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What's Your Calling as a Christian?


What's Your Calling as a Christian?

Well, praise Jesus today everyone. I wanted to talk about this topic about our calling as disciples of Jesus, as Christians, and what it means to be called and what exactly we are called to. Now most of us, we know the Great Commission that Jesus spoke of in Matthew chapter 28. “Go into all the world, preach the gospel to all creation, baptize them in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, and teach them to obey everything that I've commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.” So we know we're supposed to baptize people in Jesus' name. We're supposed to live by example. But how does all of this play out in real life? How does it all play out in your life and in my life?

Now there's a couple different deceptions on opposite ends of this spectrum. One is the side of condemnation, that you always feel condemned because the world is telling you that you need to serve Jesus a certain way, and you're not doing that, so you feel condemned. Or on the opposite side of that spectrum, you could be on the side where you feel very justified because you're doing so many things for God. You feel like you've found your niche in Christianity. Maybe you're a preacher, maybe you're a pastor, maybe you lead mission trips. Whatever the case is, you feel very justified that your ministry is valid before God and that you're taking people to heaven. Most of these are dangerous places to be because if you feel condemned by the devil, you will always feel unworthy to follow God, you'll be insecure in your walk with the Lord, you won't be able to walk with Jesus and glorify Him with all of your ability because you'll always be listening to Satan and getting beat down by the devil. But if you have too much confidence, the kind of confidence that is not in the Lord but in your own flesh, then you think that you're doing so much for God and that you're better than other people because you have such a successful ministry, and then you're full of pride.

Now I've been on both sides of the spectrum. I've heard the accusations from Satan. I've seen it in my life and in others. And also on the side that you think that you're the best and that your ministry is really used by God. Back when I was a pastor in church, I really thought I was doing God a big favor, and I would go home after I preached on Sunday or to my youth group, and I really thought that I had just really done God a big favor and that if anyone was led into heaven, it would be me because I had just preached the gospel, I was going to Bible college, and I was doing all these good things for God, so I felt very entitled to go to heaven. And I would just lay down on my bed at night and say to myself, I've done a lot of good things for you God, and I would just feel like I was going heaven. But both of these are dangerous places to be because either of them can make us fall off of the path of the righteous.

So I want to talk about first the deception, hold on a second here, of feeling condemned. Now a lot of us are following Jesus the way He asks, but the devil gets in with condemnation because we look around and we see how other people are witnessing or how other people are living their lives for the Lord. But not all of us are called to be street preachers, not all of us are called to be YouTube evangelists, not all of us are called to be missionaries. Some of you will just be called to be stay-at-home moms. Some of you will just be called to a certain workforce and to be a light to those people at your workplace. So all of us are called to different places in the body of Christ, and we have to accept what Jesus gives us with faith. Now an example of this would be if Jesus has called you to have children and to raise those children, but you feel very condemned that you're not out on a mission trip, you're not on the street evangelizing, the devil's telling you that you're not as strong or courageous as other people because you're just staying at home with your kids. So you start to become convinced that you're not doing anything for God. These kinds of condemnations come all the time, especially to people who are truly believers in Jesus. The devil tells them you're not doing enough, you're lazy, it's not enough just to be raising your children for the Lord, it's not enough to just be a grandma, you're basically just a lukewarm lazy Christian because you're not out there on the streets or preaching on YouTube or going on mission trips, you're just reading your own grandchild Jesus stories and that's not enough, it's insufficient. So if you listen to those kinds of accusations from the devil, you'll get very beaten up, you'll get worn down, you'll get discouraged in your faith, and you'll just be accused by the devil and you won't be having the joy of the Lord in you to speak to your grandchildren or your children anymore, you'll just be beaten down.

So I want to encourage you, if you are the Christian who has received the Holy Spirit, who has received your calling, but the devil continues to accuse you saying you're not doing enough, you need to be like these other Christians who are street preaching, or you need to be doing missions like this other person, don't listen to the devil. If the Lord has called you to not say a word, but to stay in your room and just pray, then you ought to just be a prayer warrior and pray for your family. If that is your calling, then you need to do exactly what Jesus calls you to do without wishing to be a different part of the body of Christ. Remember how even the Apostle Paul spoke about that, the arm can't be a leg, the leg can't be an eye, the eye can't be an ear, but all of us together work as the body of Christ is under the Lord. And only when we're functioning as we should are then we operating in love, how Jesus wants us to. So I want to encourage you that if you're getting accusations from the devil about this, rebuke the devil in Jesus' name and continue to do the things that Jesus has called you to do. For many of us, it will just be simply to stay at home and raise our children, be apart from the world, be apart from dead religion, don't be trying to start a Bible study in your house, don't be letting outsiders in to pollute your kids. Keep your kids and yourself unstained from the world, be a protector of your children, because after all, that is the most important thing you can do as a mom or a dad or a grandma or a grandpa, would be to raise your own family for the Lord. So it's irrelevant if you're doing something that seems good in the eyes of the world with all these people out in public, if your own grandchildren or your own children are missing the gospel and they're off with their cell phones looking at porn and you think you're doing good because you're evangelizing other people. So that's a big snare, guys. Make sure that you don't listen to the accusations of Satan, but you follow the calling Jesus has called you to with your own individual family, even if it doesn't seem like you're doing something big. That is a big accusation of the devil. You're not doing anything big like these other people. If you go on YouTube or if you go on the internet, it looks like all these other Christians have really epic ministries, they're baptizing others, they're speaking in tongues, they're healing, they have healing ministries and reconciliation ministries, and man, you're just staying at home doing almost nothing except watching kids. How boring. But the true gospel is not about sensation, it's not about looking good in the eyes of men, but it is about doing the will of our Father in heaven.

So whatever your calling is, fulfill that calling and be secure with Jesus in the calling that He has given you. Don't try to be like any other Christian or any other person in the whole wide world. Be you that Jesus has created you to be and give God glory in that.

 So on the other side of this spectrum, guys, is the side that we feel justified in having some kind of ministry that appears good before men. Too many Christians fall into this boat. They have a lot of charisma, they are good speakers, they're elegant with their speech, they have big ministries, whether it is online or in a church or overseas, they get partnerships with other people, and it looks to the world that they have a very valid ministry. They have a lot of things published, books published, videos published, literature published, they're selling all sorts of things, and to anyone who sees them, it sure looks like they're really doing God a big favor. But a lot of ministries are not valid before God. We really have to make sure that God validates our ministry and that we're not just doing what we think is God's work our own way. Too many years of my life I served God the way I thought best. And especially when I was younger, I thought that following God was all about going to church and having ministry in a church. I told myself that I would never go anywhere without being in church. Whether I was in Southern California or I moved out of state or overseas, I would always get plugged into a church and do ministry there.

But as time progressed forward and I was learning the Lord's voice, I was starting to learn the hypocrisy in the American church and the church at large around the world, and just how much God does not validate ministries that were not started by His Holy Spirit. And there are many pastors, many organizations that are biblical, they appear to be good on the outside, a lot of people donate to them, but they're serving God their own way. And because of this, they're not bearing good fruit and God is going to cut them off in the end and they will be thrown into the fire. I had a ministry like that for many years and it was fruitless before God. And at the end of the time that I was in that ministry, the Lord asked me, how many people have you made Christians or how many people have become Christians because of your ministry? And I cannot name God one soul who had truly repented as fruit that I had been able to establish. No one had come to Jesus because of my spiritual fruit. No one was following the Lord and that is because my spiritual fruit was bad. I was leading people in the way of idolatry, in the way of false worship, in the way of music of the world.

 And when I realized this, I repented. I left the American church. I left the church at large never to go back and to serve Jesus the way He wanted me to serve Him, not the way I wanted to serve Him. For me, that calling was partially going on the internet and spreading Jesus on Facebook and on YouTube. That really opened up a lot of doors for me because in my personal life, the people personally around me were not listening. And any time that I would try to share Jesus, they would talk over me. I couldn't get a conversation out, whether it was over the phone or in person without getting talked over and the devil just snatching the message out and away from the ears of those that I was trying to speak to. So YouTube and Facebook and being able to upload an entire message without being interrupted was truly a blessing because then the message could go out to everyone in my church, whether their parents or their grandparents liked it or not, and no one could interrupt me. And that was for the glory of God. Now, not everyone is called to go on YouTube.

