Thursday, August 6, 2020

The foolish forget God requires holiness

The Foolish Forget GOD Requires HOLINESS
What people have forgotten is that God requires absolute holiness, He requires that we are righteous and HOLY.  What does that actually mean, what does it mean to be righteous and holy?  Do you think that someone is righteous and holy that is just preaching righteousness and holiness?  Does that make them holy?  Does it make you holy to do bible studies 3 times a week?  Does it make you holy to go on mission trips or to live as a homeless man on the street, does that make you holy?  Does it make you holy to sell all your possessions and give your things to the poor, does that make you holy?  What do you think makes you holy?  What makes you a good tree and what makes you bear good fruit?  Don’t be fooled by the FALSE gospel and the FALSE church.  Can you see the difference between being holy and righteous and a false, fabricated gospel, the gospel that is by dead works?  A lot pf people are trying to enter the Kingdom of God by another way, other than Jesus Christ.  There is only one way to enter into the Kingdom of God.  There is only one way into heaven.  Jesus is the door.  Don’t forget that Jesus Himself is the door, He is the gate, HE IS YOUR ONLY HOPE.  Unless you confess every last one of your sins to Jesus Christ, unless you apologize for your sins, to the people that you need to apologize to, confess and repent, you are not going to enter into His Kingdom.  No one is going to enter into heaven with bitterness, with hatred in their heart, with lust, with selfishness, with unfair balances, with looking down upon others.  No one is going to enter into the Kingdom of God with secret sins, secretly they are into pornography, secretly they are steeling, secretly they have homosexual thoughts, secretly the are into child pornography or extremely wicked things.  What do you think makes you holy and righteous?  Is it purifying yourself on the outside or on the inside?  If you said on the inside you would be right, but here’s the thing; YOU WILL NEVER FOOL GOD.  You may fool every single person that you are around, every single person will think that you are a good person, but you will never fool Jesus Christ, you will never fool the Spirit of God, He will know that you are a hypocrite, and what do you think is going to happen when you, playing the hypocrite stand before God almighty?  Do you think He’s going to say; “Good and well done my faithful servant, I’m so glad that you preached holiness, I’m so glad that you preached righteousness, come into My Kingdom…”  Do you think He’s going to say that to you?  DON’T BE A FOOL!  The unrighteous and the unholy WILL NOT inherit the Kingdom of God.  WAKE UP TO THE TRUTH!  Jesus is coming for a holy and a pure bride.  Remember the one guy (in Jesus’ parable) that tried to get into the wedding feast without pure clothes, with old garments, symbolizing he was still in sin?  What happened to that guy?  Go and research what happen to that guy if you forgot.  (Matthew 22:1-14)  He was cast out into OUTER DARKNESS.  You are not going to make it into heaven, you are going to be thrown into outer darkness if you have secret little sins, or big sins in the bottom of your heart, in your soul.  Are you dirty on the inside and fooling everyone on the outside?  Because you will never fool God.  MAKE SURE THAT YOU TRULY REPENT, because tomorrow you just may be dead and in hell.