Sunday, January 14, 2024

Science, Logic, Truth, Evidence all Display God's Glory

 Well, praise Jesus today everyone. I want to speak about this topic of God's existence and His wonders, not to the people that don't believe, but to the people that do believe to encourage you that science, logic, truth all point to the living God. Science, logic, and truth don't point to evolution, they don't point to a big bang, they don't point to the world and nature starting by just a random event, but it all happens by design. There are some scientists that are very educated and they make very educated sounding arguments that God doesn't exist and it's all by natural selection or it's by science, it's by evolution, the big bang and all these things. But there is a big problem with believing that nature just evolved and got to where we are today. And so I want to break that down because it's actually really simple to understand this, a child can understand this, but a lot of those really big name atheists and people that disagree with God, they're just going off of their emotions, they like to say that they're going off science, but they're really not, they're going off of their emotions, their feelings, because their feelings are they hate God because they would rather God not exist so that they could live life however they choose. But if they were to think logically, if they were to dwell upon the truth, they would have to come to the understanding that science, logic and truth all point to the fact that God exists and that He is a good God and that He created all things.

So check it out, if you see a picture that is on your fridge and it just got there, you wouldn't assume that it just got there by chance. Let's say the picture on your fridge, you know my fridge has pictures of horses on it. So horses and cats, animals. I would never assume, being that I have four children, that those pictures on my fridge got there just by chance, that we went on vacation, that we came back and that those pictures on my fridge just drew themselves. I would immediately come to the conclusion that one of my four children drew the image of the cat, the horse, the dog, whatever it is that is now magnet onto my fridge, I would immediately come to the conclusion that it was a picture of one of my four children, that they drew that. So I would accredit one of my children because there's no other way that that could happen. Now a picture isn't very sophisticated but let's think of even something less sophisticated. When you go on a hike here in California, the way that they mark the trails in more primitive areas, so not in big national parks or forests, but in areas that are a little bit more primitive, what hikers will do is they will stack two or three stones on top of each other. And that is all they have to do to mark the trail and immediately we as humans see just two or three stones stacked on top of each other and immediately we know an intelligent being stacked one stone on top of the other stone. So that is not very sophisticated. So if that small amount of sophistication notifies us in our mind that following logic, that even two or three stones stacked on top of each other means that an intelligent being did that, then how could we ever come to the conclusion that say a picture for example just drew itself or a car just, you know, there was an explosion or there was a fire in California and poof, now there's a Mercedes Benz or now there's a Toyota. You would never expect that. In fact, if you ever see a car on the road, you immediately see the emblem on that vehicle and you know, okay Elon Musk had his hand in this or oh, this is Ford or whatever vehicle it is, you know that it goes back to that creator. So if you follow this same logic through, it would follow through everything in the universe. It would go to the very DNA, the language of DNA, you know, the helix, everything in nature has its own language and obviously the amount of sophistication is much more than three stones placed on top of each other. So if you follow this logic through or this truth or this science, you would come to the conclusion that there has to be something more sophisticated than DNA, something more sophisticated than human beings in order to create human beings.

 If you believe in science, you know that everything goes from more order to less order. So if you have a bedroom, it's going to go to being clean to then being dusty with clothes all over the floor and then you have to clean it again. It's the same with everything in nature and scientists understand this concept. Everything goes from more order to less order. It's the laws of science. So how is it that these scientists think logically about this truth? But then they say that all of civilization, all of humanity, all came from nothing, maybe fish, maybe an explosion, maybe just we were in the sea and then, you know, from no sophistication, we went against all the rules of science that we know and all of the logic that we know, all of the truth that we know, just throw that out the window to then come to the conclusion that we have these quantum computers, we have these scientists that have, you know, all the brains in the world to create all these kind of sophisticated pieces of technology. How did we get there if the laws of physics and the laws of science and all the proof that we have that explains the universe, how do we get here if we just went from more order to less order? That would be an impossibility.

