Friday, December 27, 2019

Don't Backslide

Do Not Backslide
The world is extremely dangerous to you if you are a Christian, and that is because the world profits of the sinful desires of the flesh.  They market all of the sinful desires and they then put them up on billboards, on posters in stores, no matter where you go in the world you will be drawn back into the world.  Backsliding is described as drawing back or shrinking back in the book of Hebrews and that is interesting because the definition of backsliding is shrinking back, not overcoming, and being drawn back into the world of sin and those temptations.  This is what the author of Hebrews said in Hebrews chapter 10:38-39; “‘Now the just shall live by faith; but if anyone draws back, My soul has no pleasure in him.’  But we are not of those who draw back to perdition, but of those who believe to the saving of the soul.”  God has no pleasure in us if we are being drawn back to the world, taking our eyes off of Him and living for those desires of the flesh that the world is trying to put into us.  The Lord only has pleasure in us if we fix out eyes on Him and make HIM our ONLY GOD.  Our God is a JEALOUS God.  He will not allow us to chase after the world, to backslide and to have Him as our God.  Many Christians think that they are just safe and secure and going to heaven and NOTHING will snatch them out of the hands of God. While it is true that if you put your faith in Jesus and focus your eyes on Him, nothing will snatch you away, it is FALSE to think that you can’t backslide.  You can pull yourself away from God, you CAN shrink back, you can fall back into addiction, you CAN fall AWAY FROM YOUR FAITH, YOU CAN FALL OUT OF YORU SALVATION.  Many Christians preach LIES, they say you are safe and secure, you can NEVER loose your salvation, THAT IS A LIE.  Your salvation is keeping your eyes FIXED on Jesus TO THE VERY END.  Don’t believe satan.  sATAN will tell you that, “no matter what, you can’t be snatched out of the Lord’s hand.”  YOU CAN pull yourself away from God, it’s called backsliding, falling back to the world, being drawn back into the world.  God has no pleasure with that.  You have to OVERCOME, be part of those who OVERCOME and endure to the VERY END.  Don’t backslide.  Stay close with Jesus and don’t listen to the devil’s lies.  May the grace of Jesus be with you.

The Truth About ABORTION

The Truth About ABORTION
We all know that hatred lead to murder and those who hate are murderers at heart.  But there are many other reasons why people become murderers.  Take for example those who abort their babies.  When a mother is with child and she is thinking about abortion it is NEVER because she hates her child, it is because her boyfriend is manipulating her, controlling her, the boyfriend does not want her to have that baby because they were having sex out of wedlock and they are ashamed.  It is because the mother does not think she will be able to take care of the children because they don’t have enough faith, they don’t have money.  It is because they are not good parents and they think that it would be better for that child to be aborted than for them to raise that child.  BUT IN THE LONG RUN, WHATEVER the intent is to abort your baby, in the long run your son or your daughter, or your sons or your daughters will be DEAD and YOU in fact will become a MURDERER.  Murderers will NOT inherit the Kingdom of God.  Your children will grow up in heaven and because they will grow up under the GOOD Teacher, they will learn to forgive, and they will forgive YOU.  But you will never see your child and your child will never get to see you because you will NOT be allowed into the Kingdom of God.  If you choose to commit this murder and you are watching this video and you KNOW the truth, you will NEVER see your child, they will NEVER be able to say “mommy” or “daddy”, they will not be able to tell you that they FORGAVE YOU and that Jesus taught them the truth.  YOU will become a MURDERER and you will not get to see them EVER.  So, whatever your intention is, if you have a lack of faith and that is why you are aborting your child, if your boyfriend or husband thinks it’s a good idea because neither of you think you can provide… no matter WHAT the cause is, you still will become a MURDERER.  Do you trust Jesus?  Do you want your faith to be in HIM?  Because if you don’t want to be a murderer, seek first the Kingdom of God and HIS righteousness and EVERYTHING else will be provided for you and your family.  Before I had children, I was worried how I would be able to provide, especially in this wicked generation.   And the Lord showed me a few things, He showed me how He provides for His children and how He raises His children.  He showed me a chalk board and He was teaching children the things of the children of God, and He also showed me a certain verse, and that verse says how the Lord gently leads those who are with young.  (Isaiah 40:11)   If you choose to have your unborn child/children and do not about that baby then of course you will not become a murderer, but you will have a blessing from the Lord, and if you seek first HIS Kingdom your LIFE will be turned around, the Lord will provide for you, He WILL provide your needs and if you continue to walk with HIM and fix your eyes upon Jesus you will also inherit everlasting life.  May you and your family find LIFE in JESUS.  Teach your children about JESUS and may you enter into HIS presence and have everlasting life with HIM, that one day you may SHARE in your inheritance with Him TOGETHER.  May the grace of Jesus be with you. 

Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Will God forgive your vulgar addiction 70 x 7 and beyond?

 Will God Forgive Your Vulgar Addiction 70X7 and Beyond?
Jesus said in Luke chapter 17 verse 3-4; “Take heed to yourselves.  If your brother sins against you, rebuke him; and if he repents, forgive him.  And if he sins against you seven times in a day, and seven times in a day returns to you, saying, ‘I repent’, you shall forgive him.”  If we want forgiveness from God we have to forgive our brothers and sisters how we want to be forgiven.  We can tell though if someone really wants to repent and to restore their relationship with us, or if they just want to use us for their purpose to manipulate us.  If we being just human and evil can tell the difference between someone just using us trying to manipulate us and really wanting forgiveness, then how much MORE can a HOLY GOD tell the difference between someone who is really wanting to repent and someone who is just trying to control God for their own benefit.  Many Christians LOVE their sin, they don’t care to get rid of their porn addiction.  They don’t care to get bad friends out of their life.  They just want to use God to get salvation and so they can live however THEY well please while on the earth.  These sorts of Christians will quote the words of Jesus when He says that we aught to forgive 70x7, and then they will flip that around and they will say; “Well, if we are supposed to, by God, forgive 70X7 which is an unlimited amount of times, then obviously God will forgive me of my porn addiction and unlimited amount of times, way more than 490 times..”  They think that they can just manipulate God for OWN purpose and control Him, and that God has to live according to THEIR opinion of His words.  GOD IS NOT GOING TO PLAY OUR GAMES.  He is forgiving to those who really repent and want to be reconciled but He judges the wicked.  Are you going to fall under God’s judgment?  Is He going to destroy both your body and then your soul in hell?  Or will you find mercy because you truly repented of your sins, your addictions and your perversions?  Are you really coming out of the lusts of the flesh, out of the lusts of the world?  Do you even WANT to overcome?  Or are you content living IN your sins and do you think God will just continually forgive you IN your sins because you think He has to forgive you 70x7?  Make sure that you don’t miscalculate God, taking Him to be someone that you can control and manipulate.  God cannot be controlled and manipulated.  He will send you to hell if you are not serious to repent. May the grace of Jesus be with you.

Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Leave church and Escape HELL

 Leave "Church" and Escape HELL
The Lord Jesus is truly alive and He is speaking but most people do not hear Him because they are listening to dead religion.  They have their pastors already, they have their bible already, they have their friends already and because they surround themselves that are connected to dead religion, not to Jesus Christ, they never truly come into a relationship with Jesus where they hear Him and can start trusting Him and obeying Him.  This morning Jesus spoke to me, and He continues to show me the condition of the Christian church.  Nothing has changed with the Christian church, people do, they try to do good things, they try to be helpful, they try to help with mission projects or donating money, they try to be charitable to others, but because they don’t believe in Jesus all of their righteousness is as filthy rags, all their worship is as false.  They are not on the straight and narrow path to everlasting life.  In my dream I was trying to talk to a few friends that I knew from the old church, I was trying to tell them about Jesus, about how it is a narrow path and that there are very few people, even in the last 8 years, that I have been able to tell about Jesus in person who have believed.  There have been very few who I have spoke the truth to, that have repented, been baptized, and then continually walked in the newness of life.  There have been a lot of people though who I have talked to that were exited initially but then fell back to the world or were not exited enough to CONTINUE in the truth, they had no real foundation.  Remember the parable of the soils how only the good soil, only the seed in that good soil grew up and then started to produce good fruit, but all the other soils that fell in the rocky places or in the thorns, all those soils, the shallow soil… all those other ones they did NOT produce good fruit and they died.  If we do not produce good fruit, if we do not walk on the straight and narrow path with the Lord the axe is already at the base of every tree that does not produce good fruit, we will not inherit everlasting life, it is not good enough just to have religion.  Keep in mind that the path to everlasting life is extremely narrow.  Church is not a narrow path.  Most Americans are Christians, they are church-goers, or they agree with church theology and doctrine and the concepts that are there.  CHURCH IS NOT A NARROW PATH.  IT IS THE BROAD PATH TO HELL, AND THERE ARE MANY MANY CHRISTIANS WHO ARE ON THE BROAD PATH TO HELL THAT ARE CONNECTED TO CHURCH.  Jesus said the way to everlasting life is extremely narrow and FEW are on it.  If we stick on the straight and narrow path with Jesus, we will NOT be connected to churches, churchy ideas and churchy people.  We will be an ENEMY to them.  But we will be connected to JESUS and we will be His son or His daughter.  Don’t be like those who are turned away by the Lord and they say; “Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, did we not cast out demons?”  And the Lord will say; “Away from Me you who SIN!”  Or “YOU who commit iniquity” WHICH IS SIN.   Don’t be fooled by Christians that say; “Jesus never said that sinners couldn’t enter heaven..”  LISTEN to what Jesus said INIQUITY IS SIN.  If you commit iniquity and on your last day you perish, Jesus is not going to say to you, “Welcome into My kingdom you who commit iniquity.”  He is going to say, “Away from Me you who SIN.”  Sin is iniquity, iniquity is SIN.  It still stands that if you sin, the penalty or the wages of sin is DEATH.  Only if you cry out to Jesus, put your faith in Him, actually believe Him and PROVE you faith BY WHAT YOU DO, will you be saved.  If it were true that you could just believe things ABOUT Jesus and be saved THIS WHOLE WORLD WOULD BE SAVED.  Everyone believes in Jesus except maybe a few atheists, even the DEMONS believe in God, they believe He exists. BUT, why are so many people falling into HELL?  That is because they do not believe with their LIFE, they don’t believe with their ACTIONS, they only believe carnally with their MIND.  You have to REPENT, put on righteousness and walk with the Lord Jesus, ENDURE with Him to the VERY END.  You will have salvation IF you walk with Him, but if you walk in the darkness, if you love your darkness more than the light of the truth you won’t come into the light AND THAT IS THE CONDEMNATION, THAT YOUR DEEDS ARE EVIL, THAT YOU LOVE YOUR SIN, THAT YOU LOVE YOUR INIQUITY MORE THAN THE LIGHT OF THE TRUTH.  Your iniquity WILL condemn you to HELL if you do not repent.  Cry out to Jesus, go on your knees, find a place that is quiet, pray to Him, seek Him with all your strength, push through into the Kingdom of God and let NOTHING stop you from entering into HIS kingdom.  Don’t be connected to the “church”, to church people or to church ideas, they are on their way to HELL.  Be connected to JESUS, go with Him, cry out to Him and have LIFE.  He is the ONLY WAY to LIFE ETERNAL.  May the grace of Jesus be with you. 

Saturday, December 21, 2019

All things will be revealed and come to the light

 All Things Will be Revealed and Come to the Light
As Christians we need to live in such a way that if someone finds out what we are doing in secret, and if they expose us, whoever exposes us will be put to shame because what they will find that we have been doing in secret is GLORIFYING GOD and doing things in private and in secret that glorify the Kingdom of Heaven, that glorify JESUS. When we are in the light and in the truth we have nothing to hide, but when people try to expose us they themselves are put to SHAME because we are FULL of the light of Jesus Christ and that is just revealed MORE when someone tries to expose us.  Everything will be exposed by the LIGHT either for GOOD or for EVIL in the end.  This is what Jesus said in Luke chapter 8:16-17 “No one, when he has lit a lamp, covers it with a vessel or puts it under a bed, but sets it on a lampstand, that those who enter may see the light.  For NOTHING is secret that will not be revealed, nor anything hidden that will not be known and come to the light.”  Jesus tells us many things in secret that are not in the light for the world to see but for US to see.  And those things when we hold up our light, the whole world can see the light as if you put a candle on it’s stand in the middle of the room, everyone can see it.  Those things that Jesus tells us in secret we need to stand up and be bold to give testimony of, to speak of, so that the things in secret may be revealed, that people might REPENT and put on righteousness.  BUT on the opposite end of the spectrum, those things that people are doing in secret behind closed doors in the dark that are EVIL, that they hear from their father the DEVIL, those things are also going to be revealed, and when they come out how awful it’s going to be for those people who have been hiding in the dark like cockroaches.  All things will be exposed either for GOOD or for EVIL.   The question is WHICH SIDE WILL YOU BE FOUD ON?  AND WILL YOU BE GOING UP OR WILL YOU BE GOING DOWN?  May the grace of Jesus be with you. 

