Tuesday, August 8, 2023

Protect Your Spiritual Ears And Eyes


Protect Your Spiritual Ears And Eyes (Part 1 of 3)

Well, praise Jesus today, brothers and sisters. I want to give a few short testimonies of what's been going on in my life and how the Lord leads me and guides me in my family, how he protects us and how he gives us the things that we need. Last night I spent the night in the ER. And then this morning I went to the eye doctor because for the last couple of days my left eye has been giving me trouble. And I actually had a piece of slag in my eye, right below the center of my eye, and it was making me go blind. And so I went into the ER and they pulled out some of the material but they couldn't get it all out. And so I saw the eye doctor, and they were able to take a little tool that was like a Dremel hand, dremel the material out of my eyeball. It made me so queasy. I almost passed out because I was awake for it. I’m taking some antibiotics, but I’m on the uphill, and I’m thankful to the Lord that I still have my sight. I'll definitely try to wear more eye protection physically and I always try to wear ear protection when working with metal or with wood. But I need to get better at wearing eye protection. A lot of times, guys, just when I’m working, I don't like to wear gloves or ear or eye protection because when you sweat, it gets all in your eyes. But it's good to always protect your eyes, your ears, your hands. But spiritually, there's also a parallel. And the Lord wants us protecting our spiritual sight and how we hear. And how we protect our spiritual eyes and ears is by being careful who we listen to and who we watch. If you're looking at pornography or if you're looking at false gods, false religions, if you're looking into things that are going to confuse you, then you will damage your eyesight. Remember how Jesus said the eye is the light of your body; and if your eye is good, your whole body will be full of light; but if your eye is bad, your whole body is full of darkness. Well, he's talking about your spiritual eye not your physical. And so if our eye is good, because God has given us spiritual sight, then our whole body will be full of the truth and we will be able to walk in the truth with Jesus, and he will be the light to our path, and he'll be the light to our road. And when we don't listen to the opinions of men or preachers or people that are lying about our destiny and all of that, then we can trust in the Lord and follow him.

The other day there was an event going on in a town nearby. It was called touch a truck, which I thought would be fun to bring my family to. And it's just an event where there's big trucks, tractors, cranes and dump trucks and you can bring your children and they can climb on the trucks and push the horns and it's great fun for the whole family. So I decided to bring my family to that event. But what I didn't know is that it was going to be at church, in the parking lot of a church. And so we got there, and it was in a church parking lot. So I kind of just prayed about that and said, “Lord, let me be just a testimony for you however I can.” Interestingly, the night before, I had this dream and the Holy Spirit showed me something in my dream, and it was basically like he foretold this event that I was going to go with my family. In my dream, I found myself in a small church. And the pastor of the church and the elders of the church were trying to convince my family to go back into church and to stay in their church. And they were putting crafts before my children so that they would have fun. They were getting into my wife's ear, telling her that they needed to convince her husband, me to get back into the church. And so they were speaking lies into my wife and into my children to try to manipulate me back into church. And in my dream, I perceived that the pastor himself was trying to find a way to lure me back into church through my wife. And in my dream, I talked to the pastor of the church, and I was able to speak boldly to him about my testimony about Jesus Christ and how Jesus gave me a new life essentially, eyes to see and ears to hear, and how he called me out of dead religion. So in my dream, guys, I spoke the truth to the pastor of the church and then I walked out of the church and my wife followed me and my children followed me and it was a blessing. Well, this was basically like a prophecy that happened right before last weekend when I went to this touch a truck event. So I showed up there at the touch of a truck event and my children were just happy to be able to check out all the big trucks, the dump trucks, the cranes, the tractors, and they were getting into all of them. People were blowing the horns and everything, turning on the lights of the sirens. And I was wearing a T-shirt, just a testimony T-shirt for Jesus. And on the shirt, it's basically one that I've made that says, “get out of church and seek the real Jesus”. And so anyways, I didn't know that I was going to be at this event at a church, but I was wearing this shirt against the false church and for Jesus Christ. And lo and behold, halfway through this event, some guy comes up and talks to me and I didn't know that he was the pastor of the church. The pastor of the church came up and talked to me and he said nice shirt and he kind of agreed with the shirt. And he asked me what I thought that shirt meant that I was wearing. So I told him my testimony in brief. I told him I used to be a pastor for seven years, but then Jesus showed me how the organized church, that is the false 501(c)3 church, the brick-and-mortar church, how it's like a whorehouse to God. Because as men go to a prostitute for false love and just sensuality, the children of God are being deceived by religion and they're going into these false churches thinking that they're going to have the love of Christ, which in reality they're just forcing them to pay tithe and their dues to false religion and they get wrapped up. It's like prostitution. Jesus wants people to come to him, not to a prostitute. So anyways, I spoke this to this guy not knowing he was the pastor of the church. Then after I gave my testimony, he said, “well, I partially agree with you but not fully”. Then he said, ‘I am actually the pastor of this church”. And I just realized that we had to agree to disagree. So I wrapped up my conversation with him. I believe that it was his wife or someone else in the congregation right behind him that was just listening to me testify the things that Jesus has told me to him. But I don't go out to offend anyone or be rude, but I will stand up for the truth of Jesus so that people can hear the truth and then they can choose to follow Jesus if they want to.

