Monday, November 6, 2023

Don't open yourself up to Demons

  Don't Open Yourself up to Demons

We’ll Praise Jesus today, everyone. I wanted to make a quick message regarding spiritual warfare and how we as Christians, disciples of Jesus have to overcome demons, evil spirits, everything that is demonic. See, a lot of people are not spiritually protected from evil, because they are trying to be spiritual. They want some kind of spiritual revelation. They want some kind of spiritual insight. They want some kind of connection with the spiritual realm. And because they love the idea of being spiritual more than the idea of being godly, they allow demons into your life.

Last night I had this dream. And in my dream, I saw a vision of a pastor. He was a pastor that probably had a good reputation in his church, he was well dressed, he was middle-aged, and this pastor had a spiritual encounter with an alien or a demon, but the pastor perceived it as an alien. And this close encounter that this pastor had with this alien, the pastor did not rebuke this alien as a demon. He didn't just rebuke it in the name of Jesus, but he accepted the revelation that this alien gave him. And as soon as the pastor received the revelation from that alien, his eyes became blind, the pastor's eyes glossed over. And then, within a day, the pastor was dead. So that was the end of my dream, and his whole entire congregation was all mourning for this pastor that died. Similarly, today there are a lot of Christians, maybe they don't get revelations directly from angels or demons or aliens or from the spiritual realm, but they are opening themselves up to the demonic realm, through movies, through music, through listening to people who are led by demons and not led by the Spirit of God. If you open yourself up in any way to demons, they will start to possess you in some way or push you spiritually in one direction, and that direction is always away from the truth, away from the light, away from Jesus Christ.

The way to secure yourself is to be rooted on the rock of Jesus Christ. Don't be putting dreams above Jesus. Don't be putting interpretations or tongues above Jesus or just spiritual encounters, spiritual happenings, ghosts, all of those things are ways to open you up for demons, to control you or to make you have revelations. What you need to be seeking first is the Kingdom of God and His righteousness. You need to concern yourself on doing what is right.

I see a comment that's coming in, do I sin? That is the big thing guys. All of us have to overcome sin in Jesus name. If you're not overcoming sin, then you are also giving yourself over to demons. When I chose to get serious about following Jesus with all of my heart, I chose to repent and come out of the world, anything that is sinful, I choose to completely shed that off and for Jesus to purify me of that. And that is what you also need to do. If you want to come into a relationship with the Lord, you need to confess your sin, stop sinning. All the sins that I knew that I had in my life, I repented of those and I said, “Lord, deal with me, change me, purify me, and all the things that I don't know that are sin start to show me those, so that I can start to walk holy and be pure before you.” None of us are perfect. But the Lord starts to purge us and He starts to purify us. Did I ever sin after the time that I put my faith in Jesus? Well, as much as possible, since I put my faith in Jesus back around 2011, I have never once went back to any of the big sins that I knew was sin, such as pornography, drugs and alcohol, getting drunk, lusting after women, all of those basic things that I knew were sin I never went back to and not to say that I'm trying to boast in that, but Jesus really changed me. He put the fear of God in me to never, ever go back to my sin because I knew it was taking me to hell.

But there are other things that were in my life that needed to be purged and things that were in me that were not perfect, that needed to be cleansed. And the purification is a process to where the Lord continues to purge us, clean us. There were things that were in my mind that were impure. I wasn't going around sleeping around with women, but I was still having impure thoughts in the beginning of my marriage and the Lord purified me from that. And we continue to walk with the Lord. He continues to purge us of sins that are internal. They haven't necessarily even manifested through our flesh yet, but they have been manifesting through us spiritually in our mind. And that is where Jesus tells us that sin starts, it starts in our hearts, and then it manifests through our actions. So we need to be purged and purified and cleaned. And we have to be serious as God's children to put on our white robes and to touch nothing that is unclean.

So the question is also for all of us, have we repented of our sin? Have we stopped sinning so that we can follow Jesus? The question I have for you, if you think that no one can stop sinning, and if you think that I'm a hypocrite because I gave up those sins, the question I have for you that are asking me these questions is, what sin is in your life that you cannot give up to obey Jesus? You can name your sins. Don't just make sin something that is elusive that you can't touch that or just somewhere that you can't grasp, but you can name every single one of your sins, you can name it and you can claim it as yours. And then you can decide if you will really repent of that sin, or if you will hold on to it because you love that sin more than Jesus. So what is your sin? Is your sin pornography? Is your sin addiction to video games? Is your sin drugs and alcohol? Is your sin lust? Is your sin greed? Is it chasing after money and after the pleasures of this world? What is your specific sin? And then think about why you can't give that up for the sake of Jesus? Why can't you repent of that? Because that is probably what is blocking your prayers, that is probably what is blocking you from entering the Kingdom of God.

So, this pastor in my dream, was in sin. Instead of wanting the holiness that Jesus had to offer and preaching holiness, he was trying to get revelation from a demon. And many pastors today, they're seeking for approval from men. They want to look good to other people. They want to be seen as a father figure, a mentor, a good leader. And so any amount of revelation they can get, or however they can seem spiritual, they want to gather any spirituality they can. And they have very little discernment between a dream that comes from the Holy Spirit or from Satan, from Bible knowledge that comes from Jesus or from Satan. And because they desire to be spiritual and revered by men instead of holy and righteous as Jesus wants them, they are able to be pushed around and led astray by demons. So the question is, are you trying to just look spiritual? Are you seeking after things that are spiritual? Or are you really putting your faith in Jesus?

