My Testimony

My Testimony Why- Jesus YES “church” NO

My testimony for Jesus is that I WAS a Baptist evangelical youth pastor. All my life I was a Christian in church and I truly believed that I needed to be part of a church to be well pleasing to God. I thought they were the ones who would hold me accountable, they were the ones I would donate to, give my ten percent to, they would encourage me and I would encourage them, as iron sharpens iron so one man sharpens another, and I truly believed I would always be part of church, church ministries and building up the church organization because I though it was the will of God for me. I because a youth pastor and for about seven years I worked as a junior high youth pastor. I had a weekly ministry where I would preach the gospel reading students the Bible. I believed myself to be very godly because I was biblical. Everything I taught was from the Bible. Never would I do a sermon without reading from the Bible. I brought kids to camp and I would occasionally I would preach sermons in “big church”. I had a lot of conformation from adults because they really believed my ministry was biblical. But after about seven years I started to have some hardships in my life that really brought me into prayer. I really started seeking Jesus with all of my might and I started having dreams and visions from Jesus and the Holy Spirit started speaking to me while I was praying. One of the things that Jesus told me was that I was on my way to hell along with most people in my family and the church I was going to, as well as the whole organized church of today is as a whorehouse to Jesus. He told me it is as a whorehouse because as a prostitute sleeps around with many men for money, so the organized church is prostituting herself out to sin in the world. The church is accepting all the sins of the world, and all the sinners of the world, they are just accepting it. And as long as you are going to church and paying your tithe they will accept you as a member. Jesus called me OUT of the church. HE said that if I wanted to follow Him I must leave church and the ideas of church behind. I had to detach for all my “wise counselors”, including people in my family, my pastors, my mentors. I could not follow Jesus as my Teacher and have MEN who were my counselors. I had to choose. I chose Jesus and I chose Jesus and not church because Jesus HIMSELF called me out of church. It wasn’t because I just thought well everyone in church are hypocrites and it’s all full of hypocrisy, and I don’t want to be a part of church because hypocrites go there… It wasn’t because I wanted to be lazy or anything like that. It was because Jesus Himself called me out of church calling it a whorehouse, and If I wanted to be right with Jesus I had to leave and detach from my wise counselors who were there and all the doctrines of men. If we follow Jesus we have to be separate from people who pull us astray. If we are going to enter the Kingdom of Heaven we have to be fully focused on Jesus and pushing our way into the Kingdom. Jesus said that it is with violence that we push into the Kingdom of Heaven. Not with physical violence but with violence against sin and wickedness. Our battle is not against people but it is against principalities, it is against wickedness, it is against the demonic forces. We need to be serious about pursuing Jesus. People in church are not serious. To them it is a club, it is a social club that donates their money so that they can do things like go mission trips and pay their bills for their church service. But those who follow Jesus are dedicated to HIM. Jesus say that if we love Him we will obey Him and keep His commandments. And if we start walking with Jesus He Himself will take care of all our needs. He is our Master, He is our Counselor and He is our good Shepherd that takes care of us. Are you following Jesus by His Holy Spirit? Or are you trying to follow Jesus in church by listening to the doctrines of men and of demons? May the grace of Jesus be with you.