Friday, December 20, 2019

Christmas? I say "Christ yes Mass no"

It’s December 20th, just a few days before Christmas and a lot of people have been saying things like; “Marry Christmas”, or you know they ask you, “What are you going to do for Christmas” or things like that… and my response to people has been, “YES on the Christ, I follow JESUS, NO on the Mass, I’m not part of the catholic church, I’m not part of the churches.”  And it stops a lot of people in their tracks.  We need to stand firm with Jesus all the time, worshiping Him as GOD and our CREATOR.  We should not be part of the Christian hypocrisy that pretends to worship the Lord on Christmas, calling December 25th His birthday.  We need to worship the LORD our GOD every single day.  Jesus is ALIVE, He is no longer a baby, He does not command us to worship Him on His birthday (meaning recognize Him as a baby on the 25th) even if December 21st were His birthday, or December 25th rather.  He calls us to worship and to commune with Him EVERY SINGLE DAY, not just on the holidays.  It’s not about partying.  It’s not about worldly gift giving.  It’s about worshiping the Lord, honoring Him in SPIRIT and in TRUTH.  YES on Jesus, NO on Mass.  We are not catholic, we are not part of the apostate Christian church, we follow and we worship Jesus forever and ever, HE IS GOD HE IS ALIVE, DO YOU KNOW HIM?  ARE YOU PRAISING HIM AND ARE YOU WORSHIPING HIM? May the grace of Jesus be with you.

Many Christians are going to die without God's grace. HERE IS WHY

Many Christians are Going to Die
Many Christians are going to die and be lost forever because they tied to preserve their own life.  They were never seeking first the Kingdom of God and HIS righteousness.  They were seeking their own pleasure first from the time they were young all the way until they were old.  These sorts of Christians say; “I can’t serve God now, I’m in high school… I can’t serve Him now, I’m getting married, I’ll do it later…”  They keep pushing the Kingdom of God work farther and farther back.  Then they become grandparents and it’s all about the grandkids… then they get really old, they start to get dementia… and they NEVER became obedient to the Kingdom of God and HIS WORK.  Jesus said that His disciples need to seek FIRST the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and THEN everything else will be added unto us.  He also said that whoever tires to preserve his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for HIS sake and the gospel’s sake will save it.  VERY FEW people are losing their life for the sake of the gospel and the words of Jesus.  Very few people are actually living for Him.  WHO IS SEEKING FIRST THE KINDOM OF GOD EVERY SINGLE DAY AND HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS?  WHO IS LIVING HOLY, putting off their sin instead of blaming and pointing fingers at others saying; “You are a sinner, you are a sinner…”,  trying to muddy the waters to make it seem like everyone is a sinner so all of us are in the same boat?  “We are all sinners, God forgives us, don’t worry, just live however you want because you are a sinner and God forgives you…”   That gospel is preached so much in the Christian church that people have just started to believe that they can live in sin and they are going to heaven.  But the true gospel is YOU NEED TO REPENT, put your faith in JESUS.  Jesus has NOT done everything for you on the cross, YOU have to do YOUR part, put your faith in Him, love Him as He loves you, turn away from everything you know is evil and seek first His Kingdom EVERY SINGLE DAY.  If you seek your own pleasure and try to save your own live YOU WILL LOSE IT, just as Jesus said.  Are you really seeking first the Kingdom of God and HIS righteousness?  Are you living holy?  Or in the end are you going to lose your life because you tried to preserve it?  May the grace of Jesus be with you.

Thursday, December 19, 2019

Taking advantage of Christians in the name of faith

Taking Advantage of Christians in the name of FAITH
Many Christians and organizations have fully taken advantage of their fellow brothers and sisters in the Lord by asking for MONEY in the name of FAITH.  But they carry out this supposed act of faith with leaning on the arm of the flesh, and they DO NOT TRUST THE LORD TO PROVIDE THEIR NEEDS.  God has an unlimited amount of resources, He doesn’t need help from people, He doesn’t need our money, and one of the first lessons He taught me when I came out of the organized church was that He can send me ANYWHERE and provide ALL my needs without me asking ANYTHING FROM ANYONE! All we need is to have faith in Jesus and to TRUST HIM, to LEAN ON HIM, and if we lean on JESUS and NOT our own understandings He will provide ALL our needs, JUST as Jesus said; SEEK FIRST THE KINGDOM OF GOD and His RIGHTEOUSNESS and everything else will be added unto you.  Don’t be like the Christian church who takes advantage of others, who wants to get in people’s wallets to take their money, to build up THEIR OWN IDEAS of the Kingdom of God.  Be separate from worldliness and from leaning on YOUR OWN ARM, trust in the Lord Jesus and if you really hear something from HIM, IF IT IS OF GOD, hold onto HIM and HE will provide, because He has an UNLIMITED AMOUNT OF RESOURCE.

Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Message to Steve Green and parents

Message to Steve Green and to Parents
I’m making this message for Steve Green, so Steve I hope that you see this message and that it finds you well.  Ever since I was little probably about 6 or 7 years old I listed to the “Hide ‘em in your heart” CD’s, or at that time the 2 cassette tapes.  My mom and my dad bought those and they would put them in the car when we were driving and I learned those words of Jesus in song form to those “Hide ‘em in your heart” tapes.  To this day the Holy Spirit still uses those songs to remind me of His words and it is such a blessing to have the words of Jesus hidden in my heart.  I want to encourage parents out there to really raise their children for the Lord and one thing that really helped me is listening to the words of Jesus on those cassette tapes.  Now they are on CD and I’m sure they are in a digital format also, but it is just called “Hide ‘em in your heart” by Steve Green.  My only concern is that much of the Christian church idolizes the bible and they call the bible the Word of God instead of JESUS.  And they really fall into idolatry and they set up a form of false worship.  They start worshiping the scriptures, they start worshiping their pastors and they make false doctrines, they can’t get out of their religion and out of SIN and their bondage.  They go around saying they are saved by grace so we can’t stop sinning.  But I want to encourage you Steve to listen to the Holy Spirit because as you know HE REALLY IS ALIVE, He is REAL and He is calling people OUT of the false doctrines of the church, He is calling them out of church all together.  He is calling people to live HOLY to be separate and to really have the things of JESUS in their heart and not false religion.  So, I want you to know I pray for you, and those songs that I learned when I was very young, I still sing all the time IN MY HEART to Jesus.  It’s not about religion it’s not about JUST some songs, but it is about the Song of the Redeemed!  It is about the TRUTH OF JESUS.  HE IS THE WORD OF GOD HE IS ALIVE!  And I encourage you and anyone who is listening to this to STAY CONNECTED TO JESUS, hide His truth in your heart and teach your children to also hide the words of Jesus in the heart, that you will never depart from it.  Like Jesus said, the Holy Spirit will remind you, He will teach you of things to come, and he will REMIND YOU of everything He taught you in the past.  He came to convict the world regarding sin, righteousness and judgment.  If we hold onto Jesus WE WILL NOT KEEP ON SINNING, we WILL know if we are in sin, because the Holy Spirit was given to convict us regarding SIN.  If we go with Jesus we will walk the righteous way, the righteous path to everlasting life.  So, I want to encourage you don’ t get distracted and fall because of the church, the false prophets that are in her, the false pastors and all those who practice false forms of worship.  I pray for you that you really stick close with JESUS and that you ENDURE with Him to the VERY END.  This is your brother in Christ, Andrew Tiner, I am now about 34 years old, but I still sing those songs that I learned when I was just a small child, because I have hidden the things of Jesus in my heart.  I HOPE YOU HAVE TOO!

