Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Our provision comes from God not the economy

Our Provision Comes from GOD not the Economy
I notice that with this Covid-19 epidemic going on that people seem to be about anywhere between 0 and 20 percent concerned with actually contracting that virus, and they are about 100% to 80% concerned with the economy… how will they get their food when will they go back to work?  When will we start making money again?... and the truth is, this is reliance on the government, not dedication to GOD.  I want to read to you what Jesus said in Matthew chapter 6:24 which is actually quite a hard saying: “No one can serve two masters; for either he will HATE the one and love the other, or else he will be loyal to the one and despise the other.  YOU CANNOT SERVE GOD AND MANNON.”  Another word for mammon would be the economy.  It is known that mammon is money or wealth, it is the economy.  WE DO NOT WORSHIP THE ECONOMY.  But many people are just waiting for the economy to heal itself or waiting for a man to come who is able to restore the economy, so they can go bac to work, so that life can go on as it did from the beginning of time.  Are we looking to JESUS CHRIST for our provision KNOWING that our security, our provision comes from GOD not Mammon?  Or are we sitting at the feet of Mammon, worshiping him and just asking him, “Please Mammon give us back our job, give us back our worldly things, let us go back to all the things we used to do…”  WHO ARE WE PRAYING TO? And who are we worshiping, Jesus Christ or Mammon?  May the grace of Jesus be with you.

Friday, April 24, 2020

Be a sanctuary not a churchian

Be a Sanctuary not a Churchian
Following Jesus Christ for real has never been about “doing church” “doing worship”, acting like we are Christians by going to a building to have these ceremonies.  Following Jesus Christ is ALL about BEING a sanctuary, that is ourselves being sanctified, holy and pleasing to our God, filled by the power of the Holy Spirit.  It’s not possible to be part of the true church if we are not a sanctuary.  The Holy Spirit wants to dwell in us, He wants to lead us, to be our ONLY Teacher, He wants to guide us.  We need to make sure that we are sanctified, that we are set apart for the purpose of Jesus Christ, to be preaching HIS gospel, to be living for HIM with every breath, to bee seeking FIRST His Kingdom, to just be living HOLY for His purpose every single day.  Are we really a sanctuary, are we the children of God filled with the Holy Spirit?  Or are we as the worldly Christians looking for a “good church” a good worship ceremony a “good bible study”?  Don’t be deceived by those things.  Follow Jesus, receive His Holy Spirit, be baptized and live for HIM with all of your heart, soul, mind and strength.  BE a sanctuary and you will have LIFE.

