Saturday, February 20, 2021

Demon possession: What you need to know

Demon Possession  What You Need to Know

These are the times that we need to hold onto our faith in Jesus Christ.  Not all faith is faith that will heal a man or save a man or save a woman.  The only faith that is valid is TRUE FAITH in Jesus that comes as a gift from God by the power of the Holy Spirit.  Many people have faith in their church, faith in their bible, faith in their religion, but they don’t have genuine faith that will SAVE THEM because they have not received the truth of JESUS CHRIST.  One thing that people need to know is that demon possession is real and people of all ages can be demon possessed.  It’s not just people who are strung out on drugs that have opened their minds to witchcraft that have become demon possessed.  Anyone who doesn’t seek Jesus Christ, and who isn’t serious and who does not have genuine faith makes themselves susceptible to become demon possessed.  A demon will not necessarily just take all of your body, your tongue, your mind, your arms, your legs, but whatever part of your body that that demon can take over of you IT WILL.  And whatever part you allow for your members to be take over, that demon is going to take over that part.  It’s like a country that is being invaded and slowly but surely the entire country is taken over by an enemy.  But it may start out small, or it may swoop in quickly.  But if you are a parent, or if you are a parent that wants to fortify your life from demonic entities and evil principalities, it’s starts with your heart and with your mind.  And a lot of people think that sin starts with the action, they say; “Well, I don’t actually plan to have sex with anyone, I  don’t plan to actually go out and murder anyone…”  But sin, we KNOW starts IN THE HEART and for casting out an evil spirit, it starts with being able to rebuke IN YOUR MIND and in your heart an evil spirit that is coming to you.  As soon as you have a thought that is evil you need to rebuke it in the name of JESUS.  Say; “Get away from me devil.”  And also physically in the physical realm, if someone comes to you offering you drugs, or it’s something promiscuous and you know it’s evil, whatever they are asking you to do that you KNOW is a LIE, you need to be quick to REBUKE IT in the name of Jesus.  Stand for what is true.  When we stand for the truth of Jesus, He fortifies us and protects us, but our fortitude or our wall of protection around us drops down and it allows satan to shoot his arrows into us, if we drop down our guard and start allowing evil into our hearts and into our minds, if we start dwelling on it and thinking about it.  And a lot of children become possessed by evil because their parents allow them to see evil movies, to watch evil and scary things on their phones, they allow them to be around family members and friends that are into drugs and alcohol and these things allow demons into our lives.  We need to make sure that we fortify ourselves, block every single venue, every single area a demon can come it.  And it starts with fortifying our OWN heats and OWN minds.  Jesus has given us the power BY THE SPIRIT OF GOD over every evil spirit, we can cast it out.  But if you don’t start practicing that then you are likely to become demon oppressed or demon possessed, to some level.  We are living in very server times and few people are fortified for Jesus.  Few people are praying in spirit and have on the full armor of God.  They allow satan to attack them and it starts out as small things in their mind, and then it becomes intrusive thoughts… Maybe they watched a video or saw a clip of something even on youtube and it starts to just fester in their soul, and instead of rebuking what is evil and standing with Jesus they drop their guard down and satan gets those knives and those arrows into their heart.  That’s how people become slowly but surely possessed, or quickly.  Obviously drugs can do it, or having a parent who is abusive, that can do it, but what we need to know about demon possession is, it’s not a Hollywood thing, it’s not something that is just on TV, but it is YOU, YOU will become possessed by evil, YOU will be given over to evil, unless YOU learn to fortify YOUR OWN HEART.  Are you taking every thought captive?  Are you praying in spirit?  Have you even received the Holy Spirit?  Most Christians have NOT received the Holy Spirit, they think that they are safe and secure and that satan can’t attack the because they go to church and they read their bible, and they pray, BUT THEY ARE NOT PRAYING IN SPIRIT and in TRUTH.  They can’t cast out demons, they have no power over their own life, let alone their children or anyone else.  It’s not about going to a Catholic Priest, or an Exorcist to cat out a demon, it’s about learning to pray in SPIRIT and in TRUTH and we NEED to know how to do this in order to protect ourselves from evil.  It only happens by the power of the Holy Spirit.  You need to learn to PRAY.  Have a real prayer life.  Take to Jesus, ask Him for the full armor of GOD, the helmet of salvation, breastplate of righteousness, shield of faith, belt of truth, and the boots ready to bring the gospel of peace to those that ask.  And if we stand in the truth Jesu swill be with us.  But if we are not ready to stand with Jesus remember that He says He will be ashamed of us.  He will be ashamed, He’s not going to stand for us and proclaim us in front of His angels if we are not standing in the truth, and satan knows that.  You are ready to become possessed and owned by satan unless you get on your knees and start praying, pray for your family, pray for your children.  Your prayers are powerful IF you are praying in SPIRIT and in TRUTH.  Jesus did not go around prescribing drugs and medications for people.  He would cast out demons.  Jesus has not changed.  It is people without the Spirit of God that go around saying that people need medication, they are schizophrenic, they have this ailment, they need to go to a psych-ward… It’s PEOPLE that play that psychiatric game, whatever they want to call it… BUT JESUS CAST OUT THE DEVIL.  He cast out the devil, and the people would shake, and the devil would come out, and their spirit would come back.  Jesus would pray for people and they would be healed.  Jesus is still alive today, and His Spirit is still in people.  There are still miracles being worked.  But it is PEOPLE that lose faith and then put faith in medicines and in doctors and in people that have zero power.  Where is your faith today?  Is your faith truly I your FATHER I heaven?  Have you received the POWER that comes from the Holy Spirit?  Do you know the Spirit of God? Are you able to cast out demons and is your own family fortified because the Holy Spirit is protecting you on all sides?  Or are you like the world who allows demons in through every angle, because they don’t protect themselves spiritually?  Do you know how to fortify your mind and your heart?  Are you able to rebuke those evil spirits?  I encourage you to pray in spirit and in truth.  Any thought that comes into your mind that is evil rebuke it in the name of Jesus.  Stand firm in His love and in His truth and He will protect you and stand for you.  But if you don’t take a stand now, you are likely going to be snatched up by satan and possessed.  You will become one of his objects.  And there will be NO HOPE FOR YOU.  Call upon the name of Jesus, pray in spirit and in truth and be saved.  May the grace of Jesus be with you.