A relationship with Jesus Christ is not cheap

A Real Relationship with Jesus Christ is NOT Cheap
Jesus Christ wants the very best life for us.  He wants us to live according to HIS purpose and to live a life that is really quality.  We serve a quality GOD.  He is NOT cheap.  You know, some time ago I bought a pare or shoes at Costco and they were like $16 and they were well worth that $16.  If we buy shoes that are cheap, they fall apart within a few days, but if we buy shoes that are a little bit more expensive, they may not fit comfortably immediately because we have to wear them in, but they may last as long as 5 years!  If we want a relationship with Jesus that LASTA and endures we cannot expect that it will all happen in 5 minutes and that it will all be comfortable and easy sailing.  A relationship with Jesus is quality, it takes time and effort as ANYTHING does that is worth anything in this world.  The GOD that we serve is not of this world, and if we really want to worship Him, we have to worship Him in SPIRIT and in TRUTH.  He is NOT a God of our convenience or our comfort.  BUT HE IS QUALITY and He wants you to have a QUALITY relationship with Him that you put HIM first in EVERYTHING and that He will just supply your needs, that you will go to Him as your Father, that you will trust Him and that He will give you everything you need to navigate through this life.  Don’t go the easy cheep way, just trying to find all your answers really quick from people, by going to a church or going to a pastor.  Really seek the Lord Jesus through PRAYER.  Fast if it is necessary and be really persistent to work out your relationship with Jesus.  Be diligent about it, because He is not a cheap and easy God.  He is quality and He is the real thing.  Do you want a relationship that is quality with your Creator?  Or are you content with just a cheap meaningless fake relationship with dead religion?  May the grace of Jesus be with you. 

Saturday, December 14, 2019

Understanding Temptation and how to overcome

Understanding Temptation and How to Overcome
When temptation comes your way is when you are tested and you have to overcome in order to continue to walk with the Lord.  The devil will always put tests in your path to try to make you stumble and fall.  Jesus NEVER tests(tempts) with SIN (James 1:13) But he does allow the devil to tempt us and to put things in our path that will either anger us if we let it, cause us to fall into lust if we let it.  All the things of the world are around us that we may be tested and OVERCOME these things that we may inherit eternal life and be with Jesus in the end.  A lot of people think that when you become a Christian, and when you really put your faith in the Lord that temptations will stop being a real temptation.  That is not true, old sins that you used to be led away by will STILL be a temptation to you, no matter how long you pursue the Lord.  But you do get better at resisting the devil, at overcoming and quickly running to the LORD.  You get a whole lot better at resisting, but that doesn’t mean the devil will stop tempting you.  When we were in the world, we would easily just fall into those temptations.  As soon as the devil would give us a certain lust, we would just immediately fall into it, because we were of the world.  But when Jesus called us OUT of the world we learned to overcome, to quickly resist and then to draw close to the Lord and push away the devil that he will flee away from us.  I know some believers, they think that the way to overcome sin is by quoting bible verses, and then they will say that is the way we aught to do it if we want to walk in the newness of life continually.  BUT, reading the bible, quoting the bible, listening to Christian songs, listening to sermons, NONE OF THAT WILL HELP YOU OVERCOME TEMPTATION WHEN YOU ARE REALLY TEMPTED.  I know from personal experience that it JUST WON’T WORK.  I know a lot of Christians will say; “Well, isn’t that what Jesus did, didn’t He quote scripture to the devil…”  Well, the problem with this thinking is, Jesus didn’t JUST quote scripture to the devil, HE RESISTED THE DEVIL.  You can’t just quote scripture to the devil and NOT RESIST the devil.  Just imagine if Jesus were quoting scripture but He was playing the hypocrite, and still eating the bread.  Imagine He said; “Man lives not on bread alone but on the Word of God…”  and then He were to take that stone and eat it and it turned into bread in His mouth… He would be a hypocrite like many of us.  See, many Christians ARE quoting the bible, BUT THEY DON’T RESIST THE DEVIL, so reading the bible and quoting the scriptures, even listening to the WORDS OF GOD does NOT help them overcome because they are NOT RESISTING EVIL, they are giving into their temptation EVERY TIME.  The only way we can overcome our sins is if we stay in PRAYER, if we stay CONNECTED TO JESUS through His Holy Spirit, and if we continually RESIST THE DEVIL.  We have to RESIST when we are tempted and quickly draw close to the LORD.  Like it says in James 4:7-8 “Draw close to the LORD, He will draw close to you, RESIST the devil and he will FLEE from you.”  So, don’t believe anyone that thinks that you can just read the scriptures, just put on a Christian CD in your car or on your IPOD, and you will just stop sinning because you are listening to scriptures, that won’t happen.  I used to read the bible many house of the day, just thinking that I would grow closer to God simply by bible study, that is what I was taught growing up, that we would grow closer to the Lord by reading the Bible, and it didn’t happen for me, and I started to get really irritated, either with myself or with God, just wondering;  “Why is it happening, that I am reading the bible so much, I’m going to church, I’m doing everything that a Christian is supposed to do, but I can’t hear you any better LORD, WHY IS THAT?”  That made me so frustrated that I couldn’t overcome my sins, I couldn’t have clarity when I prayed, and you know, it wasn’t until I REALLY started PRAYING and seeking JESUS that He started to help me see clearly to overcome my sins, to get things that were keeping me bound in the world OUT of my life.  It wasn’t until I had a genuine PRAYER LIFE and was CONNECTED to my Father in heaven, that I started to overcome and grow close to HIM in my relationship.  So, I encourage you, if you want to overcome your sin, if you want to overcome when you are tempted, STAY ON YOUR KNEES IN PRAYER, continue to pray to Jesus, ask Him for the POWER TO OVERCOME and when you draw close to Him, and when you RESIST temptation and evil, when you RESIST satan, Jesus WILL give you the POWER TO OVERCOME.  And don’t stop reading the scriptures, when Jesus gives you a scripture, LOOK IT UP!  When we dwell on the things that the LORD tells us, that is when we will overcome.  But you can’t just be religious.  You can’t just think that you can listen to Christian radio or sermons, that’s never going to do.  You have to be actually be HEARING FROM JESUS, living on His words, denying yourself, picking up your cross, eating HIS FLESH and drinking HIS BLOOD.  If you do that, you will be well on your way on the straight and NARROW path to everlasting life.  May the grace of Jesus be with you. 

