Monday, December 4, 2023

My Testimony Why I Won't Return to Church


My Testimony Why I Won't Return to Church

Well praise Jesus today everyone. I wanted to share a little bit of my personal testimony. Many of you probably already know it or parts of it. But I want to share this testimony to encourage anyone that is out there, whatever walk of life you are, to truly follow Jesus Christ and not to be discouraged with religion, with church, with family members who are lukewarm, and to really come into the Lord's true church. The true church worships Jesus Christ in spirit and in truth. And they are not held in one building somewhere. In fact, most of all the churches, the local churches, are all false. They're following devils, they're lukewarm, they're the Laodicean church, they're preaching doctrines of demons, they're telling people that you can't really repent.

The true churches are those individuals that truly come to the Lord. They have an experience with Jesus, they meet Jesus Christ, they repent of their sins, they mean it in their heart, and the Lord starts changing their life. There are true churches that exist in prison, there's true churches that exist in underground China, there's true churches that exist in the jungles in Africa, and there is a true church in America and on every continent, I suppose, anywhere where people are willing to die to themselves, pick up the cross, and live for Jesus Christ and His gospel.

Now a lot of people over the years have really critiqued me for not being part of church, for leaving church, asking me why I would do that or why do I speak evil against church, why don't I just go back to church and preach Jesus in church, or why don't I get my family in church and just be a light in church. And there's a very good reason for that, and I want to explain that shortly right here and then give a bit of my testimony. The main reason why I left church is because Jesus called me out of church. When I was younger, I told myself, in fact I made a promise to myself that I openly shared with other people that I would never leave church, I would never depart from my calling in church unless it was a direct revelation from God. In other words, unless I heard from heaven, “Andy don't go back to church, I have something else for you”, I set in my heart that I would absolutely never be part of a church. I dedicated my life to be witnessing to people in church. In fact, as soon as I graduated from high school, I decided to go into full time ministry, so I joined a Baptist church, I started going to Bible college as soon as I could to learn how to preach the Bible, to tell people about Jesus, because it really was my heart to want to lead people to the Lord. And I thought the way to do this was in church because my family had encouraged me in this way, like many of us who are Americans, we were raised in the American church, whether that was Pentecostal, Baptist, or Catholic, whatever your background was. And so I was no different.

But as time went on, I became more and more of a hypocrite in church, I became more and more depressed, and this depression after a few years led me to really start praying. And at that point of the depth of my depression, I was a pastor who knew that I was likely on my way to hell. I didn't really believe what I was teaching, I wasn't even really sure if God existed. But I had enough faith to pray a simple prayer, and that was just something like, “Jesus help me, please show me what I need to do, give me something”. And when I started praying, I started having visions of Jesus virtually every single night. And it wasn't just a one-time thing, it was again, again, and again. I've shared this before on YouTube before, but one of the first visions Jesus gave me was that church was like a whorehouse. And in this vision, I saw a gigantic building, sort of like Costco, a big warehouse. And in the warehouse, I saw Satan. Satan was sitting on a gigantic throne, a chair, and he had a huge TV screen. And the room was basically black, but there was a bunch of prostitutes in this warehouse. But I could see all the prostitutes on Satan's, on his TV screen. And Satan turns around on his throne, and he says to me, “you can have any one of these women in my house, but you have to choose at least one”. And that was the end of that part of the vision, but then the Holy Spirit told me in the dream, this is how the churches are. And then I saw a woman, and I said, this is how the churches are. And then I woke up from that dream, and I realized what the Holy Spirit was showing me. Every single one of the churches that are organizations of man, the Laodicean churches, these churches that are in sin, none of them belong to God. All of them have been infiltrated by the devil.

Now I had this as one of my very first visions from Jesus, and it didn't end there. If you want to go back and see some of my videos and testimonies I made about this, you can go look at my oldest videos, which were about 12 years ago. I documented a lot of the dreams I was having at that time, but it wasn't just one or two, it was like hundreds. The Lord gave me like hundreds of dreams and visions of why I should never go back to church. In fact, when Jesus called me out of church, He told me not even to go there to preach the gospel. I had a vision of that, and Jesus told me that He is not welcome in the church, and so I'm not going to be welcome to go there as well. So to get out of there and to preach the gospel anywhere I go, on the street, at my work, preach on YouTube, preach on Facebook, wherever, wherever you can go, preach Jesus, but don't go back to church. It's a snare from the devil.

