Wednesday, November 15, 2023

How many times should a Christian be baptized?


How Many Times Should a Christian be Baptized?

It is the right thing to do to put your faith in Jesus and be baptized if you want to follow in Jesus' footsteps.  Jesus said to John the Baptist when he was baptized, “Let us do this to fulfill all righteousness.”  And if we want to follow in the same pattern of Jesus Christ, we also have to be baptized to fulfill all righteousness.  There are some Christians who don't think that they need to be baptized and they go around saying the thief on the cross wasn't baptized, baptism is a work, therefore you don't really need to do it, it's just symbolic.  And they reject the words of Jesus. They don't follow in Jesus' footsteps.  But on the other end of the spectrum, there are Christians who continually feel guilty and so they get baptized and then they get baptized again and again.  This also does not fix the problem of sin.  If you as a Christian have been baptized once, then you don't need to be baptized again.  But if you have backslid, you do have to repent, confess your sins and get your relationship back on track with Jesus Christ.  Jesus will forgive you. He will accept you back. But you have to be serious to burn your bridges with the world.  Prepare your hearts to walk with the Lord and don't turn back. You have to make up your mind who you will follow, the world with the devil or Jesus Christ in the kingdom of God.