 So you know, I hear a lot of people that just don't believe God exists and they say, how is it that if God exists then how is there broken people or why do people break down and die? If God is perfect, then why do people get cancer? Why do bad things happen? That would be like me saying, you know, the drawings on my fridge, my daughters must not exist because some of their paintings and some of their drawings got ripped up. Therefore my daughter doesn't exist because maybe one of my other children ripped up her drawings or maybe she has some fragmented drawings, maybe she got halfway through some of those drawings or maybe she got distracted in between. But whatever the case, not all of her drawings are complete or some of them got thrown into the fire or burnt or the dog ripped them up. So does it prove that my daughter doesn't exist because some of her drawings or some of her artwork got destroyed? Of course not. And in this world that God set into motion, sin has also entered this world because God allowed human beings to have free will. And as soon as you allow for free will and you don't make humans like robots to be forced to choose good, then they can choose evil. Even Lucifer or Satan, the devil, had a free will and he chose evil over good. As soon as he chose evil, he got thrown out of heaven, he perverted the world and now we have sin that runs rampant because people choose to live evil rather than choose to be good. But because evil exists or because fragments of God's creation or broken down creation exists does not prove by any means that God doesn't exist. So don't listen to atheists or scientists who try to say God doesn't exist because sin exists or because people get cancer or they get sick or they get in an accident. Obviously someone could be an artist and create a thousand or a million paintings and they could all be burned up in the fire and that does not prove that Michelangelo doesn't exist because some of his paintings got burned. We would all follow the logic, he made these paintings, they were beautiful, but then some people burned his paintings.

 So if you follow logic and truth and science through, it displays the glory of God. It comes back to there is a creator, there is a God that loves us and He created us with purpose and design, the ability to have cognitive recognition of things in the world, He gave us the ability to perceive right from wrong. And so how do these things exist if something less intellectual created us? It's an improbability if you follow and believe in science. It seems there are a lot of people that are very educated but because they're trying to eliminate God from the equation, they become extremely foolish. They think that they can have science without God, they will pit science and truth against God as if God has nothing to do with truth or science and they totally deceive themselves.

 You were not created by a mistake, you were not created from just some clay by nature, but you were created from the dust by God's hand. He created Adam and Eve, He took Eve from the side of Adam and He created both Adam and Eve, male and female, and He created people and animals and everything to produce after their own kind. He created marriage for human beings, He created us to have families and these families should demonstrate love and what it means to be connected to one another and to God. Satan is trying to destroy truth, he's trying to destroy families, he's trying to destroy what science really is pointing to and the way he does this is by saying things like all nature just created itself, nature always existed, it just so happened, don't worry about logic, you can be homosexual, you're born gay. As soon as people believe that by nature they were born homosexual or you can be homosexual, they're totally against God because they're fruitless. God created us to bear good fruit, He created us to be part of a family unit and to have children, to raise our family for the Lord, all to demonstrate His love.

But what Satan has done when he has come down to earth and stepped in, he said children are worthless, old people are worthless, marriage is worthless, just believe in lust and love, a false kind of love of course, and don't worry about having kids. Homosexuality and all these agendas that are being pushed on children are totally anti-human, they're anti-Christ, they're anti-God. And if you followed this false logic all the way through, humanity would cease to exist. If everyone was homosexual, there would not be any more humans, all humans would go extinct because no one would be having babies, no one would be raising children, no one would be loving children. Satan hates children, he hates heterosexuals, he hates marriage, he hates you. The ultimate goal of these devils is to bring you to hell. Satan has already been kicked out of heaven, so he's looking for lies to be able to take all humanity to hell. That could be by convincing you that you're gay, so that then you're not productive, that could be by convincing you you need to go out and murder or commit suicide so that then your soul goes straight to hell, by convincing you that your life doesn't matter so that then you're fruitless, whatever the case is, Satan wants to take your soul to hell. He wants to convince you that this life doesn't matter. He wants to convince you that you are God and that if you just serve yourself, then you will be content and happy.