Saturday, April 18, 2020

Exposing the devil's tricks

Exposing the Devil’s Tricks
The devil has a lot of tricks to try to get people back into the world or just to deceive them and keep them in the world.  But a few of the tricks that he uses on me all the time is trying to make me think that I have fallen back into the world or that I’m starting to backside a little bit, and then if I have backslid I might as well go ALL the way back.  I had a dream last night that I went back to a rock show and I was watching this band and a lot of the people in the audience were normal people, I mean not people decked out in the normal apparel that you would think for people that would be going to a rock concert, it was normal people and their families and stuff and I was there and I turned to my family and I said something like, “This band is evil.”  I asked the band in my dream who they served, and they didn’t want to say, and I knew that they served satan, but even in my dream it was tempting, it was tempting (to be enticed by their music) because I knew their music.  The devil wanted me to think that I had backslid that I had fallen back into the sin of wanting to listen to rock music…  I had another dream to, in my dream I, well someone was wearing a jacket, or they had one of my old shirts that said the name of Jesus on it.  Something about following Jesus or whatever was on that shirt that I made some years ago.  And the devil wanted me to be ashamed, not to, well to pretend that I didn’t know who’s jacket that was.  These are little tricks that the devil does all the time to try to make us think that we are backsliding, that we are falling away from the Lord and then if we believe these tricks we will be completely deceived.  We’ll just fall back into the world, fall back into our old deception, we will need to get that eye salve all over again.  What we have to do is REBUKE satan, we have to continue to stay with Jesus, NEVER be ashamed of the gospel.  Some people are so ashamed you can tell they can’t even say the name of Jesus.  They don’t stand with Jesus.  But what does Jesus say?  If we are ashamed of Him, then He is going to be ashamed of us when His Father comes, He’s not going to stand for us in front of His angels or His Father in Heaven.  Will we continue to go with Jesus?  Will we go with Him and not backslide, not take a step back, not be ashamed?  Will we push forward and resist satan even with all the strong resistance that we get from him today, from people, from places, just from the air.  The devil is working, are WE also working?  Are we resisting the devil and are we working for Jesus Christ?  Who is  your master, JESUS or satan?  and who will you follow JESUS or satan?  You can’t hold hand with the devil and follow Jesus Christ, you will have to choose.  As for me, I choose Jesus Christ, I choose to resist satan, to not be ashamed of the gospel, to not fall back to old habits.  I choose to pick myself up if I stumble.  Jesus helps, He help lift us up, it’s not by our OWN power, that’s not what I’m saying… but we do have to go forward with the LORD.  Jesus truly has made the way for us, He has made the way for us with, just His blood on the cross, that is His name THE WAY, but if we don’t start walking forward and keep our eyes on Him then we are not going to go forward with Him.  Jesus hasn’t done everything for us to where we can just kick-back, relax and just know that we are safe and secure and going to heaven.  We have to diligently go forward with Jesus and NONE of us are exempt.  I am not exempt from the things that the Holy Spirit has given for me to say, has given for me to preach.  I’m not exempt for those things. Some people think that I think that I am better than others, that I think that I am “holier than thou”… it’s just not true.  The same God that I preach to others I preach to myself.  All of us need to go to Jesus, be reconciled before Him, ALL OF US can call to sin if we don’t keep our eyes on Jesus.  Not one of us are GOOD, but if we go to Jesus, if we REPENT OF OUR SINS, He cleanses us from ALL unrighteousness, and we have to do good in order to enter His Kingdom.  If you do evil in His sight, He’s going to REJECT YOU.  Don’t believe the fake EASY gospel that you can backslide, fall back to sin, you can deny Jesus a little bit, and then when you die, you’re going to enter the presences of God with rejoicing, WHAT A LIE!  How shameful it’s going to be when these Christians who have rejected God die?  They’re not going to enter His Kingdom.  There is no salvation and NO HOPE for AYONE who rejects God and lives unholy while claiming to be a Christian.  You can’t hold hands with the world with the devil and follow Jesus Christ.  Either hold onto Jesus and go with Him to the VERY END or try to find your security in the world with the devil, bad habits and deny Jesus, in the end you will have torment, HELL, eternal damnation.  The choice is yours.  May the grace of Jesus be with you.

Rock music and rap are not for any of Jesus's children

Rock Music & Rap Etc NOT for ANY of Jesus’s Children
Rap music and rock music and these sorts of genre’s are inspired by psychedelic drugs, the hatred of God, lying, murder, satanic worship… you CANNOT be a CHRISTIAN and listen to rock music, rap music ANY of this kind of music that plays on the radio or that young people are listening to, IT IS SATANIC.  Jesus did NOT call us to listen to rap or rock music, He didn’t call us to be like the culture… You can’t be a musician that makes this kind of music or LISTEN to this sort of music and follow JESUS CHRIST.  I know many people are staying at home, (due to the Coronavirus etc.)  they are just listening to music, they are watching TV, they are perverting their life.  Keep yourself separate or God will reject you.  This world that goes on rejecting God soon is going to find that God has rejected THEM.  The only thing left for those that go on sinning is TORMENT.  Repent of your sins TODAY, STOP LISTENING TO UNGODLY MUSIC, stop playing video games, stop living for entertainment, stop entertaining WORLDLY friends.  Detox the world, become separate, touch NOTHING that is unclean and Jesus Christ will accept you, but receive the things of the world, hold hands with satan and God will reject you. 

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Is the Living God your provider?

Is the LIVING GOD Truly YOUR Provider? 
Truly what a wonderful blessing it is to know Jesus and to have Him as our provider.  Our security is NOT in the economy, how much money we make, our social status… but our provision and our protection is ALL IN JESUS CHRIST.  I can praise the Lord today even though our economy is not doing well, because Jesus has continued to provide all of our needs.  Many people in this time will become depressed, they will lose all hope, they will start to realize that all of their provision, all of their hope was JUST in the government, it was in the economy, and when the provision runs out, they won’t know where to turn, they won’t now what to do.  But if you have Jesus, anything can happen in this world, and it doesn’t matter because you are NOT part of the world, you are part of the Kingdom of God that belongs to Jesus Christ.  What a blessing it is to know Jesus, to be walking with Him and to be eating His flesh and drinking His blood and living on every single word that He speaks to us.  I just feel so blessed and thankful today because Jesu provides my needs, every singe thing that I need He gives me even before I ask or need it.  Give GOD glory because He truly is alive and He is taking care of His own! Are YOU one of His?  Or do you belong to the world?  May the grace of Jesus be with you. 