So guys, I didn't stop going to church because I just thought that people were bad. I was bad. I didn't stop going to church just because I thought that people were a hypocrite, I was a hypocrite. I didn't stop going to church because people didn't love me. People loved me, and I loved them. In fact, all my family members were going to church at that time, and my family members and my friends cared about me. They helped me get my first house, they helped me buy some of my first vehicles, and I was very loved in the world by my friends, my church family and my blood family. So anyone who wants to accuse me saying that I was hurt by the church or I just had a bad taste for the church, that's where you would be wrong because I was in love with my church. I was in love with God's ministry in church, and in fact I told myself I would never leave there except that it were a direct revelation from God. And guys, that is exactly my testimony of what happened. I had not one revelation from God about leaving church, but many, probably hundreds. And this happened so frequently that I knew, in fact I got to the point where I wondered, doesn't God know that I already get the point not to go back to church? But I kept on getting dreams and visions of don't go back to church, don't enter, it's a whorehouse, they're out to kill and destroy, they are satanic, they're doing witchcraft, these people are not the body of Christ, they do not love you, they are not true pastors, they're wolves, they're not even in sheep's clothing. And on and on these revelations went, not about the world, but about church.

So the reason why I don't go back to church, and I never will, is because Jesus called me out of there Himself, and he's the one that gave me such redundant revelations about this, that it stayed in my mind and in my heart, it's been written on my heart so passionately that I know what I know about this from my Lord Jesus Christ. Not from another person, not from my own imagination, but because Jesus called me out of there by God's own will. So this is the reason why I left, guys. As you know, part of my testimony was that I was a full time pastor, pretty much high school I became a pastor, at first I was an intern, and I was learning from the youth pastor there, I went to college, I first went to a two year college just to get my undergraduate's degree, and then I went to a four year university, I got my degree from Fresno Pacific University in Fresno, and it was a degree that started out in biblical theology, but it ended up being biblical literature because I didn't pass my Greek class, and so I changed my emphasis to biblical literature, and a minor in Christian contemporary ministries, which basically just means you're given the tools to start your own church, or to do church ministry. And I did all that because that is what I thought God wanted me to do, and I wanted to be dedicated to God's purpose in telling people Him, or telling people the truth about God, that was my heart's passion and my heart's desire to lead people to the Lord.

So all that to say, if you're not convinced that church is a whorehouse, that church is not the place for you, you need to seek revelation from God. A lot of people, they're just looking for fellowship, they're trying to look for a place to fit in, and so they're church hopping. They go to one church and they figure out, man, these guys don't even believe in the resurrection, this isn't the church I want to go to. And so then they join another church and they realize, oh, these guys don't even believe the Bible, they're following some other literature. So then they leave that church, they go to another church, and they think, these guys seem really passionate about God, but then they learn, these guys have cult kind of qualities. And so they end up just church hopping from church to church to church, and eventually they realize, God wants me, He wants me following Him by His Spirit, and eventually they just come out of church altogether. Some people start home Bible studies while they're trying to find God, and that falls apart.

But what we need to do, if we want to be part of the Lord's true church, is to wait on Him in prayer and ask Him what to do. Following Jesus as His church is not about joining a church, but it's about God making His culture in us, changing our hearts, changing our minds, renewing our minds and our conscience, making us a new creation. And when we do that, we become the body of Christ because He is making us the sorts of people and the culture that He wants us to be. We're not joining ourselves to an American culture or to a church culture that already exists. Now, I want to speak about something here as an analogy, and that is to woodcraft or cabinetry. If you have ever worked with wood before, then you know that it can take a long time. If you're making a cabinet or making a table or a shelf, it can be a lot of sanding. And I looked into a few years back how tables were made, like really nice tables that are made out of just normal wood from trees. And some of the really expensive tables that might be $10,000, these come from oak trees. And a lot of this kind of wood, they put the wood in a shed and they leave it in that shed to dry for 10 years. And this wood for making this cabinet or this table is literally not ready to use until 10 years, until it's seasoned. Now, you might think that's a long amount of time, but if you try to make a table sooner than that, it's going to warp. The moisture content will not be correct. You could try to dry it out quicker. There's some ways to do that, but you may crack the wood. And so the most foolproof that people have done for years is cut the wood and they allow it to dry for like 10 to 15 years before they actually craft the table. Now, the analogy I'm drawing from that is spiritual fruit takes time.

