Wednesday, July 12, 2023

America's church ornamental ceremonial lies

 America's Church Ornamental Ceremonial Lies

One big problem that I found in the American Church, the organized Church is that she makes everything ornamental and ceremonial. So all the things that you should be doing in your life for Jesus out of your heart, the church takes those things and they say, “Oh no, you shouldn't be doing those on your own. You have to do corporate worship. You have to tithe your ten percent of money to the church. Oh no, you can't worship at home. You need to Worship in corporate worship during the time we're playing the piano and singing on stage. You can't do mission trips on your own. Do it through the church.” So everything becomes this ornamental sort of faith that you compartmentalize apart from your normal life. So you got your normal life, that's your home life, your vacation life, your work life and everything you do apart from church. But then you have that church culture that thinks that they are the Christian Life as long as you're doing those ornamental and ceremonial practices. So they have literally compartmentalized what Jesus wants to be every single part of your life.

Your mission is your life itself. Are you a missionary to your wife, to your children, to your neighbor, to the people right around you? Or have you bought the church lie that missionaries and mission trips are about going over to China and to other areas of the world? Have you bought the lie that communion with God which should be happening every day in your life, is just once a month in church when you take bread and when you take that cup? Have you bought the lie that hearing from God, hearing from the word of God is only happening on Sunday from 8 to noon when you hear the pastor reading from the Bible? See all of these things in organized religion become ornamental and ceremonial and it loses its true meaning. If we really are the true church, we're not going to church. Jesus Christ is in us, and we are His church wherever we go. So, I want to encourage you not to buy into the American Church lie, the organized Church lie that makes everything just ornamental and fake. Put your faith in Jesus and serve Him every day in real life. May the grace of Jesus be with you.