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

I won't baptize women without another male present

I won’t Baptize Women Without Another Male Present
Hey guys, I just wanted to say that I will not baptize a woman without another man there.  If she is with her husband or her son or another brother in the Lord, that’s obviously a different story.  But we need to really protect ourselves and our families in this time.  So many relationships between the opposite sex, men and women started out looking innocent and then ended in sexual immorality.  Especially in this time we need to keep ourselves pure before God.  As men we should not be baptizing women without another brother there or a man.  We should not be mentoring women. (one on one)  We need to make sure that we keep ourselves totally holy and pure before God and not give the devil any way to deceive us.  So, if you are a women wanting to be baptized, whoever you are going to to be baptized, make sure that you bring your husband, your brother, your dad.  Make sure that you protect yourself, and if you are someone wanting to baptize others and you are a man, make sure that you go with your wife, or make sure that whoever you are baptizing if they are a woman is with her husband or with another brother, a physical brother or a brother in the Lord.  Make sure it is done in the Holy Spirit and not in the flesh.  We need to make sure that we are not just getting ourselves into trouble thinking that we are doing the Holy Spirit’s work.  This happens all the time in the church, the think they are doing the Lord’s work and it ends in sexual perversion.  Keep yourselves unstained from this.  Protect yourselves, protect your family.  The Holy Spirit will stay with you if you keep yourself sexually pure and away from any immorality.  But if you even start to slant at all towards having relationships with the opposite sex, when you are a married man, or falling into fornication when you are not married, then the Holy Spirit will leave you. Make sure that you are upright and pure and shining your light without any spot or any blemish in this time.  May the grace of Jesus be with you. 

Friday, April 10, 2020

Need to be baptized? Let's find some water!

Want to follow Jesus and be baptized in His name? Do you live in the California area? When quarantines lift and when Jesus makes the way, we'll figure something out. Email me if you feel so lead at

 Video transcript:
Need to be Baptized?  Let’s Find Some Water!
Praise Jesus today because it is the day of salvation for many people who are calling on the Lord!  If you want to be baptized in the name of Jesus, and you happen to be in the California, contact me;  I will baptize you in the name of JESUS if you would like. I don’t know when the quarantine will lift for my area or your area, but I know Jesus will make the way, and we’ll wait on the LORD.  It’s still kind of cold in my area, but probably come the next few months it will be warmer and we can find a river or a creek somewhere, we’ll figure it out, Jesus will make the way.   And if you are serous to commit your life to Jesus Christ, we can baptize you in the name of Jesus.  Be obedient to Jesus, be baptized, be diligent to pursue Him and He will make the way for you.  Praise GOD because He is alive and making a way for His children!  Jesus bless you guys.