My Testimony of how Jesus called me out of a bad relationship and depression

I haven’t shared too much about my life prior to meeting Jesus, and that is because I am not proud of who I was.  But I bring this testimony to you because I hope that YOU find Jesus and it spares you the heartbreak.  See, I went through a serious depression in my life.  In the year 2007 I was a junior in college.  At that time I had entered a serious depression because I was NOT right with GOD.  The depression lasted a year.  I remember the very day that Jesus got me out of that depression.  I had walked into the school gym and there was a boxing bag, and I was so mad at God I started punching the boxing bag until my knuckles were bleeding and there was blood that was just oozing down the bag.  I started crying and I left the gym.  There happened to be a school mentor/counselor that was also in the gym that day.  But he didn’t say one thing to me, he didn’t’ even want to look at me.  There also happen to be a student who was attention the same college who was an ex-gang member.  He had tattoos from prison and he had done serious time.  He was the one who walked up to me and he asked me if I was okay and he befriended me.  Jesus used him to break me free from my depression.  However, at that point in my life I was still rebellious and still I didn’t truly repent.  But I asked God for a wife.  I said; “I want to be in a relationship, I want to be in a romantic relationship…”  I also specifically remember the Holy Spirit convicting me and telling me “YOUR WIFE IS NOT READY YET, YOU NEED TO WAIT.”  But see I was impatient/doubtful with God.  And I told Him that I needed a wife NOW.  And so shortly later I got myself into a relationship.  I want to tell you that it was HELL ON EARTH.  It was God’s judgment on my life because I doubted Him and disobeyed Him.  That relationship ended in heart-break and it was my fault.  I was not a good “boy-friend” I was not a good fiancé, I was rebellious against GOD, and I had nothing to do with Jesus at that point.  However I was also a youth pastor.  I was paid to preach.  And in church I put on a good face.  People thought I was a very good person.  But I knew that I was a white-washed tomb.  I was dead on the inside and rotting .  It wasn’t until AFTER my relationship ended that I serious cried out to Jesus.  Because I KNEW that I had ruined my life.  I knew my life was a wreck.  And I KNEW that I wasn’t right with God because I was mad at Him.  The thing is, when we pray and cry out to Jesus, HE hears our prayers, and for quite some time I just asked GOD if He is real, to reveal Himself if He is real.  I was mad and upset at God, but I wanted ANSWERS.  When I cried out to Jesus He answered me.  And He started speaking to me.  And my testimony is THAT JESUS CHRIST IS ALIVE AND HE IS REAL!  And I am here to tell you that He will ALSO help YOU.  But you NEED to put HIM FIRST.  If you are going through a depression, He can break you free of your depression, but you NEED to put HIM FIRST in your life.  And if you are in a bad relationship He can tell you exactly what you need to do.  BUT YOU NEED TO PUT JESUS BEFORE ANY ROMANTIC RELATIONSHIP OR ANY RELATIONSHIP WHATSOEVER.  Too many people are placing people first in their life.  They are seeking after the pleasures of the world and they could care less about the Kingdom of God.  They could care less about what JESUS wants.  And they THINK that if they do their own thing it will please them.  It didn’t work out for me and it certainly will not work out for anyone else.  Jesus said that He is the ONLY way, and I am here to prove by my LIFE that Jesus TRULY is who He said He was, and He is who He says He is.  Do you really want to know Jesus?  Because HE can help you, but you need to surrender your life to Him.  Shortly after I really repented on my knees, Jesus told me that I was ready to meet my future wife, and it wasn’t much later that I met her.  Things started lining up AFTER I got my life in order, after I really meant business with Jesus.  But until you really mean business with HIM, your life will be totally out of order and falling apart.  Do you really mean business with Jesus?  Do you really love Him and want to be reconciled with Him?  May the grace of Jesus be with you.   

