Wednesday, January 18, 2023

The theatrical preacher


The Theatrical Preacher 

You've probably come across some of those preachers and pastors that are very theatrical. They hang on every word and they love the way they sound when they preach the scriptures or when they pray. But following Jesus isn't about how good we look outwardly to men. It's about our heart condition and how genuine our relationship is with our Father in heaven. Following Jesus is about holiness. It is about walking the righteous path. It is about hearing from the Holy Spirit and then diligently acting out the things He calls us to do every day in our life. Following Jesus is not about listening to sermons. It's not about church attendance. It's not about paying tithe or helping missionaries go overseas. A lot of churches have made a relationship with God just into the religion of their little cultures but instead of being obedient to Jesus in coming out of sin and calling others to come out of sin. They've made it about all of these ceremonies. Do we really know Jesus Christ? Do we have a relationship with Him and are we calling others into the true body of Christ? Or are we making disciples of hell? Are we calling people into dead religion? Are we leading people astray by organizations that look good on the outside but on the inside they are full of death? Make sure that you're not deceived by dead religion. Come into a genuine relationship with Jesus Christ who loves you and who cares for your soul. May the grace of Jesus be with you.