Saturday, May 25, 2024

Don't Have A Conspiratorial Mind

One big thing that can get you off of the straight and narrow path, and I've seen this many times, especially with more dedicated Christians, is the trap of having a conspiratorial mind. Always being overly suspicious of people and allowing your suspicion of others or diving into conspiracy theories, take away your genuine love for Jesus and His church, His people. Now, there are things that happen in the world that are evil. Some conspiracies are true, some are just flat out lies. But regardless, as the children of God, having a conspiratorial mind is not an attribute of the Holy Spirit. You don't read about having a conspiratorial mind in the love chapter in Corinthians 13. And it is not a fruit of the Spirit. 

A lot of Christians think that if they know all the deep, dark secrets of Satan and they can expose Satan, that somehow that will help people come to Jesus. It's 100% a lie. Following Jesus is about being in the light, loving your fellow brother and sister, and not thinking evil of them. We know that love hopes all things, it wishes all things, it does not think evil of others, it is not thinking others are evil or doing evil. It would be better for you to imagine someone's doing good even though they were doing evil, than to imagine they were doing evil when they were trying to help you or trying to do good. So guys, I have seen this be a huge problem in the Christian community, of Christians who are too conspiratorial. They're wrapped up with conspiracies about the government, conspiracies about what other people are doing. And they're consumed by conspiracies and by fear, instead of by love. We know from the fruits of the Holy Spirit that we should have love, joy, peace, patience, faithfulness, goodness, gentleness, self-control. And against those things, there is no law. But it could become a self-fulfilling prophecy for you if you're thinking, you know, the government's going to take over, I'm going to die by the hand of the government. If you start taking up weapons to try to defend yourself, a lot of people end up self-destructing in the effort to try to preserve themselves from what they think is going to kill them. 

Most of the time, guys, nine out of ten times, what is going to kill you is something that you haven't thought of something that is not one of your fears. You're, you know, you're fearful of a government takeover, you're fearful of the next big thing that's going to happen in the world, fearful of a volcano, fearful of a disease, fearful of a car accident. There’re all these things that you can be fearful about or have conspiracies about or think that's going to kill you. And nine out of ten times, the way you're going to die has absolutely nothing to do with your fears. There's some kind of quote that goes, some of the worst things that have ever happened to me in my life were only in my head. And that is true. A lot of people have all these fears, and all these horrible things are going to happen to them, but only in their imagination. And if they were rather to take on the attributes of God, receive the Holy Spirit, and receive his grace and his love and his protection, all of those fears of how they might die or how their children might die or how they might be hurt or martyred or injured or persecuted or betrayed, all of those feelings would leave them. And instead of them being uptight and possibly injuring or hurting other people due to their lack of understanding and their lack of love, rather, they would be securing the body of Christ and helping out others. Instead of always thinking others are going to be stealing their money and thinking they have to be money grabbers, if they were giving more and being more thoughtful and considerate and considering others above themselves, they would be a light to the world and they would see Jesus in the church. 

But when Christians go full throttle into conspiracy theory and are suspicious of everyone, that only brings about the wedge of Satan. And I've seen this so many times, guys. I can't reiterate enough how important it is to not fall into conspiracy theories, not on the internet, not secrets that are happening in other parts of the world that you think you need to expose. At the end of your life, it's not going to matter what sins were in the government or what corruption Satan was doing in a dark hole in the world, but what will matter is if your heart was right with God or not. And a lot of people are going to hell themselves, not because the government is evil or because a cop was evil or there's some evil conspiracy going on, but they have evil in their own hearts and that will inwardly destroy them. It will be hate that destroys them, bitterness that destroys them, envy and jealousy, fits of rage, all of those things that are contrary to the Holy Spirit that the judgment of God will come on you because.

