Wednesday, July 29, 2020

How to cast out demons

How to Cast Out Demons
I just want to make a quick message that I know will edify some of you, and that is when we receive the Holy Spirit, when we receive Jesus Christ, He gives us the power over demons.  He gives us power to cast OUT evil spirits.  It comes just from being with Jesus and having HIS Spirit in us.  I don’t know what you think of when you think of casting out an evil spirit, casting out a demon, maybe you think of Hollywood’s version of those exorcism’s, or maybe you think of the Catholic church and their exorcists.  But in realty casting out demons, the ability starts with your own mind.  You know, Jesus is in our heats and He will be on our mind if we are actually with Him, and when His Spirit, when His power is in us, He fortifies us that no demons can come in.  But you have to keep watch, and if you don’t keep watch those demons are going to enter.  They enter through your eyes and through your ears, they enter through your mind.  A lot of people introduce demons through the television, through music, through ungodly friends, and demons now since Covid-19  can enter in more ways than that.  People are reporting being able to hear demons more than I have ever gotten before. I’ve been getting emails from people saying they have blasphemous thoughts or they’re hearing or seeing demons.  BUT, Jesus has given us power OVER these evil spirits, in His name we can cast them OUT.  It starts with being able to rebuke a demon from your mind.  We have to take EVERY THOUGHT CAPTIVE, it starts when you have an evil thought that you know is entering your mind, and you just say; “I rebuke you satan, in the name of JESUS.”  If you can rebuke every evil thought and cast OUT those thoughts and receive thoughts that you know are good and that are from GOD, then you are learning to cast out evil spirits, that is the very beginning.  You know, a lot of people want evil spirits, they want demons cast out of them, but what they don’t know is, if they just go somewhere to get an evil spirit cast out of them, that evil spirit is going to come RIGHT BACK if THEY don’t learn to control their MIND, if they don’t learn to control their WILL, their HEART.  It is given to each and every one of us to have power over these demons, over every demon, if we will only receive the Spirit of Jesus Christ.  If we will receive the Holy Spirt in us and live according to HIS words.  He will speak to your conscience, so listen to your conscience, God gave you your conscience, your conscience isn’t the Holy Spirit of course, but if you learn to listen to your conscience the Holy Spirit will speak to your conscience.  What you have to do is receive what is good, the things that you know are coming from God you have to receive those things, and the things that are evil you have to rebuke immediately.  Take control of your thoughts.  Fortify your heart and your mind, make sure that you are not looking at anything that is evil or listening to anything that’s evil or perverted.  Take control of your body.  Allow the Holy Spirit just to be completely in you.  The Holy Spirit will not possess you like a demon, you have to allow Him to guide you.  He will not force you; He will not control or manipulate you like an evil spirit.  Rebuke every evil spirit that comes to you, say; “I rebuke you demon, I rebuke you satan in the name of JESUS.”  And then pray to Jesus with all of your heart.  Keep your mind on the truth. Keep your mind on Jesus Christ and you will be going forward in the TRUTH.  Fortify yourself and you will be safe in Jesus.  There is no other safety other than Jesus Christ and receiving the seal of His Holy Spirit. Cast out demons in Jesus’s name and let nothing stop you.  

Saturday, July 25, 2020

You can't bathtize yourself

You Can’t Bathtize Yourself
You cannot bathtize yourself.  That is, you cannot baptize yourself alone in your own bathtub, that’s not the way it works.  When two people want to get married, they have to have at least one witness, one witness on Earth.  And if their marriage is going to be legitimate, then it needs to be holy matrimony before GOD.  Jesus Himself didn’t even baptize Himself, but He went to John the Baptist, and He said; “Let us do this to fulfill all righteousness.”  If we want our baptism to be legitimate then it needs to be legitimate before God, we need to make sure our heart is right before God, that we have true faith, that we are really committing to Jesus Christ with our whole life.  And we need to find a brother or sister in the Lord who has already been baptized (or in God's will) that will baptize us.  If you don’t know another brother or sister who is around you that will baptize you, you need to wait on the LORD.  He has all resources; He will provide your needs.  Jesus is the WAY and He will make the way for you.  If you so happen to be in the California area, and you are looking to be baptized, you may contact me at email me if you feel led.  May the grace of Jesus be with you.