The real secret of Prayer

The REAL Secret of PRAYER 
There is no special formula or some kind of recipe on how to pray correctly, the only thing is you have to be really praying FROM YOUR HEART.  All my life I have prayed but I did not seriously start praying from my HEART until I really wanted to find GOD.  That started a serious point in my life when I would get on my hands and my knees and I would pray somewhere in private.  I was actually praying on the bathroom floor and whenever someone would come in, then I would quickly get up and I would just walk out.  I didn’t want anyone to know what I was actually doing.  What I was actually doing was praying and asking GOD that if He were really real TO HELP ME.  I was to a point in my life where I didn’t know who God was.  I knew that He was love, I new the Bible, but I didn’t really know what He wanted from me… it felt like He was far away, somewhere up in the heavens, or maybe He didn’t exist or didn’t really care about me personally.  BUT as I prayed, Jesus came to me and started revealing Himself to me day after day after day, AND HE STILL DOES.  I have constant revelation from Jesus AND IT HAS NEVER STOPPED.  I found Jesus about 8 or 9 years ago now, and I can tell you, it is better than anything in this whole world.  I don’t let go of Jesus; I hold onto HIM.  He has become my Father, I have become His son, and I let NOTHING get in the way of my relationship with HIM.  I encourage others to do the SAME THING.  There is no special formula, you just have to pray to HIM, He is your Father in heaven, pray to Him with the sincerity of your heart.  You WILL find Him when you seek Him with ALL of your heart and ALL of your strength.  It’s not about vain repetitions, it’s not about special words, it’s about the sincerity of YOUR OWN HEART.  May the grace of Jesus be with you.

Thursday, December 12, 2019

Dream: Whistleblower for the Truth of Jesus

Dream:  Whistleblower for the Truth of JESUS
A lot of things are happening that just are NOT RIGHT AT ALL in the Christian church.  Many of the Christians in church know exactly what is happening AND THEY DON’T SPEAK UP.  They want to silently leave the church because they don’t want to cause an uprising or they don’t want anyone to become angry with them, so they just quietly leave.  We all know now what whistleblowers are, they are people of companies who blow the whistle on the company, whether it is public or private, and they inform others of the corruption that is happening in that company.  As disciples of Jesus we have to show our loyalty to JESUS, we have to start standing up for the TRUTH and spiritually blowing the whistle when we see things that are against GOD and against His Kingdom, the corruption in the church.
  The Lord often speaks to me through dreams and this morning I had a few dreams all with a similar theme, but I want to share with you just one of them; In my dream there were these scientists, and this lady had, she had fallen down and hit her head and basically, she was like going into a coma, but she would have woken up except that the doctor, who did not like what she was studying kept her in the state of a coma, and he checked her vitals, he checked her blood pressure, or whatever they check and he told the nurses around him that she would not survive unless he kept her in a coma.  So, they put her in a medial coma which she did not wake up.  When the nurses saw what the vital were, they knew that she would have woke up if they would have given her certain medicine, or if they would have just pulled the plug on her all together and not done anything, she would have naturally woken up.  But because this one doctor did not like what she was studying and what she was doing he purposely kept her asleep. 
Spiritually what this is like is pastors who know what is happening, they know the truth of Jesus, they know people need to awake to righteousness, but they keep the members of their church asleep, THEY DO NOT TELL THEM THE TRUTH.  And the nurses are like other laypeople in the church (or other employees under the pastor) who see what is happening, but they refuse to be a whistleblower and tell others what is happening because they are loyal to the pastor.  They continue to pay their tithe and they don’t want to cause any trouble, so even though they know the TRUTH they go along with what their doctor or their pastor is saying, so that they can continue to be loyal to the system. (receiving their benefits)
This is VERY ungodly and people are dying, people are going to hell, people are perishing because they are siding with their pastors and with the Christian organization that is actually lying to people and is corrupt.  We need to be whistleblowers for Jesus, speaking up for the TRUTH, that we ourselves may be standing in the truth and right before the LORD, but also so that others may hear the truth and come out of their coma.  We don’t want to be the ones keeping people in a coma, we want to be the ones waking others up for the truth of JESUS and helping the come into the light.  If we are in the light, we have nothing to hide, we don’t need to be part of the dark wicked organization that is keeping people in a coma.  Do you want to be in the truth with Jesus and blowing the whistle for HIM that others may come into the truth and see the truth? Or are you hiding out in the darkness hoping that no one sees you?  May the grace of Jesus be with you. 

The prison door is open so walk out!