 So all of these other things are a huge distraction and I want to warn you not to fall into this conspiratorial mind, always being overly cautious of others. Obviously we have to use discernment, we have to use our best discernment and we have to be cautious, but not overly suspicious of others because that leads to hate of others, that leads to doing things to the body of Christ that are completely unfounded and ungodly. So do we really have the love of Jesus in us? Are we living and motivated by love, by righteousness, by truth, by calling other people into His kingdom? Or are we motivated by fear of what may be happening in the world, by fear of the world and not fearful of the living God? So I hope this makes sense to you guys, I hope that you don't have the fear of people or the fear of conspiracy, I hope that your mind is not polluted with all of these things, all these conspiracies on the internet and everywhere else. I hope that your mind is set on Jesus, and you're being filled with the Spirit of Life, that you can be a light to people and not a discouragement to people. Anyways, may the grace of Jesus be with you.

Saturday, May 11, 2024

Beware of the Religious Church Spirit


Beware of the Religious Church Spirit

I am an advocate of Jesus Christ because of course He is the truth, the way, and the life. But I'm not an advocate for church attendance and doing religion the way that Americans have done it for so long. It is very trite. It's very contrived. Their whole worship set, everything that they do is all for a show. It's all ceremonial. It's taking the things that should be genuine in our faith and turning it into a ceremony for show, publicizing it so that people will come and pay their money like a business. The preachers are just speaking about things that are safe, so they don't offend anyone. And the worship is all sensational and the people are all fake. If we really want to be the children of God, we have to take our faith seriously. We need to come out and be separate. And those that are in dead religion will become some of our worst enemies, more than atheists, more than people in the world.

A lot of people in the world know that they are sinful. They know that they are sinners in need of repentance. And they're not playing the hypocrite like people are in church. We have to be very careful around religious spirits because religious spirits will try to suck you in. And there's a couple big ways that religious spirits try to suck in Christians. One of the biggest ways is through loneliness.But when you get lonely and you're feeling the need for friendship, you're feeling the need for others because you haven't had time with other Christians, that is when you start to look for a church, a place that you can gather. And because there are so few places that actually have the love of Jesus in their heart, people will compromise, and they will join themselves with people that are sinful and ungodly simply because they're lonely. And they think to themselves, “well, at least I'm not alone and depressed”. But then they get themselves involved with people who don't really have the love of God in their heart. And it becomes like the parable of the four soils where that third soil gets choked out by all the worries of the world, the pleasures of the world, all the things in the world that you can focus on that seem good, but at the end of the day will pull you away from God. Remember that when Jesus gives some of those parables, He talks about the end times and things taking people away, even like marriage, people saying, “well, I have some ox and some cattle that I need to run”. Some very basic things that we think of are good. I mean, getting married is good, trying out your new vehicle is good, attending to the animals are good. All of those are good things. But those for people tend to pull them away from Jesus when they are not seeking first the kingdom of God and his righteousness. And the end will come at a time we do not expect. There will be people being married and given in marriage. There will be people going to and fro here and there, not thinking about the end, when the end will come and they will not be prepared.

If we want to be right with Jesus, we need to make sure that we are prepared, that we're right with Him. And we need to be aware of this religious spirit that brings about a lukewarm heart, a heart that is not really contrite, a heart that's not really genuine. And that puts Jesus on the back of our life, not worrying about things that really matter. The religious spirit is all about show. It's all about looking good. And the religious spirit is very offended if you get genuine in your faith. You will notice that if you start taking Jesus seriously, people that are with this religious spirit will be very mad. They will say, you're judging me, you're being hateful, why don't you just calm down, you haven't been in church long enough, obviously if you came back to church you would get back in line. And they're very offended with the hard sayings of Jesus. They don't want to take Jesus' word seriously. They will cherry pick certain verses out of the Bible that they want to eat, but all the hard sayings of Jesus, that cup that Jesus drank, they don't want to drink that cup or eat the hard sayings of Jesus. So they tear those pages out of their Bible and they throw those away. And they would rather listen with itching ears to their pastor saying that they are once saved, always saved, that they're okay, they're going to heaven, they'll never lose their salvation. All of the lies that are preached at the pulpit, they listen to.

