Monday, February 10, 2020

The Bible can't lead to you

The Bible Can’t Lead You
In my younger Christian life, growing up in church, being raised by parents that were in church, I did at times really want to know God, and I tried my best by the way that I was taught to get to know God, by seeking after mentors, what they think, by reading the bible, by being in bible studies of course.  And occasionally I would really get into prophecy or I would get into, you know, revelation, and it ended up just being something that would scare me or really getting me to thing, but it would never bring me TO JESUS.  I remember one Sunday I sat in church and I didn’t listen to a single thing the pastor was saying because he was boring anyway to me, but I read all the way through revelation, and I remember just reading all those prophecies in Revelation and then I would tell people about what I was learning in Revelation.  I started to get the impression that if we just could decipher prophecy, if we could understand what all the prophets were saying, then we would be better people, closer to God and we would be able to, you know, be saved, to be able to navigate our way to everlasting life.  To me it was much more about understanding the scripture, the prophecy, the prophets, than it was ever about a RELATIONSHIP WITH JESUS, and THAT is where the problem lies.  Many Christians today, they DO know the prophecies, they know the scriptures, but they don’t have any relationship with Jesus, they can’t differentiate between HIS VOICE and their own opinions about the scriptures, their own opinions about the prophets, everything they have learned, their doctrines.  They can’t differentiate, they cannot even tell the difference… they wouldn’t know if Jesus was speaking to them compared to some theologian that was lying to them.  They wouldn’t be able to tell at all.  They way we know the difference between truth and error is, not by just bringing things back to the bible, because after all the pharisees did that to Jesus and they found Jesus to be a liar and a heretic and then they crucified Him.  So if we always just bring things back to our own opinion of the bible we are sure to go wrong.  The bible is NOT the “More SURE Word of God”, as Christians say.  The SURE way to know Jesus and to be connected to Him and to be going in the right direction is to receive the HOLY SPIRIT.  And there is only ONE way to do that.  It’s not through bible study, it’s NOT through going to church over and over again, but IT IS THROUGH PRAYER, through dedicating your life to Jesus Christ, asking Him for the Holy Spirit and just asking Him to FILL you with the power from on high, that He would teach you, that He would be your ONLY Teacher.  See, so many people are… they think that they will find life in the bible, and I’m not saying that the bible is something that we shouldn’t read, because after all, there are MANY testimonies of Jesus in the bible, many prophets foretold His coming and even the Old Testament Law is a shadow of Jesus that JESUS fulfilled.  So, the bible will POINT to Jesus, and the New Testament, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, Acts… all those early Apostles, those Prophets, those men of God, were ALL POINTING TO JESUS.  THEY WERE NOT POINTING BACK JUST TO THEIR WRITINGS THAT YOU WOULD GET MORE AND MORE INTO THE SCRIPTURE AND BECOME A THEOLOGIAN.  They were all pointing to the AUTHOR of their FAITH, who is JESUS, not the bible.  So, are we today at a place that we recognize JESUS, that we lift our eyes up to heaven and we just call on Him for our help that HE may save us?  Have we received the Holy Spirit and are we hearing from HIM that we may be guided through life?  The Holy Spirit, HE is the only one who is qualified to lead us and guide us, not the bible, not a theologian, not a pastor… ALL of these things fall short. But if you pray and ask the Lord Jesus for His Holy Spirit to guide you, He will.  The Holy Spirit is not a feeling, it’s not just some emotion that is aloof floating around that you catch.  The Holy Spirit is supernatural guidance that comes from God. He is the Spirit of GOD. He loves you an He will guide you into everlasting life IF YOU LISTEN TO HIM, and not the opinions of men and the doctrines of men and all the stuff that is in church.  So, who are you clinging onto to lead you into everlasting life?  What are you clinging to?  Are you clinging to the church?  Are you clinging to bible study?  To other Christians as your mentors?  Or are you really clinging to the Spirit of God, have you received Him?  Are you drinking the Water of Life, are you drinking Jesus’s blood and eating His flesh?  Are you really getting revelation from GOD or are you just connected to dead religion and you don’t really have everlasting life in you because you are not really connected to Jesus Christ.  May the grace of Jesus be with you.