Sunday, March 31, 2024

Easter at Church

Easter at Church

Well, praise Jesus today everyone. I wanted to speak about something that I've been thinking about for the last few days and that's in regard to Easter, church, and Christian fellowship. Now there's a few reasons why I and my family don't celebrate Easter. There of course is the reason that it has a lot of its roots in paganism. I know that the Christian church has adopted many holidays and tried to make it Christian, including things like Halloween. They have trunk or treat instead of trick or treat and they invite people to their church, and they try to be a testimony for Jesus and try to turn something that's worldly into something that's godly. But it ends up just being a gimmick. And I tend to steer away from anything that is pagan or has its roots in paganism and is ungodly.

As disciples of Jesus, we don't want to look anything like the world and we certainly don't want our roots to be pagan or to be practicing things that had roots in evil or Satanism. Now one of those things is also Easter. If you research a bit about Easter, you will notice how it does have a lot of its roots in paganism, but how the Christian church tried to relate Easter with the Passover and made it into the Christian version of the Passover where we now celebrate that Jesus has resurrected from the dead. And all of those things are good to remember, that Jesus died on the cross for our sins, that He resurrected, and He made the way for us, that He made atonement for our sins.

But here's the thing guys, when you start mixing Santa Claus and Christmas with Jesus' birth and when you start mixing the Easter bunny and pagan eggs and pagan rituals with Jesus' resurrection, you're left with something that is not truly for a disciple of God at all. And this is the same thing that happens in church all the time. They mix the culture, things of the world, with things that are godly and they have this collaboration of falsehoods with things that are truth. And this is what Satan does all the time. But besides the fact that Easter has its roots in a lot of things that are pagan. The main reason that I keep myself separate from this holiday, even though it's a high holy day for the Christians, is because it is rooted in a lot of hypocrisy within the Christian church.

So forget about the whole pagan thing for a minute and hear me out on the fact that most Christians are only Christians one day of the week. They're very hypocritical. They want to say Jesus is risen, He is risen indeed, but they only celebrate Jesus as risen on their high holy days. But the rest of the year, they're living like Jesus was dead and they are alive to their sins. So they're into pornography, they're smoking pot, they're lusting after women, they're not raising their children for the Lord or living for God every day. They're not overcoming sin, temptation. They're serving themselves all the time. Yet then when there's a high holy Christian day or high holy Jewish day, they act as though they're Jewish or Christian. And that is hypocrisy.

So as for myself, I don't keep this particular day or Christmas or Halloween or any of these days because they're rooted in paganism and in Christian hypocrisy. And if we come to really love and obey Jesus, He pulls us out of the world, out of falsehood, and He writes His truth and His love and His justice on our heart. And we trade those things of the world, those lies and falsehoods and false brotherhoods, false churches, we trade that for the truth, things that are really noble and upright and pure, the things of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit hasn't called us to be part of Easter festivals or Easter egg hunts or church potlucks after church on Sunday. He's called us to be holy every day. So of course we acknowledge that Jesus died on the cross and He resurrected. Of course we believe that Jesus was born of a virgin. And all of these things that the Christians celebrate, we also celebrate in our hearts knowing that they're the truth. But we don't keep them mixed with pagan ritual and with fellowship that's ungodly.

Now a lot of Christians say, well I don't believe in any of that pagan stuff, nor does my church. Well the Lord has called me to be separate from false believers, from false churches. And this is also somewhere where a lot of Christians get led astray. I notice a lot of Christians spend a whole lot of time looking for what they call a family, Christian fellowship, some wise counsel. But at the end of the day, they're looking to be justified by men and have friends of their choice. But they're not dedicated to follow Jesus even if the road is lonely.

If we want to be in the truth, we have to seek first fellowship with our Creator. And if we seek first fellowship with God, and if in all of our being we want to be right with God, then we're not going to be throwing our energy towards trying to start a 501c3 church, or start a home church, or pretend that we're loving because we are starting Bible studies in our house. We have to wait on the Lord and ask Him how we can truly be in fellowship with Him and be dedicated to Him. And then after we have fellowship with God, then He leads us in how to be fruitful and how to multiply. But that does not happen with joining a local church, or becoming a 501c3, or being ordained by your local government. You have to be ordained and set apart and commissioned by God. You have to receive His Holy Spirit.

And sadly, most Christians are just looking for a church group, they're looking for a club. They feel lonely. And instead of waiting on the Lord, knowing that He is their best friend and always there for us, they jump the gun, they go out in front of God, and they go find what they think is a good fellow brother or sister, a good Christian Bible-believing church. And for a minute it looks like it's good, and then down the line, Satan uses those brothers and sisters to get them off of the straight and narrow path. I don't know how many times Christians have started out good with Jesus, seeking fellowship with Him, wanting to be in the truth, but then because they were lonely and sought out fellowship with other believers first, and not God, then they were led astray by the devil.

Who do you think the devil will use to distract you if you are serious about God? He's not going to use an atheist, he's not going to use a Buddhist, he's not going to use someone that's an unbeliever. Satan will use a fellow brother or sister, someone that you trust, to get you off the straight and narrow path, because that's who you will allow into your life. So we have to be very careful who we allow into our life, who we allow to guide us.

