Friday, September 8, 2023

Be Skeptical of People's Personal Revelations and Prophecy


 Be Skeptical of People's Personal Revelations and Prophecy

Well, Praise Jesus today, brothers and sisters. I wanted to make a quick message of something that's been on my heart. And that is how we should treat people's personal prophecies and revelations and understandings when it relates to our own personal life. You need to be very careful about accepting people's personal revelations and prophecies about you, your family, your spiritual walk, because the devil will use anybody to try to get you off the right path. He will use a brother, a sister, someone that you trust, that you look up to, he will use a prophet, a man of God, he will use anyone and try to confuse their words for you to get you off of the straight and narrow path. You need to be very skeptical of anyone's revelation about you, or personal prophecies about your life, or your walk with God or your family. What we need to do if someone does come to us and they say, “hey, God gave me a certain revelation about you or your family”, instead of just believing it or taking it to heart or thinking that their revelation is true, you ought to say, “Lord Jesus, please reveal your truth to me. And if what this person is saying is true, then make it known yourself. But if it is not true, I'm only listening to you, and I by no means will listen to their words.”

 So many Christians get themselves derailed by listening to other people's prophecies, revelations, dreams and visions. And often dreams and visions are skewed. Sometimes they're flat out wrong. I don't know how many times, guys, people have come to me in the name of Jesus saying that they heard something from Jesus, some revelation, some understanding, sometimes it's about something in the world and sometimes it has related to directly to me or my family or my spiritual walk. I can't take any of these things to heart or believe them, guys, because my faith is in Jesus. And I know how things pan out in the end. Many times people have had visions or dreams or prophecies about me and I know that they have been 100% a lie. They often get a lot of the specifics, right? They have some kind of vision pertaining to something that happened in my life. The specifics seem to be accurate. But then the main message is totally off, where it counts most for a vision or dream, it's off. And so these things I bring before the Lord, and often what Jesus has told me about these things are, “Why do you even bother listening to them? When did you start listening to people? Continue to fix your eyes on me.” And it's as if the Lord allows certain people in our lives to speak messages to us to see if we are truly listening to Him,or if we will be distracted by the brother or sister. 

The Lord does not tempt us to do evil. He doesn't lead us astray, but He does test us and often there are a variety of different tests in our life. And one of those is, will we listen to Jesus Christ alone by His Holy Spirit? Or will we make another person are in between, between us and God? And will they be like our seer? Will they be our prophet? Will they be our teacher? And we need to make sure that we pass those tests when the Holy Spirit puts us through those tests. 

But for a lot of Christians, because they put too much emphasis on dreams and visions and another brother or sister's word, when a vision or dream or prophecy or revelation about them happens personally, they're very distracted by it. And instead of listening to Jesus, they listen to that brother or sister and it totally rocks their prayer life. Their prayer life is shaken or they totally get thrown off the straight and narrow path. 

But what Jesus has shown me is never take your eyes off of Him, not for a brother, not for a sister. And if another brother or sister is speaking of that truly is true, and if you truly are with Jesus, the Lord will confirm that brother or sister's word, but never believe it alone. That is why it is so important that each of us individually, are truly hearing from the Holy Spirit, that we're verifying everything by the spirit of God, not our interpretation of the Bible, not someone else's word of revelation that may or may not be true, but that we are verifying everything and testing every spirit by the Spirit of God that is supernatural that He puts in us. God has given us the ability to pray, and He gives everyone who will seek Him the gift of the Holy Spirit that comes with discernment, being able to distinguish the spirits between right and wrong and whatever other spiritual gifts the Lord gives you in each specific situation. But we have to continue to exercise our gifts by praying, seeking the Lord, asking Him for guidance, but never be distracted by a Christian, especially someone that is named brother or a sister or a prophet, or a man, or a woman of God. 

These are the people that the devil will use to get you off the path if you are really with the Lord. A man of God, someone that's really following Jesus as a disciple is not ever going to be deceived by an atheist or someone that is in wilful sin. You're not going to be deceived by someone that is blatantly doing what is evil, but you will be deceived if you perceive another man or woman of God is giving you personal prophecies that supposedly come from God. That might be something that you would listen to, that the devil could use. 

So I don't say this message to discourage anyone from prophesying or from having a dream or a vision or an interpretation. But I say this message so that you may have clarity from Jesus Christ Himself and not be distracted by another brother or sister, or by their dreams or visions or interpretations. Each of us individually have to have our own walk with the Lord. It is between us and Jesus, no other person in between. Are you hearing from Him? Are you led by Him, or are you distracted by another brother or sister's words? May the grace of Jesus be with you.