But the truth is, God created all people, He created us as gods. What do I mean by that? The scripture says we are gods, even Jesus said that, you are gods. He created us in His image, not that we are God the father, but we are created in the image of God, so in essence, we are gods. We're created three in one as God is, we have a mind, we have a spirit and a soul, so we have physicality, we're physical but we're also spiritual. And that three in one that God designed us as is in God's image and because we're in this image of God, we're not like the animals, we're not just created by chance, but this is by design and it's to give God glory.

So when I think about nature and everything God created, if you think truthfully, if you think basically what science displays, all of this is not separated from God, it's not two separate things, but God created the laws of science, He created physics, He created gravity, He created human beings with spirituality and physicality and all of this goes back to displaying the glory of God and His love. The ultimate reason God created you and me and nature and all of these things is for love. He wants you to love Him not out of obligation but because you see all the evidence and instead of believing the devil, you choose good over evil, you choose light over darkness.

 There's some people that say, well why would men, why would we ever choose evil if God is good? If God is good and God chose us to live in this world, how could people even choose evil? Well as soon as you create free will and you say that I give people the ability to choose good or evil so that they can demonstrate choosing good over evil, you allow the possibility for people to hate you, to not love you out of force or obligation but to love you out of choice which means they have the opposite choice, they have the choice to hate, they have the choice to do evil, you have the choice to pick which kingdom you belong to. Do you belong to the kingdom of evolution, the kingdom of denying God exists, the kingdom of the world or do you belong to the kingdom of heaven. You can choose which one you believe in. So a lot of people just choose to believe God doesn't exist and God will not force them to believe otherwise. He's not going to debate with people, God's not going to force you to believe that He does exist because after all, God is not worried that people think He doesn't exist. God knows He exists, His creation knows that He exists but there are people that reject the truth of God and of course when they reject Him they make up whatever lies they can to try to soothe over their conscience, make them believe that hell doesn't exist, they don't need to fear God, they don't need to believe in God, just believe in evolution, believe in Darwinism. and the more you convince yourself of a lie, the more you can accept new lies and just believe that everything happened by chance.

But I'm here to point out the truth, that Jesus is real, hell is real, demons are real, God is real, all these things are real, both the physical world is real and the spiritual world is real and the closer you get to truth the more you will know Jesus Christ. Jesus said that He is the way, the truth and the life and He said that those who hear truth hear His voice. The problem why so many scientists and Christians don't know the truth even though they've known the Bible is they don't ever come into a relationship with Jesus, they think it's impossible, they've turned away from God long ago because they've loved their self, they've loved lies more than the truth, they've loved homosexuality, they've loved perversion, they've loved the things of the world but they haven't ever been in love with the truth.

Everyone in the end will find what they're looking for. If you're looking for a lie, if you're looking to serve yourself, you will find that. But if you are really looking for truth, in the end you will find truth no matter what religion you are, no matter what nationality. Everyone will find in the end what their heart truly desires and some people, they will never ever find truth even though they're scientists, they study biology or all the things of the earth they study but they never come to the truth because they're never looking for the truth. They're not looking for Jesus, they're just looking for a way to justify their own paradigm. They're looking for a way to justify themselves being god. God will let you think that you're God if you want to reject Him. He won't change your mind about that. But if you do want to come to the reality of the truth and follow logic through and follow science through, that things do go from order to disorder and something more intelligent had to create you, if you follow this logic through because you actually love truth, you will come to the knowledge of Jesus Christ because He is the truth and the closer you get to the truth, the more you will know about your Father in heaven.

You weren't created by chance, humans weren't created by chance, we were created by a God who loves us, who cares for us and now wants to redeem us if we will put our faith in Him. We know that Jesus lived about 2,000 years ago, He died on the cross, He resurrected, there is evidence for that. We know in the validity of the scriptures, the New Testament, these writings that we have are quite amazing guys because these are testimonies of early apostles that actually walked with Jesus, they were Jewish people that wrote down very meticulously the things that Jesus said, we have the synoptic gospels that show from different points of view what Jesus said and they're very accurate. People like to debate over the accuracy of the Bible to try to disprove God, they love to jump off on the tangent of semantics, they love that but they don't want to just take the Bible by what it says or the words of Jesus by what it says. If you really love someone and they wrote you a note, for example, you're in love with your girlfriend or your wife and you wrote them a note and let's say you wrote that note and you accidentally spelt a word wrong, would your lover, would your wife or your girlfriend just say, well I think that means that they don't love me because they forgot the E on the or they forgot a period. You're not going to be thinking about that at all if you really love this person, you're going to know that that note was out of love and you'll get the gist of what it means.

