Thursday, January 27, 2022

The way Satan controls Christians


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praise jesus everyone, i tried to make

this similar message earlier today, but

i just didn't have enough signal to do


so i thought i would take a few minutes

here to

talk about the same subject, that i was

going to speak about this morning,

which is in regards to how satan

controls christians and

how it is similar to an abusive

manipulative relationship.

See if you ever have been in a

relationship with someone, boyfriend,

girlfriend, fiance marriage,

where you had a spouse who controlled


this will make sense to you and

a lot of times

a girl has a boyfriend, that she wants to

break up with and

she can't, she feels stuck

and the reason for that is because the

boyfriend threatens her

or the husband threatens that wife

and the boyfriend will say, if you leave

me, i'll commit suicide or if you leave



then i will take all the things, that you

have. He makes threats basically against

his girlfriend

and so because he's abusive

and because she fears him, she doesn't

break up with him. Now everyone else in

her family

can tell her plainly: you have to just

leave that man!

But she feels stuck,

so why does she feel stuck? She feels

stuck because she fears her boyfriend

and because she fears him,

even though he's abusive and hateful and


even though

he isn't good for her emotions or her

Life, she stays with him through it all

thinking that maybe one day things will

get better

or i just want to keep the peace. So

because she wants to keep the peace with

this boyfriend on and on and on, the


goes and she's constantly abused.

So why am i speaking about this?

Because satan does the exact same thing

with christians.

Many christians say they follow jesus

and to an extent they do,

but they fear satan, they fear what satan

will do, if they fully dedicate

themselves to Jesus Christ. I've seen


all the time since i've started to

follow Jesus. People just can't count the


because they know, if they fully commit

to Jesus Christ,

satan will just be destroying their life,

he will be destroying their marriage,

their children will turn against them,

they know that their workplace will just

be a wreck, their boss will be upset,

they'll lose probably everything they

have and

satan runs off of this fear, he controls



they fear the devil. Now Jesus talks

about how to

bind the strong man and cast him out,

plunder his house,

spiritually this is

how you defeat satan.

First you have to count the cost,

there's no way you're going to defeat

Satan, if you haven't counted the cost

and many christians have never counted

the cost of discipleship, they say, they

love Jesus, but they never will have the

backbone to stand up for the truth,

because they fear,

what satan will do to them, they fear the

repercussions of standing up for their

faith and because they fear satan so


they can't count that cost and they want

to keep the peace with the devil.

A lot of people are in this boat, they

are married to satan but they're trying

to enter into the marriage supper of the

lamb, but obviously you can't be married

to Jesus Christ and to satan at the same


We know throughout the scripture, we have

to choose who we serve, you can't serve

two masters,

but the problem is: a lot of christians

have no backbone, they haven't counted

the cost.

You have to set it in your heart no

matter what happens,

that you will go with Jesus whether you

live or die

and if you set it in your heart, that no

matter what happens, even if people turn

against you, you lose your spouse, you

lose your children, you lose your job,

if you said it in your heart, that no

matter what you're gonna go with Jesus,

then the devil will be cast out! You will

be able to say: away from me devil!

and you'll be able to say: i'm gonna

follow the Lord Jesus with all my heart

and you'll be able to cast out those


But until you do that, until you have said in

your heart that you will not be moved or

manipulated or controlled by anything, no

matter what happens to you,

the devil will still have control over

you and your life,

because you fear the devil, you can't

fear two masters, you can't fear satan

and fear Jehovah God, you cannot fear

Jesus Christ and the satanic empire,

you have to be willing to take up your


and become a true disciple!

Most christians don't know what it means

to carry their cross, they think that

they can live for satan, be in this

unholy marriage with the devil,

connected to

the world

and somehow have a redeemer in Jesus

Christ and he will save them from their

sins in the end. That's not how it works!

Jesus said: whoever of you does not

forsake all that he has, cannot be my



you have to forsake your relationship

with satan and very few christians have

done this. They say Jesus, Jesus, Jesus,

bible, bible, and they love to quote the

Bible, they love talking about religion,

but they can't cast out a demon, not from

their own life, not from their own mind,

not from their own house,

not from their own family,

and that is because they are still

spiritually married to the satanic

Empire. They're still married to satan,

they fear satan, they fear the people,

that have satan working in them, because

all hell will come against you to test


when you truly put your faith in Jesus.