Good Friday and Churches are Shut Down- HERE’S the Significance

Good Friday and churches are Shut Down HERE’S the Significance
Praise Jesus today.  It is Good Friday, the day that the Christians celebrate that Jesus died on the cross, knowing that He’s going to resurrect on Sunday… Good Friday of course is the day Jesus died for the sins of the world, He made that New Covenant with us, that His blood may cover over our sins IF WE BELIEVE IN HIM, if we trust in HIM.  It’s actually a wonderful day for the children of God because God is judging the world.  In Revelation chapter 18 it says “Rejoice over her…” talking about the holy prophets, the men of GOD, because the LORD our GOD is avenging!  He is bringing His righteous judgment upon the world.  We have a God who is slow to anger quick to forgive, but He is JUST and He will destroy His enemy.  He will bring true justice, and that is exactly what is happening in the world.  Ironically, the false church, the Babylon church thinks that THEY are salt and light, and they think the only reason God is able to be preached in the culture is because THEM, they think that they are holding together this world.  But interestingly enough, ironically, this is Passover week, it’s Good Friday today… these churches are not able to meet, legally, in their churches.  If God really wanted them to be celebrating how they always were in the church, He would have made a way for that.  BUT the Lord God, OUR GOD, has SHUT DOWN the FALSE churches, and guess what?  Things have gotten a lot better since they have stopped being “salt and light”, well FALSE salt and light.  The church likes to think that no one is accountable without THEM, that THEY hold everything together, but LOOK, since these Christian churches have not been able to meet, everything in the world has gotten BETTER, there’s been less shootings, the air is so much better, I mean look around, the air is beautiful, there is less pollution in the world.  Now you could say it’s because the factories have closed and all of that would be true… but the point being, the Christian church of today is NOT salt and light, and them being put out of business, not being able to meet has been a wonderful thing!  It’s been an act of GOD.  More people than ever, instead of going to church are going to JESUS, they are asking GOOD questions. They’re not just running to their pastor, they are asking good questions, praying to GOD, pleading for Jesus Christ to forgive them and to help them. That’s a wonderful thing.  Praise JESUS who is ALIVE that He is giving people an opportunity to THINK, and to see what is going on in the world, that they are not just attached to their lying pastors.  It is a VERY good thing to GIVE UP THE FELLOWSHIP if your fellowship is perverted and you have a pervert as a pastor.  It is a wonderful thing to GET AWAY from, them to BE SEPARATE.  You know there’s been people asking me to make a message about the churches being shut down, saying, “Is it a lack of faith” you know, “Do they have a lack of faith that they are not meeting… Preach on a lack of faith…” IT’S AN ACT OF GOD that these churches are shut down and it is a BLESSING that they CAN’T GO because the Lord our God is making them THINK.  Jesus is ALIVE.  He is our Shepherd, not some pastor.  Jesus wants to be our Father, He wants to be our leader, our ONLY Teacher.  He doesn’t want us going to some church for “nourishment”.  And this is a time, this Passover time that all of us, basically the entire world is at home and able to really think about what is going on, what is important in life. WHAT IS LIFE ALL ABOUT?  Life is all about LOVE.  The love of GOD our FATHER IN HEAVEN.  And unless we find out what it really means to love God with ALL of our heart, soul, mind and strength and our neighbor as our self, we are absolutely NOTHING.  Without Jesus, without being connected to HIS truth we are NOTHING.  Many Christians are figuring out today that their life was amounting to absolutely nothing, all they had was dead religion.  All they were doing was running around in the marketplace, in the world, trying to make a buck, but in the end they are just going to DIE.  We need to wake up to the truth in this time, really start praising Jesus, knowing that He is our provision. He is the one true living God.  He is the one that died on the cross for our sins and resurrected, and we can celebrate this and honor the one true living GOD in a way that is SEPARATE FROM THE WORLD.  We need protection from the death angel.  Remember that very first Passover.  At the first Passover the Israelites were to say inside their home, they weren’t to be going out, but to put the blood on their house over the door, and when that death angel came, he would PASS OVER them because they had that BLOOD on their door.  That was symbolic of what Jesus Christ would do for us, cleansing us with His blood.  If you today have the blood of Jesus Christ covering your sins, if you have accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and your Savior FOR REAL, not as the false Christians do, but you have REALLY fallen to your knees and asked the Lord to forgive you of your sins, THEN you will have protection.  But if you are a hypocrite, if you are playing church, if you have your church religion, the death angel will have no mercy on you and your family.  Death has no mercy.  Jesus Christ has mercy.  Turn to Him and be saved, but reject Him and you will have absolutely no hope.  You can’t trust in the government, you can’t trust in the “church”, you can’t trust in a pastor… Your faith needs to be in JESUS, you need to pray to Him, say; “Lord, help me.  Jesus who are you? I know most of my life I have rejected you, but I want to choose you now…”  TODAY is the day of salvation.  If you wait till tomorrow, if you wait until you’re dead, your not going to have the opportunity to repent. Once it’s up it’s up.  Once the final hour has come and gone there’s no more opportunities for anyone to repent.  IT’S DONE.  Will you choose today Jesus Christ and be SAVED or will you reject Him and die?  May the grace of Jesus be with you. 

Thursday, April 9, 2020

Why Jesus is Allowing Coronavirus on ALL the World

Why Jesus is Allowing Coronavirus on ALL the World
I want to share with you guys something so that people are not confused.  All throughout history, Christians have going through trials and tribulations, however, the GREAT TRIBULATION that Jesus spoke of in Matthew chapter 24:21, and the Prophet Daniel spoke of (Daniel 12) is for a specific time, and that has not come to pass yet.  It is written about that time, that there has never been a time of persecution or trial, there has never been a time like it EVER before, and there will neve be a time as rough as that period of time afterwards, we know that from the scriptures.  That doesn’t meant that people haven’t gone through serous tribulation and trial and died, because obviously MANY Christians were (already) persecuted and killed for their faith.  So, we shouldn’t think that individually persecution was less in the past (or that we personally will not see persecution or trials).  However, in the entire world it will be the worst time during the time of the GREAT TRIBULATION.  THAT TIME IS NOT YET HERE, IT IS STILL TO COME.  Right now is a time actually of great opportunity for people to see the light of Jesus and REPENT.  Jesus has given me His light to shine that people may see, as a beacon of truth, that people may see the truth and repent.  Jesus is pleading for the souls of all men on earth.  No matter what agency they are part of, no matter what group, no matter where they are in the entire world, Jesus is pleading with people right  now to COME OUT and be SEPARATE.  Will we choose Jesus, will we put our security in HIM, or will we put our security in the Beast, in the system of this world?  Will we trust satan, will we bow down to the devil?  Will we look to the Anti-Christ for our security?  Or will we look to Jesus Christ?  Is your faith in Jesus or is it in men?  Jesus is pleading with your SOUL, TODAY IS AN OPPORTUNITY, today is a day of grace, today is a great BLESSING.  Today is the day of SALVATION, that you can choose the LORD, that you can repent of your sins, that you can be baptized and put on righteousness and come out that the judgments, that the horrors that are coming from God will not come upon you or being in the Harlot System.  Come out and be separate. Wherever you are no matter what agency, what organization you are part of in the whole world, COME OUT, be separate, put your faith in JESUS and you will have life.  Reject Jesus Christ and live for yourself and put your faith in the world and YOU WILL DIE.  May the grace of Jesus be with you.

