenses that no Christian should even utter. But in regarding your own intimacy in a holy marriage, THAT is between you and your spouse.

Q: What does it mean to give up everything like how Jesus said to follow Him alone?

A: We have to put Jesus first in our life even above family and friends and our own desires. However following Jesus does not just mean becoming homeless or selling your house or becoming a monk as some people suppose. I often have seen the devil accuse a new baby Christian of not really following Jesus because they haven't "forsook all". The baby Christian then feels condemned. Satan is always condemning the children of God and if you listen to him you will be led astray. Rather than allowing the Devil to lead you astray, pray and ask Jesus what it means to serve Him and to lay your life down before Him. He loves you and has a plan for your life.

Q: How do I overcome intrusive thoughts?

A: . Intrusive thoughts come as a spiritual attack from demons. Many of these intrusive thoughts have come into your mind through the media television your phone and other things that you have willfully allowed into your life. Jesus has given you away to protect yourself spiritually if you want to. The way is through prayer and putting on the full armor of the God. We are called to pray continually without ceasing. When we ask Jesus for the gift of the Holy Spirit He renews our heart and our mind and our thoughts are thoughts that come from the Holy Spirit and no longer from the evil one. If you want to overcome intrusive thoughts you need to receive the renewing of your mind and heart and receive the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. Once you have received the Holy Spirit whom Jesus will give you you need to hold on to the words that Jesus speaks to you through his spirit and never let go of Him. You need to make Him the new king of your heart.

Q: What are aliens (extraterrestrials)?

A: Aliens are demons. Consider that every single time you have heard about aliens they were never giving glory to God or speaking to people about Jesus Christ as an evangelist. Rather you hear about aliens trying to impart secret knowledge. That is the same tree that Adam and Eve ate from the Tree of knowledge of Good and Evil. It led to their death.

Q: Should I believe in the Trinity or disregard it as a Catholic fallacy?

A: Over the years (even from the beginning of Christianity) many people have debated the trinity and it has caused many divisions in their churches. Jesus Christ has not called us to debate the Trinity or to cause divisions over things that we do not understand. Jesus calls us to be disciples, make disciples and to live holy lives. If we want to be productive for Jesus Christ it is about following Jesus Christ everyday, not trying to understand every aspect of God, that clearly we cannot understand anyway. Getting into heaven is not about proving to the world that we have perfect theology. Getting into heaven is all about obeying Jesus Christ and being refined by Him day by day living by faith. The early disciples did not have perfect understanding but they did inherit eternal life because they walked with Jesus to the very end. We also need to focus on the things Jesus has called us to do. Remember that you do not have to be a mechanic or know how a car operates in order to drive it. You just get into the vehicle and as long as you have your license, a functional car and know the basics of the road you can proceed forward easily.  We are on a need to know basis. Jesus reveals to us the things of His Spirit as we are ready.