If you really don't like someone, you're going to nitpick them, you're going to say you left out a period here, you didn't quote it right, you're going to pick out anything you can to try to disprove that person's loyalty. And that is happening with the Bible today. There are people that say, the Bibles are so many different versions and they change so much that we can't trust the Bible. These are people that don't love God, they don't want to believe in Jesus, so they take the synoptic Gospels and they find deviations that are between Matthew and Luke or John and they say, well how can it say this many years here, Jesus was 30 years here or 33 years, they find these little deviations that they believe are proof of lies in the Bible and then they say, well we can't believe any of it because there's differences here. Guys, if you have love for someone, those little differences are not going to matter, but if you do want to cross examine someone, if you hate them, then those things will be something that you will point out because you don't like that person.

Now, obviously with the Scriptures, God is perfect, His spirit is perfect, but humans are imperfect and throughout the Scriptures you can find inconsistencies. Some of them can be justified, but other of them cannot be justified. And so if you compare even a King James Version to one of the original manuscripts, you can find deviations or words that aren't right or punctuation errors. Now why is that? There are some people that say, solo scriptura and that the Bible is perfect and all these things. Basically they're just living a false dream, guys. As soon as God used humans to carry out His work, there were errors. But that doesn't mean those errors are deteriorating from God's love for us or the gist of the message that he's getting across. Of course from translation to translation there's going to be errors. Men make errors. I have maybe, I don't know, a couple thousand videos on YouTube and as much as I can, I try to accurately portray whatever I'm saying about God. But if you go back through my videos, I guarantee you, you're going to find probably thousands of spelling errors because I'm human and I make mistakes. You will find me slur my speech or you will find me say something that I didn't mean to say. I may have reported something inaccurately, but that doesn't mean that I'm trying to lie to you or point you towards the devil. I want people to come to Jesus. And likewise, the people that were the early apostles and the early disciples, the reason why they took up the missionary work of writing down the Bible and telling people about God, the reason why they took that work upon themselves, like for example Luke the physician, he took up the pen and wrote because he wanted people like you to put their faith in Jesus. He never wanted you to think, man, Luke is perfect. He has perfect pen strokes. This guy never makes a spelling error. No, he didn't want us to worship his writing. He simply wanted to portray that Jesus was who He said He was. He died on the cross. He resurrected. He raised from the dead on the third day. He paid for our sins with His blood, the atonement. These are the things that someone like Luke and John wanted to portray to us. But never was Luke thinking, I want people to idolize my work and know that I wrote every pen stroke perfectly and I wrote it so perfectly that I want them to believe that it happened by the hand of an angel. No, obviously Luke was a man and the way he interprets things and writes it down is going to be from the perspective or the gospel of Luke. The same with the gospel of John or the brother of Jesus, James. These guys wrote down from the best of their perspective the same way that I write down the things God tells me, the best of my perspective. But each of these gospels that we have in the scripture are the gospel of Luke or the gospel according to Luke or according to John. I have the gospel according to me. So the message that the gospel that Jesus speaks to me, His gospel message or His truth, the Lord speaks that to me and then I try with all of my might and the best of my ability to portray that to you, that you might believe. Does that mean I'm perfect and that I never make a spelling error? Of course not. We are all human.