Can a husband and a wife baptize each other?

Can a Husband and Wife Baptize Each Other?
Here is a message that the Lord gave me immediately I asked Him if two people, that have not been baptized before, that come to believe in Him, can baptize themselves.  NOT meaning that they baptize themself, but each individual baptizes the OTHER individual.  Jesus gave me two words on this.  The first was, He told me that He will never condemn anyone who does what is done from the purity of their heart.  Secondly, He told me to remember the King David.  And what the King David did in the eyes of  the religious people was evil, he sinned in the eyes of the religious people because David and his men both at that bread, the sanctified bread, or that bread set apart JUST for the priests to eat, and even though he ate that, and it was not lawful, he was still innocent and guiltless before God.  If we do what is right before God, with the purity of our heat, Jesus does not condemn us, but His blood covers us, He sanctifies us and we are useful for His Kingdom.  If you and your wife both become believers, no matter what country you are in, and in your area there is absolutely no other believers around, and you don’t want to run to a false church because you know it’s full of FALSE brothers and sisters who have NOT been baptized in the Holy Spirit, they have just been baptized in water, if that is your scenario, and you decide to baptize yourselves, NOT meaning that you dunk yourself in your own bathtub, but the husband baptizes the wife, and the wife baptizes the husband, THAT IS PURITY BEFORE GOD!  That will be JUSTIFIED before God.  God is FOR the righteous.  He is FOR THOSE THAT TRULY REPENT!  And that husband and wife, or those two brothers or those two sisters that do this, they will be PURE before God!  Will we be pure before God in baptism, will we mean business with the Lord?  Or are we just trying to find excuses.  You now, a lot of people are just trying to baptize themselves, just trying to dunk themselves in the baptism and say; “I’m married.”  It’s kind of like a boyfriend and a girlfriend that don’t want to actually get married, so they just kind of whisper to each other before they have sex, “Let’s just SAY that we’re married…” it doesn’t work like that.  But if you have a witness on Earth, and if GOD sanctifies your marriage (true witness in heaven), or if He sanctifies your baptism, then that is ALL you need.  You need a witness on Earth, and it needs to be sanctified in heaven, whether it is baptism or whether it is marriage.  So, in your marriage, if both of you come to the LORD, you can baptize one another, and also in marriage, if there are two that want to be married, they don’t have to go before a “church” pastor, but that marriage does have to be legitimate before God and you also NEED another witness on Earth, whether that is your mother, your father, another brother, a sister… If there is a witness on earth and there is a Witness in Heaven, if it’s valid before God, then it is sanctified before GOD, and God will never cast anyone, ANYONE out, who does what is from the PURITY of their heart.