Jesus said, Call no one on earth your father, call no one your teacher or one your leader. Jesus wants to be our leader, He wants to be our pastor, He wants to be our shepherd. And if you're making other people, if you're setting up other people as your pastor, your leader, your spiritual father, then you're kicking Jesus out of His rightful seat. So you're kicking Him out of that chair, and you're setting up your own pastor or your own father to be your leader and your teacher. Too many Christians do this, and the next thing they know, they're fighting for their own marriage, they're fighting for custody over their children, they're fighting over their house, their marriages are falling apart, and the last thing they're thinking of is how they can really just please God and be a light to the world, because they're fighting for their own souls to their own death.

If we want to be really steadfast and be able to praise the Lord and worship Him and bear in good fruit, we have to get things right from the beginning. We have to stay separate from the ungodly churches that are participating in things like Easter and pagan rituals, and we have to stay separate from so-called brothers and sisters who God did not put in our life, but who the devil is trying to implant in our lives to distract us from the Kingdom of God. We have to be steadfast in the truth and walk with Jesus in His truth, even if no one else goes with us. It's like that song that says, “I have decided to follow Jesus, no turning back, though none go with me, still I will follow, no turning back.” That's how we have to be. If we are dedicated to Jesus, even if none of our friends go with us, even if we can't find a church that truly follows the Lord, we will still go with Jesus, even if it is just you and Jesus, we will go with Him. And as we follow the Lord, He, as He promises, will give us everything that we need.

So don't let a church distract you from following the Kingdom of God, don't let a brother or sister distract you, because Satan uses many brothers and sisters to distract the church and get people off of the straight and narrow path. Suddenly you are not concerned with the things Jesus is saying, but you have all these new concerns that are coming from a brother or sister or someone that has pushed their way into your life. Jesus didn't put them there. Their dreams or visions are not coming from God. They are coming from that person's imagination, and they are trying to manipulate you and make you believe things that are on their conscience, not things that are coming from the Holy Spirit.

And too many Christians are just so distracted by another brother or sister's dreams and visions and feelings for their life. You need to get your focus back on the Lord and get away from these people, get away from these organizations. Jesus cares for your soul. He will put the right people in your life. And the people the Lord puts in your life, you better keep in your life. For me, that is my wife, my children, the people that are close around me, that the Lord Himself has truly put in my life. But when other people try to push their way into your life that God has not put there, they will try to manipulate you, they will try to take your money, they will try to steal from you. Everything that Jesus has blessed you with, they will try to take away what is rightfully yours. That is the business of Satan, to take from you what God has rightfully given you.

And the churches are notorious for doing this. They will strip everything that God has rightfully given you. If you are a man, the church will strip away your God-given man authority to raise your household, to have authority over your wife and your children and your own life. They want to pervert you. They want to steer you away from the truth that they can be your leader. They are zealous for your soul, but not for righteousness, but for a perverted reason so that they can control and manipulate and fleece you and their flock.

Will we be dedicated to Jesus and remember the new covenant? Of course Jesus is alive, of course He died on the cross, He resurrected, He is alive, He is King of Kings and Lord of Lords, the tomb is left empty, of course. But will we truly follow the Lord in righteousness, or will we be saying in some church somewhere, He is risen, He is risen indeed, and then going to some Easter egg hunt. Meanwhile, Satan is stripping away any spiritual authority the man has, and taking away the things that God has rightfully given your family. Will you let Satan strip the life God has given you away, or will you take back what is rightfully yours and hold on to the truth and grow with the Lord so that He can bless you and your family?

 I hope this makes sense to you because too many Christians are allowing Satan to strip them of everything they have, true manhood, true righteousness, the ability to be a testimony, to be a light to the world. They're falling into false religion, they're falling into idolatry and adultery and every sort of evil. These churches that we have across America are full of falsehood, and they are leading people to hell every day. We need to, as men, stand up for the truth and warn people that they need to get out of dead religion, get out of paganism, get out of false relationships. Just leave those relationships that God hasn't put in your life. If someone is in your life that God hasn't put there, don't allow them to speak anything into your life that they call truth. Don't listen to them. Jesus has given His Holy Spirit to lead us and to guide us. He hasn't given some brother or sister to be your spiritual authority or the leader of your marriage. Don't allow someone to strip away the truth of the Holy Spirit from you.

I hope someone out there finds Jesus for real, puts their faith in the new covenant and is not distracted by the Christian church, by Easter, by Christmas, by Halloween, by any of those traditions of men. Far too often, Christians hold to the traditions of men. All of these holy days, yet far too quickly, they forget the commandments of Jesus Christ. They forget that Jesus is alive, He is Emmanuel, God with us, He loves us and He cares for us. People forget that. They forget that He wants a relationship with us and He wants to lead us every single day. Do we want to be led by our Creator or do we want the way of the world, false fellowship, false brotherhood? Do we want the truth or do we want lies? May the grace of Jesus be with you.

Sunday, March 24, 2024

Work for Jesus


Work for Jesus

Well praise Jesus this morning. We as Christians and disciples have to daily pick up our cross and follow Jesus and do His work. Otherwise we will become unfruitful. There are just too many ways in this world to become unfruitful. We know the parable of the four soils and how the three other soils didn't bear good fruit. The devil stole away the seed or they were choked out by weeds or they fell on the stony places. And we don't want that to be us. We want to produce good fruit. We want to keep our focus on Jesus because we know apart from Him we can do nothing. And we want to continue to grow in our faith and develop the Kingdom of God by the power of the Holy Spirit. If we are fruitless for the Kingdom of God or if our salt loses its flavor or if we have no light in us, then we're worthless to the Kingdom of God.