 So one big issue that I see in the Christian church is they're trying to idolize the Bible. They're trying to idolize men. They're making men into superhumans, but they're not worshipping Jesus at that point. They're worshipping the pin strokes of men and we really have to get away from these false doctrines that the Bible is inerrant, that it's perfect, that there's no spelling errors. I mean, which version is perfect, guys? We don't have any of the original manuscripts. However, there is enough accuracy there to lead you to Jesus if you love Him. If you hate God, you're going to dwell on all the errors. But if you love the Lord, you're going to realize that God loves you, that all of these original prophets of God, they love the truth and they wanted to display the truth. And all of these small textual deviations are very small, minuscule things that you don't need to worry about. In fact, if you want to clear this up in your mind a little bit, we have found manuscripts, for example, of Isaiah 53 from Dead Sea Scrolls and some that were even found more recently. And it's every single chapter of Isaiah. And we compared that to, say, our English translation of Isaiah that we have printed in 2019 or whatever, and the amount of deviations between these old, old manuscripts and what we have today is almost 100% accurate. It's so precise, guys, that, for example, Isaiah 53, that that should lead you to Jesus Christ. That a scribe somewhere left out a little period somewhere only will throw those people off that hate God and want an argument. But if you know that God is love and He cares for you, this amount of accuracy should only point you to the Lord going, man, these men that recorded these truths from God, even though they were just men, they really put their heart and soul into translating these scriptures so that I could see the love and the truth of God. And that should attract you to the Creator. If it doesn't, then obviously you hate God and you want to be your own God, which is the case with most people.

Most people, they want to idolize, make an idol out of science, an idol out of themselves, an idol out of their Bible, an idol out of church, an idol out of religion. They love idolatry, but they hate Jesus Christ. They hate the truth. We live in a world today that is extremely demonized. They love their demons. They justify their demons. They love playing violent video games. Grand Theft Auto to name one. Kids are being raised looking at pornography, practicing murder. And it's no wonder we have kids these days that will literally murder their parents or murder you, not because they hate you, but they just want to feel what it's like to have blood on their hands. They literally will kill just because they wonder what it's like to kill someone. That is due to conditioning. Demons are entering them. Demons are entering the youth. Demons are in the school. I was appalled, guys, when I was working for Boys and Girls Club. And at the Boys and Girls Club, there were computer games that the kids were evidently allowed to play that were games that were torturing people. It was just games on the Internet that they could pull up and play. And these high schoolers would play this game. And I looked up and it was called something like Torment a Jew. And they literally the theme was you capture a Jewish person and you torture that Jew. Now, if this is not evil, I don't know what is. But that was being allowed at the Boys and Girls Club, people playing these violent video games. Also, not that I've not that I play video games, guys, but there are some very wicked video games out there that, you know, you guys know more than I do, but you're allowed to to rape people, kill some of the new Grand Theft Auto games. I hear you're even allowed to. You know, there will be kids in it. So you're going to be allowed to kill, kill kids. Every kind of evil thought that you could think of is in those video games. And youth are practicing murder. They're practicing, you know, perverted sexuality. Satan is getting in the minds of the youth from very, very young. And that is a very sad thing because people are being turned against the truth. They're being turned against logic. They're being turned against themselves so that they no longer have any salvation.

Now they believe in a perverted science that says they came out of nothing. They believe that they're gay. They believe that they're transgender, homosexual. I don't know. Satan has made them believe in a lie rather than the truth. I want to speak to something here for a minute that that may be slightly off topic, but I think it's worth addressing right now as far as speaking about homosexuality. There are some people that believe that homosexuals are born gay. They do. They believe that they were born homosexual. And there are some Christians that believe that it happens in an event in their life. And they're very dogmatic about believing that no one is born gay. So I want to speak to that for a moment in case you have wondered about this. And I want to bring it first down to maybe you have children. When did your child tell the first lie? And maybe you will say, I remember my daughter telling a lie when she was one years old. Now, was she born a liar or did you have to teach her how to lie? Now, if you can answer that question, honestly, it may shed a little bit of light on if someone was born homosexual or if they became homosexual.