Friday, July 24, 2020

Beware false baptism of tongues in church

Beware of FALSE Baptism of Tongues in Church
In the false church on the Pentecostal side, or the charismatic side people believe that receiving the Holy Spirit with the gift of tongues the fire of the Holy Spirit means receiving a tongue that is unknown, and angelic tongue or a tongue that is of a different language.  And they literally think they have not received the baptism of the Holy Spirit with FIRE until they are speaking in this unknown tongue, whether it is angelic or a language they don’t understand.  They literally think that is the epitome or the climax of their Christian walk with God.  But, be warned because there is a FALSE spirit in the churches that makes people speak in tongues but it is NOT a tongue of the redeemed.  How is it that one can think it is possible for these Christians to go into church, to receive this supposed new tongue, and then to walk out of there NOT being able to sing ONE PART of the song of the redeemed?  In Revelation it talks about the Song of the Redeemed that ONLY the 144,000 can sing.  That 144,000 are not literally only 144,000, just as there is not only 666 evil people in the world, it represents those children who are connected to Jesus Christ, and they sing a new song that ONLY they can sing.  And it has only been given to those who are connected to the Holy Spirit, who have humbled themselves before God to receive this new tongue, this new song.  This new song is Not what they are singing in church.  In the false church they make up this holy spirit, and they say that you receive your new tongue once you come to church and you receive this spirit that makes you speak in a different language, so they propha-lie over you, they put their hand on your head and they start repeating something over and over again, maybe something like; “Receive the holy spirit, receive the holy spirit…” and what they do is VERY similar to a form of witchcraft that some people call the kundalini spirit.  But it is very repetitive, and we KNOW that Jesus spoke against that.  He said that, you know, religious people think that they will be heard for their many words, or their repetitious prayers.  The real Holy Spirt is NOT like that, in fact I want to read to you what the prophet Joel said in regards to the Holy Spirit and tongues and this is found in Joel chapter 2, I’m going to start in verse 28; “And it shall come to pass afterward that I will pour out My Spirit on all flesh; your sons and your daughters shall prophesy…” Now prophecy is a tongue, because as soon as you share that prophecy with others to edify them in the LORD, you are speaking with a new tongue, a tongue that came from heaven, not your own English words or whatever language you speak in, that prophecy came from heaven.   “…your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions…”  Both dreams and visons that come from Heaven by the Holy Spirit, if you share them, it becomes a tongue, it’s your new tongue that is the Song of the Redeemed, not just a dream or a vison that you had out of your own flesh, but if it truly came from the Holy Spirit, that is your new tongue.  “…And also on My maidservants I will pour out My Spirit in those days.  And I will show wonders in the heavens and in the earth:  Blood and fire and pillars of smoke.  The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the coming of the great and awesome day of the LORD.  And it shall come to pass that whoever calls on the name of the LORD shall be saved.  For in Mount Zion and in Jerusalem there shall be deliverance, as the LORD has said, among the remnant whom the LORD calls.”  We know that the testimony of Jesus Christ is the Spirit of this true prophecy, in other words, if we are connected to the Spirit of God, He will give us the Song of the Redeemed and we will speak prophecy, we will speak truth, THIS is the true Spirit of GOD that needs to enter us.  We need to allow the Spirit of God to enter us and to work through us.  He doesn’t possess us like and evil spirit, forcing us to fall on the ground and laugh with strange and bizarre manifestations of the supposed holy spirit, holy laugher, speaking in these SUPPOSED tongues that are the holy spirit’s spiritual tongue or a prayer language.  They have made a fabricated holy spirt.  Now some of you may say, well I’m just speaking against the spiritual language, the prayer language that the Apostle Paul spoke of… that’s also not true.  I myself also pray in a tongue, and the Holy Spirit has given me a tongue to speak against satan, to rebuke satan.  But the false church has twisted this and they say that, you know, if you haven’t received this specific tongue (their twisted version), then you haven’t really been baptized in the Holy Spirit.  They say; “You have to receive that unknown tongue, that prayer tongue…” and they think that that itself is the very top of your spiritual walk with God, as if you are not baptized in the Holy Spirit unless you are praying in THEIR sort of tongue.  It’s a hoax.  Don’t be deceived by what some people call the Kundalini spirit, which is actually a form of Hindu false god worship.  Don’t be deceived by these false spirits that are in church, claiming to be a new tongue.  These guys don’t sing the song of the redeemed, they don’t have true prophecies that come from the Holy Spirit, so how is it possible that they are praying in a tongue, that they are speaking in this new tongue, but they can’t sing the Song of the Redeemed?  That would be an impossibility.  It’s absolutely impossible to have heard from the Holy Spirit, to be singing the song of the Redeemed, but then to be going outside into the world and living life in SIN.  It’s all a fabrication, it’s a fake tongue that they have in church, fake dreams, fake visions, fake interpretations… it’s all for pride, for show, for money, to make the feel like they are safe and secure because they have received the holy spirit.  But don’t be deceived by this nonsense in church and the fake charismatic, Pentecostal tongue that they parade around acting like it’s the Holy Spirit!  We need to make sure that we receive the true tongue that comes from the Holy Spirit, the Song of the Redeemed, prophecies, visons that REALLY come from the LORD.  You will know the difference by their FRUIT.  Does their fruit PROVE that every single day that the are taking up their cross, denying themselves, living HOLY?  Are they living on the Word of GOD, the Bread of LIFE that comes from heaven?  Or are they just conjuring up something, conjuring up their own ideas, conjuring up evil spirits, calling it the Holy Spirit, conjuring up feelings, emotions… or are they really living on the Word, the power of GOD?   We need to make sure that we differentiate and that we can really tell the difference, satan his supposed holy spirit and the true Holy Spirit that cannot be fabricated.  Even in Daniel’s day there were fake magicians, remember the, I believe it’s called the Chaldeans, the sorcerers, and they would all try to interpret dreams, give prophecies I’m sure, but it was only Daniel that had the Spirit of the TRUE GOD in Him who was able to give interpretations to dreams, tell the dream to Nebuchadnezzar even though Daniel didn’t even know the dream.  You now, Nebuchadnezzar didn’t say; “Here is my dream, now interpret it…”  He told everyone, “I want you to tell me the dream I dreamt, and THEN interpret it…” and everyone said that was just religious, who was just spiritual, they said; “No one in the whole world can do that, dreams are only know by the gods…” But Daniel was able to interpret it because he had the Holy Spirit in him.  It wasn’t a fake holy spirit, it wasn’t a fake tongue.  It was that he was connected to the one and only Spirit of GOD.  And we need to make sure that we are not being deceived by a lying spirit that pretends to be a tongue, that pretends to be a vison, or an interpretation.  And the only way you are ever going to know the difference is if you just pray and say; “Lord I pray for your Holy Spirt, I really want to be baptized with your Holy Spirit, I don’t want to listen to liars or people who are going to deceive me…” and Jesus promised the gift of the Holy Spirit and He promised that if you would seek Him that He would not give you a snake a serpent a scorpion, He promised the better gift, the perfect gift of the Holy Spirit.  So, don’t go running to pastors who claim to impart the Holy Spirit on you.  Don’t run to people who claim to give you spiritual gifts and tongues.  You have to run to JESUS CHRIST.  How you do that is through prayer, how you do that is through fasting.  You just pray and start asking Jesus; “Please give me Your gifts, please help me, fill me with your Holy Spirit and let me not be deceived…” and if you really seek HIM with all of your heart, soul, mind and strength, HE will give you HIMSELF, His gifts, because He is alive and He loves you.  Go to Jesus Christ and receive His TRUE SPIRIT, don’t go to the false church and receive their kundalini or whatever false spirits that they are giving out these days to people.  Don’t be deceived by the deception that is coming upon the world. 

