Saturday, February 20, 2021

How God sounds when He speaks

How GOD Sounds When He Speaks

Praise Jesus.  Jesus truly is alive; He is speaking to His children and He makes the way for us.  Jesus is the WAY the TRUTH and the LIFE!  There is no other way to live that leads to everlasting life except by His guidance, the guidance of the Holy Spirit.  As Christians we have to make sure that we have made Jesus our ONLY Teacher and that we are guided EVERY SINGLE DAY by His Spirit of Truth.  Jesus said…

My sheep, they hear My voice and they don’t listen to strangers…

Too many sheep have been listening to strangers, led away by wolves, not even wolves in sheep’s clothing but just wolves.  They have been led away by hirelings, by pastors who have been paid to preach lies.  They have been just led away by the lusts of the flesh, and it becomes exceedingly difficult for people to hear God because of the distractions and the desire to live fleshly, and because the flesh wages war with the Spirit of God, it’s quite impossible to hear what God is actually saying, because with everything else in the mix, you don’t know what is your own emotions, your own feelings, your own conscience, the voice of your dad or your mom speaking in your mind, your own opinion, other’s opinions, demons, or God, you just get it all in a big mixed up bunch and you forget your way, you forget the direction. 

              All of us want to know what God’s voice sounds like.   I get more emails probably than anything on how to hear God, now to know HIM.  People do really want to know their Creator, we want to know Jesus, we want to hear His voice, and a lot of people wish we could just push the button to pick up the phone and hear Him audibly.  They think that would be very easy.  But remember the woman at the well, how Jesus spoke to her.  He said to hear that the true worshipers have to worship in SPIRIT and in TRUTH.  Well that is also how we have to hear from God, in spirit and in truth.  If you are looking just to hear from God and see God with your physical eyes and physical ears you are going to most likely be led astray.  And people who are looking just to hear Him physically make themselves prone to hear things that AREN’T TRUE, it opens the up to false revelations, false dreams and visions, false interpretations, because they start listening to everything that comes into their ear, and if it seems spiritual, even though they are still hearing it in their ear, they accept it as from God, because they believe it was “spiritual”, even though it was not (from God).  

              Make sure that you are actually hearing the Holy Spirit in the depths of your soul, the place where God has given you to know the difference between GOOD and EVIL.  People know what is evil, it is corruption, it’s hatred, it’s murder, it’s lies, adulterous thoughts, the feelings of the FLESH that just want things that are OF THIS WORD…. (bad connection video stopped streaming, but I believe were I was is…)

              It’s easy to hear satan.  It’s easy to recognize when satan is speaking and deceiving us and we are quick to say; “Oh, that was the devil.  The devil is making me depressed; the devil is making me like this or like that…”  But it’s harder for people to recognize what is good and righteous and pure and from God.  But it is as basic as knowing that what is evil come from the evil one, it comes from the flesh and the fleshly desires, and what is good and holy and pure comes from GOD, ALL THINGS THAT ARE GOOD COME FROM GOD.  But it is really important to remember that we do not hear the Spirit in our physical ears, we hear the Spirit in our spirit, in the bottom of our soul.  We listen with our conscience, but our conscience is not the Holy Spirit.  God gave you your conscience and it is your way to hear the Holy Spirit, but your conscience is not the Holy Spirit itself. 

              Because God did give us a way to hear Him, and he is the one who made both physical and spiritual, there is a way to know GOD, to get to know HIS voice.  But the only way to KNOW Him is to get to know Him in SPIRIT and in TRUTH.  The way you do that is by praying, listening in the bottom of your soul.  People will say; “Well, where’s the bottom of your soul? How do you know if you are listening correctly?”  If you are not sure you have to PRAY, because God HAS put it in every single one of us to know the difference between good and evil.  If there is anything in you that wants to seek out the goodness of God, then you just pray and you say; “Lord, open the ears of my conscience to hear you, open my spiritual ears that I may hear and my eyes that I may see.”  And as you pray and seek the LORD, He will start to deliver you from all the things that keep you from hearing Him, all the things that keep you deaf and blind. 