Not everyone is called to preach on the internet, but everyone is called to live a life for Jesus if they are a disciple. And they're called to witness however they can, whether that's to your own children, to your own wife or husband, to your grandparents, to whoever you're around, you are called to be salt and light. And if you're ashamed of Jesus and His gospel, then He is going to be ashamed of you. That's what Jesus says. And what I found was the people in my personal life, my friends, my family, the people in my church, all of them would talk over me. None of them approved of Jesus and the truth and the truth of His gospel. They wouldn't listen. So my calling was to go on YouTube and start preaching Jesus there to anyone who would listen. And I started preaching Jesus at my work workplace and anywhere that Jesus called me to go. And that was truly a blessing. So as we seek the Lord and listen to Him, He guides us in our calling, the thing that he's called us to do with ministering and witnessing to our family and our friends and those in the outside world. It's like how Jesus said, you know, it will be, I'm not sure exactly how it went, but in Jerusalem and then Judea and then into the far parts of the world. And that's how the gospel started in the beginning. Remember how the early apostles and the apostle Paul were spreading the gospel to people in their own town, their own family. And then when they got persecuted, they spread it to the surrounding regions and then it spread to the entire world. And that is how we have to be. However, the Lord has called us, whatever calling he's called us to, we need to hearken to that calling as His child and then do His work.

Well, I see your messages coming in, guys. I know that some of you are following Jesus with all your heart, and then obviously some of you clearly aren't. Some of you are following the devil. And that's been the same for years and years. That was the same from the very beginning. People from the beginning of when people were preaching the gospel, there was always people accusing the true saints, always people causing trouble. So if there wasn't anyone trying to cause trouble and speak evil of the apostle Paul and speak evil of me and of you, then we probably would be part of the false gospel. But it's a blessing when people are speaking evil of us, because that's more confirmation that we are with Jesus Christ. It's a blessing to be slandered for His name, to take persecution for Him, and to know that the devil is against us.

So don't be ashamed wherever you are, whether it's with your family or in the workplace to stand up and to talk about Jesus to be salt and light. Whenever God gives you the opportunity. I have noticed there are some people that are full of demons who want you to speak about Jesus just so they can mock you. And those are the kinds of people that you want to ignore and immediately rebuke them in the name of the Lord and walk a different direction. In my life, there's been times where demon possessed people would literally follow me around and I had to rebuke them in the name of Jesus until they left. Very similar to the Apostle Paul, who had a demon possessed girl following him around saying this man preaches the resurrection of the dead and preaches Jesus Christ or whatever that demon possessed girl was saying. And then the Apostle Paul had to rebuke that demon and cast it out. It will be the same way if we follow Jesus. People will try to, they will try to smear the gospel. They'll always be looking for a way to try to smear us to make us look like we're a lunatic or just lying or out of our mind. But keep in mind, they did this to Jesus. They did this to all the disciples, even family members and friends of people that follow Jesus will turn on you if you really put your faith in Jesus Christ. So this is to be expected. And if no one is opposing you, then maybe, you know, maybe we are on the side of the devil if no one is speaking evil against us.

So I want to encourage you to find that calling from Jesus, whatever it is. If he's called you to go online, then be a testimony for Jesus online. If he's called you just to be a testimony to people in your family and be a testimony to them. If you are a grandma and you took in a grandchild because your children ended up in prison or in jail or dead, then be a witness to your grandchild. Teach them about Jesus Christ. Get some Jesus books and read the stories of Jesus to your grandchildren so that they may have the truth of God in them and not all the pollution that comes from the Internet and movies and all that garbage that is out there.

So at this point in time, I want to pray for those of you who are part of the body of Christ and who want to know what the calling is, what Jesus is calling you to do. I want to pray for you because each of us in the body of Christ are to bear good fruit. Jesus wants us to always be producing fruit for Him so that we can produce more fruit. In the parts of us that aren't producing fruit, He wants to cut off and prune so that we can be more productive for God's kingdom. “So Lord Jesus, I pray for those who want to be filled with your Holy Spirit, who want to despise this world and despise what is evil, I pray for them that they can be filled with your Holy Spirit and have direction in your name. I pray that we will not listen to the words of lying lips, of lying men and women and false prophets and people who want to make us unfruitful. But I pray that we can truly find our calling in you to preach the gospel, to live holy, to shine as a light to our family members and friends, to our children, to our grandparents and whoever may be in our life. We pray that we can just be upright and pure wherever we are and that we can just stand for you, always being the salt and light that you call us to be, Lord. I pray for those who are wanting to be set free from sin so they can be ambassadors for your kingdom. I pray that they can be unshackled, that they will confess their sins and that they will truly repent and be reconciled to you, Lord. In your name I pray. Amen.”

 Well, you can overcome in Jesus' name. If you pray in His name, if you set your heart on Jesus, He will give you the power because Jesus is able to set us free from sins. He is able to put you on the straight and narrow path. He is able to put in your heart His calling and to give you everlasting life. He loves you, He loves our souls, but we have to obey Him, love Him back and follow Him the way that He wants us to follow Him, not the way that we think best, the way He thinks best. So keep praising Jesus, go with Him with all your heart and don't listen to the lies and accusations of Satan.

You don't know the Word of God if you don't know Jesus

 You don't Know the Word of God if You Don't Know JESUS

Well, praise Jesus today everyone. No Christian knows the Word of God unless they truly have a relationship with Jesus Christ. Now I know evangelicals, one of the things that they pride themselves is knowing the Bible, backing their beliefs on the Bible. They love talking about being biblical, they love Bible study, and they always call the Bible the more sure revelation, the more sure Word of God. They call it the infallible Word of God. Now where they are deceived is in making the Bible their idol. They wouldn't say that the Bible is God, although some of them do. But they really think that the Bible itself is the infallible Word of God, that every single verse in the Bible came directly from God, that none of it could possibly be altered by men or messed up in any way. And they're convinced that the more sure Word of God is the Bible, not Jesus Christ. They don't put an emphasis on Jesus, but they put an emphasis on the Bible itself.

Why is that? In reality, the reason why they do that is because they fear you or anyone else really getting to have a revelation from Jesus, because it might conflict with their view of the scripture. In other words, if you hear from Jesus that you really have to repent of your sin, and their view from the Bible is that you can continually sin because God just forgives you, because of course they believe in hyper-grace, then that would conflict with their belief system and it would throw them off. So instead of believing that Jesus Himself is the final authority, the infallible one, they set up the Bible as the final authority.

I had this dream last night, and in my dream I saw a pastor of a huge church, and this church on the outside looked pretty good. But the closer that you got to the church, you realized the church was missing large portions of the roof. When I went on the inside of the church, it was not insulated, it was missing insulation, so the cold from outside was getting in. It was not completed on the underside of the roof. Rain and stuff could get through. They had not founded themselves on the truth of God, nor were they covered with the protection of the Holy Spirit, because they built all their principles on lies.

And many Christians are the sorts of Christians that have built all their ideas and all their principles of the Bible, but they have not come to the knowledge of Jesus Christ. Now I know what scriptures Christians pull out, especially these fundamental Christians that say the Bible itself is the infallible Word of God, although they don't know which version is the infallible Word of God. But they really like to talk about that Hebrews chapter 4 that talks about the word, but we'll get to that in just a minute. I want to read to you Revelation chapter 19 that speaks about the Word of God and Jesus' name. And so let's listen to this, and then let's read that Hebrews verse. I'm going to start in Revelation chapter 19 verse 11. 11Now I saw heaven opened, and behold, a white horse. And He who sat on him was called Faithful and True, and in righteousness He judges and makes war. (Obviously we're talking about Jesus, the righteous judge here.) 12His eyes were like a flame of fire, and on His head were many crowns. He had a name written that no one knew except Himself. 13He was clothed with a robe dipped in blood, and His name is called The Word of God. 14And the armies in heaven, clothed in fine linen, white and clean, followed Him on white horses. 15Now out of His mouth goes a sharp sword, that with it He should strike the nations. And He Himself will rule them with a rod of iron. He Himself treads the winepress of the fierceness and wrath of Almighty God. 16And He has on His robe and on His thigh a name written:



Guys, this is no other than Jesus Christ. It can't possibly be our Bibles. It can't possibly be just Michael or an archangel. This is Jesus Christ Himself, and His name is the Word of God. He is the infallible one. Now let's compare this symbolism and who Jesus Christ is to who the Christians say is the Bible. I'm speaking fundamental evangelical Christians from Hebrews chapter 4 verse 12. Now remember that Jesus Christ from this verse in Revelation, His name is called the Word of God. Out of His mouth goes a sharp sword in which He will strike the nations. So remember that symbolism when we read Hebrews chapter 4, I'm starting in verse 11. 11Let us therefore be diligent to enter that rest, lest anyone fall according to the same example of disobedience. 12For the Word of God is living and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the division of soul and spirit, and of joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart. 13And there is no creature hidden from His sight, but all things are naked and open to the eyes of Him to whom we must give account.

Now take in the symbolism that we just read in Revelation about Jesus Christ being the Word of God, about Jesus being the sword. Who do you think Hebrews is speaking of when it speaks about he, nothing is hidden in His sight, all must give an account to Him and speaking about this Word of God and this two edge sword, does all the symbolism point to our Bibles being the infallible Word of God, or does it point to Jesus Christ being the infallible Word of God?

