Monday, October 10, 2022

Spirit guides and false revelations

Hearing God is not shallow. Some people think that hearing God is about getting random little messages that pop into their head that seems spiritual or from the spiritual realm. Be leery about those kind of shallow quick and easy to receive messages, that come into your mind. Satan often uses shallow, easily and quickly inserted thoughts as a sort of catalyst or the inception of very poor judgment decisions that end in disastrous outcomes. Don't trust the knockoff spirits that pretend to be the Holy Spirit or some kind of a spiritual guide from the spirit realm. Placing faith in these sorts of "revelations" has brought many Christians all kinds of confusion and spiritual train wrecks. If you want to hear God, you have to listen to Him DEEPER than the shallow spirits speak. Do not listen with your physical ears. Do not listen in your mind to the things that come to you sporadically and randomly. Rather listen with the ears of your CONSCIENCE that God has given you, in the VERY bottom of your soul. Using your conscience, you can tune your channel to hear from the Spirit of GOD and no longer pick up the vibrations of the demonic spirits PRETENDING to be your spirit guide.