Sunday, October 10, 2021

Enforce modesty


Modesty is not just how you dress but how you present your body, where you look, what you listen to and how you interact with people around you. You cannot be modest and pure if you are listening to ungodly music or wearing tight and revealing clothing. Many sports and athletic events also encourage ungodly music and revealing apparel NOT fit for a child of God. In good conscience I could NEVER let my children be in cheerleading, school volleyball, swimming competitions, competitive track and field events (where tight and revealing clothing is uniform), gymnastics, dance and many other such activities. Children of God are called to be first and foremost HOLY and pure and MODEST with their apparel with their ACTIONS and what they will look upon and listen to. Do not let yourself or your family be polluted by this nudity and the sexualized culture that God HATES. Touch NOTHING that is unclean or God will reject you.