And when I came to Jesus and came out of the church, in my mind not understanding God or the true church, I thought I'm going to come out of the church and because of my testimony, half of the church is going to follow. We're going to start the true church. And within a year, there's going to be a huge number of people who follow Jesus and will be able to basically be hand in hand in ministry. That did not happen. In fact, to this day, I'm not sure if any of the original people that I was within ministry repented the same way I did. I don't know if any of them came to Jesus and had revelation from Him and repented of dead religion. But when I repented to start following Jesus, it became this journey that started out very lonely. It was me and Jesus. And then as I walked with the Lord, my wife truly put her faith in Jesus. That was the first blessing and that was the first miracle. And then as I walked with the Lord, some people in my family put their faith in Jesus. And then as I kept on walking in the Lord, some friends came along who also put their faith in Jesus. But this process of following Jesus and being a witness did not happen in a year. It didn't even happen in half a decade. In fact, the fruit that has happened has happened over a period now of about 13 or 14 years. It's taken that long to start bearing spiritual fruit for the Holy Spirit to work through me and then for other people in my life to also be part of the true church. It didn't happen because I joined a church or tried to start a church or tried to make a ministry of man or by my own arm of the flesh. It happened because I waited on the Lord and like that wood being cut and then put into a shed to age until the appropriate time, I had to wait upon the Lord and be molded by the Lord and changed by the Lord in order to be used in His church and for other people also to come and to repent. But spiritual fruit happens as the Lord wills it.

And the development of the true church happens as the Lord wills it because He is the potter, we are the clay. He is the craftsman and we are like the wood. And so I use that analogy because I think a lot of people imagine that they're just going to go out and they're going to get into a church and they're going to join themselves to a culture and automatically they're going to be Christians. And what they end up finding is all of these false churches that don't really have the love of the Lord in them, they're church cultured, they're cultured in the world, but they know nothing about the truth of Jesus. So if you are someone today that is looking for a good church, looking for a good Bible study, you need to give that up. You need to go to the Lord and say, “Lord, I need you to change my heart. I need you to be the potter and I will be the clay. I will be like the wood and you will be like the craftsman.” Give your heart to Him. Stop looking for dead religion. Stop looking for Bible study. Stop looking for other so-called brothers and sisters. It is about you finding Jesus and Him molding you and changing you. And then after He changes your heart and gives you a new heart and mind and you are renewed, then spiritual fruit will start to manifest in your life because it is the Holy Spirit that is working through you, not because you joined a church. And when that happens, the culture around you will change because Jesus is the one that is changing the culture around you. He is molding you and the people around you. You're not joining yourself to a culture, but you're part of a culture that is the body of Christ, that the Lord is changing and molding to His own image. That is the kind of church you need to be a part of. The part or the church that is truly connected to the vine. He is the vine, we are the branches. And apart from Jesus Christ we can do nothing.

So guys, this is my testimony why I left church. And it truly has been a blessing. It's been a blessing to come into the true body of Christ, to worship God in spirit and in truth, and to be able to walk with the Lord every day. It's such a blessing that the world hates us, that Christians don't understand us, that people speak evil of us, that they try to slander our name. It's really a blessing when people speak evil of us because they are the same people that spoke evil of Jesus Christ. It's a blessing when the children of God are accepting us as children of God because that means that they are also in the same household of the faith. And so we shouldn't be looking to the approval of men or the disapproval of men. We shouldn't be looking for our joy in what people think, but just seeking after what the Lord thinks of us. And as we put all of our focus on the Lord, then He will be able to guide us, He will be able to reflect back to us who we really are, and then we can grow to be the people that He wants us to be. So I hope this encourages someone that's looking for true faith, where they should go. A lot of people say, well where should I go? Where would I go if I don't go to church? What would I be doing if I wasn't watching TV or playing video games or listening to music? What would I do with all my time? If you find Jesus, you will be able to do everything with Jesus. You will not need TV, you will not need the corrupt music and bars and the corrupt church. Jesus will give you a new life, He will give you new hope, He will give you new friends, He will give you everything new, and then you will walk with Him by faith, not by sight, not by getting on the internet and finding some church organization that next weekend you'll go to this church. But you will trust the Lord because you have faith, and then you will follow Him each step by faith. It's about your relationship being built in faith with the Lord through obedience.

So if that's the kind of faith that you want, I encourage you to pray with me. I'm going to pray for the church and pray that the Lord opens your conscience, your eyes and your ears to the truth, that you may walk in the light. “So Lord Jesus, I pray for your true church, those that want to worship you in spirit and in truth, I pray that you enlighten them, I pray that they may be filled with your Holy Spirit and that shackles would be broken, chains would be broken off of them of sin. I pray that they can be set free of demons and evil and deception and the blindfold of the world that is across so many people. I pray that they can see through all of the lies and see through to you Lord, that you love us and that you offer forgiveness of sins and the purification through your death and your resurrection, through your blood Lord. I pray that people today may truly put their faith in you and come out from the world and be separate and die to themselves, pick up their cross and follow you and truly be ministers of righteousness. So I pray for anyone out there that is listening to this message that they're not sure where to go, they may be deceived with church or lonely so they're looking for fellowship. I pray that you may speak to them, that they may know that you want their souls, and you want their attention and you will be their king and their friend and that you will lead them and show them the right way. So I pray for those, my brothers and sisters that are part of the body of Christ, that you may pick them up and lead them in righteousness and that they may be able to walk the straight and narrow path with you Lord to the very end without distractions. In your name we pray Lord Jesus, Amen.”