I didn't perceive in my spirit that this man or anyone in their church wanted to hear the truth. So I just shook his hand and told him thank you for listening, thank you for your time, and I wrapped up the conversation and just as my dream had happened. I left and my wife followed me, my children followed me and we were protected. The Lord gave me eyes to see and ears to hear the truth. And that was a blessing. 

Protect Your Spiritual Ears And Eyes (Part 2 of 3)

So the Lord has been showing me just how important it is to have spiritual eyes and spiritual ears. Because if we don't have spiritual eyes and spiritual ears, we will be deceived by falsehood. If we're half blind, then when these pastors come, and when people come trying to deceive us like a wolf in sheep's clothing, we will feel guilty not to listen to them. And if the Lord had not given me revelation about the truth, if he had not given me the eyes to see and ears to hear, I would be spiritually blind and I would be deceived by this pastor at this church. But the Lord is gracious to me and to my family, and he gave me a vision. He gave me fore-warning that this would happen in my day. And it was a blessing to be able to be a testimony and to have eyes that see and ears that hear and walk out with sharing the truth of Jesus without feeling compelled or manipulated back into that church.

But there are a lot of people who are spiritually blind, and they don't want to awaken to the truth. Some of these Christians would rather live in a lie because they feel comfortable with dead religion. They feel comfortable with lies. They give their ears over to the lying prophets and lying preachers because they would like to be told that their works have nothing to do with salvation; that they can look at porn; that they can lust after women; that they can listen to gospel preachers preach about salvation is all by grace alone, and all you have to do is sit back and watch TV and lust and you'll get yourself into heaven. So because people love darkness and they despise the truth of Jesus, they give their ears over to drunkenness, their ears to deafness and their whole bodies to immorality. And their eye that God has given them to see becomes blind and their ears become deaf. Now, in my own personal walk with the Lord, you remember how Jesus speaks about how if one brother tries to speak to another brother, but he has a log in his own eye, he's a hypocrite. How can you, with a log in your eye, try to take out a speck in mine? And the Lord has shown me how each of us, when we have a speck in our own eye, we cannot listen to someone with a log in theirs. Guys, most of the time physically, a speck in eye comes out naturally. You don't have to go see a doctor, you don't have to talk to a friend, you just have to let your eye do its thing and flush out the dirt or the metal slag or whatever got into your eye. But on occasions, something does get stuck into your eye where you will have to go acquire help.

So in my case, the last few days i’ve been to the doctor because this has been stuck in my eye. But what I realized is you do not want to go to an ER or a guy who is not a specialist to try to get something out of your eye. The people at the ER were nice. They really wanted to help me, but the guy there did not have any real equipment, so all he had was pretty much a Q-tip and he wiped my eye with a Q-tip and nothing came out. And when he couldn't get anything out with a Q-tip, then he came over with a big needle. He numbed up my eye and he stuck a needle right into my eye and tried to dig out the metal with a needle. If that doesn't make you queasy, I don't know what will. But my point being, if you have a speck in your eye and you want that speck to come out, you don't go to someone that is going to be judgmental of you and certainly not someone without qualification or with a log stuck in your own eye. But what Jesus says is first get the log out of your own eye and then you'll be able to get the speck out of your brother's eye. And there are times when a speck does have to come out of your brother's eye. And I have been blessed with other brothers and sisters in the Lord who do not have a log in their eye, and they've been able to encourage me in the right direction and been able to see a speck in my eye and have been able to clear that speck out of my eye so that then I can walk in 20-20 vision with the Lord.

So I say this in humility, guys. We have to be humble before the Lord, not thinking of ourselves better than anyone but to be used by the Lord. We have to be humble, righteous, without hypocrisy and ready to help one another out of love. And we do want to make sure our eyes are able to be pure, that we're full of light, and that what we are looking at is holy and pure, and that we're not letting anyone work on us that is not qualified to. Jesus Christ is the one who gives sight to the blind. He is the one that can send a doctor with the hands that will help us. He is the one that's able to heal us. So I hope this encourages someone to put their faith in Jesus and to not be deceived by another brother or sister, or allow yourself to be controlled by someone else who is trying to put you in submission to false authority.

