Saturday, May 21, 2022

Christian Witchcraft is real (false tongues)

Not everyone who has been baptized (or baptizes others) and "speaks in tongues" really is following the Holy Spirit. Many people receive a sort of, so called "kundalini" spirit and manifest bizarre speach (Exp: shdahalalalalalalalal.... this is not an angelic tongue but hypnotic), movements, attitudes and emotions that they CALL the Holy Spirit. Be warned that this sort of stuff is a witchcraft. (Also note that SOME Christians using this witchcraft and this sort of tongue know EXACTLY what they are doing and are purposely out to put you in a trance to control you.) Many Christians fall for this because these sorts of Christians are generally very charismatic, likable and outgoing. Often they do "faith healings" and miraculous signs seem to happen through them. They also promise others that if they are baptized by THEM, they will also receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit with tongues. Do NOT be duped by their witchcraft. It will be exposed soon enough that this is NOT of God. Don't set yourself up to look extremely foolish by associating with these people. The TRUE Spirit of God is the Spirit of complete self-control. The true Spirit of God is the Spirit of revelation, CLARITY and comfort! NOT confusion, awkwardness and bizarre manifestations.