 So thank you guys for listening, if you got this far of listening to my testimony, it's a blessing to follow the Lord, it's a blessing to be His child, it's a blessing to do His work. I see some of your comments coming in. I'll take a moment to look at some of the comments here.

Yeah, so one big deception is trying to find a bible believing church. A lot of the bible believing churches if not all of them here in the states they don't believe in Jesus they believe in their bible. And that's a problem because if you have your faith in your bible and not in Jesus then you're in idolatry and a lot of Christians are just looking for a good fellowship a good bible believing church but they're not looking for a good savior, they're not looking for Jesus Christ and that's really sad. So don't look for a bible believing church, look to get yourself right with Jesus Christ. The true church are those who worship God in spirit and in truth they're not worshiping on this mountain or that mountain or in this church or that church. They're those people all across the world that worship God in spirit and in truth.

I see your comment there, “Can one stay at home on Sunday without going to church?” Guys if we belong to Jesus we worship Him in spirit and in truth we don't go to church we are His true church if His holy spirit abides in us and the people that likely the Lord will put in your life to meet with will be your own husband or your children you can read the bible with your spouse with your children but don't involve yourself with another guy's wife. Don't involve yourself with other people. If the Lord hasn't put them in your life because you know in church they go there with all the right intentions of doing bible study, getting close to Jesus, but families get close to other families they end up falling into sexual sin then affairs lead to adultery and fornication, children out of wedlock and the next thing you know they're following Satan and not God at all. Following Jesus is not about going to church on Sunday or Saturday. Following Jesus is about him being with you every day and you being the true church every single day whether you're with anyone or whether you're not.

There's a lot of people, I see your comment there about “do you believe Paul's gospel was different from Jesus' gospel?” A lot of people for years during the time of Paul all the way up to today, they slander the apostle Paul, they do the same thing to me and to anyone who truly follows Jesus. So go figure that when Paul had a revelation from Jesus and was changed to follow Jesus that people would be accusing him even up to the modern day today. So interestingly all of those people including Peter and the early apostles, they were all skeptical of Paul but when the Holy Spirit showed them that Paul was really a disciple, they trusted Paul, not because they were putting their trust in men but because God Himself gave visions to the apostles and to other disciples that Paul was truly a man of God and he would do the Lord's work and he would suffer for the Lord. So it's a blessing that we have a lot of brother Paul's writings. A lot of people misunderstand Paul's writings and they interpret it in their own way. But regardless Paul had a heart for Jesus just as I do, he wanted people to come into the faith and of course. False brethren and false prophets and dead religion will hate Paul because he was preaching Jesus Christ crucified. So Paul was a brother in the Lord.

When you come to Jesus for real, you certainly will lose friends, family members, anything that you give your life for is going to be a dramatic change in your life. If you fully give your life to Jesus Christ and you mean it, people will turn on you, they will hate you, they will despise you. You have to seriously count the cost if you will follow Jesus. I think, most Christians today have never counted the cost, and that's why they like church. Because church basically says just come on Sunday, pay tithe which is 10% and you're going to heaven. And a lot of people like that gospel because it doesn't mean you have to die to yourself. But if you really follow Jesus, it means dying to yourself daily, picking up your cross daily and every day walking with the Lord, drinking His cup. And most Christians don't want to do that, they'd rather do church because it's easy.

“Do you have to fast for God to speak to you?” Well, sometimes, not always. There's times of fasting if the Lord calls you to fast. But also the devil could have you fast, the devil would want to accuse you because you're not fasting. There's stories in the Bible of people doing fasts that weren't of God. And Jesus talked about how the Pharisees would fast, you know, I don’t know, maybe 3 times a week and they'd all do it for show. So it's much more important to obey the Lord than try to do a fast to prove yourself to God or to prove yourself to yourself. Some people just see a fast as very spiritual And so they try to do these extravagant fasts and then when they can't complete them, they feel very discouraged and their faith is totally broken. So, if you fast, do it for the Lord, not to try to prove your spirituality is better than someone else or comparing yourself to someone. Don't do it out of, you know, because the devil is accusing you. If you do fast, may it be for the Lord, and if you don't, may it be for the Lord. But “do you have to fast for the Lord to speak to you?” Absolutely not. In some cases, the way to push through is through fasting, but not every case. Each situation is different, and you can take that before the Lord and work out your own relationship with Him if it's beneficial for you to fast or not.