This happens to all of us:

anyone who chooses to follow Jesus for

real, will be tested!

And these tests will happen in waves,

they'll happen throughout our journey

with the Lord.

One example of this: When i first was

coming out of church,

this was 10, 11 years ago,

Boy, people started coming against me, i

started having

people making you know threats against

me, not against


not to lay hands on me,

but their threats were more

that i won't have any money, they're not

going to provide for me, they're not

going to help me with my house or with

my bills,

it was anything to be able to destroy me

financially to scare me into their

system of following the way of church

and dead religion.

And satan used that to try to manipulate

me and my wife to stay within the box of

dead religion,

but when i realized that was happening, i

just continued to pray and i said: Lord

give me the way out of this!

And Jesus gave me the way out of it, but

it was still difficult, people came to

my wife's work and threatened her, they

came to my work

or they were sending emails,

they were trying to make us fail at

whatever job we did, trying to undermine

our livelihood, so wherever we went,

wherever we tried to have success in

life, people were trying to undermine


but you know: it says in the scripture

that no weapon formed against us will

Prosper, if we're with the Lord

and i counted the cost, what it meant to

follow Jesus with my life,

what would it mean, if my wife chose not

to go with me, what would happen all my

friends turned on me, i counted those

costs and i said: Lord i want to follow

You, no matter, what and when i said it in

my heart, that no matter what i would go

with Jesus,

then i was able to overcome satan, that

was binding the strong man as Jesus says

in the scriptures. And then we can

plunder his house,

we can destroy the works of satan, we can

take back the things, that satan stole

from us spiritually and stand to our

feet on the rock of our salvation Jesus


and start proclaiming the truth. Then the

evil empire falls,

we start to punch holes through that

demonic wall and people start to see the

light of Jesus Christ, people start to

wake up to the truth of God,

but most christians are frail,

they haven't counted the cost, they're

weak, they are

having a pity party, because they don't

Know, what's going on,

they are always crying to God: why can't

i overcome my sins? why can't i have

success? why am i always a failure? And

God takes no pleasure

in Christians, who are always whining and

always complaining, like the nation of

Israe, who just griped against God for

40 years, most of them he destroyed in

the wilderness,

God takes no pleasure

in backsliding Christians, in weak

selfish christians

and christians who have no power to

stand up and give God glory.

But if you want to have

power and authority with Jesus Christ in

your spiritual walk, you have to first

count the cost, count the cost what it

means to lose everything,

count the cost, what it means to really

go with Jesus Christ as a disciple, no

matter what.

And then Jesus will give you control

over your own self, self-control

and that is the beginning of being able

to conquer the demons, that are in your

life, casting them out of your mind,

taking captive every single thought, if

you know it's evil, you rebuke it, you

rebuke satan

and you tell him off, because you're a

child of God and he has no control over

you or your life. But if you fear satan,

if you fear satan's agents, whether

they're in your workplace or in your own

family, then satan can control you even

if you think that you are a christian.

satan is very smart, he's smarter than

any of us, he knows, how to manipulate you,

even if you think you're a christian, he

knows, how to manipulate you and destroy

you, unless you have counted the cost to

go with Jesus. So i encourage you: take up

your cross daily, deny yourself,

count the cost of what it means to

follow the Lord

and then know, that he will make the way

for you!

Jesus promises to lead us and to guide

us, if we will trust him

and you need to glorify him in your life,

always be singing his praises,

always be loving him with all your heart,

don't be defeated by the devil,

constantly get back up, stand to your

feet on the rock of your salvation.

If you are constantly praising the Lord

like Paul and Silas were even in prison,

then God is glorified, he will give you

power to overcome,

but when you're always moping around and

defeated and

acting like that, you become selfish and

the devil feeds off of

depression and feeling selfish and


these are things, the devil loves,

but if you are with Jesus, you will

glorify him, you will sing his praises

day and night, you will be praying and

loving him, you'll be loving others

as yourself and when you do this, God is

well glorified and he will give you more

of his Holy Spirit to teach you, to lead

you and to carry you through the

wilderness in those dry times!