We have to separate ourselves with these religious spirits in church, because they will make you lukewarm, they will take away your joy, they will divide your family, you will find yourself far away from God if you join yourself with these religious spirits. That is why it's written in the scriptures to come out and to be separate from them, touch nothing that is unclean, and I will become a father to you and you will become a son. We cannot touch dead religion; we cannot touch what is unclean in church. This whole false church in America and around the world has been set up as a really big deception, a strong delusion that is like a poison poisoning the world.

Instead of people hearing from God, they hear the pastor preaching the Bible. Instead of calling Jesus the Word of God, they call their Bible the Word of God. Instead of really getting nourishment from the Holy Spirit, they call nourishment going to church. They think that church is a place where you go empty and then you are filled by the pastor's preaching. They think that pastor is nourishing them and bringing them to life. He has taken the place of Jesus Christ.

We are supposed to eat Jesus' flesh and drink His blood, not some pastors on Sunday or on Saturday. And when we get together as the body of Christ, like it says in the Scripture, all of us are supposed to have a word from God, we are supposed to have a revelation, we are supposed to have an interpretation, we are supposed to have a spiritual tongue, we are supposed to have a new hymn, a new song to sing with each other. We are not supposed to be meeting empty and being fed by some stranger. Jesus said that His sheep will not listen to strangers, but they will run from those strangers. And that is what the true church does from the false church.

Those who are part of the Lord's true flock, they run away from dead religion, they run away from the false church, they run away from false believers because they know it will pollute them. We need to make sure that we stay separate, keep ourselves unstained from the world and these religious spirits that are causing the true church to be impure and unrighteous and defiled. And we have to touch nothing that is unclean, but rather cling on to the spirit of life. It's not about playing church or doing religion or doing worship in church or going to church on Sunday, but it's about the genuine things that God has put in our life. Your family, how you are a witness every day in your life. Are you really overcoming sin? Are you doing the small things every day in life to show that you are a disciple? Or are you proving by your actions that you are following the world?

It doesn't matter how much you try to appease God with Bible study, by prayer nights, by church attendance, by tithe, by going on mission trips. All of these things have become a way for Satan to try to make people feel that they are doing good for God and will get into heaven and earn their salvation because they are doing all these good deeds. They think that they will be able to stand before God and say, “God I loved you because I went to church, because I read my Bible, because I went to prayer meetings, because I gave tithe, because I went on mission trips. You have to let me into heaven.” They feel entitled to go to heaven because of their works. And how ironic this is guys, because the same churches that are preaching, it's just by faith, they are the ones that are living like they think they will be saved by their many works. These are the filthy rags that God will reject. These are the filthy rags that are just defiling the true church. God will say to these people, “away from me, I never knew you, you who commit iniquity, you who commit sin.” And so these false works of righteousness we need to eject out of our lives, we need to get it out of us or God will vomit us out of the kingdom. We will be puked out of the kingdom by God.

God hates hypocrisy, He hates lukewarmness, He despises people that say that they are His children but lead people to hell every day. By being poor examples of the kingdom of God, they turn people away from the kingdom of God, because anyone who looks inward thinks, well if that's what it means to be a Christian, I want nothing to do with it. Rather we have to come out and be separate from this false religion and not allow them to suck us in, whether it's because we are feeling lonely or because they are giving some kind of event or some kind of sermon that we feel compelled to go to.