The bread of life

The Bread of Life
Remember that Jesus said; “Man does not live on bread alone, but by every word that precedes from the mouth of God.” We know that Jesus Himself is the bread of life that came down from heaven. We have a serious problem today, and that problem is PEOPLE DON’T KNOW JESUS, they think that nourishment comes from going through the doors of a church. So, when the pastors don’t have any real word, when the pastors are blind, they have nowhere to turn, they are lost. And the majority of Christians today, they are completely lost and spiritually blind, they don’t have ears to hear, they are not eating Jesus’s flesh and drinking his blood. They are not living on the Word of God.  Even though these Christians probably still are opening their Bibles daily or weekly and reading the scriptures, they have no Word from God. How is it that they have their supposed “Word of God” but have no WORD from God? That is because they don’t know Jesus Christ, they don’t hear from Him, they don’t have a relationship with Him. They are not eating His flesh and drinking His blood. Jesus is that bread that came out of Heaven, He is the real Manna.  If we get to know Jesus, we will KNOW Him, it won’t be, “what is it”, we won’t just be asking, “Where does this knowledge come from? What is this provision?”  We will know that our provisions has a name, He is Jesus Christ The Living Word of God, He is the bread that comes out of Heaven, the Manna, the “WHAT IS IT” is Jesus Christ, He is alive, He is the provision!  It doesn’t come from a pastor, it doesn’t come from some food bank, not the government… Jesus is the Living Word of God, He is the bread of life and if we are in a real relationship with Him, guess what?  We are always feasting on His flesh, drinking His blood, we are always getting revelation from Him.  He moves through us and He provides everything that we need. Even with the onset of this Coronavirus coming, I didn’t stockpile one thing this year. I have stockpiled in the past and it didn’t do me any help, it didn’t harm me… but this year I just wanted to trust Jesus, knowing that if something real big hit, I wouldn’t be able to supply my whole family and myself for an extended period of time, my provision would run out. So, knowing that I just, I didn’t get anything not even toilet paper, nothing. I just trust Jesus and up to this point, I have not been lacking anything, not toilet paper, nothing.  Jesus has supplied every single thing that I need. He will supply your needs, He will supply the needs of people in third world countries, no matter where they are, He will supply for them.  People say; “Well you live in California, so of course God supplies for you, but what about those people living where there is no provision? Well guess what? Even the nation of Israel, where those people were wandering in the wilderness when they had no water… God supplied for them, even when there was no clean water, it was supernatural. When we have real faith and believe in God, He makes everything happened. The impossible is possible with our God.  But for those that disbelieve and have no faith, they will see no miracles, there will be no provision for them. But where there is true faith, where people have trust in their God, He will supply all their needs no matter where they are. Trust Jesus Christ. He is the bread of life, not a pastor, not a church, not just going to your Bible over and over again for a supposed “word from God”.  JESUS is the one who is alive, He is the one who is moving. The dragnet is now pulling, the sheep and the goat are being separated, the wheat and the tare… Will you be on the side of Truth with Jesus and be provided for, will you receive His Holy Spirit baptism? Will you go with Him until the very end? Or will you be divided and then be a part of those people that He says; “Away from Me you who commit iniquity, you who sin, I do not know you.”? Jesus will say that to many Christians, many who knew the bible, many who were pastors. We know the scriptures. We know what Jesus said, but do we really know Jesus Christ? Is He in our heart, is He in our mind, is He on our lips? Are we living for Him with every breath?  Is our provision truly coming from our Lord? May the grace of Jesus be with you.