Saturday, May 8, 2021

Severe consequences and when Grace Runs Out


Severe Consequences and When Grace Runs Out

We really need to be serous about our faith in Jesus Christ in these days that we live, because there are so many distractions and so many false messages.   The Christian churches love to talk about grace, they love to talk about the blood of Jesus, they love to talk about God’s forgiveness.  But what they do not talk about are the consequences of sin and how permanent it is when we reject God and then when we die in our sins.  There are permanent consequences to our actions.  The Lord’s grace is truly abundant and He will quickly and easily forgive you if you mean your repentance, IF YOU TRULY REPENT!  But the problem is, a lot of people don’t care to really repent, they just don’t want to go to hell, so they try to escape God’s judgment in any way they can, they just fear the spanking, they fear punishment, but they don’t fear God, they don’t want to change, they don’t love Him.  And that’s why a lot of Christians they really like to talk about grace, they like to talk about the death of Jesus and His blood covering over all their sins in the past, present and future.   They love to talk about grace, but they never come to the knowledge of what it means to truly repent. 

              The days that we are living in are very severe, people are going to hell, God is running out for people.   People don’t like to talk about God’s grace running out, but all those people who are in hell, God’s grace ran out for them, they have no more opportunity to fall under God’s grace, they are only in God’s judgment.  Remember how Revelations speaks about how those who take the mark of the beast will be tormented before the Lamb of God and before the angels.   Hell is punishment that is from God.  Some people like to talk about hell as the separation from God and the lack of the existence of God, but the truth is hell is the presences of God’s judgment upon people, upon demons, upon spirits that rejected the truth of God.  It’s where His grace ran out.  God’s grace will not cover over willful sin.  His grace will not cover over you if you continue to sin and you die in your sins.  PEOPLE ARE NOT GETTING OUT OF HELL.  It doesn’t matter what the pastors say, it doesn’t matter what people said at your grandfathers funeral, the final destiny of a soul is wherever GOD places that soul, in heaven or in hell, and that is ETERNAL.  It does not matter if they say that soul is in heaven and rejoicing, that so and so committed suicide and now they are at peace in the ground.  You don’t just fall to sleep, you don’t just go to a better place when you commit suicide or when you murder yourself.  There are very serious and severe consequences and these consequences need to be told.  Things do not get better in the next life for those who go on sinning and refuse the only salvation. 

              Each of us need to build our Arc. What I mean by that is we need to prepare.  We need to prepare spiritually to live and to die, because every single one of us that are alive are living (needing to live in the truth of GOD) and all of us are going to die.  And just as Noah prepared an arc to carry him through the flood, we need to build our arc guided by the Holy Spirit.  A lot of people are going in and out of the arc.  But what happens when those doors close and they are on the outside?  What happens when the door is shut to you and then you are knocking on that door and the floods start to come and you say; “Lord open to me” and He says, “You already had your chance the door has been closed.”  That will be a very scary place in a very scary time when grace runs out.  Not enough people are preaching this message.  They are just preaching grace grace grace, but what happens when grace runs out, when there is no more opportunity to repent?  For many people this will be the case because they did not build their arc, they did not get in, they did not come in to the comfort of the Spirit of God.  Instead they rejected God, they spent their whole life rejecting God, and in the end they are shut out, GOD REJECTS THEM, HE HAS NO MORE GRACE FOR THEM, that’s why hell exists, it’s the punishment of God. 

              I encourage you to truly repent, get sin out of your own life.  Stop looking around at the world and noticing just how sinful thigs are a million miles away or out in space, look into your own heart.  Are you prepared?  Is your heart prepared, are you right before Jesus Christ?  Have you repented of the things you need to repent from?  Are you separate from the world?  Or do you still have hatred in your heart?  Do you have a lack of love for brothers and sisters?  Are you still holding onto things that make you bitter?  With Jesus it is possible to overcome your sin, it is possible to overcome hatred, and murderous thoughts, all those thoughts that come into your mind that you know are not good, that you know are NOT of the Holy Spirit.  The Spirit of God will give you power over it IF you submit to the Spirit of God, if you make Jesus your Teacher.  You have to just pray and say; “Lord change my heart, renew my heat, give me a new mind, renew me, give me the power to overcome my sins, give me the desire to love you and to want to go with YOU more!”  And if you want to go in the right direction and if you are praying to the Spirit of God for just guidance and help, HE WILL HELP YOU.  You will find what you are looking for, if you are looking for the gifts of the Holy Spirit you are going to find His LOVE and His PEACE, you are going to find His gifts, but if you are letting evil arise in you, if you are looking for just the things of this world, you will find worldliness, you will find the demons you are looking for.  And in the end YOU WILL FIND DEATH.  I encourage you to GO THROUGHT THE DOOR, GO THROUGH THAT NARROW GATE.  Many people are trying to jump over the fence or ride the fence, people are trying to find a different way in the achieve eternal life, but the only way in is through Jesus Christ.  Have you met Jesus Christ for real, has HE changed you, do you have spiritual ears that hear the Holy Spirit?  Do you have spiritual eyes that see?  And are your eyes full of the light of GOD?  Don’t take the mark of the beast, resist the world, resist temptation, resist all the lusts of your flesh.  Ask Jesus Christ for the power to overcome.  May he grace of Jesus be with you.