Another big reason people go to church is because they have kids and they want their kids plugged into those programs and it's like a daycare. And instead of parents raising their children, they think that the children will get a good education in church school. And so they put their children there and they get serious about church when their children are old enough. That is also a deception guys. It's the natural order before God that a husband is in submission to Jesus Christ, that a wife is in submission to her husband as he is in submission to Jesus Christ, and that the children learn from their mother and their father. This is the natural order that God established. He has not established some kind of outside entity to take your children and to divide the husband from the wife, that they would do the work for the husband and the wife, and that they would take the responsibilities of a parent. That has been established by the world. And churches today are dividing husband from wife, they're dividing children from their parents and thinking that they're offering God a service by doing this. This is very sad because a lot of parents are not taking responsibility to read the Bible with their children. They just allow them to be on the phone, on the television, in public school, and they wonder why their children are growing up to be suicidal, transgender, homosexual, on drugs, and rebellious against God. It's because your actions speak louder than words. It doesn't matter how much you say Jesus or read the Bible. So your children, they spend seven hours or more a day in school, especially if they do sports, and they are around that indoctrination of the public school seven to twelve hours a day, and they're probably only getting twelve minutes to maybe an hour of time socializing with you as their parent. So even if you want them to know about God and the truth, the few things that you say are seven to twelve times less effective than the indoctrination going on with the school, with the cell phone, and with the TV.

So if you want your children to have genuine faith, then you need to make sure that you are raising them. If you want your wife to have genuine faith, you need to make sure that you are truly following the Holy Spirit as a man of God. But when these natural orders that God has set up in His church get confused and authority misplaced and put on other people, then everything gets askew. And no wonder children that have a parent that is a pastor that you would think should be following God, no wonder they're turning out homosexual, transgender, and on drugs and suicidal. It happens every year where you hear some pastor's kid committed suicide or he went off the deep end. And this is because pastors are not raising their children, they're raising them in the world and thinking they're doing God a service by putting on a ceremony on Sunday.

It's not about a ceremony guys, it's not about this religious spirit in church, but it is about coming out and being separate from these things, coming out from the world, coming out from dead religion, keeping unstained from the world, and being separate that you can follow Jesus, teach your wife about Jesus, teach your children about Jesus, teach your neighbor about Jesus, and be completely separate that you may hear His voice and follow His calling every day.

So be warned about this religious spirit that is in church, because this religious spirit is the highest suspect to get you off the straight and narrow path. It's not drugs or alcohol, it's not this whole LGBTQ whatever, the highest suspect to get you off track is this religious spirit. And it's when you start to think, well I need my children in church, I need some kind of godly pastor that would be helping me out, this religious spirit will get into you, it will get into your family, and it will take you away from God. That doesn't mean that everyone in church is evil and against God. There are people that are stuck in religion, some of them may love Jesus, but they are deceived. But I'm telling you, the organizations themselves, these 501c3 churches, this organization that is religious, that are doing ceremonies, all of it is leading people away from the truth. It's so far removed from the truth now, that it is an agent that is bringing people to hell. They are held in the hand of Satan.

So make sure that you're not deceived by these religious spirits and these people that call themselves Christians on Sunday. Keep yourself separate, keep your family separate, and make sure that if you are raising children, keep them away from the cell phone, keep them away from the TV, and out of the public school system, if at all possible. Because these are the ways that Satan is indoctrinating all of the young people through the cell phone, through the TV, and through the public schools. And of course, now the church is also, the false church is in the hands of Satan, so if you are letting your children be raised in Catholic school or in some Christian school, this also is a way for Satan to indoctrinate your children in the wrong direction. You need to take control of your life, and that happens by submitting yourself first to Jesus, and when you submit yourself to Him, then He gives you full authority as a man to raise your family, and to live by example.

So I want to pray for those of you that want to be separate from the world, separate from false religions, and that you want to live for the Lord with all of your heart. So “Lord Jesus, I pray for your true church, I pray for those listening today that want to be completely in the truth and not deceived by the devil, by false religion, and by worldliness. I pray that people would repent of sin, hypocrisy, playing the chameleon, playing the Christian in church. We want to repent of being a religious spirit or being part of religious spirits. We want to be separate and touch nothing that is unclean. So I pray for my fellow brothers and sisters that want to be serious to follow you, I pray that they would be filled with your Holy Spirit, and that they would touch nothing that is unclean, and that they would not be defiled by false religion. I pray that they have the power to come out and to be separate, and that you would sever them from everything that is ungodly, that they would become vessels of honor, held in your hand, and used for your purpose. I pray this in your name, Lord Jesus. Amen.”