And so many Christians become worthless to the Kingdom of God because they are choked out by the things of this world. A lot of people are choked out by drugs and alcohol. They're choked out by marijuana, smoking pot. They're living for smoking pot. They're choked out by church. They think following God is all about just having good friends in church. But they're not really producing good fruit. They're choked out by relationships. They get into all sorts of situations with the opposite sex. They get themselves into all sorts of bad relationships and that chokes them out from being fruitful for the Kingdom of God. They get choked out by money, by pleasure, by all the things of this world. And instead of calling people to repent, being a light themselves, they can barely keep their head above the water, barely keep themselves from drowning.

We don't want to be that. We want to be walking with the Lord in purity and righteousness. We want to be steadfast in Him. We want Him to be sustaining us. And if that is the case, if that is you, then we have to keep our focus on Jesus and we have to be continually doing His work. As soon as we get up, we have to be giving our life to the Lord, saying, “I'm going to pick up my cross today, I'm going to follow You, and make me a light, Lord Jesus, so that I can be fruitful for You.”

 I want to read to you something Jesus said to one of His disciples that is about keeping our eyes on Him and doing His work. This is found in Luke chapter 14. I'm starting in verse 15.

Now when one of those who sat at the table with Him heard these things, he said to Him, “Blessed is he who shall eat bread in the kingdom of God!” Then He said to him, “A certain man gave a great supper and invited many, and sent his servant at supper time to say to those who were invited, ‘Come, for all things are now ready.’ But they all with one accord began to make excuses. The first said to him, ‘I have bought a piece of ground, and I must go and see it. I ask you to have me excused.’ And another said, ‘I have bought five yoke of oxen, and I am going to test them. I ask you to have me excused.’ Still another said, ‘I have married a wife, and therefore I cannot come.’ So that servant came and reported these things to his master. Then the master of the house, being angry, said to his servant, ‘Go out quickly into the streets and lanes of the city, and bring in here the poor and the maimed and the lame and the blind.’ And the servant said, ‘Master, it is done as you commanded, and still there is room.’ Then the master said to the servant, ‘Go out into the highways and hedges, and compel them to come in, that my house may be filled. For I say to you that none of those men who were invited shall taste my supper.’ ”(Luke 14:15-24 NKJV)

This is the parable that should be inspiring us to do the Lord's work. His servants are to go out and call people to repent, to repent of their sins, to put their faith in Jesus, to get their focus on Jesus Christ. But instead, too many of us are focused on what property will we buy, what wife will we marry. All those things that seem good in life can become a huge distraction. What's wrong with getting married? Nothing. What's wrong with buying land? Nothing. What's wrong with getting food and finding shelter? All those things are great, but those things can also be something that makes us unfruitful if our focus is not on Jesus and if we're not doing His work.

 And these are the excuses people made. They were saying, I have a five yoke of oxen, I have a piece of ground, I have a wife I need to marry. Those are not bad things guys, but those are the things that if we're not careful, will make us unfruitful if we focus on the things of this world and not on doing Jesus' work. So the question I have for you as your brother in the Lord is, are you doing the work of the Kingdom of God? Are you compelling people to come into the Kingdom of Heaven so that your Father in Heaven may have a full house?

Are you doing His work or are you unfruitful with your work, with your family, with your friends, with all the things that are surrounding you in the world? Have you become unfruitful, choked out? Are you like that ground that the seed fell in that gets choked out by the weeds or falls on the rocks or that the devil snatches up and becomes fruitless? Because for me, I want to surrender everything that I have to Jesus so that I can be an encouragement to others, draw others as being a fisher of men into the Kingdom of God and be very fruitful for Jesus Christ and His Kingdom because that is what's going to matter at the end of the day. It's not going to matter how much money I made or what vehicle I drove or what kind of house I lived in or how much property I bought or how many children I had or how many grandchildren I had, but what will matter is what I truly did for Jesus Christ. And if I was connected to Him my whole life and preached His Gospel, it is the things of Jesus, His words that will be forever and ever.

This earth and everything in it and the world will pass away, but Jesus' Kingdom and His words will be forever and ever. So are we grounded in Him as our focus in Him and are we truly bearing good fruit? This is what we need to do, guys, not distracted in the world but offering ourselves daily as a living sacrifice to be used by Jesus Christ because apart from Him we can do nothing. I hope this encourages someone to get their life back on track with the Lord. If you have something in your life that is hindering you, drugs, alcohols, relationship problems, then I want to pray for you and I want to pray for those of you that want to be fruitful for the Kingdom of God, that you can be used by His purpose and be good seed in good soil.

“So Lord Jesus, I pray for those that want your salvation, that want to be connected to you, that want to be connected to the vine. I pray for your true church, that you would fill them with the glory of God, that they would be able to produce good fruit for you and be separate from this dark and ugly world that is on its way to hell because they reject your only salvation. So I pray for my fellow brothers and sisters in the Lord, your true church, that they may be sustained, that they would have the words of life in them and that they would be salt and light to this dark world, staying connected to you and bearing much fruit for you. I pray this in your name, Lord Jesus. Amen.”