The Prison Door is OPEN so WALK OUT
The truly amazing this is that Jesus actually sets people free from the bondage of sin and darkness and worldliness.  We can, in fact, by the power of the Holy Spirit, by the blood of Jesus, His blood and resurrection, we can OVERCOME THIS WORLD, sin, temptation, everything that is evil and dark BECAUSE JESUS gives us the POWER OVER ALL THE DEMONIC THINGS OF THIS WORLD.  He gives us the POWER TO OVERCOME, that is why the Apostle Paul can say that we WERE such people as fornicators, idolaters, murderers, sorcerers, and ALL those evil things, BUT when we REPENTED we were WASHED CLEAN, we WERE those kinds of people, BUT WE NO LONGER ARE those kinds of people.  When we have been washed clean, we have become the CHILDREN OF GOD therefore we have been BORN AGAIN.  Our mind is changed, our heart is changed.  We have become NEW PEOPLE.   
You know, I know a lot of Christians hold onto the idea that they are sinners, saved by grace, they say things like; “you know I’m just an old sinner but God forgives me.”  They do not hold onto this idea that they are a sinner because they know God forgives them, but because they LOVE SIN.  Imagine yourself like a man who was in a prison, who had hand-cuffs on you, who had a chain with a ball to your legs, and you are in this prison, but then at night, the Lord Jesus comes and He supernaturally delivers you, He opens that door of that prison wide open and your shackles fall off.  What would you then do? Wouldn’t you then walk OUT of that prison?  And then tell everyone that you were SET FREE?  Wouldn’t there be the biggest smile, just so much JOY on your face that you couldn’t help but tell people YOU HAVE BEEN SET FREE that you are NO LONGER in that prison, those shackles no longer bind you?  
But Christians today are going around saying; “I’m a sinner, saved by grace, I’m still in my prison, those bonds are still on me… I’m humble because I believe I’m still in my prison…”  And it’s this FALSE sense of humility, but in reality, THEY LOVE THEIR SINS, they love that darkness of their prison.  They don’t want to give up their pornography, their TV,  their evil friends, their gossiping tongue, their lies, their murderous thoughts, they don’t want to give things like video games, fantasy football, all the sports and hobbies that they are into THAT DO NOT GLORIFY GOD.  Christians are ADDICTED TO SIN, and they will pull out every scripture to try to justify their sins.  “Well, we are saved by grace brother, as long as we are on this earth we will keep on sinning, all of us make mistakes, I’m just a sinner and God forgives me…  none of us can overcome, God just forgives us, it would be salvation by works if we were to try…”  
ENOUGH OF THAT NONSENSE!  Jesus supernaturally opens your prison doors, He drops those shackles off of you and YOU CAN WALK OUT if you want!  If you walk out of your prison, you no longer need to say; “I’m still in my prison. I’m just saved by Jesus and still in my prison…”  Remember that Jesus says; he who HE sets free, THE SON SETS FREE, is FREE INDEED!  If you are a slave to sin and you pray that prayer, Lord Jesus deliver me, deliver me from alcohol addiction, deliver me from cigarettes, deliver me from impure thoughts, whatever your addiction is… it is surly different depending on if you are younger or older… but whatever your addiction is to this world, JESUS WILL SET YOU FREE because that is why He came to this Earth.  He did not just come to this earth to just die for our sins that we would go on sinning and be saved IN our sins, but that we would be delivered FROM our sins, that we may be REBORN, that we may enter into the newness of life, that we could be HOLY and PURE as GOD IS PERFECT!  As HE is HOLY and PURE!  It IS possible for you to walk out with Jesus because Jesus does the supernatural THAT IS HIS BUSINESS.  He does the impossible, that is His business.  Don’t believe anyone that says you can’t stop sinning, that you have to continue to confess that you are a sinner.  Why would I confess that I am a sinner and still in my jail, in my prison, IF I HAVE WALKED OUT?  That is like that man being released and walking out on the street and then saying; “Praise the LORD everyone, I was in my prison AND I’M STILL IN MY PRISION.”  They would look at that man and think; “You are lying, how are you in a prison if you are around walking?”
There is actually kind of 2 pitfalls to this; one pitfall is if you are always praying and telling the Lord, and you know, you are just thankful that you are free, free from sin, free from all your shackles, one pitfall on that side is, if you do ever mess up, you can start to justify it and say; “I haven’t messed up, I have been set free, you know the Lord set me free, I can never sin again.”  Well, that is also nonsense.  When we have been set free, we have to CONTINUE to walk in the newness of Life, and of course we can fall back to sin.  It’s not that it is impossible to go back to the prison cell and walk in and sit in the bed and put those shackles back on us, we could do that, BUT WE DON’T HAVE TO.  We can continually walk in the newness of life if we put on our righteousness, if we put on those white robes and continually hold Jesus’ hand and GO WITH HIM.  So, one pitfall is thinking you can never mess up again… “Lord, thank you so much for delivering me from evil.”  Then you think that you can never go back to it.  
But on the flip side of that, on the reverse side, the other pitfall is saying to the Lord; Thank you Lord for having mercy on me a sinner.”  And because you are calling yourself a sinner, you kind of have this self-fulfilling prophecy that then you will sin.  Maybe you are not really even sinning or planning to sin that day, but because you prayed the prayer in the morning; “Lord forgive me, or Lord have mercy on me a sinner…” Then you self-realize that you must still be in that prison, therefore you will just make mistakes because you are human.  So then you go and you watch a little bit of pornography, because after all, you are still a sinner… you go and you do some nonsense talk, you go and  tell some evil joke or you say some things that you just shouldn’t, “Because after all, I’m just a sinner…”  SO, that is also a nasty pitfall of calling yourself a sinner, WHEN YOU HAVE BEEN SET FREE AND YOU HAVE WALKED OUT OF THAT PRISON.  
We need to make sure that we are actually walking with Jesus in the newness of life every single step and not falling into ANY of these pitfalls, and the only way to do it, is to say consistently in PRAYER.  It is not by just daily reading the Bible. I can tell you by personal experience that you can be in church practically every day, you can be reading the Scriptures for 8 hours a day, or however long you can withstand reading the scriptures… you can do that, and that will NOT help you overcome sin.  How you overcome sin and temptation is drawing close to GOD, resisting the devil, and when you resist that temptation and continue to pray and seek Jesus, remember the things that He has told you, SOME OF WHICH MAY BE SCRIPTURE, then the devil will flee away from you, and then the Holy Spirit of God will continue to be CLOSE TO YOU.  You will be able to overcome sin and temptation the more your PRAY, keep yourself HUMBLE and draw close to the LORD.  THERE IS NO OTHER WAY.  You can’t just be listening to Christian songs every time you are tempted and think that you will overcome your sin and your temptation by listening to Christian radio, or by reading a Psalm or a Proverb or something.  The power to overcome sin IS WITH JESUS, because all power and all authority is given to HIM, not the bible, not some preacher.  ALL POWER AND ALL AUTHORITY HAS BEEN GIVEN TO JESUS, THAT IS WHY HE IS THE WORD OF GOD, and you must live on every WORD that HE speaks to you!  That way you will OVERCOME, you will overcome this world, temptation, all your sins, you will be able to walk OUT OF YOUR PRISON UNSHACKLED! Do you want to be unshackled and REALLY live in the newness of life?  Free to stan with Jesus in the TRUTH continually?  Or do you like going around saying, “I’m a sinner, praise Jesus, He saved me, I’m STILL in my prison, he saved me BUT I HAVEN’ CHANGED…”  Do you like that nonsense?  Or are you ready really to WALK OUT of your prison, to live in the newness of life, to walk the path that Jesus has for YOU!  May the grace of Jesus be with you.

