Thursday, June 25, 2020

The truth about out of the body experiences

The TRUTH About Out of the Body Experiences
Hey guys, I wanted to talk just a minute about near death experiences or out of the body experiences because more than just Christians have had these experiences.  And some people see just blackness, you know, they don’t see anything at all.  Other people see demons or they even being back these experiences about other gods and all sorts of stuff and it really confuses people.  I remember I had this friend or acquaintance in high school who had a near death experience and he stopped believing in God because of it and I asked him why.  And he said that the reason why was because all he saw when he died, before he was revived back to life, I guess in the hospital or wherever he was, he said all he saw was blackness, he didn’t see anything at all, so he just assumed that there was NOTHING after life, just that, you know, we are annihilated or something.  What this brings to my mind is, remember how Jesus says that the light of your body is your EYE, that if your eye is good your whole body is full of light, but if your eye is bad your whole body is full of darkness.  You can even have a dark experience, or not see the light of the truth even in a near death experience or an out of the body experience.  Clearly there is consciousness outside of your body.  I remember, I want to just give this short testimony, when I was first coming to Jesus I was having these experiences where I would fall asleep but not really be asleep, you know, you wake up and your eyes open but you are still asleep, sleep paralysis, and I would see demos and this one time it happened, I was on my bed, I was asleep but waking up and this demon was grabbing my feet and he was trying to pull me, pull my spirit out of my body, and if I didn’t hold onto my arms, if I didn’t purposely try to keep myself in my body that demon would have pulled me out, he would have pulled my feet right on out of my body and my soul would have come right on out.  And this is also how people go around with demons, you know it’s a form of witchcraft.  But if we are with Jesus and I was with Jesus at that time, we can pray and we can rebuke those demons, and the Lord will keep us in control because His Spirit is in us.  People that allow themselves to be pulled out of their body by demons allow those demons to enter their body and those demons to possess them and control them.  But about near-death experiences and existence outside of your body, people see all kinds of different things and then they use that to PROVE Hinduism or some other kind of spiritualism OTHER than Christianity.  And the reason why that can happen, and so many people are confused, is because the light of their body, which is their eye IS BAD, it is FULL of darkness, so even in the spiritual realm they are STILL spiritually BLIND.  When Jesus is talking about the eye, He’s not talking about your physical eye, because after all, even people that are physically blind can spiritually see, so Jesus is talking about your spiritual eyes.  And if your spiritual eye is bad and you can’t see, even if you have a near death experience or an experience where you come out of your body, what you will experience in that out of your own body experience will STILL not be the truth, it’s not like your eyes will be open to the truth just because you can see spiritual things.  The lamp of your body is your EYE and if your eye is bad your whole body is FULL of darkness whether you are in your body or whether you come OUT of your body.  Your eye will still be EVIL and bad.  And that’s why so many people bring back these experiences from the supposed afterlife or death or a near death experience that are just not truth.  So don’t believe people that bring back these experiences about the afterlife because so many people have a light that is actually darkness, their eye is BAD, it’s not light at all.  So, don’t trust people.  Is your eye good?  Because if your eye is good, if the Holy Spirt is in your eye then your whole body will be FULL OF LIGHT and whether you live or your physically die you will be with Jesus and you will be in His truth, you’ll be in the light.  And the things that you see, the visions you have will be true visions.  Don’t believe these people whether they are online on the internet or somewhere else that have false visions, false dreams, false out of the body experiences because, not all of these experiences are true, in fact most of them are false.  People are FALSE and they are following FALSE spirits.  The ONLY Way Truth and Life is JESUS CHRIST.  You have to receive His Holy Spirit.  Let Him come into you so that your eye may be FULL OF LIGHT and your WHOLE BODY FULL OF LIGHT.  May the grace of Jesus be with you.