Thursday, March 14, 2024

If you lack Faith you won't succeed


If You Lack Faith You won't Succeed

Well, praise Jesus today, everyone. I wanted to make just a quick message today about a simple topic, just of faith. So what I first wanted to talk about in regards to faith is just the worldly principle of faith. Give me just a second here. Sorry about that. We're going to be all sideways for a second here. Okay, there we go. Now that'll be a little bit less distraction. So in the world, in order to achieve anything in the world, if you're starting a business, if you're going to do good in college, whatever you're trying to achieve in the world, if you don't have faith, if you don't believe in yourself that you can do it, you're going to fail or you may never even try in the first place. Let's say that you're wanting to be an athlete. You want to be really good in track and maybe you want to be really good at running the mile. You want to break the four-minute mile and you just don't believe it can be done. Well, if you don't have faith that it can be done, then you're probably not going to do it. And for many years, years ago, no one was able to break the four-minute mile. People thought it was impossible. But as soon as someone had the faith to believe they could do it, and they did, then everyone knew it was possible and no longer did they even have to have faith to believe that you could break the four-minute mile. They just believed, I can do this if I train enough. But all of these athletes, all of these track athletes that were great runners started breaking the four-minute mile. And now the mile is down to, I don't know, like three minutes and 48 seconds or something extremely fast. So this concept about faith in the world is well understood. If you want to make a certain amount of money or if you want to buy something in the world, you set your heart and your mind to achieve that goal. And people in the world, I'm not even speaking about in the Lord's Church, but just in the secular world, they have to believe in themselves in order to achieve something. So if you are 18 and you're thinking about going to college, if you don't have faith that you can go to college, if you don't believe in yourself or have the kind of faith that believes that you can get the financial aid that you need, the support that you need, then you're just going to fail. So faith is a huge element, if not the greatest element of your success. Now if this concept works in the world, then obviously how much more does it work when it's applied to our faith in Jesus?

 See if you don't believe that Jesus is real, then you're not going to trust Him. And a lot of Christians don't really have faith in God. They have faith in themselves, they have faith in their wallet, they have faith that they can get themselves through school, they have faith that they can buy themselves one thing or another, but they don't have faith in Jesus because they've never seen the Lord work. They've never opened up their heart in true faith to Him to see how God works. Now I have seen God operate, but before I had seen God operate in my life, I was hesitant to have real faith, to really bank on that sort of faith, because I didn't know if God would come through. It's one thing to believe that God is love, it's one thing to believe that we have faith in God, but it's another thing to actually lean on Him. Now I had to muster up every little bit of faith that I had in order to step outside and leave the rock of religion. See in my life before I was following Jesus, my rock wasn't really Jesus Christ. I said that He was, but really I was on the rock of religion, which really is a conglomerate of a bunch of different sand. It's different principles of men, right? It's ideas from the Bible that the culture has gathered, the Christian church has put together, and all of these Christians gather around this conglomerate rock of church. Not the rock of Jesus, but the rock of men. And when you're around that, you have the security in your religion, and your faith is in your church, your faith is in your pastor, your faith is in your Bible interpretation, and your whole worldview surrounds the principles that you've been taught as a child in your church. But this does not equate genuine faith. You don't really have faith in Jesus, you don't have faith that He would lead you in your life and guide you supernaturally. Why would you believe in Him when you've never learned that? You've never learned to trust in Him with your finances, you've never learned to trust in Him and take up your cross and leave everything behind to follow Him.

When Abraham was called by God, he also had to muster up all his faith in order to leave his town of Ur, to leave his father, to leave his things behind to go towards the promised land, to walk into the land that he didn't know. Spiritually, that is the kingdom of God. Abraham was a sojourner in this world, and so are we if we actually have faith in Jesus. The way this sort of faith is acquired isn't how the Christians teach it. See, the Christians say, having faith just means believing in the Bible, it means going to church. But true faith means that you trust that Jesus is the living God, and that He will provide everything that you need if you leave the world, if you leave the false rock of church behind. If you leave that, you trust Him, that He will guide you supernaturally, that He will provide everything that you need, and that He will make the path straight for you. If you believe that Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life, and you start to go down that narrow path, then as you see Him work wonders in your life, and open up the doors in your life to walk with Him, then your faith starts to increase.

When I mustered up all my faith to leave church, to leave religion, I didn't know how I was going to support my wife, I didn't know how I was going to pay off my worldly debt, but I just said, “Lord, if You're real, and if You're calling me, I know that You will make the way for me financially, because I didn't want to be a bad testimony, I didn't want to be the Christian who left my work and left my church, then to just have to beg for money and beg for loans in order to pay off my debt.” I just knew that would be a bad testimony, so I said, “Lord, please, if You're the one calling me, help me pay off my debt.” And I didn't want to ask anyone for help, especially from my enemy, that being dead religion, because that's going to your enemy for something that Jesus should be giving you. So I said, “Lord, please provide for me”. And since the time I left dead religion and I left the world, I've never had to ask for money. The Lord has provided me with everything I need and much, much, much more. And that truly has increased my faith. But in order to gain faith, you have to take those baby steps of faith forward. You won't develop faith all at once. How could you? That's like being able to develop physical strength without doing any weight resistance. In order to get stronger, you have to have a good diet, so you have to be eating meat, you have to be eating things that are good for your body, but you also have to be resisting weight. So like weightlifting or running, you have to be doing something to get your body strong. And once your body is strong, then you can be a good runner or weightlifter or whatever you're doing, you get better at that through exercise. And it's the same with growing in your faith. You have to spiritually eat Jesus's flesh, drink his blood, and as He teaches you, you are nourished by Him. And the weight resistance is resisting the devil. And as you resist Satan, you resist temptation, you resist evil, you resist listening to worldly information, then you grow stronger in the kingdom of God. And then your faith is increased because you see Jesus working in your life.

