Wednesday, May 10, 2023

As unto the Lord


As Unto The Lord

Well, praise Jesus today, everyone. I wanted to just make a quick video about working as unto the Lord. As Christians and as disciples of Jesus, we don't just do a good job when people are watching and always trying to get away with something. In fact, the best craftsmen and the best people are ones that are working, not because someone else is watching them, but they're doing it as unto the Lord. A lot of Amish do a really good job. They have really quality work because they're not working for other people, but they're doing everything as unto the Lord. Now there's the mentality that some people have, that's the employee mentality. And with the employee mentality, you're only doing a good job when your boss is watching. And those kinds of employees are just paid by hour and they look for ways to stretch out their work and basically do the worst work possible. They just get lazier and lazier, and they only are trying to appear to be hard workers when their manager is overseeing them. And you see these kinds of workers all across America. They're younger people that are working fast food, mcdonald’s, Burger King, Denny's and these big corporations. They just throw in a manager there and they put some young waiters to work, and basically, they're just very lazy. But for us, we know Jesus Christ, whether our manager is watching or not, whether we have a boss or not that's watching, we're always trying to do quality work, not to please other people, but to do all of our work as unto the Lord. And if we start working unto the Lord, we ourselves will be more appreciative. (have better attitudes) I remember many year ago my family wanted to get my grandmother a gift, so we bought her some flowers. My grandma received this bouquet of flowers and it didn't seem like she appreciated it. And I don't remember her thanking us for it. And my family, my mom and us, all of us felt like, "why did we even get my grandma a birthday gift?"  "Why did we even get her this bouquet of flowers if she doesn't appreciate it?" And then we just realized the reason why we do things for others is out of the love of Jesus Christ. The reason why we love the church, the reason why we love our family and love others as ourself, our neighbours as ourself, is ultimately because we love Jesus. And we shouldn't be doing things just because people are watching or because grandma is going to give us good feedback and say, “thank you so much for what you did”. We should be doing good for others, doing good work and loving others because Jesus Christ loved us first. And that has to be our attitude. And as soon as we realized that, and my mom actually realized that, then it changed our whole perspective. We wanted to do good things. And we were thankful that we were able to give a gift to my grandma even if she wasn't appreciative, because we know that our Father in heaven is always watching. And He doesn't overlook anything that we do, whether it's good or evil. If we do evil, we will be punished. But if we do good, we will be rewarded according to our good works. So I hope this encourages someone to work as unto the Lord. Make sure that whether you're in the public's eye or behind closed doors, you're always upright, and doing a good job at whatever you're doing in life, whether that's at home, in the workplace, out in public, wherever you are, live as unto Jesus Christ, not to be pleasing men or for men's approval, or for their attention. But for the Lord Jesus Christ. All right, well, “thank you, Lord Jesus for giving us the opportunity to walk with you, to be your true church, to be your children. I pray for those that are part of your true church, that they would work as unto the Lord, that they would love you with all their heart and that they wouldn't compromise with the world or be like those who want to win one over on people when they're not watching. We pray that we can be humble and honest, slow to anger, quick to forgive, efficient for the Kingdom of God, but never in a rush, Lord. We thank you for your blessing. We thank you for cursing what is evil and blessing what is good. And we want to just be your children and serve you, Lord, with all our heart. And in your name I pray, Lord Jesus. Amen.”