So, that's a good question, “How do we wait on Jesus?” The way you wait on Jesus in prayer is by just praying to Him and asking Him to guide your life. We don't know everything. We don't have to know everything about life in order to walk with the Lord, but if we ask Him to guide our path, even if we don't know where we're going, He knows how to guide us because we are His creation. In my younger life, walking with the Lord, I wasn't sure how that works. It's hard to explain, but I know how it works now from walking with the Lord. I remember when I was wondering where I would work, and I was looking for a job. I had a friend that was a Christian that worked at Costco, and so I was convinced that maybe God wanted me to work at Costco. So, I went to this Costco and my friend was there and my friend basically gave his approval of me to the manager, and I thought I'd have this job. But I had also prayed asking God for His guidance and I didn't get that job because it wasn't the Lord's will, even though my paperwork looked great, even though I was able to talk to the manager and I had a friend there that was a Christian. It wasn't God's will for me and because I was simply praying and seeking the Lord's guidance, the Lord guided my feet even though I was going the wrong direction. And that's happened time and time again in my life. It's not important that we know exactly where we're going to this job or to that job or what's the best thing to do. If we seek the Lord first and ask Him for wisdom, He will guide our feet because He knows how to guide His creation and we are His creation.

Praise Jesus that you guys are receiving your shirts. It's been a blessing to send those shirts out. I've sent them out over a period of probably two weeks now. So some of them are still probably in the mail. I have another couple dozens of them that I'm sending out on probably on Monday. So be looking for those in the mail. But that's truly been a blessing. The other day, you know, I got to wear one of those shirts out in public and it's been a really cool experience being able to wear some new Jesus shirts out in public. The other day I was wearing one and a guy looked at the shirt and it was one that I made for myself with my warningthepeople website on the back and on the front it just said Jesus is alive. And the guy, he was very upset that I had a shirt that just said Jesus is alive. And he said to me, “isn't Jesus dead?” And I said to him, because I knew he was just mocking me, I said, “well, Jesus did die a long time ago, but he did resurrect. You know, he came back from the dead.” And the guy just looked at me and he said, “well I didn't pay attention in religion class.” But even though the guy rejected the gospel, he rejected Jesus, on judgment day that guy will have to hold an account for his words. And he got the message that Jesus Christ is alive. So even if I didn't speak one word, the message of Jesus Christ is going out. Jesus is alive. We have to stand with Him or we're against Him. We have to be unashamed of Him or He will be ashamed of us. So these shirts are really cool. They're a wonderful way to be able to share Jesus in public places even if you don't open your mouth. Super cool.

So “why are my comments always off?” Guys, I had comments on for probably about 10 years and I answered probably hundreds of thousands of questions. And after about 10 years it got to the point where I had so many videos and so many people making accusations and slandering me and others and causing confusion that it was too much to keep up with. I turned it off because I don't want people spreading hatred and confusion to other members of the body of Christ, especially baby Christians, on my page. There are millions if not billions of other channels on youtube. You can go there if you want to post comments but not on my page. My page is going to be a place to point people to Jesus, not a place to bicker or to ask questions or anything like that. I'm just going to be preaching Jesus for those that want to hear. And if you don't want to hear it, then obviously you can go somewhere else. But my channel is going to be for promoting Jesus Christ, not gossip or slander or speaking evil of people.

Still looking through some of the comments here. One big reason, John, “why people don't grow in their faith” is because they're not doing the things that they know they should be doing, but they're trying to appease God with other things in their life. For example, it's pretty common for guys to be into pornography, right? So you're not going to grow in your faith at all if you're into pornography or if you have some kind of drug addiction. That basically is going to stunt you spiritually because you know that whatever you share, you have this underlining sin that's polluting your life. But a lot of times what happens with people that are older, that have been a Christian a long time, but aren't growing in their faith, is they have some secret sin in their life, and they haven't confessed that sin. They haven't done what Jesus has called them to do to get that sin out of their life, so they're just not spiritually moving at all. And they get to the point where they're resentful, they hate God, but they won't say that in their prayer life. But their spirit starts to detest God because He's not speaking to them, He's not teaching them new things, they feel disconnected from God. But they don't want to do the very essential basics to get sin out of their life. But these sorts of people, John, they will do everything else to appear good before men. They'll be donating like $30,000 a year to a church. And they feel like because they're giving all this money, then they will be granted immunity. That they'll be granted a place in heaven because they're paying God for their sin. Or they donate to the poor or to children or orphanages, something like that. Because, see, when we are wrong in our hearts with God, a lot of times we want to appease our conscience. So what you end up doing to try to appease your conscience is you do good deeds. So you give to the poor, you try to help someone, you buy someone groceries, you go on a mission trip, you smile at a child, you open a door for an elderly person. You do things that are good, things that God would want you to do, but you're doing those things to try to appease a guilty conscience. And still when you go home, you try to convince yourself at night that because you did all these good deeds, that you somehow found favor in the eyes of God. But what you sense in your soul is that God is still not pleased with you, even though you did all these good things. So why is that? That is because you still have some underlining sin that long ago God asked you to repent from, and you never repented from that specific sin. And because you haven't repented of it, you haven't spiritually grown. All you've been doing is trying to band-aid that sin with doing other good deeds. And I did that when I was in church. Pretty much everyone does that that is not really following Jesus. They're trying to band-aid over their sin with good deeds. And that will never get you into heaven. And you will never grow spiritually with the Lord. Growing spiritually as a man or as a woman happens when you can confront your sins, when you can confront your demons, and then really repent of them no matter what happens. So you have to be serious enough with God and with your life that you're willing to die for Jesus before you will compromise. So if you know that you did a sin in the past that will bring you to prison, or that could make you do life in prison, you need to confront those things. You need to face those demons no matter what the cost. Because if you're not willing to confront your sin and confess it to God, and if necessary, before men, then you're never going to grow spiritually. Growing spiritually is all about living in the light.

