Wednesday, December 16, 2020

When you see the deception

When You See the Deception 
Give Jesus Christ glory, and today is the day to give GOD glory, not to give glory to men, not to give glory to agencies, to churches, but to give JESUS CHRIST the glory.  There is a BIG deception, and the deception is for the souls of men.  When we see that deception there’s a fork in the road and we have to choose between GOD and EVIL.  It is sad that so many people go for the deception in church, which is the easy grace gospel, that you can continue to sin, that you can live impure and that all you need to do to be saved is read your bible, believe that you are saved, say one prayer and go to church.  If we truly are with Jesus we are ENEMIES of the church, the church will HATE US, they will HATE OUR GUTS because the SPIRIT OF GOD is against the spirit of dead religion, the spirit of the anti-Christ.  I remember, this was about 10 or 11 or  12 years ago now, when I was still in church as a youth pastor, I remember my mom, (my mom is now passed away) but, my mom talked to me and she said something like, “You know Andy, when you see the difference between where the Spirit of God is leading and where the pastor of the church is leading, then you have to make a decision and don’t compromise.  When it becomes evident to you that you have to choose either the church and THEIR ideas, or GOD and HIS TRUTH, you have to GO WITH HIM, don’t compromise…”  And I remember thinking at that time that there was not any compromise going to church because I believed like every other Christian that we are saved by “grace” which obviously gives many of us a license to sin.  I knew it was wrong to sin, but when you are around people who are sinning and living ungodly and compromising then you just start to fall to compromise and you fall to dead religion, and you start thinking you are doing God a favor by giving your money to church, by giving your time to church, by going on mission trips and preaching…. As a youth pastor, living in the church as a hypocrite, I could literally preach on Sunday, then go and live for myself (in sin) and then at night I could lay down on my bed and fall asleep and pray as I was falling to sleep and just say, “God, I just know that I did such a good job for you today, didn’t I do a good job?  I did a good job!”  And then I would fall asleep believing that I had done a good job for God even though I was living in hypocrisy.  But when we see the deception, when we see the deception of our own sin and how satan is blinding us, then we have to come to that fork in the road, those crossroads and make a decision.  Will we follow Jesus or will we follow the way of the flesh?  And because I want to follow Jesus and not my flesh, that brought me to that fork in the road where I had to leave dead religion, I had to leave church to follow JESUS by HIS SPIRIT!  
Last night while I was waking up (well, the Holy Spirit wakes me up in the night) and He said to me in more or less words, just what a disaster it is, how horrible it is when people see the deception and they do nothing.  It’s one thing to be deceived, and to be wanting to following Jesus but not to know what is wrong going on in church and you’re are trying to do your best… THE LORD CAN WORK WITH THAT.  The Lord will call you out of dead religion, He will give you a new heart.  But it’s another thing to come to that crossroads, and to be told that church is a deception and to SEE the deception and the lie and hypocrisy and then to DO NOTHING ABOUT IT, or even worse, to start aiding in that lie and supporting that lie and telling other people, “You got to go to church, you got to pay your tithe, submit to the pastor, submit yourself to those authorities in the church…”  It’s one thing to be deceived, but it’s another thing to become a liar yourself and to refuse to REPENT when you see the LIGHT OF THE TRUTH.  And we are reaching a point of time when people are seeing the TRUTH, they see the difference between the lie of satan and the truth of Jesus Christ, and they’re choosing satan, they uphold a form of godliness, but they don’t actually walk in the light of the truth.  They’re like double agents for satan, pretending to be Christians, pretending to bring people into the Kingdom, but they are bringing people into the kingdom of the demonic.  Some of these pastors and Christians they KNOW the truth, they have seen the lie, and they just turn a blind eye to it and they continue to go their way and they think; “Well, God will just forgive me, He will understand, because after all, I need bread, I need water, I need to have my bills paid… and you know as a missionary or a pastor we have to have those bills paid, God would understand…” and they think GOD will make an exception for their SIN.  God is NOT going to make an exception for our sins.  Either we repent and we overcome and we walk in the newness of life, or we choose the way of the world and the devil and then Jesus will say to us on that last day; “Away from Me you who commit iniquity, I don’t know you…”  The whole church is deceived, they think that they can continue to walk in sin and just slowly, that maybe they will be getting better, but if they continue to sin God will just forgive them… They are extremely deceived, they don’t teach righteousness and purity and holiness.  If you don’t come out of the church you are bound to think like them, and if you don’t come out from among them and be separate you will touch what is unclean and you’re Father in heaven will NOT accept what is unclean, He will REJECT you.  That’s why Jesus will say to MANY people who THOUGH that they were saved; “Away from Me, you who commit iniquity, you who sin, I do not know you…”  And those people will have the fright and the shock of their life when they are turned AWAY at the gates.  We don’t want to be the ones that are turned away, we want to hear the words, “Good and well done My faithful servant, enter into MY Kingdom…”  Will we be allowed entrance because we were right with Jesus Christ and listening ONLY to HIM? Or are we deceiving ourselves and being deceived?  Do we see the deception and then choose to go the wrong way?  There is no hope for those who see the deception, that see their sin, and then they choose to go the wrong way.  The condemnation is that people love the darkness MORE than they love the truth.  And you are condemned already if you are choosing your sins yet KNOWING the truth.  I encourage you to really REPENT, confess your sins before Jesus.  Get right with HIM, because very soon you may have no more opportunity EVER to repent.