Saturday, October 10, 2020

Why it's hard to hear God

 Why it is  Hard to Hear God
Why does God some people to be able to hear Him clearly and other people not to be able to hear Him at all.  The reason isn’t just because God is rude and He favors some and He hates others.  The reason actually lies in the hearts of men and women.  For those who are on the outside, God does not give it to them to know His mysteries of the Kingdom.  That’s why He spoke to people in parables.  Jesus did not speak to people in parables to make it easy for anyone.  In fact, He spoke in parables to make it impossible for the outsider to know what He was speaking about. I want to read to you Matthew chapter 13:10-12; “And the disciples came and said to Him, “Why do you speak to them in parables?” He answered and said to them, “Because it has been given to you to know the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven, but to them it has not been given.  For whoever has, to him more will be given, and he will have abundance; but whoever does not have, even what he has will be taken away from him.”  So, what do you and I have?  What we have is LIFE, the life that has been given to us by GOD.  But if someone rejects God, if they say they are their OWN God, they’ll go around saying they have life, they will go around saying that they have it made, that they have everything that they need, but they don’t need God, “God get away from me…” they spit in God’s face.  Well even what they think they have, their false hope, their money, their possession, their mammon, even what they THINK they have is going to be stripped away from them.  People have knowledge, they have the internet, they have books, they have their cellphones, they have everything that they think they need to sustain life.  People know words of Jesus, THEY KNOW EVERYTHING.  But they don’t have the mysteries of the Kingdom of God, they can’t hear God, they can’t hear His voice.  Why is that?  That is because in the hearts of men and women is EVIL, it’s darkness, it’s NOT the light of the Truth.  They don’t care to know God!  There are some who say they want to know God’s voice, they say; “Why do I hear nothing when I pray?”  Well, many of them love SIN more than the light of the truth and they just want to have God’s voice in their mind, so that then they can be LIKE a child of God.  But they want to be a double agent. (Dan 11:34)  They want to worship satan, they want to worship themselves, their sin and know the truth of God, because that would sure be convenient to know how to navigate your life, to navigate those potholes, to make a little more money, to know if that business deal would go good or if it would go south.  So, it would be convenient to know God like that.  But God is NOT the God of convenience.  He’s not an easy, cheep, convenient God!  That is why Jesus spoke to people in parables.  So that those who really seek after Him will get to know His voice for real.  But those who don’t care will just be bewildered.  They can make up their own doctrines of everything that Jesus said and make up their own ideas, twisting those parables to mean whatever they want.  But that doesn’t mean that they know anything.  They don’t know Jesus’s voice.  They just know their own opinions.  But for those of us that want to know our Master’s voice, we have to diligently seek His voice, not other people’s opinions, not what the pastors are saying, not what the theologians have recorded in THEIR books about the words of Jesus.  But we have to do the hard work of getting into a relationship with Jesus Christ, praying to Him, saying; “Lord, fill me with Your Spirit.  Teach me.”  You know, our hears have been given to us by God.  He is the one that created our ears, NOT people.  So, why are we going to men, asking men to open our ears to hear God correctly who has created our ears?  We are doing it all wrong if we are doing it like that.  We need to go to the source.  Jesus Christ is the source.  He created all things, both physical and visible and spiritual and invisible.  He created the ears of our spirit, our conscience, that we may hear Him in the bottom of our soul.  We need to go to our Creator and say; “Open my ears, that I may hear YOU correctly.  Open my eyes that I may see You clearly.  I don’t want to go to men anymore as my teacher.  Let every man be a liar, but let YOU Lord be the truth.”  And if we seek after Jesus Christ because He is alive and He love us, He will open our ears and we will have the mysteries of the Kingdom of God.  But if we try to go through a middle man, through a pastor, through a prophet, and if we really just want religion, if we just want God as a genie, to be able to give us the desires of our flesh, then we will NEVER have the mysteries of the Kingdom of God.  That is why Jesus spoke to people in parables, so that seeing they would not see, because they don’t care.  Though hearing they would not hear or understand because they just care about the things of the world. (Matt 13:13-15)  It all comes down to our heart condition, what is inside of our soul?  Do we desire the truth with everything we have?  Will we die for the truth?  Or will we die making ourselves our own god because we are selfish, we want to preserve our OWN life our OWN family, our OWN American dream?  What are we living for? Do we really care to live for the Kingdom of God, His righteousness, for the gospel?  Or are we just trying to preserve our own lives?  We have to look deeper into the bottom of our heart, of our soul!  Evaluate your own soul, do you want to know Jesus Christ for real?  If you do you have to go straight to HIM.  Stop going to men, to prophets, to leaders.  Go to Jesus Christ because He created you, He created your ears and your eyes.  And if you want your ears and your eyes open you have to go to the one that opened the ears of the deaf and opened the eyes of the blind, THAT’S JESUS CHRIST!  MAY the grace of Jesus be with you.