Now it is very sad that the majority of evangelical Christians, which only make up now like 3% of the United States I think, so a very small percentage, I think only like 50 or 60% of people now in the US even consider themselves Christians at all. But out of this minority of people that claim to be evangelical, which means they believe in evangelism, they believe in the Bible, they believe in Jesus that He died on the cross, He resurrected, He atoned for our sins, they are supposed to believe all that. But out of that small percentage of Christians that even believe in the Bible, they have taken the Bible and made it their idol, instead of coming to Jesus Christ and recognizing Him as the Word of God and the double-edged sword and the one who nothing is hidden in His sight and the one who we all must give an account to, they've literally taken Jesus, they've thrown Him out for what they call is their infallible Word of God, their more sure Word of God. Do you see what they have done? They have despised the truth of Jesus, they have despised that He is alive, we just read in Hebrews chapter 4 that the Word of God is alive, it is living and powerful, and they apply this to their scriptures. This is a damnable thing to do. They have set up a huge idol, they bow down and worship the Bible and they revere the scriptures and they revere the prophets as if they would not have partaken in the murder of innocent blood when they lived during the time of the prophets. They act as though they wouldn't have murdered Jesus Christ, they act as though they wouldn't have been on the side of the Pharisees. Do you see what they are doing? We need to be careful not to take part in the leaven of their hypocrisy.

Are we elevating the Bible as God, as the evangelical world, as the fundamentalist Christians across America, or have we really come into a relationship with the living Word of God, the one who is infallible, meaning perfect, without spot or without blemish? Do we really put our faith and our trust in Jesus Christ or do we put it in our Bibles?

Guys, the Bible is testifying about Jesus Christ. All these men that recorded the Bible, they were men just like you and me, but they testified about Jesus Christ. Jesus is the Son of Man and He is the Son of God and all power in heaven and on earth has been given to Him. He is the infallible one and He is perfect. He has the power to open heaven for you or shut you out. He has the power to send you to hell. The Bible doesn't have that power. The Bible is to bring you, to open your eyes to the truth. If you read the Bible asking Jesus to help you, He will help you see the truth. But if you become like these Christians that call the Bible the infallible Word of God or more sure salvation, then you're rejecting what Jesus Christ will do in your life, which is open your eyes to the truth.

Now in this dream that I had last night, I saw this church start to catch fire. And the Christian churches of today, they're going to go through the fire. And nothing will be left of most of these Christian organizations because they built with wood, hay and stubble. They were not founded on the cornerstone. They weren't built on the rock of Jesus Christ. They built with wood, hay and stubble. So when they go through the refining fire, all of them is going to be burnt up. If you make all your principles, thinking all these principles are true that you got out of the Bible, but you never learned to hear Jesus's voice, you don't have a prayer life, you have never put Jesus as the Lord and Savior of your own life, then what do you think is going to happen when you try to enter into everlasting life? What's going to happen when you die and God says to you, why should I let you in? What's your response going to be? Is it going to be, well, I knew the Bible. I memorized John 3.16, God. I knew the plan of salvation because I learned the Hebrew roots of words. I knew the Hebrew's road. I knew what Jesus spoke. I memorized that scripture in Sunday school. Do you think that God is going to allow you into His holy and perfect kingdom because you knew things about the Bible like how Catholics do and these evangelical Protestants? Of course not. His requirement is holiness and that is the one requirement God has, holiness. And unless you put your faith in Jesus Christ, unless you really repent and let Him wash clean your sins, you're not going to enter His kingdom.

Too many Christians are playing the hypocrite. They think that they're better than others. They think they're entitled to get into heaven because they know the Bible. And that's why they love going around calling the scripture the infallible Word of God. They love the Bible, but they hate Jesus Christ. Don't be a part of their hypocrisy. Be separate. Keep yourself unstained from their pollution. Get to know Jesus, love Him, adore Him, worship Him. Seek revelation from Him and He will lead you and He will guide you in the truth. But have no part with the hypocrite Christian. May the grace of Jesus be with you.

Thursday, November 23, 2023

Poison: Bible Lovers Jesus Haters


Poison, Bible Lovers Jesus Haters: My Testimony of a Mission Gone Wrong

Well praise Jesus today everyone. I had a message on my heart when I woke up early this morning. And that message was one word, which is “poison”, and then it was, “Bible lovers, Jesus’ haters”. We will be poisoned even by the Christian Bible if we put ourselves before a pastor or before a man who hates Jesus Christ but loves the Bible. The Pharisees were these sorts of people. They turned people against Jesus Christ in their time because they loved their scriptures, yet they absolutely hated Jesus Christ.

It is a bunch of hypocrisy today because most Christians would never say they hate Jesus Christ but if they were in the times of Jesus they would side with the Pharisees. They would take part in the hypocrisy with the Pharisees because they love the scriptures. I want to give you an example of what this means and how it was played out in my own life in a time in the past. See I never wanted to be against Jesus but with my actions I was and I also played the hypocrite.

One time in high school I had this youth pastor who came to my church. He was hired to be the youth pastor and he was a godly man. He cared to lead people in the Lord. He was very biblical, and he started teaching us high school students about the Bible. We would go to Bible study. We would go to his house, and he would teach us the Bible verses on how to evangelize people, how to do street evangelism, how to witness to people if we go on mission trips, how to defend our faith. There were these verses that we would memorize, and we would learn how to be devoted. Much of this devotion was to the Bible but of course we thought it was to God. During this time in my life I was in a lot of sin, lustful sin. I really didn't follow Jesus the way I should because especially in high school when you're surrounded by girls and trying to be cool, Jesus is really one of the last things that is on your mind. But because a lot of my other friends were going to this Bible study and of course I wanted to be godly. I went to this Bible study, and I learned from my youth pastor how to read the Bible. I thought that I was becoming more spiritual. I thought because I was going to these meetings that I was getting closer to God and pleasing to God.

Well, one day the youth pastor announced that he was going to plan a mission trip. He planned out this mission trip to this certain Indian reservation in a different state. We were supposed to go there and prepare for this trip and speak to the native people there and the children. It was like an orphanage for some native people. And so we prepared for this mission trip and it was probably a day's journey to get there or farther by car. So not terribly far but for a high school student like me it was one of my first bigger mission trips that I went on. To tell you the truth, this whole mission trip I was in sin. I was lustful of other girls that were on the trip. My heart was in all the wrong places. I was trying to impress my guy friends. I was trying to impress girls on the trip. I was doing things that were very ungodly. But when my mentors would come around, we would just do Bible study. We would say a prayer and we looked like the good Christian kids. When we got to this mission trip, one of our tasks was to do some landscaping. And we were to rent what's called a ditch witch to put in a certain irrigation line that went from the orphanage to this other location so that we could bring water to this certain location.

There had been groups before us that had already put a certain amount of plumbing in the ground, but it wasn't completely finished. So we rented this ditch witch which was a kind of machine that you would walk behind and it had this turning kind of saw that would cut into the dirt. And it would cut into the dirt about 18 to 24 inches deep and you would push it. Now the ground where we went on this Indian reservation was extremely hard. You could not easily anyways dig it by hand. So that's why we rented this ditch witch. But we were supposed to check to see with either the building department or the people that were living there if there was any other underground cables or if there was any underground pipes. But we didn't check and as kind of a leader in part of this trip I advised everyone that it would be okay and that if I was running this machine that I would just be extra careful. So we were supposed to run this by probably like around 100 to 200 feet from one location to the next location. And as we started pushing this machine it was fine until we got about halfway in between one structure and the other structure, and we hit a water line. That water line that we hit got twisted up in our machine. It yanked other pipes with it that were deep underground, and it damaged a bunch of like one inch and two-inch water lines. And it ended up being such bad damage that it shut off the water, the main water to this whole orphanage.

Well, that wasn't enough for us to stop. It's not like I consulted the Lord. We didn't pray and say Lord guide us on what to do. All I thought and all the leadership of our mission trip thought well let's keep on going and we'll just be careful. So we kept on using this Ditch Witch and in our stupidity we ended up hitting like three or four more water lines. We totally destroyed the water system that they had. The water was totally shut off to the main orphanage. The kids couldn't take showers. It was an absolute disaster. Long story short, this was a mission trip sent from hell. We basically destroyed all of the progress that the people did before us, the missionaries did before us to get these people water and all of these underground lines we broke. They had already landscaped. We broke their landscaping. It was an absolute nightmare. I remember on the trip just sort of mocking other Christians because of how they sounded. It was very shameful what we did on that trip.

And when we returned from that trip back home to our church, we were to report what we did on that mission trip. And we were able, I mean, I remember in church even our youth pastor being ashamed to report because it was an absolute failure. If we were to tell the truth in church, we would look like such evil people because what we did was evil. Our hearts were evil. My heart was evil. But we tried to make it sound the best we could in church. We went on this mission trip. We helped these orphans. We played with them. We had pictures of ourselves with the kids at the orphanage and we were able to show the church. So in church on Sunday morning, we were able to make it look pretty half decent. But I knew in my heart that I was in sin. I knew that we were in sin as a group and God did not bless the mission trip. It was truly a mission trip from hell.