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

The Coming of the LORD

The Coming of the LORD
This morning in my dream, I looked up and I saw a black cloud, horrible and billowing as if it were an explosion or a rocket.  But when I looked into the dark cloud, I could see a hand pointing out of the cloud and as I looked, I could see the arms of GOD moving within the cloud.  It scared me because I knew the power of God and the wrath of Him coming but I was also excited just knowing that He was coming!  It reminds me of Joel chapter 2, I’m going to read it to you, starting in verse 28-32; “And it shall come to pass afterward that I will pour out My Spirit on all flesh; Your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions.  And also on My menservants and on My maidservants I will pour out My Spirit in those days.  And I will show WONDERS IN THE HEAVENS AND IN THE EARTH; BLOOD AND FIRE AND PILLARS OF SMOKE!  The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood before the coming of the great and awesome day of the LORD.  And it shall come to pass that whoever calls on the name of the LORD shall be saved.  For in Mount Zion and in Jerusalem there shall be deliverance, as the LORD has said, among the remnant whom the LORD calls.”  Your hope is in Jesus, repenting of your sins and getting to know HIM, BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE! Where will you be found in the end?  Will you be found under the wrath of GOD?  Or will you be found under His arm of protection?  May the grace of Jesus be with you.  

Sunday, December 8, 2019

When self-denial and fasting don't please God

When Self Denial and Fasting Don’t Please God
I have talked quite in depth with a handful of swami’s (Hindu male religious teacher) just about Jesus and about the truth, and what I have found is swami’s are ten times as spiritually confused but spiritually deep as most Christians you will find.  That is not to say that a swami is father away from finding the truth then a Christian who is well indoctrinated in their lies.  But, they seem to have seen into the spiritual realm much more than Christians.  They are much more engrained in what they believe, they have seen the powers of evil, of darkness.  And they have been taught to believe that Jesus is only the first step, or He is only a base-level god, whereas their gods are like a 7 or a 9 compared to Jesus being a 1 or a 2.  So, they believe they can receive spiritual enlightenment and spiritual power, spiritual authority by leaving ALL, denying themselves, taking up what is their sort of “cross” in their religion, fasting, praying… all these sorts of things that we also do as Christians, to an extent, they do to an extreme.  So, the question would be, why don’t they find the truth if they are practicing all the same practices, practically, that Christians practice; prayer, self-denial, picking up your cross, reading the scriptures, they even know about Jesus as much as many Christians do because they are taught to seek, or to search rather many religions of the world, not JUST their own. 
But the problem is BOTH Christians here in America, and swami’s in India THEY DON’T KNOW JESUS CHRIST HIMSELF, THEY SEEK AFTER RELIGION AND KNOWLEDGE, SCRIPTURE… Seeking after scripture will never save you, and also seeking after self-denial; things such as fasting, giving up a job where you made a lot of money to live in a 10 by 10 studio apartment, just receiving the needs you absolutely need to sustain your life.  ALL of these extremes that religion may call us to do does NOT give us an inheritance in heaven.  Many Christians are under this same impression, that they can twist God’s arm or tweak His ear by their extremeness; extreme fasts, extreme staying up at night or whatever you think is extreme that you can do as a religious man or women.  But the truth is, if you are NOT hearing from JESUS the source of LIFE, you are NOT growing more spiritual, you are not growing closer to eternal life, and you are not doing yourself a favor. 
There is one story in our Christian bible about the first King of Israel who was King Saul, and when he was going into battle, he had a son named Johnathan, and this King Saul, he called a FAST, and he told all his men that they needed to fast, and I am sure that he thought he was doing this to be spiritual (for God) so that he could overcome the enemy, (and as a Christian all of us think if we do a fast then we will please God, we will be able to twist His ear to listen to us.)  But what ended up happening, because this King Saul WAS NOT PLEASING TO GOD, but doing his own will, when he told all the men to fast, they all became weak so that they could not fight the battle against the enemy.  Because Jonathan did not take the fast, because he did not know, he was able to climb and stand FIRM against the enemy and fight off the enemy with the strength of his food that he had eaten and the POWER OF GOD!  But when his father came and realized he had not partaken in the fast, his father was angry with him and upset that he had not fasted.  And Jonathan became upset with his father saying that; “If you had not told the rest of your men to fast we would have been able to defeat them by now.”  God was NOT with him (Saul) even though he was fasting. 
It is very important that if we do a fast or if we are denying our self, that it is in the way that JESUS has called us to deny ourselves, to take up our cross and to leave all.  Many people’s of the world, much more than just in the Christian religion, deny themselves, take up their cross and follow after their religion.  Many men are VERY extreme for their religion.  But this does not mean that they are inheriting eternal life, that they are in a right relationship with their Father in Heaven. IT DOESN’T MEAN ANYTHING.  IF WE ARE NOT HEARING FROM JESUS CHRIST, WHO IS THE SOURCE OF LIFE, WE DO NOT HAVE LIFE. 
It is better to eat pork, it is better to eat every day, 3 square meals a day, and to sleep like a baby at night, and to be hearing from JESUS and RIGHT WITH HIM, than to be abstaining from all these sorts of foods that the Jews and the Hindu’s and EVERYONE who is against these certain sorts of foods abstains from, thinking that we are spiritual, abstaining from sexuality, abstaining from marriage, abstaining from all the pleasures of the world, but NOT TO KNOW JESUS AND TO RESIST HIS WILL.  It is true that you can gain certain powers in the spiritual realm (false wonders/miracles/signs etc.)  But they are from the demonic side, and at the end of your life, even if you had many possessions (physical or Spiritual gifting’s) and were very blessed, your life will come to an end and then you will have to hold an account BEFORE JESUS, NO MATTER WHAT RELIGION YOU WERE, of everything that you said and you did. 
Will you have been pleasing to Jesus at the end of your life?  Will you be found as a man of God who honored the Lord Jesus?  Or will you be found as a man who was just religious, who denied himself, who fasted, who chose not to have relationships with the opposite sex, who abstained from all these sorts of foods, or whatever… will you be found purely as religious and on your way to hell?  Or will you be found as a man who found the TRUTH.  JESUS IS THE TRUTH, HE IS THE WAY, AND HE IS THE LIFE!  AND He is the ONLY way to the Father, there are not multiple roads, the way to Him is not through fasting, it is not through denying yourself (in the false religious sense), but the way to Jesus is through PRAYER.  He may call you to fast, or He may call you to deny certain friends, or to leave your job, BUT YOU NEED TO HEAR THAT FROM JESUS, not taking up a cross that the world calls you to take up (false yoke) or some other people that are Christians or swami’s.  Rather, you need to be hearing from JESUS the SOURCE OF LIFE in order to know how to deny yourself properly (Meaning ALL for Jesus not religious works).  It doesn’t matter if you are the most humble person in this world or the most gluttonous person in this world.  You are still on your way to the Lake of Fire, Everlasting TORMENT if you do not repent of your sins and put on righteousness, finding the truth of JESUS, WHO IS THE AUTHOR OF OUR SALVATION!  Will you accept Jesus?  Will you receive Him?  Or will you go the way of the religions, looking like you have put on humility, looking like you are denying yourself, looking like you are holy because you fast and because you give up so much for your religion and your church?  Do you want to just appear to be holy before MEN?  Or do you want to actually BE holy and pure and on your way to everlasting life BECAUSE YOU ARE CONNECTED TO JESUS CHRIST THE SOURCE OF ALL LIFE!  May the grace of Jesus be with you. 

