Saturday, May 29, 2021

The Gospel of Jesus Christ isn't cheap like the pastor's sermons


The Gospel of Jesus Christ isn’t Cheap like the Pastor’s Sermons

The true gospel of Jesus is not cheap.  Jesus Christ requires all of you, 100%.  But the Christians and the pastors and the churches today are making a cheap easy gospel, they say; “Just say a prayer, you’ll go to heaven, just pay your tithe, just believe that you are saved…”  And they lie to hundreds and millions of people and they are taking people to HELL.  They themselves are not saved because they are not daily denying themselves, taking up their cross, they haven’t counted the cost.  Remember that Jesus said, whoever of you does not forsake all that he has cannot be My disciple.  Jesus also said that he who seeks to preserve his life will lose it, but he who loses his life for My sake and the gospel will save it.  But the Christians in the churches are just making a cheap gospel, they have become like merchants selling merchandise, selling bibles, selling curriculum, they sell their church as if it’s a brand.  And they think it’s about being cool.  But following Jesus is about listening to His voice, getting to know Him for real and surrendering to Him EVERY SINGLE DAY.  I want to tell you this parable because it is a parable from Jesus, but I want you to see what Jesus was actually speaking about (because many pastors have twisted this parable).  The parable goes like this:

              There was a rich man and he had a manager to manage all of his money, all of his goods, and as it comes out this manager is mismanaging his money so he gets fired.  The manager says, “I don’t have hands that can work with a shovel or with a pick, I can’t work with my hands, you know I’ll get blisters…” and then he says; “I can’t beg, I’ll be ashamed…”  So, what does the guy do?  He says; “I know what I’ll do, I will go to all of those that owe my master money and say, hey, I  know you owe 100 but just pay 50, I know you owe 100 but just give 80…” or in modern day times; “I know you owe 100 but just give 10, give 10% you’ll be saved…”  So what happens at the end of the day is his master comments him, but his master does not commend his because he has done good for his kingdom, but because he has shrewdly like a serpent in the devils kingdom, he is winning many souls to hell.  If the children of God were half as prudent as the children of saatan, maybe they would hear the truth of God and really repent, maybe they would really become productive, maybe they would really start denying themselves and fishing for men for real.  But because they are following the (advice) of this this bad steward they are all going to hell.  This steward who just says to people; “Just pay 80, just pay 50, just pay 10…”  that represents a pastor or a Christian who is fallen from grace, he’s been FIRED by God but he thinks he is still in business because he’s going to his master’s clients.  And that is what many pastors as Christians are doing today.  They don’t tell people that GOD HAS FIRED THEM, they start churches and they go around telling people; “Hey, all you have to do is pay 10% you’ll be alight, all you have to do is repent 80% of the way, you’ll be there, you’ll make it into heaven…”  Or they say; “You think that God requires that you actually stop sinning?  Don’t worry about it, as long as your trying 50%, you’ll be alright, you’ll make it…” So, they like to people about what repentance really means, and because people believe their lies as a lying steward, they take ALL OF THOSE PEOPLE TO HELL.  What if these guys repented? Or what if someone came out of this deception and started exposing it?  MANY PEOPLE MAY COME TO GOD!  Many people may really repent and receive the true gospel that isn’t cheap!  The pastors today have cheapened the gospel, just like this guy in Luke chapter 16:1-13 did.    This guy does NOT represent someone who is wise with money, he represents someone who is going behind his masters back and lying to people about how they can pay off the master.  If God says you owe 100 YOU NEEED TO PAY 100!  100 is 100% of your life.  Remember that Jesus said that whoever of you does not forsake ALL THAT HE HAS, ALL IS 100, he said YOU CANNOT BE MY DISCIPLE!  If you are only giving 80 or 50 or let alone 10 you will not enter the Kingdom of God.  You need to be serving God with EVERYTHING YOU HAVE.  I notice today that the whole world is all about how good you look in the world, you know, how much money you make, how well you are making it in the world, how you are providing, and it’s really deceptive because a lot of Christians have fully bought into this principle of the world, doing good to others, but only as far as it means doing business.  They will never stand up for what Jesus really meant because they don’t want to be ashamed for Him, they don’t want to offend people, so they constantly lie to people, they don’t have a real backbone.  And they ack just like the guy that Jesus spoke of in Luke chapter 16, that shrewd manager that told people that they could just give 10 or 50 or 80%.  But that is cheapening the gospel.  I encourage you to REJECT the easy FAKE grace gospel.  Reject the gospel that is coming out of the churches, that is that you only have to give 10% or 50 0r 80.  Reject the false Christians the false church.  Reject the messages that come from the pulpit.  Receive the truth of Jesus Christ that is COUNT THE COST, start really praying, listen to the LORD and obey every single word HE speaks.  Because after all those who do not forsake ALL that they have will not enter the Kingdom of God.  Are you daily seeking after the Lord Jesus?  Are you honoring Him with everything?  Or have you believed the pastors and the lying Christians that have cheapened the gospel, to tickle the ears of its members? May the grace of Jesus be with those who truly repent and seek the LORD!