              Remember that Jesus was the one and still is the one who opens the eyes of the blind and opens the ears of the deaf.  He is the one who will open you up to the truth if you pray and seek Him with all of your heart, soul, mind and strength.  God’s voice is not something that someone can describe with physical words, but when they HAVE met Him, then you will KNOW His voice, you will be able to separate conviction that is coming from the Holy Spirit, verse a sensation, just a feeling.  People like to talk about FEELLINGS; “I had this revelation, it was just such a wonderful FEELING…”  Well feelings are of the FLESH, and feelings can be deceptive.  But the Spirit of God is MORE than just a feeling, it is how He communicates with our SOUL to let us KNOW that He is the TRUTH!  Remember that Jesus promises to manifest, which means to reveal Himself to those who LOVE HIM. (John 14-16)  And He knows how to reveal Himself to His children, to His true sheep.  That’s why Jesus can say; “My sheep hear My voice… they will NOT listen to strangers…”  He doesn’t just give them some sensations and feelings of joy when they are against the truth.  But when we do desire Him and when we are seeking Him in the right way in humility and righteousness, when we are going the right direction the Holy Spirit comforts us because He IS the comforter.   And He puts His voice and His truth right into our souls!  He writes His truth on our conscience, on our heart!  And if you want to get to know HIS voice, you will, but you have to eliminate yourself from the world.  Stop running the race of the world and start running the race with Jesus Christ for the ultimate prize which is everlasting life WITH THE LORD JESUS. 

              Every single man and every single woman, and the end of their life receives what they were TRULY seeking.  They receive what they were really looking for.  And many people are really just looking for things other than GOD.  They are looking for peace and safety in the world, they are looking for a good life for their children, they are looking for popularity, they are looking for the easy good life, the American Dream… and in the very end, they will find what they were looking for, WHICH WAS NOT GOD BUT A LIE, THEY FOUND THAT LIE.  They found that lie to be completely empty, void of truth.  We want to find out what is a lie and REBUKE IT before it destroys us, before we find out in the end that we served satan our whole lives. 

Many people are listening to the voice of satan because it comes into their inner ear, it comes up here (in their head) and they think that because it is “spiritual”, that it must be of God.  Every time that they have a dream or a vison or an interpretation of the bible, they think it MUST be of God because it is spiritual.  BUT the Holy Spirit is NOT the ONLY spirit speaking, there are MANY demons, and each and every one of us have a spirit of our own, a soul, a conscience, and if we are not surrendered to the Holy Spirit, we will become very pliable by every spirit.  And then it’s easy to become deceived.  The way to hear from God clearly is to disconnect from the world, disconnect from people, disconnect from the internet if that’s what you need to do.  You know, I don’t go around perusing the internet listening to videos.  I upload videos myself.  I make video messages as the Lord gives me to make, but I’m not out there on a bunch of websites listening to a bunch of people.  I’ve made Jesus my ONLY Teacher.  And most the time, when people send me videos saying; “Check out this guy, check out that guy...”  I just delete it.  I don’t even watch the video.  That’s the way we have to be if we have made JESUS our ONLY Teacher.  We don’t go around listening to other people.  People will say; “That’s prideful, you know, you should listen to everyone and then make a calculated decision who is speaking the truth...”  People are deceived.  If they HAD heard Jesus’s voice and IF they had believed Him with ALL of their heart, they would ELIMINATE themselves from the world, they would eliminate false teachers out of their life.  They would STOP reading books, they would STOP educating themselves IN THE WORLD.  And they would pursue Jesus KNOWING that HE is the ONLY one who is able to lead them and GIVE THEM LIFE. 

I encourage you to get to know the voice of your Creator, and then once you know you are hearing Him, never leave His side, hold onto Him.  Never let go of Him because in the end it’s not going to matter how many books you knew about or how many people you searched up on the internet to get to know more and more things.  It’s ONLY going to matter if JESUS was pleased with you, if you heard His voice and followed HIS direction through your life and endured with Him to the VERY END, through trials and tribulations, persecutions, good times AND BAD TIMES.  That’s what is going to matter. 

Do we really hear our Creator’s voice and are we obeying Him, harkening to HIS voice?  Or are we listening to a bunch of people on the internet?  Are we listening to the commentaries, the pastors, all the notes in our bibles?  Are we deceived, not knowing the left from the right?  Or do we truly hear our Lord and Master Jesus Christ, and do we follow HIM?  Have we made HIM our ONLY Teacher?  May the grace of Jesus be with you.