What you MUST do to be saved

What You Must Give Up to Be Saved
Jesus did say; “Whoever of you does not forsake all that he has cannot by My disciple.” If you want to know what it means to follow Jesus and deny yourself, you need a REAL relationship with Jesus, you need to be praying to Him, HEARING HIM and then obeying whatever HE tells you to do. BEWARE, because there is also an enemy, satan, who accuses the brethren day and night, and the devil has a VERSION of what it means to follow Jesus FOR YOU, he will tell you that you are not denying yourself properly. That if you still have a house, if you still are married, if you still have kids, etc. then you are not hating your own life even to the death. The devil confuses the children of God, and if you give the devil any room to accuse you and beat you down he will. Make SURE that you are REALLY hearing from JESUS, because if you are in a right relationship with Jesus HE will tell you just what it means to follow Him and to be right with Him. If you want to know what it means to deny yourself, to take up your cross, and to get rid of the things in your life that are useless, then listen to JESUS, GO WITH HIM, BECAUSE HE HAS THE WORDS OF LIFE!

How to Be Saved Hear God Clearly

Many years ago now I went down to my local bookstore and I picked up a Quran, which is the central religious text to those in Islam. I picked it up because I wanted to know what they believe. And I found by reading bits and parts of the Quran that every single group of people believe that their text is the truth, they believe that their religion is the way to get to God. They believe that their rules are the rules that get them to the top by following them and obeying them. Before I knew Jesus as Lord of my own life I started to wonder, "How do I know that I'm not deceived?" I believed that those who followed the Quran are deceived, but those in the Qur'an call me the "people of the book" and they think that I am deceived by following the Christian Bible, "How do I know that my way is the right way?" I want to give you a testimony. When I started to pray and seek Jesus, when I was at a hard time in my life and I didn't know the right way, Jesus was the one that started to manifest Himself to me. I started to see Him in my dreams. My prayers were answered through Jesus Christ and I came to know God through Jesus Christ. Jesus manifested Himself to me and I came to know Him not because of the Christian scriptures but because Jesus became real to me. I have a real relationship with Him. If you want to know the truth you have to work out your relationship with Jesus through prayer and fasting if necessary. Don't think that you can come to know the truth just by reading a religious text. So many Christians think that they know the truth because they know the Bible. But every single religious group thinks this because they have their religious texts, they study it, they think they have the truth because of it. But Jesus promises to manifest, which means to appear, or to reveal. He promises to manifest to those who love Him. Those who love Him will ask Him who He is. They will ask, "How do I know that you are the truth? How do I know that you are the way, that you give life?" Jesus promises that He is the way the truth and the life, that He is the only way to the Father. I know now that the Quran is false, it is a lie. But I don't know that from reading the Christian scripture, I know it because I've personally met Jesus. If you want a personal relationship with Jesus, if you want to know that you're saved, you really have to work on your prayer life. Anyone who has gotten really good at anything, let's say at a sport, they didn't get there just by natural talent even though they might have you believe that. They got there because they dedicated time and energy to it. Anyone that has a really good relationship with their spouse, they got there because they dedicated a whole lot of time and energy into that relationship. And if you're going to know Jesus personally you have to dedicate time and energy to Jesus Christ. It doesn't happen just by reading the Bible countless hours. It doesn't happen by getting into a peer group, you know others who will encourage you in your faith like a church. It doesn't happen by finding wise mentors, by going on mission trips, to other parts of the world and expanding your mind. Following Jesus and getting into a personal relationship happens when you start falling on your knees in prayer and asking Jesus, "Who are you? Who really are you? Reveal yourself to me! Show yourself to me!" It happens when you get dedicated to Jesus through prayer, and when you start hearing from Jesus, when He starts answering your prayers, you need to start obeying and acting upon what He told you to do. And when you start obeying that's when you start living on every single word that precedes from God. That's when you start eating His flesh and drinking His blood. You're no longer just reading the Bible and eating what other people have told you. But you are now believing the things that come from God, from the Holy Spirit. You're eating Jesus flesh by hearing from Him and drinking His blood by believing Him and doing what He's called you to do, even if it's extremely difficult. So if you want to know that Jesus is the way to Salvation, and that Jesus will manifest Himself to you, what you need to do is start diligently praying. Don't let anyone tell you it's easy or happens overnight. Immediately Jesus will start to show you and teach you, but being able to discern Jesus' voice and being able to know the things of God happens throughout a continuous relationship with Jesus. The devil will come against you, he will try to make you think that you don't really have a relationship with God. You know, in my own personal walk with Jesus, I don't know how many times Satan has told me, “You don't really know Jesus, how do you know these other faiths don't know the truth?" Satan will come against me hard trying to distract me, to discourage me, accuse me pretending to be the Holy Spirit saying, “you don't really know God, your God doesn't really love you, you don't really know, you shouldn't be talking about Jesus, you don’t really know Him…” But through all of these accusations from Satan, Jesus reveals Himself to me, He answers my prayers. I hear from Jesus when I pray. And I think to myself, through all these accusations even though Satan is saying, “Your Jesus doesn't love you”, I know Jesus DOES love me because He is answering my prayers. Why if Jesus hates me is He constantly loving me revealing Himself to me when I pray? Jesus is the Living God, He is alive, and when we obey Him He manifests Himself more to us and we grow in our relationship with Him. We are not saved by keeping certain practices like going to church or not eating certain foods or keeping a certain day such as Sabbath or trying to keep the Ten Commandments perfectly or reading the Bible or getting into a religious group. We are saved by knowing Jesus, by abiding in Him, by living on His revelations. It doesn't matter what religion of the world you are what part of the world you are from, you need to get to know Jesus through prayer by fasting if necessary and dedicating your life to Him. And if you choose to really work on that relationship with Jesus, He will start speaking to you and you will know that He is real, you will know that He is the way, not because of the Christian Bible but because He has personally revealed, manifested Himself to you, He will show His way to you in such a way that will make such black-and-white sense to you. You will just know beyond a shadow of a doubt that He is alive. If you want this sort of relationship with Jesus knowing Him, it starts through prayer. Diligently seek Him on your knees, cry out to Him with all of your might, and through that way, through prayer and fasting if necessary He will be found. Are you diligent in your faith to pursue God? Or you like those who are just following a book? Who wonder in the back of their mind, “Which way is really the right way? Am I really on the right path or am I really deceived in reality?” If you want to know the truth, get to know the Way the Truth and the Life. May the grace of Jesus be with you.

