Saturday, June 29, 2024

False Revivals and False Christs


False Revivals and False Christs

We'll praise Jesus today everyone. One thing that our Lord Jesus warned us about in the end times were false prophets and also people going around claiming to be Christ or claiming to have salvation. And that is exactly what we're seeing today. We see a lot of Christian churches and the Christian culture claiming that they're having these revivals, they have these prophets, revival meetings, and you see a lot of people attracted to this because it has the appearance that something big is happening. And a lot of these revivals that you see with the young people, it's mostly all sensation. It's all about feeling, it's all about going to the altar, lifting your hands, singing all these so-called worship songs. But in the end it has nothing to do with true repentance, a true word from God, and real change. It has everything to do with just feelings, sensations, looking good. And this is a huge deception within our Christian culture. So many times throughout history there have been these so-called revivals. There's a preacher that comes along and says “all these people are spiritually dead, we need to revive”. And the so-called revival does not bring about the repentance that God desires for us. Remember that Jesus said, where the vultures gather, there the body lies. It's like a dead body. A lot of these Christians are spiritually dead, and all the vultures are like the demons gathering around there. And people go, “oh look, there's something going on”. And people flock to these meetings because the people are saying, “Jesus is here, he's in the inner room, Jesus is there, you're going to have to go out to the desert to meet him”. And we were specifically warned about this, that he's not going to be hidden in the inner room somewhere, he's not going to be tucked away on some college campus that we have to go all the way to Texas, or all the way to the East Coast or the West Coast to be able to get a peep and see Jesus. But in the end times when the Lord is returning, it will be evident, as much as lightning you see going from the East to the West, so will the return of the Son of God be. We're not going to miss it. And if we truly are Jesus' disciples, then we will be looking up, our redemption draws nigh. And instead of thinking that we need to join in one of these revivals, or one of these big prayer meetings, or getting involved with a prophet that's in America, rather we have to seek Jesus in our hearts, because we know this is a spiritual kingdom.

The kingdom of God is in our midst. It doesn't come with the signs such as men perceive it, that it's a physical kingdom that's being built up in Africa, or built up in America somewhere, but it is in our hearts. And if we truly repent and give our heart to Jesus Christ, then he can start working inside of us and be changing us from the inside out. The problem is most people are looking for sensational music that they're calling worship music, sensational stories about Christians that are persecuted, or Christians that came from a hard background and gave their life to Christ. They love this kind of entertainment, but it's not creating any change. Don't be looking for the perfect prophet, or the perfect speaker, or the perfect pastor, or the perfect church with worship arts music. This is the thing that Jesus warned us against. Instead of running after these things and trying to find the next revival, seek the Lord and ask Him what you need to be doing in these days.

We know that the end is near. We're living in the end times. Our death could be tomorrow. If we live it should be for Jesus Christ, and if we die it should be for Him. And instead of trying to just preserve ourselves and hide, we ought to be shining as a light for the world to see and calling people to repent that the Lord's house may be full. We want the wedding supper of the Lamb to be full of people so that God's kingdom can be full of guests, that it won't be empty. When Jesus tells the parable, He says “none of those that are originally invited will be able to make it in”. Those original people were the Jews. They were people that said they knew God. They knew Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. They were God's chosen people. But they despised Jesus. They rejected the chief cornerstone. They threw that out. They didn't want anything to do with God's salvation. And so salvation was then offered to Gentiles, people that are not Jewish by blood or descent.

But spiritually, if we put our faith in Jesus Christ, we have that same faith as the patriarchs Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. And we put our faith in Jesus Christ and we also will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit and come into this newness of life, this new covenant that God has created with all of those who want to enter into His kingdom. The blessing is for you. It is for me. It is for all nations. Anyone who will put their faith in Jesus, believe that He died on the cross, that He resurrected and that we should now do the works of righteousness, not living in the old sinful life, but throwing off all the things that are sinful and ungodly and living holy, living righteous and calling people to be disciples, starting with our own family. We need to make sure that our own household is in line, that we're teaching our own children about Jesus. So are we being transformed from the inside out in our own households or are we deceived like these Christians in the pop culture that are always looking for what's trending, always looking for what's cool, what sounds good, what's sensational? Are we always looking for Jesus in the inner room? Are we deceived by that or are we really seeking first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, His kingdom in our midst, that is in our hearts?

I want to pray for those of you that do want to put your faith in Jesus, that want to overcome this world and by overcoming be part of the next world that is Jesus' kingdom. “Lord Jesus, I pray for my fellow brothers and sisters across the world. I pray that they can truly be called out and unshackled from all of the bondage of this world, all sin and evil and demonic influence. I pray that they can truly be set free of those things, that they could put their faith in You and not have the worries of this world, but the things of this world will grow dim in the light of Your glory and Your awesomeness. I pray that You fill us with the power of Your Holy Spirit and that we can walk in the newness of life with You, partaking in Your new covenant, that we can be washed by Your blood, that we can drink Your blood and eat Your flesh and just be part of You, Lord, having Your cup and eating Your supper. I pray that You be with us and let us just be light and salt, shining for You and preserving what is left, that more people may enter into Your kingdom and have everlasting life. In Your name I pray, Lord Jesus, Amen.