Biggest Lie in ALL Christianity

The Biggest LIE in ALL Christianity
The biggest lie throughout all Christianity is the “Grace Gospel”, no matter where you go, no matter how old people or how young you will find this dominant theme throughout Christianity, which is this false “grace gospel”. What I find is people don’t really care that God is merciful, they don’t care that He is love, they care to keep on sinning. They are NOT accentuating the point of grace because God IS gracious, BUT because they want Him to make exceptions for their personal perversions, for their personal errors. They don’t mind if they continue to sin the rest of their life, as long as God forgives them in the end. Jesus did not come to (only) pardon us from our sins, but to sanctify us, to separate us from the world of sin and to cleanse us from ALL unrighteousness. If we refuse to be cleansed and purified and purged, then we can by NO MEANS walk with HIM as His children. The “church” teaches that you just have to BELIEVE that you are saved and washed clean (without washing) and as long as you believe it you can NAME IT AND CLAIM IT and get to heaven because God will forgive you with His grace. You know there are MANY verses that the Christians pull OUT OF CONTEXT to prove that they are saved by “GRACE” not by “WORKS” so no one can boast… they go on and on and make up their twisted doctrines about how no one can stop sinning, everyone is sinners as long as we are in the flesh… on and ON they blabber. However, they don’t listen to the words of JESUS. Jesus said that whoever sins is a slave to it. (John 8:34) You are a slave to that which you obey. (Romans 6:16) Jesus said; “Whoever sins is a slave of sin and a slave will NOT abide in the house forever, but a son abides forever, therefore whoever the SON sets free is free indeed!” (John 8:35-36) People don’t believe Jesus’s words. They say; “Well that can’t possibly be, everyone is a sinner…” Jesus came to SET YOU FREE from your sins and if you believed Him you would pray to HIM and ask HOW. What is impossible with men is possible with God, and if you believe that He can do ALL things, you certainly would also believe He would purify you from ALL unrighteousness. Don’t fall into the HUGE LIE that is across this world, that Christians believe and non-Christians believe alike. That God will just pardon your sins and make an exception for you. YOU have to do the work. Jesus will NOT force you to do YOUR WORK. You have to cry out to Him, show Him that you are serious, show Him that you mean business with Him, that you REALLY LOVE HIM. People like to say; “Jesus loves you, Jesus loves me, God is love…” EVERYONE knows that God is gracious and loving and kind, but HOW ABOUT US, do we really love GOD? Are we really wanting to do HIS work? Or are we just wanting a pardon for our sins without lifting a finger to get sin out of our life. Jesus knows if you are serious or if you are playing games. And HE has the authority to let you into heaven or cast you into hell. What will He say to you on your final day?

Faith Alone and Easy Grace are Christian Lies
"By faith alone" and by easy "grace alone" are church lies that many Christians have founded their entire faith upon. They think that they will be saved just because they have believed in these Church doctrines that say they will be saved simply by believing that they are saved. We are not saved by just believing were saved, and we're not saved by faith alone. Look what James says in James chapter 2 verse 24. "You see then that a man is justified by works and not by faith only." Many Christians don't like the book of James because James doesn't buy into the church lie that we are saved just by believing we're saved. James tells the truth. We need to have works of righteousness. We need to really abide in Jesus and do what He asks us to do. I encourage you to read the whole book of James with an open mind and heart to the truth. Don't just believe that you're saved, don't just think that you're saved by faith alone, because Jesus calls us to do the works of righteousness and He says that anyone who sins is not saved, but they are a slave of sin. Make sure that you really repent. Jesus will accept you into His kingdom if you repent. If you go before Him humbly and just ask Him to wash you clean of all your sins, if you tell Him that you're going to do your best to do a good job for Him. Keep yourself humble before Jesus and He will accept you. But if you get prideful and arrogant like these Christians who just believe that they're saved, that there's nothing they need to do, but they have the arrogance, He will not accept you into His kingdom with that kind of arrogance. Humble yourself before Jesus. Do His Works. Don't just believe that you're safe because you have some kind of faith without works of righteousness.

Dream: How God Feels When We Use Him and Deplete His Grace Jesus really loves people, He loves you and me, and that is why He serves us. Remember that Jesus served His disciples, He washed their feet, and He said to His disciples, “If I being your Teacher and your Lord have washed your feet, you also should wash each other’s feet.” Symbolically He was showing them that we need to be a servant to all. Jesus Himself did not come to be served but to serve humanity, to serve others. He showed us that way that we could really be His disciples and have HIS love in us. Many people though just abuse God’s grace, they abuse His love. They think that God is only there to please them, to do whatever THEY want. They only need God when they really need Him. But they are not there to be servants. I had this dream the other night that I was helping a neighbor with housework, just things around the house and things in the yard, taking out the trash, fixing furniture… But no matter what I did the wife of the family was never pleased with my work. After some time, I realized, I don’t need to be working here, I’m not doing it because I need the money, I’m doing it because I care for these people, I care for them as a neighbor. In my dream for example, the lady wanted me to fix her bed, but when I went into the room to fix her bed, she was still lying in her bed, and she got irritated at me because she was too lazy to get out of the bed for me to fix it. Eventually I just decided, I’m not even going to work here anymore because these people don’t appreciate my work, and why am I doing it if they don’t really want my help? The Holy Spirit told me about that dream that, THAT IS HOW HE FEELS. Jesus love us, He wants to help us, but if we are unwilling to do anything, if we are unwilling to lift a finger to get sin our of our life, if we are unwilling to really go with Jesus Christ, He’s not going to help us when we are going the WRONG WAY. He is not going to aid us in our sin. Jesus Christ calls us OUT OF THE WORLD to serve HIM. That is why Jesus said; “You are my friends if you obey WHATEVER I TELL YOU.” Jesus is not here to be our genie and to serve us in the worldly sense. He did show us the way that we could be servants, but HE is not here to do OUR WORLDLY PLEASURE. We need to first REPENT of our sins, put on righteousness and then live by every single word that Jesus Christ gives us. Are we really ready to be His servants and to serve HIM as He served us? Or do we just want to use God, do we want to manipulate God for our own purpose that we can just live an easy life, make money and do our own thing? Is our heart really to please the LORD and to love others as ourselves? What is our true intention? May the grace of Jesus be with you.