 There are a lot of Christians who don't really have the love of Jesus in their heart. They want to pull a speck out of your eye that will probably come out naturally or likely come out with a messenger of God that will encourage you to go in the right direction. But in hypocrisy, a lot of Christians will accuse you of all sorts of things. It will be legalistic. They will despise you for your love for Jesus. They will want to strip away any vision that you do have or any understanding that you have from God. In fact, sadly, a lot of Christians don't even believe in real revelation from God. They love to talk about how the bible is a closed canon, that we don't get any more revelation from God, and that all we get from God is the ability to read the bible. That's just not true. It is true that Jesus Christ speaks to us through the scriptures. But the Lord also speaks directly into our hearts. 

Protect Your Spiritual Ears And Eyes (Part 3 of 3)

One example of this that I've given before is when Jesus called me to pack my bags and move north. He told me where to go and I followed his direction. I didn't know exactly where I was going. I was led by faith, but I did hear the word from the Lord, which was a revelation directly to me, “pack your bags and move north”. And there was another sister in the Lord who had revelation about me. And I spoke to them on the internet during that time, and she had a dream that the town I was living in was like Sodom and Gomorrah. And she told me and my wife, “pack your bags, move, don't look back”. And when I had that revelation from the Lord and then that revelation from that sister in the Lord, it encouraged me to follow the Lord with complete faith. And the Lord gave me the eyes to see. He gave me the ears to hear and the ability to walk forward with complete confidence. And that was truly a blessing. And that revelation that God gave me was not found anywhere in the scripture. There's no scripture verse in Genesis all the way to Revelation that says “Andy, pack your bags and move north. I have a job for you.” There's no such verse that says that. The only way I could have that revelation from God, is if I had ears to hear from the Holy Spirit and eyes to see. And when we listen to him in humility, he gives us that 20-20 to be able to see clearly and the ears to hear him his truth and not the lies of false pastors. If I listened to the lie of my pastor, I would be too afraid to leave their congregation, the false rock of their church. And if I didn't leave the false rock of their church, I never would have been able to go down the river of life with the Holy Spirit.

A lot of people are stuck on the false rock and they only have ears to hear and eyes to see what the false prophets are preaching on the false rock. It's called the rock of the sand. And they hold on to that sand or that false rock. And if anyone leaves that false rock, that false security of the church, they think that the person leaving going down the river of life is going to die. But in reality, if you can let go of falsehood, leave false friends, leave those people that are spiritually blind and deaf, if you can leave them behind and start going down the river of life, the Lord will bless you, he will take care of you, he will increase your faith and you will be able to be a witness and an ambassador and an encouragement to all other people that are too scared to go down the river of life with Jesus for themselves. You will encourage other people to repent and come off the false rock or the sand of dead religion, and then start down the river of life to be on the true rock of Jesus Christ wherever you are.

So I am blessed to have physical sight, the Lord is giving me physical sight now better. I’m on the upwards ears, that physically hear and spiritually hear and eyes that spiritually see. I’m blessed to be able to have revelation from God. And I hope to be able to encourage others to have eyes that see and ears that hear and not to be deceived by false doctors who will harm you, that will actually make you go blind or deaf. False prophets who will make your ears go deaf and your eyes go blind with their false visions. So I encourage you to humble yourself before Jesus Christ. He is the physician. He is the master. He is the creator of all things, both physical and spiritual. And he loves you. He cares for your soul and he wants to give you revelation. He has a lot of words to say to you. And if you start listening to him and start fixing your eyes on him and not on people, then he will lead you away from false religion and false Christians. And he will put your eyes on the truth and allow your ears to hear the truth and no longer be becoming deaf and blind.

So I want to pray for the true church and those that want to follow the Lord with all their heart that we would truly have revelation from God and walk in the newness of life. So “Lord Jesus I pray for those that are part of the body of Christ. I pray that they may put their faith in you and that they would be founded on the rock of everlasting life how you said to Peter that he is the rock because you Lord Jesus are the one true rock and that we have to have faith in you and grow in you. So I pray for those that want to hear the truth and not be deceived. I pray that you open brothers and sisters’ ears to the truth that are hearing this message that they can have spiritual revelation from you and no longer be deaf but received your Holy Spirit knowing the difference between right and wrong and having clarity to know how to walk with you without stumbling and being deceived by false Christians that are wolves in sheep's clothing. I pray that you give them spiritual insight, that they may have eyes that see, and those ears that hear that they will never be deceived again, but they will be led along by the power of your Holy Spirit. I pray that we are connected to you and not to falsehood, and that we can walk in the newness of life, partaking in the new covenant where we eat your flesh and drink your blood and we stay alive because we are grafted into you as the root. We know that we are the branches, but you are the vine, and we love you Lord and we want to grow in you and have the peace that passes all understanding that comes from you, Lord Jesus. So I pray that those who are listening will truly give their life to you, that they will repent, that they will come out from any darkness and that they will be liberated into your truth that they may be the sons and daughters of your kingdom forever. In your name I pray, Lord Jesus, amen.