Now that's where we want to get. We want to get to the point where we're not trusting people to provide for us, we're not trusting the government, we're not just trusting medicine, we're not trusting the stock market, but we're truly trusting Jesus Christ for all of our needs. And we want to get to the point where we can just say in our heart, the Lord will provide. And when we know that He will provide, instead of begging people for money, or instead of getting ourselves into more debt, asking for loans, or whatever the case is, we can pray and in faith know that Jesus will provide for us.

A lot of Christians still have their faith in all the wrong things. Their faith is in men, their faith is in the security nets of this world. And the reason why it's in the world is because they have learned that there is a amount of security, at least in America, in the world. But they haven't learned the security of Jesus. If they had learned the security that's in Jesus, their faith would be in Him. So what I want to encourage you to do as your brother in the Lord is learn to put your faith, your security in Jesus Christ. That way you can develop in Him and stop putting your faith and your trust in the world and in people and the things of this world. Truly Jesus can give you everything that you need. But you need to seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and then everything else will be provided for you.

But if your treasures are things in this world, as Jesus says, there your heart will be also. So is your heart in this world? Is your security in this world? Or is your heart really with Jesus Christ? And is your security with Him? And is your faith in Him? So, I hope this makes sense to someone out there who is looking for genuine faith that wants to grow in their faith. The way to grow in your faith is by seeking the Lord and asking Him to become real to you. Just say, “Jesus, I need you to speak into my heart. I need to know that you're real. I need you to be working your wonders in my life. And I want to give my heart to you, my soul, my mind. I want you to teach me”. And if you go to the Lord and ask Him to teach you and you have a sincere heart, He's going to start manifesting His truth to you. You'll start to see how He is working in your life. So I want to pray for those of you that want genuine faith, that want your faith to grow, and that you want to leave the false rock of this world, the false rocks of religion.

So “Lord Jesus, I pray for your true church. I pray for my fellow brothers and sisters in the Lord that want to grow in their faith, that want to hear from you, that want to be led by you and not led astray. I pray that your church will not be led by strangers or hirelings or wolves, but they can truly be led by you, that they would hold your hand, Lord Jesus, and walk in righteousness and holiness with you. I pray that you pull people out of the world, pull people out of religion, pull them out of the dead church that is leading people to hell, and that you lead them into the newness of life. Renew their hearts, renew their minds, and let them walk with you in peace, the peace that passes all understanding, that they can also have eternal life and be lights to the world so that their families might repent, and people can truly come into the household of faith with you. So I pray that you bless your church, bless those that have an ear to hear, and may they truly come into your presence. In your name I pray, Lord Jesus, amen.”

Tuesday, March 12, 2024

Fish for men in the right area with the right equipment


Fish For Men in the Right Area with the Right Equipment!

Well, praise Jesus today everyone. I wanted to make just a short message today about something that's important in the Christian culture and that is the way we fish for men. See Jesus calls us to fish for men. When he called his first disciples he used that play on words. Instead of just fishing, going about our worldly business, we also need to fish for men, calling them into the kingdom of God so that they can be led by the Lord. But the way that the worldly church, that is the Babylon church, has taken these words is to fish for people to get them into their communities, into their organizations and pay tithe and tribute to them. So they have all of these devices to get people into church and mostly it has to do with connecting to the culture and making them feel comfortable in church, which Jesus hasn't called us to look like the culture to make the world feel comfortable.

So when I was in church for example we would have rock bands come play at the church. We would open up the youth building for even totally secular, ungodly bands to come and play and we thought to ourselves, “well at least all of these people are at church”. So one gimmick that the Christians maintain is ungodly music and they think that if they can get people on the church property with ungodly music that then they somehow will be imputing righteousness or imputing godliness into these people just because they are on the church property. One gimmick that a lot of youth groups also have is some kind of ministry that seems cool to kids, maybe it's a skate park at their church, maybe they go BMX biking together, maybe they go and they have a motocross track or something that's really cool. And so you end up collecting all of these people, praise Jesus everyone, you end up collecting all of these people that just want to ride motocross or they just want to skateboard or they just want to see the punk band come to your church. So undoubtedly it is cool, but you're not going to get people into heaven by a cool gimmick.