So if you are in the light of Jesus Christ you will grow. Your evil deeds have to be exposed. You need to rebuke everything that's evil so that then you can grow. But if you're hiding in the dark even with one foot, then that one foot in the dark is going to keep you from moving forward in the light. Those who are moving forward on the path of light it's because they're fully committed to Jesus Christ. They're fully exposed in the light. They're transparent. That's why in Revelation it talks about them as transparent gold. They're pure. They're see-through. They don't have any shadow of darkness in them. Jesus has purified them from the inside out. They have confessed everything that's evil and they're able to follow the Lamb of God wherever He goes. So this is how you grow, guys. You don't grow by trying to do little good deeds, by going to church, by doing Bible study, by memorizing scriptures, by giving alms to the poor. You grow when you come out of the darkness into the light. Then you will grow in your faith.

 So someone asks, “I need to be saved. How?” That answer is Jesus Christ. If you put your faith in Jesus Christ and you pray a simple prayer to Him, He will pull you up from the grave. That prayer is just, “Jesus save me. I need you Lord.” And if you can pray, “Jesus save me and I will put my faith in you and walk with you and be with you,” then you can pray that prayer and put your faith in Him and He will start leading you. But you need to be serious to walk with Him.

Yep, we are the bride of Christ. Jesus talked about how there was not marriage in heaven, that is between men and women. The only wedding, the only marriage that is in heaven is between His church, that is the bride of Christ and then the groom, which is Jesus Christ. And that is an analogy. So, on this earth, the demonstration between God and His people is a husband and a wife. And that analogy is, a husband is as the role of Jesus Christ and the wife is as the analogy of the church. And we need to love our wife as Jesus loves His church. And so, there's only one wedding that happens in heaven and it's not between physical men and women like how we are, no one is having sex in heaven or having babies, but all of us become as the angels in heaven, as Jesus said. But the one marriage that happens is between the bride of Christ, which is His church, and the Son of God or the bridegroom, which is Jesus. And He uses that analogy to be able to help us understand and He's given us marriage on this earth to be able to help us understand the marriage that happens between the bride of Christ, which is us, and the bridegroom.

So, “is remarriage adultery?” That is a question that you need to bring before the Lord and ask Him. Don't let people answer that question for you. There's a lot of people that want to say yay or nay, but questions like that you need to bring straight to the Lord and get your answer from Him and no one else.

So, the way to beat lust or whatever sinful addiction you had is to continually rebuke the devil. Even when some Christians, including myself, got extremely serious to follow Jesus, we were still, like, as we fell asleep, attacked by demons with lust. So, it's pretty common as you're getting serious with Jesus that the devil will use his lust hand against you, which for many men is lust. So, you know, as you're falling asleep you will start to have a lustful dream and then you're wondering “why am I having these lustful dreams if I am committed to God”. That is Satan trying to sift you, trying to use every lust resource he has to take you to hell. So, when Satan comes against you hard, you need to come against him harder. Come against him with the Spirit of God. Rebuke Satan in the name of Jesus and then be serious to stay in the light. Pray before you go to bed. Pray when you go out in public. Make sure you keep your eyes on what is pure and your ears on what is holy. Don't listen to sexualized music or ungodly music. Certainly, don't listen to rap music or rock music that influences your sensuality. Don't be watching things on YouTube or things on the television that have anything that is accentuating pornographic things or sensuality because all those things will heighten the lust of your flesh. And make sure that you're feeding your spiritual man and not your flesh. If you continue to feed your flesh with lustful thoughts, with lustful music, and then your flesh goes to war with your spirit, your flesh is going to win against your spirit because you have fed your flesh. But if you are always feeding your spirit with the words of life that come from Jesus, if you're practicing denying yourself, then when your flesh goes to war with your spirit, your spiritual man will win because you have fed your spiritual man. So the man that you feed or the woman that you feed will be the one that wins when you go into the ring.