So i encourage you to fight through, cast

out the demons that are in your life,

but make sure, that you truly have

counted the cost!

may the grace of Jesus be with you

Wednesday, January 26, 2022

sATAN'S Children are "Woke"


sATAN'S Children are "Woke"

I’ve heard a lot of people these days talking about being “WOKE”, they woke up, now they know the truth… the truth about the world.  One thing to remember though is, satan also woke people up, he woke up Adam and Eve to the knowledge of good and evil.  It was a horrible thing.  Satan is all about being woke, but he is not about righteousness and holiness.  Being “woke”  has nothing to do with the true gospel of righteousness, purity, humility, self-control… in order to enter the Kingdom of God it  is about being RIGHTEOUS, knowing your Master Jesus Christ and obeying Him every day.  Are you filled with the Holy Spirit?  Are you righteous and holy, set apart and sanctified for the purpose of Jesus Christ, walking the straight and narrow path?  Or are you “woke” like satan’s children?  May the grace of Jesus be with you. 

Friday, January 14, 2022

You may be surprised at what God cannot do


Praise Jesus, everyone.


Today it truly is a blessing to serve the God that can do anything.  But, I want to speak today about a certain paradox.  And that is, something God cannot do.  I want to read about this and if you take a look at it yourself, too, it will be more compelling.


This is found in Mark 6, and I hope that some of us can hear this message today and really learn from what God cannot do, and then apply that to our life so we can become better. 


This is found in Mark chapter 6, and this happens right as Jesus is doing these wonderful miracles that the Father is working through Him.  We get to chapter 6:

Did you know that Jesus had sisters and brothers and they didn’t even believe in him?  They were offended at Jesus because they saw things that Jesus did, and some of them were jealous of him.  They were offended at him.

Mark 6 continues:

“But Jesus said unto them, A prophet is not without honour, but in his own country, and among his own kin, and in his own house.

And he could there do no mighty work, save that he laid his hands upon a few sick folk, and healed them.

And he marvelled because of their unbelief. And he went round about the villages, teaching.”

So, here is the question: what can Jesus not do by the power of God?  We see there is something that he can’t do here.  It specifically says in verse 5 that Jesus could do no mighty work there, that is in his own town, except that he laid hands on a few sick people and healed them.  And He marveled because of their disbelief.  So what Christ can’t do by the power of God is healings in people and miracles in people with disbelief.  Jesus would always heal people according to their belief.  And the one thing God cannot do is be pleased with people with unbelief.  He can’t heal people that are unbelieving and without faith.


Now I want you to take a look with me at how important it is to have belief in God, to trust him, to know that he is our God and our Savior, that he loves us, and that He will help us if we call on Him.  This is a very important principle in the Christian walk.  It’s something that God requires of us, and if we don’t know what God requires we can’t please Him.  And there’s a lot of Christians who think they follow the principles of God, the principles in the Bible, but they don’t listen to the principles that Jesus taught.  They don’t follow the Lord.  They don’t honor Him.  They can’t follow after him in faith because they disbelieve God.  I want to read part of Hebrews.  This is the faith chapter.  Hebrews 11:1-6 reads:


Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

For by it the elders obtained a good report.

Through faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that things which are seen were not made of things which do appear.

By faith Abel offered unto God a more excellent sacrifice than Cain, by which he obtained witness that he was righteous, God testifying of his gifts: and by it he being dead yet speaketh.

By faith Enoch was translated that he should not see death; and was not found, because God had translated him: for before his translation he had this testimony, that he pleased God.

But without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him.

If you don’t have true faith, then it is impossible for you to enter into the kingdom of Heaven.  It’s impossible for you to get to know God.  You have to have an amount of faith that leads you forward, and not just faith that you believe that God exists, or faith that God could come through for you.   You have to have enough belief to take steps in faith forward, trusting that God will catch you.  I want to relate this to just something really basic that I learned in school.