And that is the first thing I wanted to talk about, but I wanted to share this dream with you that I had just a few nights ago. I may not remember all of the details, but it was quite interesting and it was about this topic. In my dream I was fishing in a certain area, in a certain pond, and I don't know if I was catching any fish there or not, but I met these other fishermen who would fish in a bigger sea, it was like bigger than a lake, possibly the ocean, but I'm not sure, just a big body of water. So I followed these fishermen over to this bigger body of water that was more like an ocean, a sea, it was huge. And when I got there I took my fishing pole and I saw these other men throwing their lines into the sea. And I took my fishing pole and I threw mine in as well. And I had a thought to myself that I didn't really need a fishing line with a hook on it, that was traditional, in other words I didn't need a hook with a worm. I thought to myself, I could probably catch a fish in this sea literally with anything. I probably could just attach any piece of trash to the end and I'd get a bite from some kind of a fish. So in my dream, oddly enough, what was sitting next to me was, it was something that was kind of like a Happy Meal toy, if you can imagine that, if you get a little Happy Meal it comes with a toy for children. So it was this little piece of plastic, this little toy, and I just wrapped this toy to the end of my fishing line and I threw that fishing line into the sea. And sure enough, within minutes I had a bite, I had a tug on my line and I started telling the other people, the other fishermen, see I didn't even need a hook to catch a fish I mean. And so I started reeling this fish in and I could tell it was huge and I was hoping that I wouldn't get pulled into the ocean. So while I was reeling the line in, this fish was bumping along the bottom and hitting rocks and it was dragging along the bottom of the beach. And when I pulled it up, it had already stopped struggling. And when I pulled it up it was a huge fish that was extremely ugly, I mean it had big teeth and it just looked like a sea monster. It was the ugliest green you'd ever seen and I wondered to myself if I could eat this fish and the flesh looked like it was rotting, it was the most disgusting fish you'd ever seen. And the other more experienced fishermen that were fishing by my side, they told me that there wasn't one thing that was edible about that fish, that the only thing I could do is throw it back in the ocean because if I were to keep it, it would make me sick or it would make other people sick. So there wasn't one piece of flesh that was desirable for anything with the fish I had caught. So I just took that giant fish and I threw it back out into the sea and I decided to fish the normal way you would fish, with a fishing hook and with a worm. And so that was the end of my dream.

What this represents is two parts of my life or two parts to anyone's life that repents and comes out of dead religion. See the first part of my dream with fishing without a hook or fishing with some piece of plastic at the end of my line, represents Christians who are trying to fish for men with the gimmicks of the world and with all of the things that Satan has to offer. So Satan says, if you dress a certain way, you'll be able to fish for men because people will think that you're really well dressed, they'll think you're cool. Satan will say, if you just go out to the bar with people and you're an edgy Christian, then you're going to have a lot of friends and you'll be able to be a good Christian testimony to these people because you're in the world and not of the world. So you're trying to fish for men with this plastic, fake kind of relationship. And the kinds of people that you will collect are not the sort of people that are really interested in the gospel. You will notice that they themselves are totally fake and all they care about is the vanity of the world. And like in my dream when I caught the fish, that nothing of the flesh of the fish was good. So these people are that come to church for all the wrong reasons. They're coming to the church for all the gimmicks, for whatever ministry, outreach ministry the church was providing.

And so if we really want to fish for men, a couple things. First we need to be fishing in the right area. When I came to Jesus, He called me out of church altogether. He called me not to fish in church whatsoever because all of the fish there will not be caught or if they are, they're not caught for righteousness. So number one, you have to fish in the right area. The second thing is you have to fish with the things that the Holy Spirit gives to you, the right tackle so to speak. Because if you're fishing with the tackle of men, with fake gimmicks, you're just going to collect people who don't want to hear the truth and who are attached to that gimmick, not to the Spirit of God. So when we truly come to the Lord and when we want to be a light for the world, we have to make sure that our heart is in the right place and that the way we're trying to reach people is truly by the Holy Spirit and by the words of truth that He's putting in us. Being Jesus has nothing to do with being cool and trying to attract people to ourselves by our clothing or by the kind of music we're into or by the sports or hobbies we enjoy. All of those things are of the world and will eventually perish with the world. But the words of Jesus are everlasting and eternal and that is where we have to put our hope, our joy and when we tell people about Jesus, we have to tell people about these things, about holiness, about righteousness, being right before God, what it means to really repent, what it means to throw off ungodliness and false religion. And the people that will listen if we get rid of all those false gimmicks and all those false hooks in the world will be the people that really want to hear about Jesus Christ. But we don't want to waste our time with all of these gimmicks and catching fish, even if it seems like a big fish, because when we catch that fish it will be good for nothing except to throw back into the sea. So we need to stop wasting time as disciples of Jesus with dead religion, with all these sorts of gimmicks.

On YouTube it's the same way. People are looking just for views, they're looking for ways to boost the amount of views they have online. And so they do all of these incredible things to attract attention. But are they making disciples for Jesus? Are they being led by the Holy Spirit? Are they pure in heart? Are they holy and righteous? Or are they just trying to catch a big fish? Anyways guys, that's all I have for today. I want to encourage the true body of Christ to be fishers of men, to stay in the love of the Lord and continue to walk in holiness and righteousness. The Lord wants us to keep our eyes on Him and to continue to do what's right before God. The days that we're living in are evil, they are dark, but the Lord makes the way for His children and He makes the way for us to continue to live righteous and to fish for men. “So Lord Jesus, I pray for my brothers and sisters in the Lord. I pray for Your true church. I pray that people really stand in the light of the truth and that they would fish for men in righteousness, that they would come out and be separate from the world and that we would live by our testimonies, that we would live by Your Spirit so people would see the light of the truth in us and want to know You, not because of our clothing or outward appearance or the things that we do in the world, but because we truly are a light for You and because we're truly leading by example, seeking first Your righteousness and Your truth. So I pray for my brothers and sisters also to truly come out of ungodliness and to be worshiping You in purity and being led by Your Holy Spirit. So I pray this in Your name, Lord Jesus. Amen.”

Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Bible Deceived Christians


Bible Deceive Christians

Well, praise Jesus today, everyone. I want to just make a short message here while I'm on my way to work in regards to the deception that Christians have about the Bible. See, a lot of Christians think that the very essence or the very pinnacle of good Christian living is reading the Bible and being like what they say, Bereans. How Acts talks about being a Berean and being noble because you read the Bible. But the thing is, as far as English-speaking people or the printing press, the Gutenberg press wasn't even invented until like around 1440. And then the first English Bible wasn't printed for almost 100 years after that. So if you do the math on how long Christendom has been around, the New Covenant, you know, believing in Jesus, His death, His resurrection, the atonement of our sins through His blood. The Bible has been only in existence for even Christians only a few years. Now, the printing press being invented in 1440 and then the English Bible after that, if you do the math on that, approximately 71 to 75% of Christians from the time of Jesus up until 2024, today's date, they have not had access to a Bible whatsoever. Yet they were still Christians. We can't say living in the age of technology and after this industrial revolution of the late or the early 1800s, we can't say now that we're all going to heaven and we're first-class Christians because we have the printing press and we have all this new technology, we have now Bibles on the internet, and so we're obviously going to heaven because we can read the Bible more and we have more access to information. Obviously that's a lie.

So about 75% of Christians in all of Christianity from the time of Jesus till this date, 2024, have not had access to the Bible, yet they were every bit as Christian as we are and they were not missing part of their identity because they did not have the Bible.

From the beginning of time until now, what God has required is faith. He requires us to have genuine faith with actions that demonstrate that our repentance and that we love God. The very essence of our faith is faith in Jesus, knowing that Jesus is the one that we worship and that we must follow Him to the very end. To take Jesus out of the equation, you do not have Christianity. That's why we're called Christians, because we follow after Christ, we follow after Jesus. But you can still be a Christian without the Bible and obviously that's true because 75% of all Christianity existed without the Bible. And I'm just talking New Testament Christians. I'm not talking about people like Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. I'm talking specifically after the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

So keep this in mind when Christians try to make you feel guilty or as if you're not a real Christian because you're not educated like they are in the Bible or because you're not reading the Bible every day. Knowing the Bible and knowing the scriptures, that's great and wonderful and it's a blessing and we have the resources to do that now, so you should. But keep in mind, reading the Bible is not the essence and the very pinnacle of our spirituality. What's important is obeying Jesus Christ. How do we obey Him? What does it mean to be holy and righteous? Well, righteous means that we are doing what is right in the eyes of God. And holy means that you're dedicated to the purpose of God, that you're set apart for Him, that you're sanctified.

Now there are a lot of Christians who are holy and righteous for the Bible. They're trying to keep the principles of the Bible. They're sanctified for reading the Bible, but that doesn't mean they're holy and righteous before the living God. They basically made the Bible an idol and they bow down, they worship the Bible in church. They bow down and they worship their pastor because the pastor has studied the Bible and he knows the Bible maybe even through the context of Greek and Hebrew. But that doesn't mean that we are safe and secure in going to heaven and righteous and holy with God because we know the Bible. I think that can be flushed out in our minds, knowing that the Pharisees probably knew their scriptures better than anyone. Yet Jesus did not speak highly of the Pharisees. He didn't say, you're going to be at the right hand of God, I'm going to share my glory with you in heaven. Jesus spoke angrily to the Pharisees because even though they searched the scriptures and they read them, they despised Jesus Christ, they rejected Him. And the Christians today are doing the same thing. They say they received the prophets; they say that they're biblical like the Bereans, yet they most often reject Jesus Christ and His words.

So think about this guys, 75% of Christianity, 75% of Christians to this date have not had a Bible, yet they are still our brothers and sisters in the Lord. They are not irrelevant, they didn't go to hell because they didn't have a Bible, they're not less of a Christian, they're not less of a brother or sister simply because they didn't have the Bible. So think about this because there's a lot of people who think in their mind that being a Christian means reading the Bible. They think that they're better than the rest of the world because they read the Bible. And that is not the fact of reality. These people haven't studied history, let alone studied God at His feet. So we need to really get to know Jesus by His feet. Of course if you have the resource of the Bible, read it. But know that you are judged according to your works and you need the holiness and righteousness that comes from God, our Father in Heaven. Be holy before Him, be dedicated to His purpose and be righteous. Seek out the truth.

I know I have bad signal through here guys, so bear with me here. Hopefully the video is clear enough that we can hear it. If not I can always make this video again later. But we as Christians have to set our holiness and righteousness in Jesus Christ and practice our holiness and righteousness for Him. Not what people think and certainly not trying to obtain holiness how they try to obtain holiness in church. With modern Christianity, with the modern churches, it's very hypocritical because out of one side of their mouth they are always talking about how they are saved by grace alone. It's through faith, not of works. They talk about that because if it was by works then it would be a salvation by works. They say that all the time but then out of their other side of their mouth they act like they have to have all these works to be saved. They have to be reading the Bible every day. They have to go to seminary, and they have to get more biblical. Then they have to pay tithe to their church and go to church every Sunday.

 So suddenly you realize they are hypocrites because out of one side of their mouth they are speaking by faith alone. And then on the other side they are saying, “oh but wait, then there are all these other laws that you have to keep in order to be a Christian like us”. So obviously it's hypocrisy.