That is a scenario of a group of people that loved the Bible. We loved Bible study. We loved the idea of evangelism. We loved the idea of knowing how to defend the Bible, knowing how to speak to people on the streets. We loved the idea of going on a mission trip. But we truly hated Jesus Christ. Now did we think that we hated Jesus Christ? No. We thought that we were doing a mission trip for God. We thought that we were reading the Bible for the Lord. We thought that we were doing it for Jesus Christ. All of these things we thought we were doing for God, but it was all in vain. In reality, we were serving ourselves. We were serving our own pleasure. We were lying to the congregation, to the church, and we were living hypocrites. We were godless. And God absolutely despised that trip that we went on. He despised us because we were sinners. Even though we were Christians and the whole church would say we were all saved by grace and that we were good people going on this mission trip, it was truly from hell.

This scenario, guys, is not an isolated incident to me when I was 16 or 17 in high school. This happens all the time. Christians are in deep, deep sin. And if we don't repent of sin, if we don't purify our own hearts, then we will also be Christians that are Bible lovers and Jesus’ haters. We are enemies of God if we are sinning. You can't just say God looks over my sin. He's forgiven me if you haven't truly repented. The first order to getting right with Jesus Christ is to confess that you are a sinner and to actually repent, say “Lord, I can't do anything on my own. I'm a sinner. I have lust in my heart, hate in my heart. I have abused your words. I've taken your name in vain. I've put other gods before you. I've lived as a wretched man, and I desperately want to repent. I know that I can do nothing on my own. I know it means nothing. How many Bible verses I've memorized. I know it means nothing how many mission trips I've went on and how many sermons I've went on because I have this sin in my life and I'm an enemy of you, oh Lord, because you hate sin and you will be against me, Lord, until I repent.” You need to truly repent, as it says in the Bible, with mourning and with ashes with sackcloth and ashes. Until we display that we truly are sad for our sins and that we really have a heart that wants to repent, the Lord will be against us. He will not bless the work of our hands.

The Bible itself will be as poison to us. I was poisoned by the Bible for many years because I believed I was righteous because I knew the Bible. I believed that I could evangelize others because I knew the Bible. I believed that because I was in church and going on mission trips that I was a better person and I felt in my heart when I went home that I had done God good because I was speaking the things of the Bible, but I was poisoned by the Bible. My heart was poisoned with sin. If we want to be in right standing with the Lord, we have to repent of Bible hypocrisy. We have to repent of Christian hypocrisy, church hypocrisy. We have to look into our own hearts and say, “is there sin in my life? Am I doing things that are godless?” We have to truly repent of the evil that is in us. And then once we truly repent, the Lord can wash us clean. We can be baptized in water and then we can be baptized in the Holy Spirit. We can speak with our new tongues, not just in some tongue that is audible to men, but a tongue that truly comes from the Holy Spirit that allows us to understand prophecies, to understand visions and have visions and dreams from the Lord, to understand the scriptures, to have wisdom that comes from God, to be able to enlighten others because the Holy Spirit is now lighting up our entire life, a tongue that is not of the old flesh, but of the regeneration that Jesus has made us when we come into the new covenant.

So I share this testimony about myself when I was in church and on this mission trip because I don't want my fellow brothers and sisters to fall into the same hypocrisy and Bible poisoning and Bible teaching that ended in lies that I also fell into for many, many years. I could have died in my sins except the Lord got my attention and pulled me out of church. He pulled me out of hypocrisy so that I could live for Him with all of my heart. And I share this message so that you also may hear the truth of the gospel and genuinely come into a relationship with Jesus Christ.

So if you are someone out there that knows that you are in sin, because all of us have been in sin, all of us were sinners, if you know that you want to repent, if you know that you want to get right with God, if you say, “I know in my heart, I know something is wrong, but I want to get reconciled with Jesus Christ and get my life in order with Him.” I want to pray for you and anyone who is ready to give their life to the Lord Jesus. “So Jesus, I pray for those who want to be part of your true church that don't want to be Bible hypocrites or poisoned by the Bible because they ate up all the scriptures, but they didn't come to your truth of repentance. I pray for those that are in hypocrisy as I was in hypocrisy, as I was in sin. We come before you humbly Lord, and ask that you cleanse us of all unrighteousness, that you purge us and that we truly can be part of your new covenant. We thank you that you died on the cross for our sins, that we could truly be a new creation and that we could walk in the newness of life with you if we repent and put our faith completely in you. I pray Lord Jesus that you would become a father to those who have been fatherless. I pray that you would become a father to those that have not seen what it means to have a father, even a father in heaven. I pray that those who are listening to this message today, that God has given their life to you, would put their life in your hands and that you would baptize them with the gift of your Holy Spirit. I pray that they would be obedient to be baptized and that they would be filled with the gifts of your Holy Spirit, that they would go out in power, being able to rebuke demons, to send the voices of accusation that come into them out of them, that they would be able to stand holy and pure before you Lord and that you would wash their garments, that they would be made white as snow and be ready for the wedding supper of the Lamb. So I pray for anyone that is watching this that wants to be made clean, that they would be cleansed by the blood of the Lamb, that they would be washed in your blood Lord and that they would turn a 180 from sin, that they would put their faith in you Lord Jesus, and say, Lord Jesus cleanse me and make my heart pure and holy. I pray this in your name Lord Jesus and for anyone listening that they would be convicted, that they would put their trust 100% in you. In your name I pray Lord Jesus, Amen.”


Monday, November 20, 2023

Wear a T-shirt For Jesus

Transcript: Wear a t-shirt for Jesus!
 Well, hi everyone and praise Jesus today. I'm going to see if I can make a video today. And if not, then I'll make a video later. But I've been working on making a t-shirt the last couple days, a t-shirt that we can witness for Jesus with. I've made myself a few t-shirts. And it's a really wonderful way to be able to reach the lost for the Lord. Praise Jesus today everyone. So if you live in the United States and if you would like to wear a t-shirt for Jesus, I have made a t-shirt. I've made it in a bunch of different colors. I want to show you what it looks like in this red color. On the front it says stand with Jesus and live or reject Him and die. Here if you guys can see that. I don't know, hopefully you guys can see that. Stand with Jesus and live or reject Him and die. So that's what it says on the front. And on the back I have the verse that Jesus spoke in Mark chapter 8. And it says, for whoever is ashamed of me and my words in this adulterous and sinful generation, of him the Son of Man also will be ashamed when He comes in the glory of His Father with His holy angels. And that's a direct quote from Jesus. Because we're supposed to not be ashamed to be a light to the world. And there are so many people who are ashamed these days and they don't stand up for the truth. So this is what the back of that shirt looks like.

And again, hopefully you guys can see this. I'll look at the quality of this video afterwards and if it looks too hard to read or see I'll just make it again. But anyways, this is the back of this t-shirt. And I have this t-shirt in a bunch of different colors. In the red, in green, I have it in blue and pink. I have it in pretty much every different bright color. Here's the color in blue. I'm not going to give people specific colors. I'll just give out what I have in each size. But if you would wear this shirt for Jesus and be a testimony for Him, I would send one of these shirts to you for free. How you could get one of these shirts if you want is email me at warningthepeople1 at I will leave my email below. But what you need to do is email me your shirt size and also your mailing address. So don't leave out those two things. I've done these shirts before in the past and I'll get people that send me just their shirt size but not their address. And by the time I get back to you or you email me again, your email is going to be lost 100 emails down.

So if you want this shirt to get to you the first time, make sure that you take some extra time to get your shirt size down and your mailing address. I'm not sending to different countries. I'm only sending to the United States. And the main reason for that is in years past I ran into some problems with shirts just getting lost in the mail. And I'd spend quite a bit of money sending a shirt overseas and then the shirt or another coming back to me. And at this point in time I really want to get T-shirts out for the glory of Jesus in the United States to English speaking people. I'm an English speaking person. Chances are you are also English speaking. So the main place I'm trying to get the gospel out is in English speaking areas. So I'm not sending this shirt to say like Russia or somewhere like that. I'm only sending it out in the United States. So if you are a disciple of Jesus in the United States and you would like to represent Jesus Christ, send me your shirt size and your mailing address. And I'll get one of these in the mail for you. Again it says stand with Jesus and live or reject Him and die. And that is the message today. Will we stand with Jesus or will we reject Him? So hopefully people will wear these shirts for the glory of Jesus and that we can bear good fruit in these times that we're living.