Sunday, July 12, 2020

Blasphemous thoughts are demons

Blasphemous Thoughts are Demons
I’m getting more messages than I’ve ever gotten before about people just saying that they have blasphemous thoughts, just evil thoughts that are just coming into their mind, impulsive thoughts, thoughts to curse God, all kinds of evil stuff… these things are demons guys.  It’s not just happening to you, it’s happening to me, it’s happening to people that are completely disconnected from the world, I mean, they don’t have TV, they don’t have internet.  Since this covid-19 thing has started many demons have been released. Some people are even reporting seeing these demons and because satan knows his time is short, in any way possible he’s going to try to get to you, he will try to speak into your mind and he will speak blasphemies, then he’ll turn and say, “You’re the one who said it, you cursed God, now you blasphemed the Holy Spirit, now you get back to Him…”  I’m not entertaining evil, I don’t just peruse Youtube, I make videos for Jesus and I post them.  But even I get blasphemous thoughts that come from satan, from these demons, and what I do is I  just rebuke them in Jesus’s name, I say; “Get behind me satan, you are the accuser of the brethren…”  satan is the one that accuses us day and night, and we can rebuke him and say; “Get behind me devil.” We can rebuke satan, and then we can cry out to Jesus and make sure that we just stay focused on Him.  No matter how many times satan comes against you with a blasphemous thought or tries to put something into your mind, saying that you are going to curse God, thinking of a dirty perverted image… as many times as he comes against you, YOU REBUKE him.  You have power over your thoughts.  You can fortify your soul, and you don’t have to let those things that are coming from demons into your mind, into your soul, YOU CAN BLOCK THEM.  You can fortify yourself, which you can do through prayer.  Pray to Jesus, ask Him to help you, ask Him to fill you with His Spirit, and as many times as satan comes against you, rebuke him.  It’s not just happening to you, it’s happening to people in the entire earth, everywhere.  These demons are going out and they are trying to destroy you.  But in the name of Jesus we have power over the demons.  But it’s still a fight, you still have to overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the word of your testimony.  You still have to rebuke satan, you still have to hold onto Jesus.  You can’t just sit back and relax, we are in battle, we have to fight, we have to endure to the very end.  So, don’t stop rebuking satan, any time that an evil though comes into your mind, rebuke satan in the name of Jesus, continue to pray to Jesus and seek HIM. 