As disciples of Jesus, we want to please our Lord and our King Jesus Christ. We want to be holy and righteous before Him. So are we doing that? Is the essence of our faith pleasing Jesus and being holy and righteous to Him? Or have we misplaced that holiness and righteousness by thinking that the Bible is God and worshiping the Bible and thinking that the Bible is the essence of our spirituality? That's all I have for today guys.

Why Are Christians Read to Like Babies?


Why are Christians Read to Like Babies?

Well praise Jesus today everyone. I just wanted to make a short message on this topic of why are Christians read to like children or like babies. The reason why children or little kids are read to is because they cannot read themselves. But if we are an adult, we can read for ourselves. And likely if you've been interested in something you have put forth all the effort, the money, everything that you needed to understand whatever subject you were reading. If you were interested in something you checked out the books at the library that interested, you to learn about that subject.

So why is it when it comes to the Bible do Christians instead of opening the Bible for themselves and reading about it and talking to Jesus for themselves why do they hire a pastor or someone that's ordained in church to read the Bible to them? At the end of the day if you break this idea down why they're doing it it's because they are not interested in the words of life. See anything that you're interested in you will pursue to no end because you love it you want to know more about it. That is why a lot of people search up things that are very ungodly such as aliens. They're very interested very intrigued by aliens, so they get all the information they're watching all the movies about it. They're getting all the books about aliens. Or what about basketball or any sport? If you're interested in basketball, you'll be researching all of the greats in that particular sport, and you will be doing all the work yourself. You will not be asking other people to read the literature for you as if you are an infant. The reason why you have such a passion for it is because you're interested in it yourself.

So clearly the reason why Christians are letting a pastor do all the work for them and going to the pastor as if they're children that don't know how to read is because they are not interested in the words of life. That is very sad and that is pathetic. Christians are on their way to hell because they do not know the one who has the words of life. Maybe they have read the Bible a little bit for themselves. They've listened to a whole lot of sermons, but they've never heard from Jesus. Jesus says that He is the good shepherd and that His sheep hear His voice and they will not listen by any means to a stranger. Jesus actually says that.

And all of these Christians in church, they're uninterested in the words of life and they're listening to a stranger constantly. They pay this stranger to lie to them every week in church. And they don't do the research themselves. They don't crack the Bible. They haven't read even Matthew, Mark, Luke and John and because of this they're going to hell. Do you care about the words of life? Do you care about the things that really matter? Think about this because you probably learned to read when you were in kindergarten and since that time you were in kindergarten you researched every subject that you cared about. If you cared about it, you learned about it yourself. Every resource that you wanted to learn, you gathered those resources to yourself. And so the reason why you are not learning or reading the Bible or praying or talking to Jesus is because you're not interested.

So for those of you that are interested to know the truth and come out of this deception, I encourage you to come out of dead religion. Get away from hirelings as Jesus calls them. That is paid pastors, people that are paid to itch your ears and to lie to you and spread misinformation in church. Come out from among them and don't touch anything that is unclean. Don't let them read the Bible to you. Since the printing press has been made, men have been picking up the Bible for themselves that cared to learn and they've been educating themselves in this matter. You can read the Bible for yourself. You can also pray to Jesus yourself. You don't need to go to a Catholic priest. You don't need to go to the false altars in church. You don't need to go to some paid pastor in order to be a middleman for you in between Jesus and your heart. That is why Jesus died on the cross and resurrected and that is why all power and all authority is given to Jesus Christ so that you can go to Him directly yourself.

You don't need the pastor. You don't need someone who is educated, who went to Bible college. You have the good master to teach you. That's why Jesus also said that if you receive the Holy Spirit, He will guide you into all truth. Jesus says also, call no one on earth your teacher for one is your teacher and that is the Christ. If you believe in the words of Jesus, you will accept Him as your teacher, as your Lord and you will only listen to Him. You will stop listening to those people in church who want to treat you like a baby. Don't listen to them. Don't let them read the Bible to you. Don't read their information. Don't get their book. Put your faith in Jesus. Make Him your one and only teacher. Receive His Holy Spirit and let Him alone guide you because only Jesus has the words of everlasting life.

Jesus is alive. He will give you revelation. He will lead you and your family. He is well capable of being your chief and commander but you have to put your faith fully in Him. You have to be dedicated to Him. Why would Jesus lead you if you've made all these other people your leaders and Jesus is just one of many other prophets that you don't really care about? Because Jesus is a gentleman, He will allow you to go the way you want. He's never going to force you to repent. He's not going to force you to read the Bible. He's not going to force you to pray to Him. He's not going to force you to make Him king of your heart. You have to do that. You have to choose to repent. You have to choose to have faith in Jesus and pray to Him and say, “Lord, please guide me. Show me your truth. Help me understand the gospel. Help me to live for you”.

 But if you don't care about the words of life and you care about all the things of the world, then obviously you're not going to research the words of Jesus yourself. You'll probably pay someone to do it, like a pastor. I hope this makes sense to someone out there who has been deceived by the pastors in church. I hope this makes sense. I hope that you go and research the words of Jesus for yourself. But don't stop just with research. Don't stop just with reading the Bible. Believe the words of Jesus. Receive it into your heart and make Him your one and only teacher. And He will hold your hand and He will guide you into everlasting life. Because Jesus Himself is the way, is the life, and He is the truth. May the grace of Jesus be with you.