How are we saved? and Is salvation free?
Salvation is JESUS! Men do NOT save people, the Bible does NOT save people and knowledge does NOT save people. DOCTRINE DOES NOT SAVE PEOPLE! JESUS SAVES PEOPLE and salvation is ABIDING IN JESUS EACH AND EVERY MOMENT! You know, some people have a doctrine that says that once you are saved you are always saved, you say a prayer, you say that you are sorry for your sins and that sears you for all eternity as “SAVED”. THAT IS A LIE! We are NOT saved by men’s doctrines, we are saved by JESUS and abiding in HIM! If you stand in the truth with Jesus, if you love HIM and obey HIM HE WILL GIVE YOU LIFE. But if you don’t stand with Him, if you reject Him, He is NOT going to stand for you. That is why a LOT of people land in hell, even though they belied themselves to be Christians, even though they went to church and read their Bible. We are NOT saved by church attendance, we’re NOT saved by Bible-study. WE ARE SAVED BY JESUS. He died on the cross, He resurrected for us and we put our faith in HIM and when we follow Him by FAITH, THEN He leads us, and when He speaks to us and we obey He gives us life. But if He speaks to us and we don’t follow then we are NOT on the path to eternal life, and even if you said a prayer some time ago, you will NOT be saved. Some people will say then; “Doesn’t that make salvation not free?” See, the church has a doctrine that THEY THINK they are saved by. They read Ephesians 2, I’m going to read this for you. Verse 8 it says; “For grace are ye saved through faith, and that not of yourselves it is a gift of GOD, (and verse 9) NOT of works least any man should boast.” They THINK that if you are working for Jesus, then you are preaching and living a false gospel. That is the biggest LIE. And people in church are hypocrites today because they believe you should follow and work for God, but at the SAME TIME, they have this doctrine that tells them, “You CAN’T work for GOD without being a hypocrite.” You NEED to WORK FOR JESUS THE WAY HE WANTS YOU TO. And salvation ONLY comes by faith WITH WORKS! If you SAY that you have faith, but don’t have any works of righteousness you’re lying. A LOT of Christians they DO have works, but their works are WICKED. Their works are going on “mission trips” or giving 10%/tithe, while they steel 90% from GOD. They THINK they are offering God good service and good works by going to church on SUNDAY. They have all these DEAD religion works that they NEED TO REPENT OF! The true works are the works of righteousness that are given to us by the Holy Spirit. They come when we are led by the Holy Spirit and when we obey GOD. If you want to be saved you HAVE to DAILY ABIDE IN JESUS and don’t turn your back on Him, don’t backslide, don’t look away from Him. But you have to live on every single word that He speaks to you. When He speaks to you, you HAVE to obey Him! How do you think someone can have faith in Jesus if they don’t hear Him? And how can they be obediently following Him if they have no truth faith? You need to be filled with the Holy Spirit rather and have the works of righteousness. Work HARD for Jesus because salvation is ONLY by FAITH AND WORKS, by WORKING OUT YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH JESUS, BY THE RIGHTEOUS WORKS OF THE SAINTS. NOT the dead works of the church and the hypocrites and the liars and pastors who don’t really know Jesus. Make SURE that you have REALLY put on your white garments, that you have been purified made white and that you are holy, that you are NOT sinning, but that your salvation lies in JESUS because EVERY MOMENT you are obeying HIM. May the grace of Jesus be with you.