When I was really young in school, I didn’t really trust the teachers.  Not, rather, that I didn’t trust the teacher, but I didn’t trust how I was hearing the teacher speak.  So whenever they would give me an assignment, I’d always second guess myself, whether or not I heard them correctly.  But when I got to college, I learned to just pay attention close enough.  Whatever I did on a report or an essay or an assignment, I just followed whatever they said.  And I had faith that if I followed whatever they said, and if, in doing what they said, I did wrong, I had faith enough to know that if I went back to the teacher I could relay an argument to them:  I just followed your directions.  Why are you giving me a “C” or “D” or an “F” when I followed your directions? 


I had enough faith to know that if I followed those directions to a “T”, as much as my understanding led me, and I still got a bad grade, I could make the argument and put it on the teacher’s shoulders that they did not teach me clearly enough.  So, knowing that, and having that amount of faith, it empowered me to do as much as I felt I could do with the knowledge that the teacher gave me, and if I came up short, I would rest that back on the teacher’s shoulders.  It wasn't on my own shoulders. 


Now, when I truly came to believe in God and trust Him, I had to have a similar sort of faith.  We do not test God in an unrighteous way.  We say, “The amount of faith that you’ve given us, Lord, I want to act on that.  And what I don’t know, if I’m a failure in that, it’s because you have not given me that amount of faith.”  And the areas I knew I was lacking, I prayed, “Lord, please give me more faith in this area because if I don’t have faith to trust you in this, then I won’t be able to do it. 


One example of this, that I have given before in my testimony, was when I was a paid pastor at that Baptist Church.  I had this vision or this word from the Holy Spirit to pack my bags and to leave.  To sell my house and to move.  That was as much direction as I got from my Teacher.  So I knew that with that amount of understanding, that amount of knowledge, that amount of coaching, if God is telling me to pack my bags and move, but He’s not giving me any more specifics, then when I start to move and act, God is responsible for the rest. I had enough faith to know that the responsibility was on God’s shoulders, but it was on my shoulders to act on what God told me. 


Now, a lot of people don’t have faith enough to act with the amount of faith or the word that God gave them.  They don’t trust the teacher.   They’re fearful that they’re going to fail and it’s going to be on their shoulders.  So, they can’t trust God enough to even move them forward a half of an inch.  But if you trust that God can guide you because He loves you, and He’s a good teacher, if you trust He will give you the amount of teaching that you need at the rate you can receive it, then you trust Him enough to grow. 


Because I was able to muster together as much faith as I had, and trust the Lord, I put in my resignation at my church.  I told them that church was like a whorehouse, as Jesus was telling me.  I packed my bags and I moved because I had enough faith to trust in God.  As I did, the Lord blessed me.  I didn’t go hungry.  I didn't miss a single payment on my mortgage.  I was able to get all the things that I needed to pack my bags and move because I had faith, and that pleased God. 


Now, I could have easily told the Lord, “Lord, you didn’t tell me exactly which direction to go.  You didn’t tell me what job I was going to have.  You didn’t tell me what my life would look like a year from now.”  I could have made excuses about how bad of a teacher he was, but I knew not to do that even from my earthly experience in college.  Teachers, if they are good teachers, give you an amount of instruction that you need to complete the task immediately in front of you.  That doesn’t mean that you know the whole course or that you’re gonna pass every class or every assignment that was in the syllabus.  But, a good teacher is giving you enough information to enable you to pass those assignments as you receive them.  And I knew that if I’ve had earthly teachers in college that are good enough to get me by, obviously God is a better teacher than they are.  And God is worthy to lead me and guide me by his Spirit of truth.  I began to grow in faith. 


I began seeing the Holy Spirit coming through for me:  providing money for me when I needed it, providing people in my life to give me the provision I needed when I needed it.  He just made the way for me.  When I started to realize that, my faith grew. 


