Friday, May 22, 2020

The story God has for your life

The Story God Has For Your Life
 Jesus said that every single day we have to deny ourselves, take up our cross to follow Him. If we want to know the story that God has for our life, that wonderful epic story that no one else can top, then we have to surrender ourselves to the will of Jesus Christ and NOT be the god of our own life, not to be workers of iniquity and our own pleasure and our own understanding.  Jesus Christ has a plan and a story for every single person’s life, to live according to HIS words, to really live by faith.  But because people don’t trust God, because they think life would be better by the arm of the flesh, they never put their faith in Jesus, they never start walking with Him.  And because of that their life is never going to be anything special before God, it’s just going to be wicked.  They will follow the same path that everyone else has followed and in the end, no matter what they discovered, no matter what money they made, no matter what they accomplished with their worldly careers, the end of their life will be death, destruction, and they will have nothing in the end, not even love.  There is no love in hell.  There is no recognition of worldly achievements in hell.  All those things from your life that you thought you could put in a book about yourself, all of them will we worthless.  Great men and not so great men, rich men and poor men alike all have the same fate which is death.  And if you lived according to the laws of this world, in the end you will be absolutely nothing.  Jesus said that apart from Him you can do nothing.  The end of your life is going to be meaningless, it will be hell for you, unless you repent and find that story that Jesus has for you.  His story for your life is wonderful.  He wants to bless you and to help you. I’m not saying that it’s going to be all smooth sailing and He’s going to make you rich or famous, nothing like that.  But He does want the very best for you.  And the only way to preserve your soul, is to be losing your soul for Jesus Christ, letting Him into every aspect of your life, giving Him control of your life, surrendering fully and totally to Him.  Are you willing to have Jesus as your leader, your guide, your ONLY father, your ONLY teacher?  Are you ready for yourself to be walking that path that leads to everlasting life, and that story to be told, not by you, not by your endeavors, but that story to be told by God, that HE will narrate your life because you are truly in Him?  If Jesus is with you, you can do anything, and His story for your life will be wonderful.  But if you are not picking up your cross, daily denying yourself to follow Jesus, no matter who you are, your life is going to end in misery.  The end will be death, destruction and ultimately hell.  Will you overcome your sins?  Will you put your faith in Jesus, will you have everlasting life?  Or will your fate be eternal damnation?