Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Satan will strip your identity


Satan Will Strip Your Identity

There was a time in my life that I did not know who I was.  That is because I was trying to become someone in the world, yet God had called me to the path of righteousness.  And God let me just fumble around in the wilderness, stumbling and not knowing my own identity.  Ironically enough, one summer I did a summer camp, it was a day camp with the junior high students that I was working with in the church.  And I called that summer camp “Identity”.  I made a shirt, and the shirt had a picture of a man on it that had some kind of a cage for his face, with a question mark.  And it basically meant that the man didn’t know his own identity.  And during that camp I was preaching on finding our identity in Christ. I new it with my MIND but in my heart spiritually I was LOST.  And I was lost for years even though I could preach the truth in church.  A lot of Christians are like how I was.  They know the truth, they know the bible, but still they are LOST IN THE WILDERNESS, they don’t know their own identity, and because they are trying to be something in the WORLD, they’re not finding their identity in Jesus Christ.  Are you really found in Jesus Christ?  Do you know Him and are you walking the path that HE wants you to walk?  Or are you lost in the world and having an identity crisis?  I encourage you to PRAY, seek after your Creator.  Get to have an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ.  He loves you and He has a specific path for you to walk, and He will give you your identity in HIM because He loves you and He has a very specific plan for YOU.  Do you love Jesus and are you genuine with HIM and with yourself, are you genuine around other people because YOU ARE the person who Jesus made you to be?  Or are you trying to be someone else?  May the grace of Jesus be with you.