The problem is a lot of people are not growing in their faith because they simply can’t please God in the first place.  They don’t trust Him as a teacher.  They don’t think they have enough resources because they don’t trust what God has given them.  They can’t overcome their sin because they don’t trust the Lord.  They can’t have eyes that see because they don’t ask for it.  They don’t receive any of the gifts of the Holy Spirit, so they’re totally stunted.  And what a lot of times happens, when these people are stunted, they say, “Lord, I give up.  I’ll try to appease you by giving money to some of your people.  I’ll donate money to Africa.  I'll donate money to a church.  I’ll give my 10 percent to appease you.  Oh, God, but I can't do what you ask.  I can’t be set free from sin.  I can’t go where you call me.  But I’ll just appease you by giving you money or I’ll appease you by giving presents to my grandchildren.”  I know a lot of elderly people that are grandparents or parents, and they literally think they can buy their way into the kingdom of God even though they’re not pleasing God with their own life. 


It’s impossible to please God by trying to buy your way into the kingdom of Heaven.  You can’t do it.  Without faith, it’s impossible to please God.  All of these grandparents around Christmas time think they are going to do great things by just getting their grandchildren presents.  It’s wonderful getting presents, don't get me wrong, but you can’t buy your way into the kingdom of God if you’re lacking faith, and you don’t trust the Teacher, Christ.  If you don’t trust Him, you’re not going to please God.  You’re not going to enter His kingdom.  And at the end of your life, He’s going to tell you, “Away from me you who commit iniquity.  I don’t know you.”


It doesn’t matter how much you donated to the poor, or gave to children, or if you tithe your 10% to the church, or donated your time to this charity or that charity.  What’s going to matter is if you had faith that was pleasing to God, and if you did the things that He called you to do.  Did you overcome your sin?  Did you come into the light of the truth?  Did you overcome addiction?  Did you live righteously?  Did you love others as yourself?  Were you able to forgive?  These are the things that God calls us to do that many people are neglecting.  Instead of doing the things God calls them to do, they become bitter at others.  They become angry at God.  They try to outwardly look good before men.  These are the kinds of people, in the professional workplace, who are the first to donate to charity.  They are the first to help someone get their first vehicle or help the company get better.  They feel enslaved to do good things for the economy because subconsciously they’re trying to buy off God.  They’re trying to earn their way to Heaven.  But as we know, there is not enough good works we can do to earn our salvation.  It’s impossible.  Rather, you have to have faith, and faith means doing the things that Jesus commanded of you to do.  Are we really men and women of faith?  Do we trust the Lord when He gives us a hard task?  Do we trust that He gives us the provision to overcome it?  Do we start walking in faith with the amount of guidance that He’s given us?  Or are we stunted with fear?  Are we terrified?  Do we just not know what to do, or worse, do we become cowards and start listening to people?


These days, during Covid-19 and this pandemic, a lot of people are quick to run to prophets.  They want to hear a word from men.  A lot of us aren’t hearing from God, so a lot of people are running to people.  People tell them all sorts of things that get them very mixed up.  But Jesus didn’t promise a church.  He didn’t even promise you the Bible.  There are some people that don’t have the privilege of reading the Bible, yet they will also be judged according to their works and their actions.  They will be condemned according to the words they said or things they did, or they will be justified according to what they did and said.  So, are we living with true faith?  Do you have faith?  Look inward.  Look inwardly at yourself and just ask:  The amount of faith that God has given me, am I really living for the Lord with what He’s given me?  The amount of talents He’s giving me, am I giving that back to the Lord?  Am I honoring God with my life?  Or am I living selfishly?  Am I living without faith?  Am I living to please God by showing signs to men that I’m righteous, but I’m neglecting the things that God actually called me to do: true repentance, ridding myself of sin, asking for forgiveness, apologizing to people that have offended me?  Is your heart really clean and pure?  Or are you full of bitterness and impurity, immodesty, lust?  Make sure that your heart is really righteous before God.  Because it’s impossible to please Him without faith. 