Friday, May 10, 2024

Let NO ONE Extinguish Your Fire for the LORD


Well praise Jesus today everyone. It's another day to praise the Lord, to worship Him, and to cast out all the accusations from the devil, all the things that are sinful in this world, and to truly put our faith in the Lord, having the fire of the Holy Spirit in us. You know there's a lot of ways to lose our fire, especially when we're new Christians and we're putting our faith in the Lord and we're trying to get grounded, there's a lot of things that can try to distract us, especially other brothers and sisters in the Lord that try to quiet us down.

I remember when I was first hearing from the Holy Spirit and receiving the words of the Holy Spirit into my heart, I was so excited to tell everyone about Jesus. I was writing letters to people, I was telling people in my church.and man, I got on Facebook I was telling people about Jesus. I desperately wanted people to repent and to hear from Jesus the way I was. I was very zealous in the eyes of people in my church. I remember one of the worship arts directors in the church coming to me, and he just belittled me for my newfound faith in Jesus. He said, “when I was young, I was like you. I was really zealous, I wanted to win people to the Lord. But as I grew, I grew into maturity to know that we shouldn't act like that, Andy. We don't need to be so vigorous about our faith like that. You shouldn't offend people, you're just excited right now.” And he really tried to cool down my fire for the Holy Spirit. Well, guess what guys, I have been preaching Jesus and living for Jesus now about, I don't know, it's been about 13 years or so.

Since I left the church, since I came out of dead religion, and the Holy Spirit has continued to put His fire in me. That same fire, I have to continue to go to the Lord and say, “put your fire in me, let me continue to live for you, to die to myself, to pick up my cross, and to live for you.” And unless we continue to go to the Lord to renew ourselves, so that He can renew our hearts every day, renew our minds and give us this continued strength, we're bound just to become like all the Christians who are in church, who have lost their joy for the Lord, they've lost their fire, they're not evangelizing, they're not telling anyone about Jesus, they're not helping anyone, they're just lukewarm and putrid. They have fallen back to sin, back to all sorts of... ...connection, I'm driving right now, so hopefully it'll be enough... ...but what I was saying was, we need to keep that fire in us that we received from the beginning, we don't want to become dead... ...

Don't let anyone belittle you because you are new, or because you are young, saying that you shouldn't be so eager to talk about Jesus, or saying that, well, why are you speaking about God, you don't know the Bible enough, you haven't been to Bible college. The devil will always try to belittle you if you're starting to catch fire for Jesus. This is a huge tactic of the devil, so that the gospel will not spread like wildfire. But if we can be concerned about the Kingdom of God, the righteousness of God, and doing His work, then we will continue to spread the gospel, and concern ourselves with hearing from our Lord and Master, and not worrying about all these accusations from Satan, well, you don't know enough, you're not a good enough person, what makes you good enough to speak about holiness and righteousness, do you think that you're perfect? The accusations of Satan go on and on and on. But we need to keep the fire of the Holy Spirit in us, and keep rejoicing in the Lord, casting out demons in Jesus' name, casting out doubt, casting out fear, of course casting out lust, and just standing on the rock of our salvation, on the rock of Jesus Christ.

Following Jesus is not about being in church, it's not about having a club, it's not having an association to be with, following Jesus is about living on the words of life. We have to truly eat Jesus' flesh, and drink His blood. And that's what a lot of Christians don't know, they think that they will get fired up by being in church, that's not true. The people in church are going to try to take your joy, they're going to try to belittle you because they're jealous if you are hearing from God, they only want the pastor hearing from God, because that's how they make their money, that the pastor thinks that he is feeding the flock. But Jesus is the one who feeds His flock, not the pastor in church.