My Testimony: Rock, Punk, Hard Core, Metal SATAN’S Tools
Ever since I was a young kid I liked rock music, and like other kids I wanted to fit in and be cool. What really got me more into rock music was Christian camp. When I would go to Christian camp in the summers there was always a band that would come and pay and everyone thought they were cool. At the end of camp you could buy their CD and they had a Christian store there that would also sell music from other musicians. I would get my hands on that music and then listen to their music throughout the summer. Because I thought it was Christian I had no problem listening to whatever the music was I got at camp, because it must be godly and it sounded cool. I took this into my adult life, and when I became a youth pastor, I would always play rock music. I would sometimes take kids to the warp tours or to rock shows and I had no problem with it. When I was just out of college I was in a rock band, we weren’t really that popular but we would play in our local city. I remember the highlight for me was when people would be able to sing our songs at our shows, and when they would lift their hands and basically worship us, it impowered us, it made us feel so cool and we would sing louder, we would scream louder, we would play our instruments harder because people liked it. The audience would amp us and then we would amp them up and it just felt so cool to us. I remember the people down below would basically worship us lifting their hands trying to grab us, and we would just eat that up, we loved that, we LOVED the attention on US. If we are the children of GOD, IT IS NOT ABOUT US. It’s all about glorifying Jesus Christ, and I’ll tell you right now, musicians, even Christians who are rockers, they could CARE LESS about glorifying Jesus Christ, they want YOU to be worshiping THEM! When I was in the rock band I would scream as well as sing and play my instrument, and it may seem obvious to you, but one thing Jesus told me as I was coming to Him was HELL SCREAMS COME FROM HELL, they don’t come from heaven. I quit my band because I realized it was ungodly even though we were all Christians and I later threw away all my music that was supposedly Christian rock music because I could see right through it that it wasn’t the truth of God. Satan uses rock music to DESTROY YOUNG PEOPLE and he holds the from when they are young all they way into their adult life and then completely destroys them. They become worshipers of false gods, they elevate themselves… If you are into this kind of music, I encourage you QUIT TODAY! Get rid of that music. IT DOES NOT GLORIFY JESUS CHRIST. Jesus calls disciples who will think LESS of themselves who will be humble before God, we must become LESS and Jesus Christ must become MORE. HE is the ONLY one we should be worshiping. Don’t worship musicians. Satan uses musicians to take people to HELL.

Lamb's Book of Life My Testimony
The Lamb’s Book of life is where God records the names off all of the people who are entering into HIS kingdom. If your name is not found in the Book of Life then you are NOT on your way to heaven. We each need to get confirmation from Jesus that our name is recorded in the Book of Life and that we are going in the right direction. I want to first read to you what is recorded in Revelation about the Lamb’s Book of Life and then share with you a brief testimony of mine about it. This is found in Revelation chapter 20:11-15 “Then I saw a great white throne and Him who sat on it, from whose face the earth and the heaven fled away. And there was found no place for them. And I saw the dead, small and great, standing before God, and books were opened. And another book was opened, which is the Book of Life. And the dead were judged according to their works, by the thinks which were written in the books. The sea gave up their dead who were in it, and Death and Hades delivered up the dead who were in them. And they were judged, each one according to his WORKS. Then Death and Hades were cast into the lake of fire. This is the second death. AND ANYONE NOT FOUND WRITTEN IN THE BOOK OF LIFE WAS CAST INTO THE LAKE OF FIRE.” Each of us need to make sure for certain that our name is recorded in the Lamb’s Book of Life. You don’t go to your pastor and ask Him, you don’t go to your parents, you have to PRAY and ask JESUS if your name is recorded there, ask HIM if you are pleasing Him.
I want to share with you a testimony I have about getting confirmation from Jesus. See, I was a paid youth pastor at a Baptist Church for about 7 years, and at the end of that time I really started to seek after the truth of Jesus. He started to speak to me in dreams and visions and answer my prayers. I was so excited to be hearing from Him that I was witnessing to everyone in my church. Not everyone wanted to hear the truth, a lot of people were rejecting my testimony. One day, I believe it was after church, I went home to take a nap, and in my dream, I saw many of the people in my church who I had given testimony to. And as I was giving testimony to these people, there was an angel recording the conversations. That angel would take that conversation and put it into an envelope that looked kind of like this, he would just collapse that conversation into an envelope and then stamped it. After I had watched many different times that I had spoken for Jesus, the angel collapsed them all into a bunch of envelopes that looked like that, and he brought me before the throne of God. I was incredibly small before the throne of God. I could just see the bottom of the throne. But when I came before the throne, the one who sat on it took one of those envelopes and He opened it, and that that point I could see Him. And He said; “I judge in favor of My servant.” And He was speaking to me, and I was so excited that the one who sat on the throne, JESUS, was approving of my life because I was living for Him. It gave me 100% confirmation that I was doing what was right in the eyes of GOD. He records our names in the Book of Life when we do what is right, when we become HIS CHILDREN. But those who do what is evil, their names are still recorded in the books of deeds, but they are NOT RECORED in the Book of Life. Some people ARE recorded in the Book of Life but then they get blotted out. If you want to know where you stand before God you HAVE TO get your confirmation from JESUS. Don’t wait for a pastor or your parents or someone else to tell you that you are doing a good job, because many people ARE doing a good job IN THE EYES OF MEN, but that doesn’t mean they have confirmation from Jesus. One day YOU will stand before God and He will either say to you; “Good and well done My faithful servant.” Or “Away from Me, you who commit iniquity, YOU WHO SIN.” Make sure you get your confirmation from Jesus. IS YOUR NAME RECORDED IN THE LAMB’S BOOK OF LIFE?