So, yeah, a lot of the churches are going to recommend the COVID vax and I think the reason is obvious. We get to a point where the government will say you can't meet together with other people or you can't fly or whatever unless you've taken the COVID vaccine. So people get pretty weird about that. Jesus knows guys. In my spirit I'm convinced that it's not a good thing to do, but that's what the Lord has shown me. I'm not going to go and get my vaccines and all of that stuff to get into a fellowship or so that I can fly. If it's the will of the Lord I'm going to be able to fly. If it's the will of the Lord I'm going to be able to preach the gospel. But if the Lord wants me at home because I'm unvaccinated then I'm staying at home. This thing's going to happen by the power of the Holy Spirit not by man's vaccine. So be led by the Lord in that what you need to do, but don't go out and get the vaccine simply because you know a church group or a cult group told you to do so or because the government told you that it was the right thing to do. Jesus never said go and listen to Rome for your morality or go and join this cult group in order to know how to be vaccinated correctly so that you can survive. But we are told in the scriptures that no weapon will be able to work that is formed against us if we truly are with the Lord and I believe that. If we stay with the Lord he will be able to work through us. We'll be able to do His works even if the world says it's impossible. So trust the Lord. Go where He calls you to go and do what He calls you to do but don't trust people.

So yes if you believe in Jesus Christ be baptized. I don't know where you need to go. You need to trust the Lord and certainly if you have faith in Jesus that He can do anything then you you've got to at least have the faith that He can send you some water. That seems like the smallest amount of faith you'd have to muster up to believe that God could send you someone with some water for baptism. If you don't have the faith to believe that you could be baptized, I don't know how you're going to have the faith to believe Jesus resurrected from the dead or anything else spiritual for that matter. So if you do want to follow Jesus put your faith in Him. Trust that He will lead you to water to be physically baptized so that you can fulfill all righteousness and then trust Jesus that He will fill you with His Holy Spirit and change your mind and give you a new heart and mind to follow Him. But yes, if you want to follow Jesus be baptized in water and then be ready to be filled with the Holy Spirit.

True it's not always demons or the devil that bring lust often is just our own flesh but it could be a combination of both. Sometimes the devil gives me dreams and it truly is a demon that is in the disguise of a woman and if you rebuke that demon that looks like a woman it will turn into a demon so those are demonic. But there are other times where you can just have lustful flesh and the demons also have lustful flesh and they can also know that so they can pray on a lustful flesh. That is why it's so important that you immediately put down the flesh and build up your spiritual man in prayer. So that's why we every single day as soon as we wake up, we have to put on the full armor of God. We have to daily deny ourselves, pick up our cross which means putting down the flesh and be in prayer.

Well, that's an interesting question, “Does the Bible appear different upon becoming saved or is it just me?” So absolutely remember even the Ethiopian was trying to read Isaiah 53 or 52 whatever that was, and the Ethiopian was reading it and he didn't understand it and he was saying, “is it talk is Isaiah talking about himself or another?” And then was it Philip says to him basically the gospel of Jesus Christ and the Ethiopian believes and wants to be baptized and then he has a new understanding of the scripture. When we come to Jesus Christ the Lord gives us completely new understanding to the scripture. He enlightens us to the truth and that truly is a wonderful thing. There are some Christians that are so spiritually blind even the most plain scriptures they can totally misinterpret because they're blind. But when Jesus opens our eyes we can see His words clearly.

So I'm going to read this one. Man, that's a good question too. I don't know is your name Alina? “How to get rid of unwanted thoughts?” So I had noticed especially over the last few years after COVID came out in particular that a lot of demons have been released. And they're the sorts of demons that will torment your mind. So they torment your mind while you sleep. They will torment your mind while you are awake in broad daylight. They will put intrusive thoughts into your mind and give you unwanted thoughts. But the wonderful news is if you do have the Holy Spirit, you can rebuke Satan. You can rebuke these evil thoughts and you can cast them out. A lot of people imagine like an exorcist who is casting out demons, but they don't imagine themselves. So you basically have to be if you want to call it the exorcist or the man or the woman that casts out the demon. And the way you do this is simply by praying in Jesus's name and rebuking evil thoughts in Jesus's name. And as much as an evil thought comes against you, you need to rebuke it. Sometimes guys these demons hang out in specific physical locations. I've been to some areas where the demons would literally hang out like right by a certain area of the creek or one certain area in the mountains. And whenever I went by this one particular spot, I'd have the exact same thoughts every time. And what the Holy Spirit told me to do is to pray extra every time I pass by that location. And then when you're able to rebuke the devil and push through that then that place becomes a holy spot where it's now sanctified for the Lord and it's not a place for that demon any longer. Demons want to be able to take over territory just like Vladimir Putin or just like any other world conqueror. Satan wants to conquer whatever part of the physicality he can or whatever part of your soul he can. So if he can physically take over your mouth with cigarettes he's going to do that. If he can physically take over your mind and your heart with lust, he's going to do that. If he can take over whatever part of your nation, he can he's going to do that. But you need to take that back if you're going to be a child of God. And the way to do that is by rebuking Satan in the name of Jesus every single time he comes against you and don't give up. Satan's going to come against you hard but you have to be a prayer warrior and you have to fight back every bit as hard actually harder in order to beat the devil. And you have the power to do that because all power has been given to Jesus and He has given you the ability to overcome by His might. That's why it's written that even the gates of hell won't overcome the true church. You're given the power to overcome.