Now, obviously if we are true Christians, we will have dreams, we will have visions, we will read our Bible. But the confusing thing about all of that, guys, is Satan also reads the Bible. Satan also quotes the Bible, not just the Holy Spirit quotes the Bible and reads the Bible. So demons also read the Bible. They quote the Bible. Demons can give you dreams and visions or words from a spiritual place. But the Spirit of God does also. So how are you going to know the difference between Bible verses that have come to you come into your mind through a demonic source, or revelations or dreams or interpretations or tongues that have come from a demonic source versus one that has truly come as a word of the Lord, a prophecy of the Lord, a dream or a vision of the Lord, or a tongue from the Holy Spirit? A lot of Christians don't know how to distinguish the spirits. And they always say, “Well, if you just get this book (the Bible) right here, if you just get this book, that is how you distinguish between truth and error.” And that is not true because Satan also quotes and reads the Bible.

The way you know the difference is by who you are actually following. If secretly you are following the devil, whenever you read the Bible, all of the Bible verses that you'll be pulling out are all going to be to justify your sin, you'll be finding all the verses that make you feel okay, and make you feel justified in whatever you're doing. Actually, guys, I don't even know how many people I've encountered that are demon-possessed and they know the Bible way better than I do. When someone actually comes under the influence of a demon and they give a demon authority in their life, they're able to know all of the scripture and they quote in such a deceptive way, they're able to basically see into your mind and they can quote things from the Bible, from the spiritual realm that will confuse you to your core if you're not with Jesus Christ. So be very careful that you're not just seeking after spirituality, seeking after a dream or a vision or seeking after more Bible knowledge, looking up to people who are good Bible teachers, and they lecture from the Bible systematically, and they know all of this theology and they go directly through the Bible. You have to watch out for that because a lot of these men are like the pastor I saw in this vision who are getting their visions from demons, call it an angel, call it Satan, call it an alien, but it is a demonic spirit. They're getting their information from demons and even if it's spiritual, it doesn't mean it's coming from the truth.

You need to be receiving information from the Holy Spirit. And if you're not sure what spirit you're hearing from, you need to just pray and say, “Lord Jesus, please show me the difference between lying spirits, the demons, and your Holy Spirit.” And if your heart is truly pure before the Lord and not seeking after witchcraft, like pastors, the Lord will reveal to you the difference. And that is the way able to test the spirit. Because the Holy Spirit will be in you, because you are pure before God to receive His Spirit. You can't test the spirit just by hearing a Bible verse or just by getting a dream or getting a vision. You have to receive the Holy Spirit. Jesus promised you the Holy Spirit and everyone who would receive Him, the gift of the Holy Spirit. And with the gift of the Holy Spirit comes the gift of prophecy to prophecy, visions, a new tongue. All of these sorts of supernatural abilities come from the Holy Spirit, not from us, not just from the spiritual realm, it comes from the Spirit of the living God. He loves us and He wants to get us, but if our eye has become dark. Then we will not be able to see clearly. And many pastors and top leaders in the church are spiritually blind because they've listened revelations from demons.

How about you guys? Are you listening to the Holy Spirit that Jesus has given you? Have you received the Holy Spirit? Or have you received some other spirit pretending to be the Holy Spirit? Maybe you've just received your own mind. All of us have been given a mind when we're born. All of us know the difference between good and evil to some extent. But a lot of people have not, especially Christians, ever received the Holy Spirit, they have no idea the difference between receiving a revelation from the Holy Spirit or from an alien or a demon or an angel. They would not be able to tell you the difference because they've never experienced it. I have experienced the gift of the Holy Spirit so I can speak boldly, not out of pride, but boldly out of my relationship with the truth with Jesus Christ, the difference between revelations that come from spirituality versus revelations that come from the Spirit of the living God.

But the question is, do you know the difference? Have you received the Holy Spirit? So I want to pray for those of you who are serious. Do you want to know the truth? Those of you who want to be in the light and receive the spirit of God, so pray with me, “Lord Jesus, I pray for your true church. I pray for those who want to be part of the body of Christ, that want to put on their clean robes, that want to truly repent of sin, not those who want to deflect blame, who want to just say that everyone is a sinner who want to muddy the waters. Lord, but I pray for those who truly want your Holy Spirit in their life, that want to be cleansed from all unrighteousness. I pray for those that want to be serious to purge all sin out of their life and to be completely purified. I pray that you purify them. I pray that they repent of their sins, that they confess their sins. And I pray that they are made clean, that they have on their white robes. I pray that they come into the gift of your new covenant, believe in Lord Jesus, that you will wash over their sins, that you will cleanse them from all unrighteousness, and that your blood will purify them. We thank you, Lord Jesus, for dying on the cross. We thank you for resurrecting. We thank you that you are alive and that you are with those who are with the truth, because we know that those who hear the truth hear your voice, and those who hear your voice will hear the truth. So I pray for my brothers and sisters who are in darkness but that want to come into the light. I pray that you will give them the power to overcome Satan and the demons in the spiritual realm, the empire of the Satanic. I pray that chains will be broken in your name, Lord, and that people will be set free from the bondage of sin, that they no longer will be ashamed to speak the truth of you, Lord Jesus, and that they will be able to stand. In your name I pray, Lord Jesus, amen.”