My Testimony of How Jesus called me out of Church to Follow Him
I’m making this video in response to a few people who have asked me to make my personal testimony of where Jesus brought me from, to where I am today seeking Jesus full time, and so this video is going to be simply on directly how Jesus got my attention. When I was very young my entire life was saturated in church, my parents brought me up in church, I was never raided in a church that was denominational, we moved from church to church, but I was saturated in church. My parents did “Worship music”, and all my life I was in church and in church programs. When I was graduating from high school some people in my family encouraged me to become a pastor and I decided I wanted to work with youth. So at that time I prayed and I said; “Lord I want to serve you” and I became a pastor at a Baptist church, and for over 7 years I was a pastor at a Baptist church. During this time I attended a 4 year university and I got a degree in Biblical Studies and Literature, and I minored in Christian Ministries as well. And throughout all this time I was preaching sermons, I was serving in the church, I was working with youth and with families and I was a licensed minister. I thought I knew everything there was to know. And it was about maybe a year and a half ago now, maybe 2 years ago that I started asking myself; “What if I was in the wrong religion?” And I thought at first; “Well this is a stupid thing to think because I know the Bible is true, and I know the Jesus that I follow is true.” But I thought to myself; “Doesn’t every pastor or doesn’t every teacher of their religion believe that their religion is truth?” and I thought to myself; “No person teaches what they think is a lie, people teach what they think because they believe it IS the truth.” And so what I believe to be the truth, a Buddhist monk is going to think he is in the truth, the same as a Mormon, a Jehovah’s Witness, or an Atheist. So how do I know what the truth is? And you know someone who is raised in a certain denominational background; they believe that their specific denomination is absolutely true. There all these different denominations and they all use, you know, this same Bible. And so I though; “How do I know that I have the truth?” I really started seeking this out and I prayed at one point and I remember I asked Jesus; “What is the power of prayer? I really want to know what it is because I feel like my prayers are useless.” You know, I would pray and I would hear nothing. So one day I wrote down, and I wrote: “Jesus tell me what the power of prayer is?” And I put that up on my wall on a sheet of paper and I tacked it to my wall, and almost every day I prayed and ask Him to reveal that to me, and I started asking Him to reveal to me His truth, and if I was in deception to show me. It wasn’t very much longer after that the Lord started leading me into truth. And it was a long time before I completely accepted that. There were many times the Lord would give me a dream, and He would show me something, and I would write it off and I’d say; “That can’t be Lord, that can’t be.” And at some time point the Lord spoke to me and He said; “The people in church are not glorifying Me.” And I struggled with that, I kept that in my mind for about a year, and I didn’t really do much with it and I just kept on doing what I was doing and I started to feel more and more convicted. But I kept on praying. And at this point, I had myself surround by my fellowship, my Christian friends and mentors who encouraged me. And I also started praying about that, I sad; “Lord if my mentors and all these people I have in my life, if they’re wrong let me know.” And I’ll tell you something; every single one of the people that I considered a mentor in my life, every single one of them, the Lord Jesus gave me a specific dream about them, EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM! And a specific dream, and I know it wasn’t just a dream either because then it happened before my eyes. It was a prophecy about them and I watched it happen and I KNEW the Holy Spirit was speaking to me. And I said; “Jesus I want to follow you because all my wise counsel, all my friends were leading me astray.” One night the Lord spoke to me in, I don’t know if it was a dream or a