Friday, December 6, 2019

The horrible holidays: Power not to compromise when tested

 The Horrible Holidays: Power NOT to Compromise When Tested 
sATAN is a master of lies and deception, but he is also a master of getting people to compromise who WANT to follow Jesus and obey Him.  he will put you in situations that you will have to choose between JESUS and a lie.  You can be put in such a position where it will be very challenging for you to stand up for the truth because you will feel like you are being mean to somebody, someone who is just being nice to you to invite you to Thanksgiving or to Christmas, just being a friend, and for you to stand on the truth with Jesus will make you look like you are just being rude.  But you know in your heart that you are just making a stand for Jesus.  The devil puts people in these positions to compromise so that then they will be down in their faith and then maybe completely reject the truth, just stumble and fall away from the truth of Jesus and just choose to live fully for the world then.  
I had a dream this morning before I was waking up that I got invited to a get-together with a Indian Hindu family.  And they were watching movies and serving THEIR gods.  And because my family was friends with their family we went over to their house, but before they started having their thanksgiving dinner (or the like) we started to walk out the door because we were being convicted.  And as soon as I started walking out the door, (or course in my dream), a few of the people in the family came and confronted me on it, you know, “Why are you leaving, we have showed you love, have we not showed your family love?”  and I said to them; “Yes, but we serve different G(g)od’s.  You have shown that you care for us and you want to be our friends but you are serving false gods and our God JESUS has NO PART with false gods.  And in my dream of course this upset them as it would also in reality, but we stood up for the truth and we walked out.  
What the Holy Spirit has been showing me is there are many paces in our life where we are put in compromising positions to test us.  God Himself puts us through tests to see if we will stand up for His truth, but the devil also puts us in compromising positions where we have to choose either to stand up for the truth or to fall into the lie that the devil is putting before us.  We need to really take a stand with Jesus in the TRUTH and DO WHAT WE KNOW IS RIGHT.  God has given us a conscience, we will know when we are being tested, we will know when we are put in a compromising situation, and so we aught just NOT to fall into the lies and deceptions and the compromise.  PRAY and seek the Lord, ask Him how to STAND FIRM in each situation and to give you the words of love but also of strength in what to say in every situation, whether the compromise is with your family, your friends, people you know from work, whatever the situation is, if you pray and ask Jesus for the POWER, He will make you as shrewd as a serpent, as bold as a lion but as harmless as a dove.  Stick with Jesus, stay in the truth, continue to resist satan and the Spirit of God will be with you, God will draw close to you and the devil will flee away from you.  But if you don’t resist, the devil will be close with you, and you will fall farther and farther away from your faith in Jesus Christ.  Keep your feet on the ROCK and you will have everlasting life, endure with Jesus to the very end.  May the grace of Jesus be with you.  

Thursday, December 5, 2019

The Biggest Miracle of All

The Biggest Miracle of All
The biggest miracle is actually that which is done in the hearts of men and women when they repent and put on righteousness.  There is no miracle greater than that.  People want to see outward signs and wonders; they want to see fire called down from heaven.  They want to see prophets that can float and walk on water.  But all these things are what the world chase after.  People in the world look for a sign, but Jesus came to SET PEOPLE FREE FROM THEIR SINS, and it is the greatest wonder of all that He actually DOES SET US FREE from the lusts of the flesh, and He makes us a people who overcome this world, temptation and sin.  If you look at a “Christians” life, and you notice how he goes around saying he is a sinner and he is addicted… it is a true wonder when one person DOES come OUT of the world, when he does stop sinning.  The only way this is possible is through the power of God, through His Spirit.  Jesus has made the way for each of us to actually STOP SINNING, to get ALL sin our of our life and to live HOLY.  Some people ask; “How do you know if you have received the Holy Spirit?”  You know, is it speaking in tongues?  Is it the FIRE baptism?  How do we know we are RECEIVING the Holy Spirit and that He IS REALLY IN US?  The way that we KNOW IS IF WE ARE LIVING HOLY!  I know that there are people who appear to be “holy” so called “prophets”, “men of God” even people of other religions call themselves “holy men”.  But if we have really received the Holy Spirit, we are holy AS JESUS IS HOLY.  Remember when Jesus received the Holy Spirit when John the Baptist baptized Him, the Holy Spirit came upon Him as a DOVE and John did bear witness that this was the Christ the SON OF GOD.  And Jesus said to Him; “Let us do this (baptism) in order to fulfill all righteousness.”  And as soon as the Holy Spirit came upon Jesus He was driven out into the wilderness to be tempted by the devil and Jesus had to OVERCOME.  If He did not overcome He wouldn’t have been the Son of God, (Clearly He ALWAYS WAS Son of God) but He DID overcome and He proved that in the FLESH, having the HOLY SPIRIT we could overcome the devil by the power of the Holy Spirit, we CAN live HOLY.  We CAN overcome temptation and we can overcome the devil!  What is impossible with the flesh and with men is in fact possible with GOD.  You CAN get all sin out of your life IF you are holding onto Jesus and if you are living according to His Spirit and His power.  The greatest miracle is this; THAT YOU CAN OVERCOME SIN AND LIVE HOLY BECAUSE THE HOLY SPIRIT IS REAL.  Listen to Jesus, receive the Holy Spirit, LIVE HOLY and you will be well on your way to everlasting life.  May the grace of Jesus be with you. 

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Friday, November 22, 2019

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Will your life in the end be meaningless?