Saturday, July 11, 2020

How the mark of the beast will be forced on the world

How the Mark of the Beast Will Be Forced on the World
In Jesus Christ all of our needs are met, even before we ask.  He knows our needs and He provides for us.  But because people do not trust God they don’t seek Him for their provision their provision runs dry and then they run to the government, they ultimately will run to satan, they will run to the antichrist to save them.  Remember in the days of Jacob, he had 12 sons and when there was a famine in the land, those sons went to Egypt.  They went to Egypt because Egypt at that time was like God.  They were the only place in the whole known world, to them, that had provision, that had food.  If it wasn’t for the fact that God Himself had placed one of Jacobs sons in Egypt, that is Joseph, and allowed him to be in a high place of government, then things would have been VERY different.  Maybe Egypt would have forced them to bow before their gods, maybe they would have to take the mark of the beast.  But because God allowed Joseph to be there he provided for Jacob and it was such a blessing.  But this time around, there will be no Joseph in Egypt, and spiritually Egypt will demand your soul in exchange for what you need to survive, what you need to live.  It’s not that there’s going to be a knife to your throat, people aren’t going to serve the antichrist because they are forced literally by a gun to their head or a knife to their throat.  But they will fill like they are going to die if they don’t bow down to satan, because satan will appear to be the only one that will provide for them and their family.  But there is a true solution, if you don’t want to bow down to satan.  We have a Good Shepherd.  Jesus Christ is truly alive and He loves you, and all you have to do if you want to be provided for is put your faith and all of your trust in Him and He will carry you through.  But ONLY those who have NOT taken the mark will inherit everlasting life.  ALL the others that do not receive Jesus WILL receive the MARK OF THE BEAST, they will receive that mark and they will be taken to hell because of it.  Will your provision be in Jesus, will you trust Him and will you obey Him?  Or will you run to spiritual Egypt for your provision?  Will you run to the antichrist and will you receive that MARK OF THE BEAST because you don’t know the one true GOD that can really help you?  Do you trust Jesus or do you trust satan?