We're truly living in amazing times. Jesus is moving. People are experiencing the Holy Spirit. Some people are rejecting Him of course but there are some people who are coming into the light of the truth. They're repenting of their sins. A lot of people don't know exactly where to start. They're timid on what to say. A T-shirt is a great way to witness without even having to hold a sign or anything like that. You can walk into the grocery store. You can pretty much walk anywhere with one of these T-shirts and you'll be getting the message of Jesus Christ out even before you open your mouth. So if you want to represent Jesus, if you're unashamed of the gospel, send me your shirt size, your mailing address and be prepared just to stand with Jesus in these times and be a light for him. This is what the Lord says in Mark chapter 8. When He had called the people to Himself with His disciples also He said to them, whoever desires to come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me. For whoever desires to save his life will lose it. But whoever loses his life for my sake and the gospels will save it. So that is what we need to be doing. We need to be losing our life for Jesus and the gospel, not trying to preserve ourselves, not trying to just make our life secure for ourselves. But we need to be losing our life for the sake of Jesus and the gospel, not concerned what men think. For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses his own soul? Or what will a man give in exchange for his soul? For whoever is ashamed of me and my words in this adulterous and sinful generation, of him the son of man, will also be ashamed when He comes in the glory of His Father with the holy angels.

 Guys, we do not want to be ashamed of Jesus Christ. There is one name on earth and under heaven by which we are saved, and that is the name of Jesus Christ. Will we put our faith in Him? Will we stand with Him? Will we be unashamed to proclaim the gospel? Or will we be like those who shirk back, who are too scared to stand up for the Lord, or just outright ashamed of Him because they care more about the provision of men, making money, looking good in the world, or they are just ashamed because all their buddies are in love with Jesus Christ? Are we in love with Jesus? Are we ready to stand for Him and with Him? Or will we reject Him? Those who stand with Jesus, He will stand with us. And those who deny Him, He will also deny you.

 I see your comments coming in, guys. Praise the Lord. I hope that people are dedicated to Jesus in these times that we live, not getting sidetracked by the wars and rumors of wars, the president election that is coming up. All those things are things that we see on the news, and I am not saying that we need to be ignorant of what is happening in the world, but we need to make sure that we are fixing our eyes on Jesus Christ, daily filled with the Holy Spirit. Otherwise, we are going to be full of fear, anxiety, accusations from the devil. The devil wants to beat you down. He wants to constantly accuse you. He wants to give you nightmares. He wants to put lust in your heart. He wants to tear you down.

 It is the plan of the devil to take your soul, to get you so discouraged that you can't stand and that you can't share your faith. But in Jesus, He wants to build you up. He wants to give you life. Life in Jesus and being part of His kingdom is not about just money, power, and fame. There is a fake gospel going around right now that says, if you are a Christian, that you will have all the money you need, all the wealth, all the happiness, all the pleasure. That is the health and wellness gospel. And a lot of Christians have bought into that. It is just like in the days of Noah. Everyone was living for themselves, and in one day, the flood came and all of them were destroyed except those eight who got onto the ark. Well, it is happening again. God's judgment is coming down on the face of this earth, and either we will be in the ark or we will be on the outside. We will either be unashamed with Him and in His hands of protection, or we will be on the outside where the flood is about to take us.

So are you in the ark with the Lord? Are you in His hand of protection? Are you unashamed of Him? Or are you like the world who is trying to secure yourself with money, with possessions? Are you living just for entertainment, for the desires of your flesh? Or are you truly denying yourself, taking up your cross, and ready to die for the sake of Jesus Christ in the gospel? Dying to yourself, dying to the flesh, so that you can be alive in Christ Jesus. He loves you, He loves us, but we have to love Him back by 100% obedience. There are a lot of us out there, we want to have an experience, we want to hear from God, but many of us don't want to obey Him. It is one thing to want to have miracles and see signs and wonders and see all this stuff, but it is another thing to be dedicated enough to want to obey Jesus every single day in our life. Are we standing for Him with our family, with our parents, with our children, with our neighbor? Are we standing with Jesus on every occasion? Are we being salt and light, or have we become like salt that has lost its flavor? Are we standing for Jesus, or will we reject Him and die? I want to pray for the true body of Christ, and those who want to come out of the world and be spirit, maybe you're watching this live stream today, and you're wondering how you can give your life to Christ. I want to pray for you that you can come into the hope of Jesus Christ and out of the world and really be saved from your sins.

“So Lord Jesus, I pray for those who are in darkness, I pray for those who have been ashamed of the gospel and of the truth. I pray that people that are in the darkness may come into the light and their deeds may be exposed, that they may confess their sins and repent. I pray that people can truly put on righteousness, that you will wash them clean, that they will be baptized and come into the hope of your new covenant. We thank you Lord Jesus for dying on the cross, for being a living God. We know that you did not stay in the grave, but you resurrected in three days, and you went to be with your Father. We thank you Lord Jesus for giving us life who call on your name. We want to be holy, we want to be pleasing, we want to be extremely respectful to you and your Father Lord Jesus. Please fill us with the power of your Holy Spirit. Let us overcome the demons in your name. Let us be able to stand with you. We don't want to be ashamed of you or your gospel. We don't want to listen to the demons or any of the accusations that come from the evil one or the principalities of darkness. So I pray for your true church Lord, that you give them the power to overcome. And anyone who is watching this that desires holiness, I pray that you allow them to be baptized in water and baptized in your Holy Spirit and that they would come into the newness of life. We thank you Lord Jesus for dying for our sins and we pray that we truly can be washed clean and be spotless before you, that we can enter into the wedding supper of the Lamb. We thank you Lord Jesus. Amen.”

Friday, November 17, 2023

How Christians Were Poisoned by Their Own Bible

There was a time in history that the Bible was not readily available for commoners. People had to rely on the Catholic Church to be able to bring the Bible to them so that they could hear the testimony about Jesus Christ. It was a miracle that the Bible became readily available for everyone, and as knowledge increased and people learned to read and Bibles were in the hands of the commoners, people started to figure out that they could have a relationship with Jesus Christ personally. That was a wonderful miracle. That is something that God allowed to happen on the earth so that people could come to Him. But then as time went on, people became very complacent. Instead of the Bible being read, they left it on the shelf collecting dust to the point that no one was reading the Bible. People wanted to be listening to the radio, watching TV, and listening to music. As some more time went on, the Christian Church realized how few people were reading the Bible, and they started to push. They started to push people to read the Bible, and they built a culture where people prided themselves in reading the Scriptures, memorizing the Scriptures, and understanding the Scriptures such as the Pharisees understood the Scriptures. But the problem is, because this generation of people has prided themselves in knowing the Scriptures, they have forgot about Jesus Christ. The tide has turned to such a degree that people have loved their Bible, but they have hated the words of Jesus Christ.

We live in a time where people want to become more biblically literate. They don't want to be like those people of old who were ignorant to the Bible, or who were just naive. So they memorize the Scriptures, they know the Old Testament prophecies, they know what Jesus said, they know things about God, about the Messiah, but they don't know the Lord's voice. The knowledge of the Scriptures has only poisoned them, and because they say they can see, their sin remains, just as Jesus said to the Pharisees. The Pharisees said to Jesus, “Are we also blind?” And He said, “If you were blind, you'd be without sin. But because you say you see, your sin remains.” And that is the state of this generation we have today.

This generation of people can see clearly, and their sin remains on them. They're ending up in hell because they refuse to live by the words of Jesus; they refuse to truly repent. They openly confess that they are sinners. They say, “We have to be in church, we have to be part of this body, we have to be reading the Scriptures, we have to be more noble like the Bereans, we have to educate ourselves.” And they're very biblical, they're very educated, but they never come to the knowledge of the truth of Jesus Christ. They never come to love Him or their neighbor as themselves. What they love is religion. They love sounding like a good preacher. They love sounding like a good pastor. They're like whitewashed tombs. They love it when people call them father or elder or deacon or minister or missionary. They love titles. They love the respect in the Christian community. They love being able to give a sensational sermon. They love it when people admire them for bringing out some tidbit of information. But they could care less about what Jesus is actually doing in His church. They're not genuine.

Are we as the body of Christ in love with Jesus Christ, or are we like the Pharisees that love Scripture knowledge, always learning but never coming to the truth? Too many Christians have been poisoned by their Bible. They love going to Bible study. They worship the Bible. But they never come to Jesus Christ. They don't have a word from God. They're not spiritually led by the Holy Spirit. Even though they've been feasting on the Bible and feasting on church, feasting on fellowship and on their pastor's word, they're still spiritually emaciated. They're not spiritually growing. They're spiritually dying. And they are still in sin and in bondage. They're on their way to destruction. The Bible has only poisoned them. They're on their way to their death. Have you come to Jesus Christ? Is He daily filling you? Are you eating His flesh and drinking His blood? Or are you like the Christians who are spiritually malnourished and dying because they have been poisoned by the Bible? May the grace of Jesus be with you.


Wednesday, November 15, 2023

How many times should a Christian be baptized?


How Many Times Should a Christian be Baptized?