The one thing that God cannot do is a miracle in someone’s life that has no faith in Him.  That’s why a lot of people see no miracles.  They see no healings.  They don’t see God working.  They have zero faith.  But if you want to see God move, if you want to see Him move through you, you have to ask the Lord to grow your faith.  Ask Him to help you if you don’t have a desire.  If you just feel that  you’re empty inside, say, “Lord, please give me a desire to grow in my faith.  Give me a desire to have you working through me.  Give me a new heart that beats, a heart that is alive.  Help me be able to see the way you see.  I don’t want to see any more from the perspective of men.  I want to see from the perspective of God.”


And if we truly are seekers after the truth, after the light, then we’ll be seekers after God, after His own heart.  We want to be chasing after God’s heart, because in Him there is life.  He is the light of men.  But if we’re chasing after men, and we have no faith, we will be in darkness.




I hope this encourages someone out there to really have faith to start praying.  To start your prayer life with Jesus, and to act on the amount of faith that God has given you.


May the grace of Jesus be with you. 

Thursday, January 13, 2022

Are you looking for fellowship in vain


Are You Looking for Fellowship in Vain?

I’ve watched as some Christians expend all their energy in looing for Christian fellowship, the brotherhood of the saints.  But they don’t spend half as much time seeking FIRST the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, seeing to please their LORD and MASTER.  It becomes a thing of pride to think that WE can build God’s church.  When we rely on the arm of our OWN flesh to gather people together, then the work of the HOLY SPIRIT cannot be done, we become a hinderance to God’s TRUE Church.  We are NOT the ones who build the church, Jesus Christ is the one that builds His Church.  But because many Christians are lonely and they don’t have a relationship with Jesus where they TRUST Him, they seek after fellowship FIRST.  They are ALWAYS looking for a church, always looking for brothers and sisters in the Lord, always looking for new fellowships and gatherings, people to meet with.  What we SOULD be seeking first is the KINGDOM OF GOD and we should trust that HE is the one who builds HIS Church.  He builds His little flock.  But if we don’t trust Him, we can’t OBEY Him.  Are you really seeing FIRST the Kingdom of God and His righteousness?  Do you trust that He is the one that gathers or that HE is the one who severs?  Do you trust Him with your LIFE?  Or are you just looking for gatherings?  May the grace of Jesus be with you. 

Sunday, January 9, 2022

Year 2022

The year of 2022 will be a year of GREAT decision. By your words and your actions you will prove who you really follow. 2022 is the year you will have to learn to hear the Lord's voice or you will be in darkness. Jesus said that His sheep hear His voice and they do not follow a stranger. LEARN to hear the Lord's voice for yourself or you will be shut out. Your destiny depends on if you will hear your Master. Everyone will learn to hear and obey their true master for good or for evil. 


Friday, January 7, 2022

God's Revelation to us didn't End With the Book of Revelation

 Not everything that Jesus ever wanted to say to us is recorded in the scripture. That is why Jesus says in John chapter 16, "I still have many things to say to you but you cannot bear them now, however when He the Spirit of Truth has come He will guide you into all truth..."  Many Christians think that revelation from God, for all humanity, ended with the book of Revelation. No one else can have a revelation if they didn't live in bible times because that would be outside the Canon of scripture and not "biblical".  By believing such foolishness they make it as though God only spoke to people in Bible times, but in the latter days stopped communicating with His creation intimately as in the past. They even have the audacity to say the ONLY way God communicates is through the written scripture.  As sad and heretical of a doctrine it is, MANY Christian's are actually FOOLED by this. They think to themselves that if it's not in the Bible they don't need to believe it's sin or real at all... they presume; "Abortion" is not mentioned explicitly in the Bible, so it must not be murder,  Marijuana and other psychoactive recreational drugs are not mentioned in the Bible, so they must not be witchcraft... Demons are not mentioned tormenting people in hell, so hell and demons must be a crule fantasy... America is not mentioned explicitly in the Bible, so we are insignificant to God, Covid-19 was not mentioned in the bible, so we don't need to worry about our conscience pricking us... Anyone who does not truly here and have revelation from Jesus Christ for themselves are in very serious trouble. Jesus Christ is making a severe division between those who HEAR HIM and those who are not of His fold. The question is, do you hear from the Lord Jesus? Do you obey Him?  And do you have continuous REVELATION from Him?  Or has God ceased from speaking?