Wednesday, July 8, 2020

There is no trite little formula to genuine faith

There is No Trite Little Formula to Genuine Faith
The Lord favors those that will step out in faith to follow Him and who aren’t distracted by just asking their questions to others.  A lot of people want those quick answers so they go and see a mentor, they go and just ask their parents.  But the Lord rewards those who wait upon Him and prayer and who ask Him for the answers.  Jesus said to make Him our only Teacher (Matt 23:8-10)  He said to call no one on earth our Father.  We should call no one on earth Good Teacher, Rabbi… You know a lot of people think that Christians just have good morality, that they have made good choices, and they would tell you if you became anything in life, in your Christian walk I mean, that it’s because you followed good morality, you made good choices, you were smart about things, you just followed those good godly principles and that’s how you got out of debt, that’s how you have a good marriage, that’s how you raised your children, and that’s why your children are following God today… They think everything happens because of these Christian principles, BUT THAT’S NOT THE TRUTH.  If we obey Jesus’s words by seeking FIRST His Kingdom and His righteousness, THEN everything else falls into line.  (It won’t work any other way)  But if you notice, a lot of mentors and the people that go to mentors, the mentors tell them;  “You have to follow these 5 easy steps to fix your marriage… do these 5 easy things to detox…” You know; “Do these 5 things to raise your children…” And there’s always 5 points you know.  And then you figure out even the mentor himself has all these marital problems.  You just find out that there just phony and fake, and how are they qualified to really lead people if they themselves don’t have their own life in order?  I am not smart, it’s not that I know the future, it’s not that I just knew who I should marry because I had a good intellect or just followed my heart, it wasn’t about that.  When I REPENTED to seek Jesus for REAL, THEN Jesus started working in my life, He started changing me and the path He put me on is  a path were He guides my footsteps, even if I’m not sure where I’m going, where I’m going to work, what I’m going to do… He guides my footsteps and He guides the footsteps of ALL HIS CHILDREN no matter where they are in the whole world.  We don’t follow 5 point sermons, we don’t follow just good old Christian principles, WE FOLLOW JESUS, and he leads us.  We don’t get out of debt just by our own intellect and because we followed principles, we serve Jesus, we seek first HIS Kingdom and HIS will and then He gets us out of debt, He puts us in a good marriage, He helps us raise our children, everything falls into place when we have Jesus FIRST in our life.  So, the question is, is Jesus really your all in everything, is He your center?  Or is He just the 2nd person in the trinity, just your head knowledge from the book?  Do you really know Him or do you just know things ABOUT Him?

You can't program God

You Can’t Program God 
Praise Jesus today guys because it’s another day to choose to REPENT, to fall to our knees before God, repent of dong life OUR WAY, worshiping God OUR OWN WAY, to HUMBLE ourselves before the Good Teacher Jesus Christ and do things HIS WAY.  One thing that’s really been on my heart lately is how following Jesus is truly about being led by the Holy Spirit, remember how Jesus compared the Holy Spirit to the wind? (John 3:8)  We don’t know where the winds is  going, we don’t see the wind, but we see the affects of it, we see how it moves the bushes and the trees and the grass… and if we’re being led by the Holy Spirit we aren’t controlling Him, we’re not planning out what He’s going to say through us days and years in advance.  Following Jesus is NOT about a programed worship time or programing the Holy Spirit as a lot of Christians in organized religion do.  They try to make everything into a program, they say; “Let’s do worship…  have you been part of our worship program… get on board with our bible study program…”  And everything is about programing God as if He’s a machine that they can control.  The Holy Spirit is like the wind, and He moves where He chooses.  He already has a plan, He has an agenda, and He has a path for our life, but if we are not following Him, if we are not humble before Him, we are going to (by default) be going our own way, our own agenda.  Maybe you are following the church, maybe you are following some pastor or prophet, maybe you are following your own understanding of the bible.  But you can’t follow the Holy Spirit until you have just fallen to your knees, repented of your sin and said; “Lord, I pray that YOU guide me, I want YOU to be my ONLY Teacher, help me to hear you clearly, help me to understand you, I want to hear you and know where you are going…” How can you follow a GOD that is SPIRIT?  You CAN’T follow Him in the FLESH, you have to follow Him IN THE SPIRIT. (Romans 8:14) The Kingdom of God is not here or there with physical signs, physical churches, and physical pastors, it is inside of us, it is in our midst. (Luke 17:21)  And if we want to worship this GOD that is SPIRIT, we have to worship Him in spirit and in truth. (John 4:23)  It just starts with PRAYER guys, it starts with saying;  “Jesus, show me who YOU truly are, were is YOUR SPIRIT moving, I want to be in connection with THE SPIRIT OF GOD, I want to leave the bondage of the flesh, the fleshly desires, the worldly desires, the desires for evil…”  You can’t follow Jesus and follow Mammon, money (Matt 6:24)  the desires of the world, you are going to have to choose either between righteousness, the righteousness that God requires, following Him by His Spirit, or living for yourself, living for Mammon, and trying to program God like these hypocritical Christians are that have made dead religion into their religion.  Are we going to follow Jesus and just fall to our knees before Him?  Are we going to figure out were HE is and obey Him, or do we just have a little bit of religion to make us feel good, and then we program God like He’s a robot and think that were all good?