If you want to be daily fed, daily nourished, you have to be going to the one good shepherd, and that is Jesus Christ, He feeds His flock daily. They don't listen to the malicious voice, they don't listen to strangers, or strange teachers, or money preachers, or false prophets on the internet. They listen to Jesus alone, and they are moved by God, not by the accusations of Satan, or false brothers, or false sisters. Satan uses Christians in particular to try to move Christians. Satan doesn't use atheists to try to move Christians, but he uses supposed brothers in Christ, or sisters in Christ, to try to influence other Christians for evil. And that's why you have so many false prophets, so many false teachers, so many money preachers, fellowship. Their rock of salvation, their supposed salvation, is in their religious practice, it's in their Bible, it's in their parents, it's in their pastor, it's in the people in their church, but they don't have any genuine faith in Jesus.

If we want genuine faith on the rock of Jesus Christ, we need to find our salvation in Him alone, in Jesus Christ. We need to love Him, obey Him, every day when we wake up, we need to say, “Lord Jesus, please speak to me, please guide me, let your fire be in me, let me receive the words of the Holy Spirit in my life, that I may overcome, and walk in the newness of life with you all the time.” We have to purposefully deny ourselves, denying the things that we do, and we need to lay down our life for the gospel, and truly living for Jesus with every breath, every move, and everything that we're doing.

So are we living with the fire of the Holy Spirit in us? Are you living with the fire of the Holy Ghost in you? Or are you like the Christians who are backslidden, who don't have any power to stand for what's right? Are you like the Christian who is attending church and surrounded by a false brotherhood, people who encourage them to keep sin, but in reality, they're encouraging you to sin because they're not really preaching that you need to give up sin, that you have to quit on addiction, that you need to quit on things that cause your mind to sin, such as pornography and lust, things that cause broken marriages, addictions, all those things in the world that cause you to stumble.

Is the joy of the Lord really in your heart? I want to pray for those of you that do want the fire of the Holy Ghost in you, that want to stand in complete righteousness, not with the hypocrite, not with the sinful Christians that are acting like they know God but have no power, but for those of us that want to just, in humility but also in boldness, stand with Jesus Christ and live for Him. So “Lord Jesus, I pray for your church, I pray for those that really want to be empowered by your Holy Spirit, I pray for them that you would liberate them from the evil doctrines of church that hold people to sin. I pray that your Holy Spirit fire would be in us and that we would be burning and living for you with all of our heart, Lord, and that we would be able to overcome sin, overcome temptation, overcome all the addictions and evil that are in this world, and that we truly would be salt and light for you and your sheep that are ready to follow the Good Shepherd wherever you lead. I pray that we are not distracted by all the things of the world. We know about the four soils and how the seed that was in the soil that got choked out were those that fell into all the troubles of the world, that listened to all the lies of the devil and were choked out by riches, by church, for those that have an ear to hear and eyes to see. And I pray that each of us would endure until the very end and that you would empower us every day, Lord, to be able to overcome, that we may truly worship you and honor you and worship you in spirit and in truth. In your name I pray, Lord Jesus. Amen.”

Tuesday, May 7, 2024

Few Christians Bring Fruit to Maturity. And They Think God Will Spare Them the Judgment?


Few Christians Bring Fruit to Maturity. And They Think God Will Spare Them the Judgment?