It is the right thing to do to put your faith in Jesus and be baptized if you want to follow in Jesus' footsteps.  Jesus said to John the Baptist when he was baptized, “Let us do this to fulfill all righteousness.”  And if we want to follow in the same pattern of Jesus Christ, we also have to be baptized to fulfill all righteousness.  There are some Christians who don't think that they need to be baptized and they go around saying the thief on the cross wasn't baptized, baptism is a work, therefore you don't really need to do it, it's just symbolic.  And they reject the words of Jesus. They don't follow in Jesus' footsteps.  But on the other end of the spectrum, there are Christians who continually feel guilty and so they get baptized and then they get baptized again and again.  This also does not fix the problem of sin.  If you as a Christian have been baptized once, then you don't need to be baptized again.  But if you have backslid, you do have to repent, confess your sins and get your relationship back on track with Jesus Christ.  Jesus will forgive you. He will accept you back. But you have to be serious to burn your bridges with the world.  Prepare your hearts to walk with the Lord and don't turn back. You have to make up your mind who you will follow, the world with the devil or Jesus Christ in the kingdom of God.

Monday, November 13, 2023

Representing Jesus Even if not Paid

 Well, praise Jesus today, everyone. I had a short message that I wanted to share about how we should always be a light for Jesus, not as the pastors are who are just paid to preach. So, some time ago, a few months back, I went to a client's house to do some work. And at that client's house, there was a guy who, the client asked to do something. And I thought that, that guy was the client's son. He was a younger guy, probably mid-twenties, and everything that my client asked that guy to do, he was very respectful to do. Although he wasn't very well-dressed, it wasn't like he was wearing a business hat or a business suit. Nothing about him seemed very professional, and I thought, he has a pretty professional attitude for being this lady's son. Well, later, I found out that this guy was not my client's son, but he was a hired hand. And then it hit me, the reason why he was trying to be so respectful was not because he was just a son or a free hand…. He was a hired hand, and he was there just for the summer months. And so I realized that a lot of times, people are only respectful when they are being paid to be respectful.

But I kind of pictured this same man out of that scenario of being paid, and I wondered if he would still be professional. Hopefully he would be. But I know a lot of people are only helpful when they're being paid to be helpful. I know some pastors that will only want to teach, they'll only want to speak about Jesus Christ when they're being paid to do so. So if you're not in their congregation on Sunday, during the hours of 8 to 11, they will tell you to come during the time of worship. They will say, come back next Sunday at 10 o'clock and then I'll give a sermon. But they're unwilling to share the gospel or to have normal love, just genuine love for people, outside of their ceremonial sort of love that's essentially paid for by the congregation. So pastors have become what Jesus called a hireling, which is a hired hand. And when a wolf comes, or when someone comes that is going to destroy the sheep, if it's also a threat to that leadership, they also leave. They run away because they're just a hired hand.

So I wondered to myself, guys, are we representing Jesus all the time? Or have we become like the pastors and Christians who only represent Jesus when it is convenient, when someone is going to do something for you, when you're in the professional setting? Or behind closed doors, are we still representing Jesus? Are we representing Him in our private life? Are we representing Him when we're frustrated, when we're angry? Are we able to put off the desires of the flesh, our frustration and our anger for the love of the Lord? Or does the flesh arise up in us to where we're no longer bearing a good witness for Jesus?

In the professional setting, when people are composed, even if they are upset, they still deal with their clients, they still deal with their patients. Even when they're pushed to their limit, they still put on a sort of a smile because they know they're being paid to do that. Now with Jesus, we're not as paid pastors, but we are hired by the Lord, by our King. And if we're serving Him, and if we're ambassadors for Him, then we should be His servants no matter if we are in the professional setting, in this world I mean, or if we're at home with our family. Wherever we are, we're supposed to be representing for our King, for Jesus Christ.

And so the question is, are we representing Jesus all the time wherever we are? Or are we segmenting our relationship with the Lord to this divided time that we call church, or that we call fellowship, or around people that we consider the body of Christ, and are we different elsewhere? Because I see that all the time in the professional world. You see people at their business, and because they want your money, they're very professional at the store, you know, at the hardware store, they're very professional. But once they're out back and they're smoking, they're joking around with their buddies, then they're going to be talking evil of all the clients, because you're not listening. So they have these different personalities depending on who they are, and they're only representing their company as long as they have to be professional.

But us, if we're really the children of God, we should be representing our Lord Jesus Christ all the time wherever we are. And so that is my question for all of us as the children of God, as the body of Christ, are we representing Him as His children righteously? are we doing a good job presenting the gospel to people by our actions, by our love? Or are we like the professional setting where people have this split personality, that they act one person, and then they play the hypocrite?

So make sure that you're really living holy all the time, that you're living for the Lord all the time, and that you're being a good example for Jesus Christ. I want to pray for those who want to be a good example for the Lord, that want to win people into the body of Christ, as Jesus said, fish for men. “So I want to pray for you if you're serious about following Jesus Christ. So Lord, I pray for those who have an ear to hear. I pray for people to truly repent, to come into your kingdom, that you would give them life, and that they would shine for you, that they would be unashamed to stand for you and your gospel, and that they would start fishing for men. I pray that we would not be hypocrites like the men in the world, but that we truly would shine for you, Lord, wherever we are. In your name I pray, Lord Jesus. Amen.”

Tuesday, November 7, 2023

You can't Beat the Devil With Your Bible

 Noah did not have a Bible nor did Abraham, yet they lived by the Word of God and they were righteous before God. So how is it Christians today are so deceived into thinking the Word of God is their scriptures and holiness comes from reading them? Did Jesus commend the Pharisees that put Him on the cross for their infinite knowledge of the scriptures? 

Monday, November 6, 2023

Don't open yourself up to Demons

  Don't Open Yourself up to Demons

We’ll Praise Jesus today, everyone. I wanted to make a quick message regarding spiritual warfare and how we as Christians, disciples of Jesus have to overcome demons, evil spirits, everything that is demonic. See, a lot of people are not spiritually protected from evil, because they are trying to be spiritual. They want some kind of spiritual revelation. They want some kind of spiritual insight. They want some kind of connection with the spiritual realm. And because they love the idea of being spiritual more than the idea of being godly, they allow demons into your life.

Last night I had this dream. And in my dream, I saw a vision of a pastor. He was a pastor that probably had a good reputation in his church, he was well dressed, he was middle-aged, and this pastor had a spiritual encounter with an alien or a demon, but the pastor perceived it as an alien. And this close encounter that this pastor had with this alien, the pastor did not rebuke this alien as a demon. He didn't just rebuke it in the name of Jesus, but he accepted the revelation that this alien gave him. And as soon as the pastor received the revelation from that alien, his eyes became blind, the pastor's eyes glossed over. And then, within a day, the pastor was dead. So that was the end of my dream, and his whole entire congregation was all mourning for this pastor that died. Similarly, today there are a lot of Christians, maybe they don't get revelations directly from angels or demons or aliens or from the spiritual realm, but they are opening themselves up to the demonic realm, through movies, through music, through listening to people who are led by demons and not led by the Spirit of God. If you open yourself up in any way to demons, they will start to possess you in some way or push you spiritually in one direction, and that direction is always away from the truth, away from the light, away from Jesus Christ.

The way to secure yourself is to be rooted on the rock of Jesus Christ. Don't be putting dreams above Jesus. Don't be putting interpretations or tongues above Jesus or just spiritual encounters, spiritual happenings, ghosts, all of those things are ways to open you up for demons, to control you or to make you have revelations. What you need to be seeking first is the Kingdom of God and His righteousness. You need to concern yourself on doing what is right.

I see a comment that's coming in, do I sin? That is the big thing guys. All of us have to overcome sin in Jesus name. If you're not overcoming sin, then you are also giving yourself over to demons. When I chose to get serious about following Jesus with all of my heart, I chose to repent and come out of the world, anything that is sinful, I choose to completely shed that off and for Jesus to purify me of that. And that is what you also need to do. If you want to come into a relationship with the Lord, you need to confess your sin, stop sinning. All the sins that I knew that I had in my life, I repented of those and I said, “Lord, deal with me, change me, purify me, and all the things that I don't know that are sin start to show me those, so that I can start to walk holy and be pure before you.” None of us are perfect. But the Lord starts to purge us and He starts to purify us. Did I ever sin after the time that I put my faith in Jesus? Well, as much as possible, since I put my faith in Jesus back around 2011, I have never once went back to any of the big sins that I knew was sin, such as pornography, drugs and alcohol, getting drunk, lusting after women, all of those basic things that I knew were sin I never went back to and not to say that I'm trying to boast in that, but Jesus really changed me. He put the fear of God in me to never, ever go back to my sin because I knew it was taking me to hell.

But there are other things that were in my life that needed to be purged and things that were in me that were not perfect, that needed to be cleansed. And the purification is a process to where the Lord continues to purge us, clean us. There were things that were in my mind that were impure. I wasn't going around sleeping around with women, but I was still having impure thoughts in the beginning of my marriage and the Lord purified me from that. And we continue to walk with the Lord. He continues to purge us of sins that are internal. They haven't necessarily even manifested through our flesh yet, but they have been manifesting through us spiritually in our mind. And that is where Jesus tells us that sin starts, it starts in our hearts, and then it manifests through our actions. So we need to be purged and purified and cleaned. And we have to be serious as God's children to put on our white robes and to touch nothing that is unclean.