Now, I think as far as I have watched my children grow and I have four children between the ages of nine and four. So from what I have seen with children growing up, evil enters them from a very young age. Rebellion enters within a very young age and they don't have to learn this from you or the media. It's already there, guys. You don't have to train a six month old or an eight month old or a 12 year old to be a liar. They will know how to do that innately by nature. And so it seems reasonable to me that someone could be born with the ability just to be a good liar and also just to have the feeling that they are homosexual. Now, this will make a lot of Christians upset because they really were hoping that everyone that is gay or homosexual was maybe molested when they were eight and it turned them homosexual. What I would say to that is there are some of your children who did learn how to lie. They originally were pure when they were three, four years old. And then you as a parent or a friend was introduced into their family and they were a perpetual liar and they taught your child how to lie. But there's other cases where children just innately know how to lie and are perpetual liars from the time they are able to talk. So those lying children would tell you I was just born this way in the same way that a homosexual man would tell you I am born this way, regardless of what you think. If you were if you were born homosexual or if you became everyone out their own testimony with it. And I think I don't know, but I think that it could easily happen either way. And probably most cases a child was abused to become homosexual. However It is possible that someone could just be a liar or they could just from a very young age before they could comprehend. They already had feelings that were deviant from heterosexuality. So that being true.

Jesus never said. Be who you were when you were born. He didn't say that, did He? Jesus didn't say if you were born a liar, that's OK, because that's how I created you. Jesus didn't say that, did he? What did Jesus say? He said, you must be born again. So even if you were born a liar, if you were born homosexual, no matter how you were born, you have to be born again. And that is the crux of it. You have to be born two times. You have to be born of water from your mother. You have to be born into this world. But then you have to be born a second time, born of the Spirit. And when you're born of the Spirit, the Holy Spirit enters you. He regenerates you. He purges you of your old thoughts, your old doctrine, your own, your own, your old self lies. The lies about who you are and who you're going to become. He purges you of all of that. And once you're purged and clean, then you are drossed and purged to become His child. You start putting on these new clean robes. You prepare yourself for the marriage supper of the lamb. And so, this argument doesn't matter. It's just a huge distraction for Christians to try to argue that you were born gay or you weren't born gay. Or you're, you know, at some point you must have been raped. It doesn't matter because Jesus said, you know, no matter how you were born, you must be born again. And we see this throughout the scripture. We have to be born again. We have to have a new mind. We have to worship God with our new mind and our new tongue. And unless you are born again, you cannot enter the kingdom of God. You can be a homosexual Christian, but you won't enter the kingdom of God. You can be a lying Christian, but you won't enter the kingdom of God. If you want to enter His kingdom, you have to be born again. You're born of water, and then you have to be born of the spirit.

And this is very important and a huge reason why our culture, scientists, even Christians, can't perceive God, they can't understand the truth or science or anything, is they haven't been born again. They don't have their new tongue. They don't have that new spirit of God inside them. All they have is their old self. So, anyways, I'm running out of time here, guys, but I want to pray for anyone who does want to know the truth and come out from these demons in the world, because that's what they are. They're demons that are trying to convince people they're homosexual, that God doesn't exist. Just serve yourself. It's okay to be involved in drugs. It's okay to live life for yourself and not for God, because God doesn't exist anyway. These are all demons and doctrines of demons. So, if you want to come to the truth of Jesus, I want to pray for you and the true church right now.

“Lord Jesus, I pray for anyone who is out there today that wants to put their faith in you. I pray they may truly repent of their sins and come into the newness of life, that they would walk out of the old life of death that leads to hell and destruction, and that they would be set free and become part of your new covenant, Lord. I pray if there's someone listening today that wants to be set free, that you will unshackle them, that they can be free in your name, that you would purify them from unrighteousness, and that they would be born of spirit, that you would put your spirit in them, that they could be cleansed of all unrighteousness, and that they would enter into that covenant relationship with you, Lord, where you speak to them, you guide them, and that they can walk in the newness of life, covered by your blood. I pray people today will come to know that you died on the cross, you resurrected, and that your blood covers over their sins. I pray that they truly repent, that they come out of the evil lifestyle, and that you make them new women, new men, ready to walk the straight and narrow path into everlasting life. In your name I pray, Lord Jesus, Amen.”