Okay so that's another interesting question there. Hamas and Israel, how should Christians respond to this? So I think like if you look at the news most everyone is they are taking sides. Christians on the side of Israel and then Palestinians on the side of Hamas. And so I think that's a really Christians on the side of Israel and then Palestinians on the side of Hamas, right? And there are some variations to that but for the most part a large group of people that are Christians are going to be for Israel and a large portion of Palestinians are going to be for Hamas. I'm not saying everyone but a large portion. Now where is Jesus and where should Christians be? Jesus is not on the side of Hamas nor Palestine nor Israelis or Israel. Jesus is always on the side of truth and that is evident as we look through the scriptures. Jesus even killed His own people. He allowed them to be slaughtered by other nations when they were in disobedience. Even for small sins when they turn their backs on the Lord God allowed them to be killed, murdered. Israel has not lived holy especially in these latter days. Israel has rejected God, spat in God's face, denied their only hope of salvation in Jesus Christ. They've given themselves to wild parties, fornication, drinking parties. They want nothing to do with God. God is not on the side of evil. So if Christians are going around saying support Israel, God is on the side of Israel. When Israel has engaged in idolatry and fornication then they are wrong. But likewise, God is not on the side of Hamas who hate Christians. They hate life itself. They basically hate anyone. They just want to see what is it called Sharia law. So God is not on the side of Hamas or Israel. God is always on the side of truth. He's always on the side of light and justice and mercy and life. So if we want to be on God's side, on His team, then we need to join the team of light, of truth. Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. So how should Christians respond to that? I don't know. How the war actually takes place over there. It's going to be individual for each family what they do. A lot of these things are very politically charged how we see them, how it comes across in America. But I think each true Christian needs to pray as the Lord leads them. And we need to just pray how to encourage our true brothers in the Lord who are in the light. So I don't pick sides. I'm not on side Israel or Palestine. But I do pray daily for the true church, for those people that want to be in the light of the truth. So I pray daily for the true church. I pray daily for the true people. I pray daily for the true church. I pray daily for the true people. I pray daily for the true church.

I see your comment there. How does one know if they've committed the unforgivable sin? If you're concerned that you committed it, you probably haven't. But you need to just put your faith in Jesus and let Him lead you. And stop worrying about if you've committed the unforgivable sin. Satan tells a lot of people that they have. And then they are convinced they can't follow God. So Satan gets his way. Just go forward with Jesus and don't let anything stop you. Don't worry about the unforgivable sin. Don't worry about the condemnation from that. Put your faith in the Lord and just let him guide you.

So what should public street preaching look like? It looks different for everyone. It depends where you are. It depends what the Holy Spirit leads you to do. Too many Christians think that we should all be cookie cutter Christians. That we should all look like a certain group of people. But not everyone's called to be on the internet. Not everyone's called to be street preaching. Not everyone's called to be single. And not everyone's called to have a family. So in each of our situations we have to be led by the Lord and not follow a pattern that some other man has set. Rather we have to listen to the Lord and say, “how can I be a witness? Where do you want me to go? Where should I go and what should I do for you Lord that I can be fruitful?”

 Well keep on praising Jesus guys. Let's end this live stream here. I hope that you go in the Lord today. That you can be encouraged in Him, that you can be separate from worldliness and the lies of false religion. The lies that the devil has in the world. And that you can really fix your eyes upon the Lord. So once more here let's pray. “I thank you Jesus for my brothers and sisters in the Lord. I thank you that you do give us the gift of your Holy Spirit. And we pray to be led by the gift of your Holy Spirit and listen to you and only you Lord. I pray that you guide your true church. That those who want to fellowship with you. That you would fill them with your righteousness and your truth. And that they would be separate from ungodliness to be salt and light for you Lord. In your name we pray Lord Jesus. Amen.”