So the question is also for all of us, have we repented of our sin? Have we stopped sinning so that we can follow Jesus? The question I have for you, if you think that no one can stop sinning, and if you think that I'm a hypocrite because I gave up those sins, the question I have for you that are asking me these questions is, what sin is in your life that you cannot give up to obey Jesus? You can name your sins. Don't just make sin something that is elusive that you can't touch that or just somewhere that you can't grasp, but you can name every single one of your sins, you can name it and you can claim it as yours. And then you can decide if you will really repent of that sin, or if you will hold on to it because you love that sin more than Jesus. So what is your sin? Is your sin pornography? Is your sin addiction to video games? Is your sin drugs and alcohol? Is your sin lust? Is your sin greed? Is it chasing after money and after the pleasures of this world? What is your specific sin? And then think about why you can't give that up for the sake of Jesus? Why can't you repent of that? Because that is probably what is blocking your prayers, that is probably what is blocking you from entering the Kingdom of God.

So, this pastor in my dream, was in sin. Instead of wanting the holiness that Jesus had to offer and preaching holiness, he was trying to get revelation from a demon. And many pastors today, they're seeking for approval from men. They want to look good to other people. They want to be seen as a father figure, a mentor, a good leader. And so any amount of revelation they can get, or however they can seem spiritual, they want to gather any spirituality they can. And they have very little discernment between a dream that comes from the Holy Spirit or from Satan, from Bible knowledge that comes from Jesus or from Satan. And because they desire to be spiritual and revered by men instead of holy and righteous as Jesus wants them, they are able to be pushed around and led astray by demons. So the question is, are you trying to just look spiritual? Are you seeking after things that are spiritual? Or are you really putting your faith in Jesus?

Now, obviously if we are true Christians, we will have dreams, we will have visions, we will read our Bible. But the confusing thing about all of that, guys, is Satan also reads the Bible. Satan also quotes the Bible, not just the Holy Spirit quotes the Bible and reads the Bible. So demons also read the Bible. They quote the Bible. Demons can give you dreams and visions or words from a spiritual place. But the Spirit of God does also. So how are you going to know the difference between Bible verses that have come to you come into your mind through a demonic source, or revelations or dreams or interpretations or tongues that have come from a demonic source versus one that has truly come as a word of the Lord, a prophecy of the Lord, a dream or a vision of the Lord, or a tongue from the Holy Spirit? A lot of Christians don't know how to distinguish the spirits. And they always say, “Well, if you just get this book (the Bible) right here, if you just get this book, that is how you distinguish between truth and error.” And that is not true because Satan also quotes and reads the Bible.

The way you know the difference is by who you are actually following. If secretly you are following the devil, whenever you read the Bible, all of the Bible verses that you'll be pulling out are all going to be to justify your sin, you'll be finding all the verses that make you feel okay, and make you feel justified in whatever you're doing. Actually, guys, I don't even know how many people I've encountered that are demon-possessed and they know the Bible way better than I do. When someone actually comes under the influence of a demon and they give a demon authority in their life, they're able to know all of the scripture and they quote in such a deceptive way, they're able to basically see into your mind and they can quote things from the Bible, from the spiritual realm that will confuse you to your core if you're not with Jesus Christ. So be very careful that you're not just seeking after spirituality, seeking after a dream or a vision or seeking after more Bible knowledge, looking up to people who are good Bible teachers, and they lecture from the Bible systematically, and they know all of this theology and they go directly through the Bible. You have to watch out for that because a lot of these men are like the pastor I saw in this vision who are getting their visions from demons, call it an angel, call it Satan, call it an alien, but it is a demonic spirit. They're getting their information from demons and even if it's spiritual, it doesn't mean it's coming from the truth.

You need to be receiving information from the Holy Spirit. And if you're not sure what spirit you're hearing from, you need to just pray and say, “Lord Jesus, please show me the difference between lying spirits, the demons, and your Holy Spirit.” And if your heart is truly pure before the Lord and not seeking after witchcraft, like pastors, the Lord will reveal to you the difference. And that is the way able to test the spirit. Because the Holy Spirit will be in you, because you are pure before God to receive His Spirit. You can't test the spirit just by hearing a Bible verse or just by getting a dream or getting a vision. You have to receive the Holy Spirit. Jesus promised you the Holy Spirit and everyone who would receive Him, the gift of the Holy Spirit. And with the gift of the Holy Spirit comes the gift of prophecy to prophecy, visions, a new tongue. All of these sorts of supernatural abilities come from the Holy Spirit, not from us, not just from the spiritual realm, it comes from the Spirit of the living God. He loves us and He wants to get us, but if our eye has become dark. Then we will not be able to see clearly. And many pastors and top leaders in the church are spiritually blind because they've listened revelations from demons.

How about you guys? Are you listening to the Holy Spirit that Jesus has given you? Have you received the Holy Spirit? Or have you received some other spirit pretending to be the Holy Spirit? Maybe you've just received your own mind. All of us have been given a mind when we're born. All of us know the difference between good and evil to some extent. But a lot of people have not, especially Christians, ever received the Holy Spirit, they have no idea the difference between receiving a revelation from the Holy Spirit or from an alien or a demon or an angel. They would not be able to tell you the difference because they've never experienced it. I have experienced the gift of the Holy Spirit so I can speak boldly, not out of pride, but boldly out of my relationship with the truth with Jesus Christ, the difference between revelations that come from spirituality versus revelations that come from the Spirit of the living God.

But the question is, do you know the difference? Have you received the Holy Spirit? So I want to pray for those of you who are serious. Do you want to know the truth? Those of you who want to be in the light and receive the spirit of God, so pray with me, “Lord Jesus, I pray for your true church. I pray for those who want to be part of the body of Christ, that want to put on their clean robes, that want to truly repent of sin, not those who want to deflect blame, who want to just say that everyone is a sinner who want to muddy the waters. Lord, but I pray for those who truly want your Holy Spirit in their life, that want to be cleansed from all unrighteousness. I pray for those that want to be serious to purge all sin out of their life and to be completely purified. I pray that you purify them. I pray that they repent of their sins, that they confess their sins. And I pray that they are made clean, that they have on their white robes. I pray that they come into the gift of your new covenant, believe in Lord Jesus, that you will wash over their sins, that you will cleanse them from all unrighteousness, and that your blood will purify them. We thank you, Lord Jesus, for dying on the cross. We thank you for resurrecting. We thank you that you are alive and that you are with those who are with the truth, because we know that those who hear the truth hear your voice, and those who hear your voice will hear the truth. So I pray for my brothers and sisters who are in darkness but that want to come into the light. I pray that you will give them the power to overcome Satan and the demons in the spiritual realm, the empire of the Satanic. I pray that chains will be broken in your name, Lord, and that people will be set free from the bondage of sin, that they no longer will be ashamed to speak the truth of you, Lord Jesus, and that they will be able to stand. In your name I pray, Lord Jesus, amen.”

Can Christians Sin?

 There are some Christians that think once you receive the Holy Spirit you will never be tempted to sin or ever fall to sin again. That is not true.  But if you are a true Christian you will immediately repent if you do fall into sin, and you will out of remorse say in your heart to the Lord Jesus, "...As long as I live, I will never fall back into that sin again..." You will immediately ask for forgiveness and NOT go back. It is the dogs that go back to their vomit, not the redeemed. 

Saturday, November 4, 2023

Deception of the Saying: "No one's Perfect"

 Deception of the Saying: "No One's Perfect"

We’ll praise Jesus today everyone.  I wanted to speak about this saying that people talk about when they say "No one's perfect, I'm not perfect, none of us are perfect."  What are they actually saying? What I have noticed when we say this is it's either a deflection, trying to get people not to look at our flaws, or we're trying to just make excuses.  What people are really saying is, I have made my fair share of mistakes, and I don't really want to change and I don't need you pointing out my mistakes.  Think about your own mistakes. 

When I was in the world, but trying to be a Christian, when I was messing up in the world and then people would point out that I was in sin, I would also immediately come back with, “Well, all of us are sinners, all of us make mistakes, you know I make mistakes, you make mistakes.”  What I was really doing is just trying to get people off of my back, not to point out that I was doing things that were wrong.  But if I were able to man up to my sin, I would have realized I need to repent of that, I need to change.  And instead of actually wanting to change, a lot of men just want to deflect, they want to point out other people's sins.  They want everyone to be a sinner, so that then it looks like an even playing field.  All of us are evil, all of us are sinners, don't worry about it, it doesn't matter if you mess up.  