Well praise Jesus today everyone. The topic I wanted to speak about today is bringing sinners to repentance and bearing good fruit. See not a lot of Christians are bearing good fruit or bringing others to repentance A lot of us have become too timid to share our faith or scared what other people think, worried about the things of the world. And because these things have become in our life so big and Jesus so small, we can't produce fruit. Now a lot of people especially in America have heard the gospel. They're not ignorant of what the Bible teaches, they're not ignorant of what Jesus said in the Gospels. They haven't had the gospel immediately snatched away from them. They have grown to some sort of maturity in their life. But as they walk forward in life, they started to lose their faith. The devil started to ebb away at them. And instead of bearing more good fruit they started bearing less in the things of this world, got the best of them. Now we know what good fruit is, we know what the fruit of the Holy Spirit is, but what it basically comes down to is living holy, being separate from things in the world that are truly ungodly and making disciples for Jesus Christ.

I want to read to you the parable of the four soils and you will see which soil you belong to. You will see what soil you are like or what soil the nation we live in is like. 4And when a great multitude had gathered, and they had come to Him from every city, He spoke by a parable: 5“A sower went out to sow his seed. And as he sowed, some fell by the wayside; and it was trampled down, and the birds of the air devoured it.6Some fell on rock; and as soon as it sprang up, it withered away because it lacked moisture.7And some fell among thorns, and the thorns sprang up with it and choked it.8But others fell on good ground, sprang up, and yielded a crop a hundredfold.”

When he had said these things, he cried he who has an ear to hear let him hear. Then his disciples asked him saying, what does this parable mean?”

10And He said, “To you it has been given to know the mysteries of the kingdom of God, but to the rest it is given in parables, that

‘Seeing they may not see,

And hearing they may not understand.’

See this right here is an interesting reason that Jesus speaks to people in parables. There are a lot of pastors and teachers and Christians that think that Jesus spoke to people in parables to help them understand but actually it was for the exact opposite reason. He spoke in parables that people that wanted to hear would seek more and that people that didn't hear would just walk away and they wouldn't understand anything. Because the gospel is very precious it is not to be thrown to pigs. But a lot of Christians want the gospel to be for pigs. They dumb down the gospel. They mix the gospel with lies and they make the gospel something that people with itching ears want to hear. It is the money gospel the gospel that says, “Just seek after riches, seek after your own pleasure, seek after your own lusts, chase what you want to chase, and in the end God will let you into heaven also.

Jesus calls us to truly deny ourselves, pick up our cross and to be unashamed of standing for the truth, to be uncompromising. But sadly, most Christians have compromised their faith. And instead of growing with Jesus and spreading the gospel, they're now just spreading flat-out lies. So Jesus goes on to explain this parable.

11“Now the parable is this: The seed is the word of God.12Those by the wayside are the ones who hear; then the devil comes and takes away the word out of their hearts, lest they should believe and be saved.

This is the person who hears the gospel and immediately turns their back, they say, “Well, I was born homosexual, I will never listen to the truth of God”, I was born that way, I will not repent. Satan immediately snatches away the gospel and they don't even listen to one message of any messenger of God who speaks the gospel.

13But the ones on the rock are those who, when they hear, receive the word with joy; and these have no root, who believe for a while and in time of temptation fall away.

So we all know this sort of Christian or this sort of person, they're the people who we share the gospel with, and at first when they hear this gospel they're very excited to hear it. But because they have no depth in Jesus, they don't really want to walk with the Lord. As soon as just a very basic temptations of this world come, they walk away from the truth for the next big thing for the next fad.

“14Now the ones that fell among thorns are those who, when they have heard, go out and are choked with cares, riches, and pleasures of life, and bring no fruit to maturity.”

Guys, I think this represents most of all of Christians. It represents most all of America. Because America has heard the gospel, they have went out already to try to spread the gospel, they have started churches, they've started families, they have started a way of life, they have started their traditions, but then what crept in is all the cares of the world riches, the pleasures of life. And with all of these pleasures of life and all the cares of the world has brought upon them no ability to bear good fruit, so they're not bringing fruit to maturity. We have to be very careful not to allow the pleasures of life and the money that we're making and the things that we enjoy doing to choke out the Word of God.

