Saturday, November 26, 2022

Reason for the scriptures and need for revelation

Reason for the Scriptures and the Need of Revelation

The Scriptures that we have today that are recorded in our Bibles were recorded by men like me who loved the SPIRIT OF GOD, who obeyed GOD and wanted other people to REPENT and have LIFE!  Those early prophets and disciples of Jesus did not write the Scriptures for their OWN gratification, or that people would honor THEM, they didn’t care what other people thought about them, they didn’t care if their writings were revered (worshiped by the religious world) They wanted people to REPENT and they warned people that if they didn’t repent God would send them to HELL.  A lot of Christians today, they revere and they elevate the Bible, but if the prophets of old and the early disciples were alive today, they would disagree with them, they would harm them in the same way that the Pharisees harmed the early disciples and persecuted them, and killed Jesus.  It is very hypocritical that the church culture reveres and elevates the Bible, but hates the TRUE BODY OF CHRIST.  You know, there are some Christians that feel very condemned if they hear from God, they think that if they write anything down, that they are hearing from God, that maybe it’s like they are adding to the book of Revelation.  There is that Scripture in Revelation that says whoever adds to this book, God will add to them the plagues recorded in this book… and many Christians think that if they hear anything about revelation, that is an active relationship from God, bringing them revelation, that they can’t write it down because they would be condemned, that they would be adding to the book of Revelation.  That is a lie from satan.  The book of Acts, is the Acts of the apostles, the acts of the early Christians, that is the disciples of Jesus, and that book today is STILL being recorded.  We are Jesus’s disciples and our lives are still being recorded, the things that we do and say are PART of the Acts of the Disciples.  And if we write down the things that the Lord teaches us, it can help us to remember the things that the Holy Spirit is teaching us, and it can also help others.  By NO WAY is that against God.  You NEED to have revelation from God, NEW REVELATION, revelation that comes to YOU every day!  Of course, there is Revelation in the Scriptures that will not be changed and should never be (tampered, altered) touched or manipulated or controlled.  But also God wants a living relationship with you, He wants to give you revelations about your marriage, revelations about your job, where you should live, your every day life… and you need to be hearing from HIM, and if you are not, you are in trouble.  A lot of Christians, they read the Bible, and they THINK they’re hearing from the Word of God, but they don’t have ANY LIVING REVELATION, they don’t know the LIVING WORD OF GOD!  And because of that they don’t have LIFE, they don’t have the living words of Jesus Christ in their heart.  So, the question is, do you hear from Jesus?  Do you have a real relationship with Him?  Do you KNOW the Living God and is He guiding you and giving you revelation, direction, His PEACE every single day?  Or are you like the LOST CHILDREN OF CHURCH that continue to follow dead religion, thinking that they have life because they have the Scriptures?  They refuse to come to Jesus, but they elevate the Scriptures, thinking that THAT will save them.  Don’t be deceived by the deception of the scriptures.  Rather come into the TRUTH, get to know JESUS CHRIST FOR REAL!  He is ALIVE and He will lead you and guide you each and every day because HE IS THE ALIVE!  May the grace of Jesus be with you.