Friday, October 15, 2021

Why are you not vaccinated?


Somewhere around 50% of the population only is fully vaccinated. What about the other 50%? Why are they still not vaccinated? Are they scared? Is it a religious thing? Was it their church telling them not to? Is it a health condition? Whatever the case, you are risking it all if you are not vaccinated and put your family and others at risk as well. Is it worth it to you to possibly even DIE for your decision? Will it be worth losing your father, your mother or your children to your decision? Will your decision be worth being cut off from the things you love in the world and in society?  We are to a point where every person will HAVE to choose what rock they will die on. Everyone will find the rock of their security, that they are truly looking for, and die upon it in the end. I hope yours is worth it.