The true Brotherhood

The True Brotherhood
The world pretty much lumps Christians into two categories, from the far left to the far right; the far left being the hyper grace gospel, and the far right being the condemnation gospel.  You know those on the left are always saying, “grace and peace, everyone is saved”, as long as you believe in the hippie Jesus you are going to heaven… But those on the far right are preaching condemnation, hell fire and brimstone, “you are going to hell”. They are pointing out everyone’s sins.  But Jesus did not come preaching hyper grace nor did he come preaching condemnation but He came preaching the Kingdom of GOD and TRUE REPENTANCE.  It does not matter what people think of us if we are with Jesus.  They can think whatever they want, they can think we are preaching condemnation… but the truth is, if we are with Jesus and calling people to repent, we do it with a heart of love and truth and by the power of the Holy Spirit that is in us, the same Holy Spirit that is in JESUS and that resurrected Him from the dead.  Jesus didn’t say anything on His own, but that which His Father had Him speak.  Remember that the dove came upon Him when He was baptized by John, and the Holy Spirit stayed with Him.  If we received the same Spirit that Jesus Christ had, we become part of this brotherhood, and no matter where you are in the whole world, you will recognize another brother or sister.  You will recognize that they are not preaching condemnation, that they are not just a hell fire and brimstone preacher that’s pointing out people’s sins, nor or they Christians in church that are teaching and preaching hyper grace, that, “all you have to do is believe brother.”  You become part of this true brotherhood; we are all one in Jesus.  We have the SAME SPIRIT.  So, no matter where you live, you are guided by the same Holy Spirit that resurrected Jesus Christ from the dead!  Isn’t that incredible!  Even if you live in Africa, South America, North America, China… no matter where you live, you are hearing from the same Holy Spirit that resurrected Jesus Christ from the dead.  He lives in side of us.  Because Jesus lives, we also live, and we bear witness of the truth.  Jesus is alive, and His gospel still remains the same, which is- All nations, all tongues, all peoples, need to truly repent, to put on righteousness to overcome, and they will have life.  There is one that condemns you.  If you reject the truth of Jesus Christ, the one who condemns you is YOURSELF.  It’s YOUR words and your actions.  And on the last day when you stand before Jesus Christ, He will bring up the picture, or the time, the memory that you were speaking evil against the Kingdom of God and against that righteous testimony.  And the one that will condemn you is yourself, it will be your words and your actions it will be YOU that spoke against other brothers and sisters in the Lord.   YOU that spoke a word against the Holy Spirit and blasphemed Him.  Will you call on the name of Jesus and become part of the brotherhood, that royal brotherhood that belongs to Jesus Christ that receives His Spirit?  Will you belong to the everlasting King of the Everlasting Kingdom?  Or will you mock Him, will you reject Him and received the hyper grace gospel or that false gospel of condemnation that just condemns people for their sins?   Become part of the brotherhood that receives Jesus Christ, that lives for HIM because they have received that same Spirit that resurrected Jesus Christ from the dead.  Does the Holy Spirit live in you?  Are you alive in Christ Jesus?   Or are you like those who are dead in church, that Jesus is just some person, some character in the bible?  Do you have Jesus living in your heart?  Or are you spiritually dead?  You need to REPENT, receive the Holy Spirit, be baptized in water and be baptize in the Holy Spirit.  RECEIVE HIS TRUTH AND YOU WILL HAVE LIFE.

Are you dedicated to Jesus?