Are we bringing sinners to repentance? Are we talking to our neighbor about Jesus Christ or are we more concerned about the things of this life? Most Americans are very concerned about what's happening on TV, their favorite sport, their hobbies, their education, what's happening at the workplace. And because they're so concerned about these things Jesus Christ is not their center. He's not the center of their conversation. He's not the center about what they're thinking of. They're not seeking first the kingdom of God and His righteousness. Now obviously guys it's not wrong to run, to be an athlete, to participate in sports in high school or in college, I have done all of those things. But it is wrong to take your eyes off of the kingdom of God and to let these things overtake you as most Christians have. If you're not sure the difference between seeking first the kingdom of God and allowing something in the world to take over your life, you need to ask Jesus is, what I'm participating in is it beneficial for the kingdom of God? I'm playing soccer. Is this good for the kingdom of God or is it taking me away from heaven? I'm participating in in sports in high school, maybe track, maybe basketball. Are these things good for my spiritual health? Am I growing with Jesus in these things or are they causing me to be unfruitful? Am I falling away from the kingdom of God because I'm being influenced by peers that are taking me away from the kingdom of God or is it really an opportunity for me to share my faith about Jesus? Am I living a life that I'm not compromising in talking about Jesus and growing in my faith? So each of us in our own hearts have to address that to see if we really are for Jesus in these things or if we're being choked out by the things in the world.

But finally Jesus says, “15But the ones that fell on the good ground are those who, having heard the word with a noble and good heart, keep it and bear fruit with patience.”

This is the sort of fruit we want to be. We want to bear good fruit and we want to be diligent to bring that fruit to complete maturity. So few of us are bringing our faith to complete maturity. We get stunted in kindergarten or in first grade and although we grow to be complete men in the world or complete women in the world, spiritually we're still infants or kindergartners or third graders. And this is a big problem, because the only one who makes it into God's eternal kingdom is the one who brings fruit to full maturity. So ask yourself, are you bringing spiritual fruit to full maturity? Are you living holy? Are you separate to serve the Lord? Are you separate from things of the world? Are you bearing good fruit by bringing people to repentance? Or are you ashamed of the gospel? Are you ashamed to speak out for Jesus Christ? Are you stunted in your faith? So ask yourself this question and then figure out how you can overcome. Because we want to be those who overcome with Jesus not those who are bogged down by the things of the world, ashamed of the gospel, too timid to stand for what matters, or just simply bogged down by work or by relationships in this world, by things that seem good on the outside but ultimately are keeping us from growing in our faith with Jesus.

So I want to pray for those of you who are hearing this message and want to overcome, you want to bear good fruit, you want to live holy and be righteous, you want to make disciples. So, Lord Jesus I pray for my fellow brothers and sisters in the Lord who want to overcome Satan in your name, who want to overcome the temptations of flesh that lead to evil and ultimately physical and spiritual death. I pray that my fellow brothers and sisters in your true church would repent of any sin that's in their life, drugs, alcohol, impure relationships, sex outside of marriage, all the things that cause us to stumble in worldliness. We pray that we can sanctify ourselves to be separate from the world, that we can be unstained from the world, touch nothing that is unclean in the world and that everything that we participate in would be something that would bring you glory in your kingdom. We pray to stay separate from everything that's ungodly and we want to make sure that we don't join ourselves with sinners, with people that are ungodly, that people that are wicked and cause us to fall into all sorts of sin and temptations. We pray to stay separate that we can be used for your purpose, that we can burn our bridges with the devil and with the evil empire, that we can be holding fast to the truth in your kingdom and the children of the light that truly bear good fruit for you Lord. So help us to overcome in your name, let us cast out demons in your name, heal the sick in your name and do good for you every day, preaching righteousness, living holy, making disciples and always seeking first your kingdom Lord. So please grant that more people can come into faith and do good for you, that we may be the children of the light and completely enter into your kingdom with our white robes. In your name I pray Lord Jesus, Amen.