Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Deception of following Christian principles

Deception of Following Christian Principles 
One deception that I hear all the time in the church or with the church culture is this idea that we need to abide by and follow godly biblical principles.  It’s all about the principles, all about correct theology.  But the principles are removed from the TRUTH, even if you think that they are godly, biblical, theologically correct… and the reason for that is, remember when Jesus said how the pharisees would make themselves look clean on the outside, but they are as dead man’s bones or tombs, whitewashed tombs?  He talked about the sepulcher and all of that… well it’s quite possible to NOT have the Holy Spirit, to NOT really love Jesus but to pick up on godly principles, to pick up the theological ideas from church and then you can start spouting out all those ideas, you can start saying, “God is three in one, He is Father, Son and Holy Spirit…. We have to work well in the community, we have to turn from sin…”  A lot of people know all the principles and they even apply the principles, but they are FAR AWAY FROM THE HEART OF GOD, they have no relationship with Jesus Christ.  I see a lot of Christians today that are very biblical and they hold to the principles, they know the principles like the back of their hand, but they have absolutely no relationship with Jesus.  You can tell in their eyes they don’t have the Holy Spirit.  Anyone who has received the Holy Spirit has the bread of life and they sing the song of the redeemed.  It is an impossibility for anyone to sing the song of the redeemed if they have not received the Holy Spirit.  They can try but if they do not have the Holy Spirit at BEST they will be trying to keep those guidelines of biblical principles, godly principles, trying to have correct theology and doctrine.  They may have a few words that sound to be Christian and godly and as if they are the words of Jesus, but you can’t follow godly principles and become a man of God.  The only way to be a man of God or a woman of God is to receive the Holy Spirit and be living every single day on HIS words, the words of LIFE, the bread that comes out of heaven.  Are we truly eating Jesus’s flesh, his very flesh and drinking His blood?  Do we have LIFE in us because His Holy Spirit is supernaturally guiding us?  Are we His children, or are we like the foolish, those 5 virgins who had what they though was a lamp but they had NO OIL!  You know, they have the bible, they have principles, they have Christian friends, they have the scripture memorized, maybe they pray, they do all these things but they have never received the Holy Spirit.  Are we like the 5 foolish?  Or are we like the wise that have oil in our lamp?  Is the Holy Spirit in you?  Are you singing the song of the redeemed?  Are you eating Jesus’s flesh and drinking His blood?  Or are you empty inside?  Are you like the foolish thinking that you can follow God by good principles, by bible understanding, correct theology?  Don’t be a FOOL!  Pray to Jesus, see, HIM, He knows your heart.  He created you, He created your mind, your heart, your being.  Pray to HIM, you can’t fool Him. Work out your relationship with Him.  Ask Him to change you from the inside out and give you a new heart that beats, a heart of flesh, not a heart of stone.  Seek Jesus and you will have life, but reject Him for the principles, the bible and all those things that Christians uphold and you will perish.  SEEK JESUS AND HAVE LIFE.