Are You Dedicated to Jesus
Jesus Christ is still the Way the Truth and the Life and no one comes to the Father except through Him.  If we want to know the Truth we have to seek Jesus, we have to pray to Him and say; “Lord, who are You, HELP ME! Help me really know You…”  The deceiver will deceive even the elect if they are not daily denying themselves and connected to the Vine.   Jesus is that Vine, He is the Door, He is the only way into everlasting life.  So many Christians just think that they are entitled to everlasting life, they think that they have already entered.  They think they are already safe and secure and going to heaven, nothing will snatch them away from the hand of God.  But they are not connected to the vine, they are living evil lives, they haven’t purged sin out of their life.  If we are not connected to the vine, daily seeking Jesus with ALL of our heart, we’re not going to overcome and we’re not going to make it.  The wages of our sin is still death.  Are we still sinning?  Are we disconnected from the vine, or are we really with Jesus, are we seeking Him, are we bearing good fruit?  Or are we as the tree that is ready to get cut down?  Don’t be deceived to think that you are just safe and secure, that you know the truth so you are going to heaven.  We have to OVERCOME, every single day we have to ENTURE.  Are you really enduring with Jesus, are you with Him today?  Are you living for Him with all of your strength?  Are you praying and seeking Him, is all of your devotion for Him?  IF we are not completely dedicated to Him, we’re not going to make it.  It’s either all or nothing.

Saturday, July 4, 2020

Today is the day of salvation

Today is the Day of SALVATION 
Give glory to GOD today, because today is the day of SALVATION, if you realize that you need salvation.  If you realize that you need to repent and put your faith in Jesus Christ, today is the day of salvation!  You know, some people feel stuck, they feel like they can’t really get to God, their prayers just hit the roof and they bounce back down.  They feel like they have done so many things in their life that have separated them from God, from hearing God that they can’t possibly go the right way, that they are just seared in their sin, seared in the word.  They think the only thing left for them is hell, God’s punishment.  It is true that we can’t do it on our own, BUT OUR FATHER IN HEAVEN HAS MADE THE WAY.  The way is through JESUS, it’s not through some prophet, it’s not through bible study, it’s not through going to church…. A lot of people are misled to believe that if they want to get right with God they have to get into a “good bible study”, get a fellowship group, find some Christians… YOU NEED TO FIND JESUS!  Jesus is ALIVE and He is STILL SPEAKING TODAY!  He loves you.  But He is calling this whole world to TRULY REPENT FROM SINS.  The problem is most people love their sins more than the light of the truth.  They don’t really want to change, they don’t want to get sinful habits out of their life.  But if YOU are someone who really wants to repent and reconcile with your Creator there is HOPE FOR YOU TODAY.  Just say; “Lord Jesus, help me, I’m a sinner, I’ve done so many things to mess up my life, to mess up your creation, to hurt other people… I apologize, I want to repent, I confess… I confess my sins and I just want to be right with YOU Lord!”  If you can pray that prayer, Jesus will come to your rescue, He will HELP you, but don’t let that be your only prayer, EVERY SINGLE DAY you have to start praying to JESUS, ask HIM to help you.  Every single day deny yourself, pick up your cross and follow Jesus Christ.  Daily live on HIS words.  Jesus is ALIVE.  He is not a dead god and we just pick up the bible and read old words from the Apostle Paul… Jesus is ALIVE.  He will speak to you in your dreams, while you are on your knees praying at your bedside, He will put His words into your heart.  He’s a LIVING GOD!  And if you want a relationship with this LIVING GOD you have to seek after Him, you have to go after Him with ALL of your might. You know people go after entertainment with all of their might, they ae always listening to music, they have those earphones on their head, they are tuned into the WORLD.  But who cares to know their Creator, their MAKER?  You have to disconnect from the world and connect to your Heavenly Father.  Jesus loves you, but He is stern, He is serious, He is judging this world and UNLESS you disconnect, SEVER yourself from this world to get to know Him and be serious, you are just NOT going to get to know Him.  Do you want to know your Creator?  Do you want salvation?  Do you want to be reconciled with Him?  Because there is HOPE, there is HOPE TODAY IN THE NAME OF JESUS for sinners to REPENT and find LIFE.  Lord Jesus I pray for anyone who does want to repent and come to you, that they would seek YOU, that You would fill them with the power of God, that they would come OUT of this world and be separate and not fall to ANY of the snares of satan.  In Jesus name I pray, amen.