Wednesday, September 2, 2020

You can stop sinning don't be fooled

 You CAN Stop Sinning DON’T BE FOOLED

The condemnation is that men and women love their sin, they love darkness more than the light of Jesus Christ because their deeds are EVIL and they love their deeds. (John 3:19 A lot of people say; “Well, you can’t be perfect, no one’s perfect, we’re only human.” And they only say this to justify their sins because they don’t want anyone to expose that YOU CAN STOP SINNING, they don’t want anyone to be perfect as their Father in Heaven is perfect. (Matt. 5:48) It’s all a cover up.  But Jesus has made the way for you to stop sinning if you want to stop sinning.  There is a way out.  Jesus did not just come to die for your sins so that you would sin, feel guilty, repent, then fall back into sin, then feel guilty, then repent and keep on going though that cycle the rest of your life.  He didn’t come to just forgive you in your sins but to set you free from your sins and put you on a path that leads to everlasting life, that is APART from the world, apart from sin, apart from ungodliness.  But truth be told it is a VERY narrow path.  Think about this with me for a moment:  How many people preach the message (I mean Christians and non-Christians like) that, “…everyone sins, everyone’s doing it?”  How many people preach that message?  Obviously, a LOT of people preach that message, they say, “No one’s perfect, we’re just human, God will forgive…”  Believers and non-believers alike preach that message across the WHOLE WORLD.  So, do you think that THAT gospel is the gospel message that Jesus was speaking when He was saying that it is a VERY narrow road to everlasting life?  Do you think THAT is the narrow road, that EVERYONE is preaching and that EVERYONE believes?  Truth be told, the way with Jesus is VERY NARROW, it is the straight and narrow path, and in order to enter into everlasting life, you have to be perfect as our Father in Heaven is perfect.  With you and me that is absolutely impossible and it sounds absurd, but with JESUS all things are possible, with God everything is possible.  With HIM you CAN stop sinning.  With Him you can disconnect from the world and all of their selfish ambitions.  One big problem that keeps people in the world and strapped to their bondage, strapped to their sin is they continually listen to false prophets, they listen to church pastors, they listen to Christians who themselves are in SIN and are BLOCKING YOU from getting into Heaven.  They listen to parents who don’t know God, they listen to brothers and sisters who are in sin themselves.  And instead of hearing the Holy Spirit, they listen to all these people all these men, and because what these people are saying sound good and it soothes their soul, the never listen to the Holy Spirit.  And even though their conscience tells them pornography is wrong, addiction is wrong, selfish ambitions are wrong, selfish living is wrong, making yourself the god of your own life is wrong… all those things we KNOW, but even though we know those things, it’s easier to listen to the FALSE prophet because they tickle our ears.  But that’s NOT the narrow road, everyone in the world has those ears that just want to listen to whatever sounds good, so it will appease their conscience, but THAT IS NOT THE NARROW ROAD!  Jesus is the gate, He is the door and you have to get on the narrow way, the narrow path if you want everlasting life.  And the narrow path is the path of the righteous, the HOLY, those who will STOP SINNING, who will OVERCOME!  Without righteousness and holiness NO ONE is going to see God.  And if you are not on the straight and narrow path with Him, where do you think you’re going to end up in the end?  Where do you think the broad path leads?  I encourage you to truly REPENT OF YOUR SINS.  Do whatever it takes to get those parasites out of you life.   Stop looking at pornography, get addiction out of your life.  Don’t be addicted to the TV.  Stop playing video games.  Anything that causes you to sin or to stumble GET THAT OUT OF YOUR LIFE, be completely separate so that you can be connected to the Spirit of God.  You can’t follow two masters, you cannot follow both sin, Mammon and the truth of Jesus Christ by His Holy Spirit.  Will you serve Jesus Christ, or will you serve satan?  May the grace of Jesus be with you.