vision, but in the night, I’m not sure even at this point if I was asleep or awake, but I heard in my ears or in my spirit the word, “WORMWOOD”. And I didn’t know what that meant, and I woke up, I went to my computer and I googled that and I researched it in my Bible and what I came across was a passage in the Old Testament where the Jewish people had let false gods and idols infiltrate their belief/faith in God. And the Lord Jesus spoke to me on this; “HE said; “There are false idols and gods in the church.” Not the church I was in particularly, but not that church excluded, but when I say “In the church”, ALL THE CHURCHES, ALL THE CHURCHES OF MAN, and He said; “They do NOT glorify Me. They are in idolatry.” AND He also showed me the idols that were in my life. I said; “Jesus what idols are in my life.” And He showed me the idols that were in my life. And all those idols I got rid of a quickly as I could. I watched movies quite a bit, and I got rid of all my movies, I threw out my TV, I don’t watch any television or movies or anything like that. I also was in a band, a rock band and I listened to a lot of music and I went to a lot of these hard-core, metal shows and these punk-rock shows and what not and the Lord spoke to me on that and said; “That is an idol” and He said; “Give it up.” So I took all my cd’s and my Ipod and I threw it all away. You know I threw thousands and thousands of dollars worth of stuff away and it pleased me to do so, I didn’t feel like I was giving up so much because the message from the Lord that came to me was so REAL that I didn’t care. I said; “Jesus I’ll give it up for you because you spoke me, and you are real to me and I will follow you.” I got rid of all those idols and when I did the Holy Spirit started literally transforming my mind, everything I knew. My entire degree that I had in Biblical Theology/Literature ALL of that, He broke me down, cut me all the way down and then He started building me back up from scratch, everything that my mentors taught to me in church the Holy Spirit started re-teaching me. He started filling me. It happened that I would go to sleep at night and the Holy Spirit that is in me would speak to me throughout the night and when I would wake up the Holy Spirit had put words into my spirit. He was transforming me, and to this day I still seek the Holy Spirit and He still conforms me into His likeness. And I said; “I want to seek after Jesus no matter what.” At another point I went into my pastor, my boss at that point and said; “Jesus has called me and He has told me the church does NOT glorify Him and I cannot worship here and I cannot be a pastor here any longer.” And he said; “Well are you going to be at another church?” And I said; “No the Holy Spirit is calling me out.” And He DID, the Holy Spirit called me out. I put in my resignation at my job, you know the church I was working at, and I did exactly what the Holy Spirit called me to do, the preach the message FREE of charge. And to warn my family and friends about the judgment that is coming upon the church and upon this world who are not in submission to Jesus. So I gave up my job without any other job. I gave up all of it because Jesus became real to me, and He showed me exactly what I needed to do. I gave up my job in faith, not knowing where I was going to go, and people thought I was heinous. They thought it was the stupidest thing, but I said; “Jesus if you are going to take care of me I need YOU to take care of me, and I don’t want to rely on men anymore.” And from that day forward JESUS has been taking care of me. He will give me work. He will, if I don’t have enough money, money will come it. It doesn’t make sense to me but He somehow provides day by day and I continue to serve Him because HE is my provider. HE is the One who takes care of me. He’s the one who gives me the messages I put up. Those messages don’t come from me, I don’t contrive them. The Holy Spirit, HE is the One who has started His work in me and I have chosen to follow HIM regardless of what people think or regardless of what they do to me. My eyes are fixed on Jesus and I will continue to follow HIM. So I hope that this testimony encourages you. I hope that you can also become transformed by Jesus by the power of His Holy Spirit. May the grace of Jesus be with you.