The truth can be found in Matthew chapter 5 verse 48, where Jesus says, be perfect as your Father in heaven is perfect.  That is a horrible verse for sinners who don't repent, because it directly addresses their sin.  Jesus calls people to actually repent, He calls all of us to action.  And if we keep on trying to deflect blame, just saying all of us are sinners, it's okay, all of us mess up, we're after all humans, after all we're men, then we're not taking the words of Jesus seriously.  What each of us have to do is, when we are in sin, we need to confess our sins, we need to repent, we need to ask for forgiveness for the things that we've done that are wrong, and then we need to move on with our relationship with Jesus.  If we can't do this, then we are like the rest of the world, and we don't believe the words of Jesus.  

Jesus said, be perfect as your Father in heaven is perfect. How do we do that?  Because it is true, none of us are perfect, but we do have to be perfect for the Lord.  None of us are good, but we do have to do good for the Lord every day.  The way that you can do this is by receiving the Holy Spirit, and every day surrendering to the Holy Spirit.  You have to feed the spiritual man, and not feed the flesh.  That is why Jesus calls us to be a new creation, to daily deny ourselves, take up our cross, and to follow Him.  

A lot of people do not want to daily take up their cross. They want to daily gratify the desires of the flesh.  And so when they wake up in the morning, they're immediately thinking, "Me, me, me, what can I do to serve me?  How can I live for myself?" And because they're only thinking about self-preservation, they're only thinking about what will please themselves.  Their flesh arises, and with the flesh comes greed, envy, jealousy, hatred, lust, all of the things that are in you that are evil.  And when you feed the evil that is in you, you become more and more given to that evil.  And eventually, evil and sin leads to death. Death spiritually, and then death physically. 

So if we want to overcome, we have to put on the truth of Jesus Christ.  We have to be born again. We have to receive His Holy Spirit. And we have to have that prayer language where we're speaking in our new tongues.  Speaking in new tongues doesn't mean that you're just speaking in an unknown language, and you don't know what you're speaking of.  But you have to pray and say, “Lord, please change my mind, change my heart, and let me be connected to you as the vine so that I can be fruitful and that I can be praying all the time.”  If we are really praying in tongues, then we are praying all the time. You can pray all day long.  You pray from the moment you wake up. You pray throughout your day. You can pray while you're doing math or science in school.  You can pray while you fall asleep, and while you're sleeping, you're still praying. And when evil comes against you, you're still rebuking demons.  You're rebuking evil spirits because you are in the Spirit, and your spiritual man is alive.  You're connected to the vine of Jesus Christ, and His Holy Spirit is in communication with you.  This is where you need to be as a spiritual man or a spiritual woman.  

You cannot overcome the flesh if you're always saying, “me, me, me. I can live how I want.  I can have religion on the side. I can go to church on Saturday and Sunday, and I can live how I want.”  You have to fully surrender to the words of Jesus, and you have to live for the Lord with all your heart, soul, might, and strength.  And when you're living for the Lord, then He gives you more revelation of Himself, and He teaches you His voice.  He shows you how to pray, as we know from the Scriptures, He gives us this ability to pray with groans too deep even for our own understanding.  We don't know how to pray perfectly ourselves. But when we receive the Holy Spirit into our life, then the Holy Spirit intercedes for our spirit, so that when we speak, we speak mysteries unto God.  

And when we speak with this language that the Holy Spirit gives us, then we are able to overcome the lusts of the flesh.  We're able to overcome the demons and the evil. We're able to overcome our own sin problem.  And when we do that, no longer will we be making excuses, saying "We're all sinners, all of us are evil, all of us serve the devil a little bit and God a little bit."  No. When you receive the Holy Spirit, and you become dedicated to the Lord, then you just continually pray, you continually rebuke the devil that comes against you, you rebuke evil thoughts, you take every single thought captive in the name of Jesus.  

And you need to receive the Holy Spirit if you want to be born again. You cannot be born of water and the Spirit just with your carnal mind and your carnal flesh.  You can't enter into the new covenant just with your physicality.  You have to be born again, as Jesus said. He said this to Nicodemus. Nicodemus did not understand what Jesus meant, and he said, “Do I have to go back into my own mother?”  But Jesus says that we have to be born of water and the Spirit.  In order to do this, we have to pray in humility and say, “Lord, I can't do this on my own.  I can't reach heaven on my own. I know all of the deeds I've tried to do have amounted to nothing.  So please, Lord, please show me the right way. Fill me with your Holy Spirit. Purify me from my unrighteousness.  Wash me in your blood. And let me be ready to do your work.  Raise me so that I can speak with my new tongue, that I may be edified and that I may edify others in the Lord.  And let me be able to overcome all sin and all temptation in your name.”

 And the Holy Spirit will enter you.  He will fill you. And there will be no room in your mind for evil. There will be no room in your heart for evil or lust.  All the things that were once in you from the world, from your worldly, fleshly self, will be pushed out.  That is the process of purification. And as you're being purified, you'll be purged, purged of old thoughts, old habits, old sins, the old adulterous heart.  You'll be cleansed, and Jesus' blood will wash over you and cleanse you and purge you and purify you.  This is the process of you putting on your white garments and preparing for the day of the Lord, preparing to meet Jesus, preparing for the wedding supper of the Lamb.  

Jesus is coming, and most of the church is not ready.  Most of the church is still stuck in dead religion. People have been purifying themselves.  They've been coming to the Lord. Jesus has been washing them clean. There are still many people who are stuck in religion.  They're stuck listening to lying pastors. They're stuck in deceptive Bible study.  They glorify the Bible, but they're ever learning but never coming to the truth of Jesus.  They're not putting on their white robes. 

So if we want to overcome, we need to stop making excuses.  We can't keep on saying, all of us are sinners. All of us have fallen short of God's glory.  We need to start truly repenting, putting on sackcloth and ashes, mourning over sin and over evil, shutting out everything that is demonic and evil, not celebrating evil anymore, praying against evil, praying that God will smite the evil one.  Take everything that is demonic to hell in Jesus' name. We need to cry out with a loud voice against the satanic empire, praying against the principalities of evil.  And when God sees our heart and we're open and exposed to Him, praying that He purifies us, cleansing us, then He will cleanse you.  Jesus knows if you are serious, that if you really want His cleansing and His purification, or if you're just full of pride, trying to look like a good Christian on the outside.  

Sadly, many Christians are very boastful. They want to be seen as a dignitary.  They want to be seen as kings and queens. They want to be seen as the chief of pastors.  They want to be seen as the father or leaders of their flock.  But they don't put Jesus first. They don't lead by example. They don't lead in humility.  They're self-righteous, full of themselves, full of pride and arrogance. Even though they say they follow the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, they act like the Pharisees and Sadducees and all of the religious rulers who put Jesus to death.  We cannot be partakers of the Pharisees and those who just go over the Bible, quoting the law like all of the Pharisees and like how Saul did before he had his conversion.  

Are we really the children of God? Are we overcoming in Jesus' name?  Or are we making excuses? Jesus wants to bless you.  He wants to cover over your sins. He wants to purify you and purge you of unrighteousness.  And Jesus Christ is also quick to forgive. He's quick to cleanse us.  He's not going around just nitpicking, trying to find all your sins to cast you into hell.  There are some preachers that go around acting as though God will condemn you for every little problem, every little sin.  And that's just not true. Jesus is not looking to nitpick people, but He does want people to come out of darkness and out of loving the darkness into loving the light.  We know from John chapter 3 that the condemnation is that men loved darkness. And they loved darkness more than the light because their deeds were evil and people did not want their deeds, their evil deeds to be exposed.  Many men love sensation. They love sexual perversion.  They love just being entertained. They love movies. They love music. They love their eyes being entertained and their ears being entertained.  But they don't do anything that is productive because they're not connected to the vine.  They are a branch disconnected from the vine and they're just trying to look good because they want people and a following, following them.  But if we want life, we need to be connected to Jesus because apart from Jesus Christ, we can do nothing.  

So are we just trying to look good to people and when people notice that we're in sin, are we trying to deflect it?  Are we trying to say, “well, we're all sinners. All of us have fallen short. All of us do bad.”  Are we just trying to deflect that and get the attention off of us? Or are we ready to evaluate our own life so that then we can repent of sins and truly come into the light, loving the light, loving the truth, loving justice, loving mercy, loving the words of Jesus so that we can be completely pure, holy and righteous?  

I want to pray for the true church, for those of you that want to be in God's grace and in His light, that you may hear His voice and that you may walk upright and pure.  “So Lord Jesus, I pray for those who are coming out of the world. I pray that they may touch nothing that's unclean, that they may be unstained from worldliness, unstained from the evil that is in this world.  I pray that you will unshackle them from the deceptions of Satan and the witchcraft that goes across this world in our cities and in our towns.  I pray that our prayers may be heard before you, Lord Jesus, and that you may destroy the works of Satan in this town, in this city and in this country, that people may be set free from the bondage of sin, from deception and lies.  They may truly come to You, that they may be washed clean and partake in Your new covenant, that they may eat Your flesh, Lord, and drink Your blood and truly be made new.  In Your name I pray, Lord Jesus. Amen. “