Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Why I Left Church Never To Return


Why I Left Church Never To Return

Well Praise Jesus, everyone. I want to just speak quickly here about my testimony of why I chose to leave church never to return. The reason why I left church is because Jesus Christ Himself called me out of church. He gave me visions that lasted for weeks where He told me that the church was like a whorehouse and that I needed to leave there if I wanted to follow Him. He told me to touch nothing unclean, showing me the scripture that we are to touch nothing unclean and not to have false fellowship with unbelievers. When I chose to come out of church, a lot of people said, “Well, Andy has just been hurt by people in the church. He's just been confused and if we show him the right kind of love he will come back to church.” And people had this idea that I left church because I was hurt in church. This is ridiculous, guys. The churches that I attended from when I was young, all the way up until the point that I left treated me very well, very respectfully. They paid me well. They would do anything for me. These people were very loving in the world. I was not hurt by church as to the reason why I left. Now a lot of people leave church because they were hurt; they were annoyed at church; they were kind of taxed by church by tithe, and they left for those reasons. But I didn't leave church for any of these reasons. I had plenty of friends there, plenty of money there, plenty of fun things that we were doing together as a family there.

So, besides the fact that Jesus was calling me away from this wicked organization called church, I would not have left. I was not spiritually wounded there. I wasn’t, you know, it wasn't like I was hurt there and then I tried to leave because I was wounded. That's just such a lie. And so many people leave church for the wrong reasons and then they try to start another church that they perceive will be better than the church that hurt them or their family. And they end up just still being in this delusion, in this deception and in this sin called church.

The big problem with church today and the reason why Jesus called me and my family out of church is because the church is stuck in sin. She doesn't want to repent. She says that she will never see sorrow. She says that she sits as queen. She believes that she can do no wrong. And because of this, plagues and all the things mentioned in Revelation about Babylon the Great, the great whore, are going to come upon the false church. The Christians who are in church openly confess that they are sinners. They believe that they are saved by grace, but they don't want to lift a finger to repent themselves or to help others repent. It is sad that the Christian church has deviated so far away from the truth. They're 100% apostate. Apostate means that they are more than backslidden. They're 100% in sin and they have no intention to come back to God.

So, anyone who is listening to this message, if you're wanting to know the truth, the truth is the true body of Christ is made up of believers that have the love of Jesus Christ in their hearts. The true church is not a gathering of people that pay tithe. It's not a social club. It's not just a group of people that like to read the Bible together, but the true body of Christ are those that make up Jesus His body, because they have His Holy Spirit in them. They are made pure, they are purged of sin, they really repent of their sins, they put on righteousness. We read about this through the Gospels and in Revelation that the true church puts on her white garments, she has made pure. She is purged of sin and unrighteousness in leaven.

The American church that is the 501 (c )3, all these organized churches that we see throughout our cities and towns, they have no intention to be holy and pure and without sin. They touch everything that is unclean. They allow sin into their church because they want people's money, and they act like a business so they can get more and more people in there. And it's very fun, as a kid, I loved church, not because I liked listening to sermons, but I liked being around other kids who wanted to have fun and who could enjoy the so-called ministries that the church had to offer. They would take you up skiing or snowboarding. They would take you to camp where you could meet a lot of other fun people to hang out with. They would take you all different places to do all sorts of different fun activities. And you end up getting a lot of people in your church, a lot of youth, but none of them are interested in the Kingdom of God. They're interested in having fun. That was me as a junior high and high school student. And a lot of churches are like this. They're attracting people to themselves by all their gimmicks. And of course, people are going to like you. Of course they're going to like your church. But that doesn't mean that you're making disciples of Jesus Christ who love and obey Jesus and who will live and die for Him.

True discipleship is not attractive to the world because it means you have to die. Jesus said, “Whoever of you does not daily deny himself, take up his cross and follow Me is not worthy of Me.” He called us to count the cost, and no one wants to count the cost. No one wants to die. But if we really are following Jesus, we are already dead. We have died to our sins, we have died to the old nature of our flesh and we have chosen to leave this old life of the world, worldly friends, worldly habits, worldly desires behind. We turn our backs on the world. We turn to 180 and we start walking the way of the cross with Jesus.

 If that is what you want to do today, I encourage you to pick up your cross and walk with the Lord. If you do this, you will leave the apostate churches, not because they hurt you, not because they weren’t fun enough, not because they were teaching something you disagreed with, but because the way of Jesus Christ is not the way of man's religion and dead church religion.

So I hope this addresses any confusion and clarifies as to the reason why you should leave the false church. You shouldn't leave it for any other reason than Jesus calls His true church to be separate, to touch nothing that is unclean, and to be holy and pure for Him without sin and without hypocrisy. Do you want to follow Jesus Christ? Do you want salvation to everlasting life? Or do you want a little bit of religion, fun, so-called worship music, a so-called pastor? Do you want elders and deacons and that sort of thing in your life to control and manipulate you? Or would you rather follow the good shepherd who loves you and who can lead you into everlasting life? The choice and the decision is yours who you will follow, man, or God. May the grace of Jesus be with you.