Friday, March 6, 2020

Don't forget that in the end you will die

 Don’t Forget That in the End You WILL DIE
People tend to forget that in the end they are going to DIE.  There is no excepting DEATH.  And everyone is going to have to hold and account to everything that they said and ALL their actions.  You can’t bring anything with you into the afterlife.  You came in naked and you are going to leave naked.  All the achievements, all the things that you do in this life that you think you are gaining something, in the end WHAT will you have if it was not done for Jesus Christ.  People are chasing after all kinds of worldly things, thinking that somehow that will secure their future.  They are chasing after money, women, popularity… ALL these things in the end are going to bring them absolutely NOTHING!  That’s why Jesus said; “What does a man gain if He gains the world yet loses his own soul…”  Both the rich person and the poor person dies alike… both the happy person and the sad person… ALL of us in end are gong to face DEATH!  Will we enter into God’s kingdom or will we enter into HELL?  Where is your soul destined for?  Are you really living on the words of Jesus?  Does Jesus know you?  Do you know HIM?  Or are you walking yourself to hell because you are chasing after the dreams of THIS WORLD? Are you really hearing from Jesus Christ?  You could die tomorrow!  Which way will you go HEAVEN or HELL?