Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Fear God not the apocalypse or the anti-Christ


Fear God Not the Apocalypse or the Antichrist

What a wonderful day it is to be living for Jesus, to be in the light of the truth.  If we have received the Holy Spirit it is our duty to live for HIM every single day and to preach the true gospel of Jesus Christ.  There are many fraudulent Christians (who appear informed but godless) and the whole world knows that the anti-Christ is coming.  Anyone that you talk to in the world that has any kind of worldly eye to see at all, can tell that things are getting BAD, they can tell churches are not the salt and light that they should be, they can tell that everything is getting worse.  A lot of people talk about the anti-Christ, the apocalypse, the end of times… they talk about the seasons and the times, and the whole world knows these things… and then they talk about how you can prep for the end times; how you can prep for the anti-Chirst, how you can escape, now to navigate, how to go around the potholes.  But the interesting things is, these same people that fear the anti-Christ, that are scared of end times, that LOVE to talk about this stuff, THEY DON’T FEAR GOD, THEY ARE OPEN SINNERS, THEY DON’T REPENT OF THEIR OWN SIN.  They fear the anti-Christ and end times, BUT THEY DON’T FEAR GOD WHO CAN, AFTER THEIR BODY IS DEAD CAN CAST THEIR SOUL INTO HELL!  What a deception it is that Christians run around preaching and teaching end times, the apocalypse, the coming of the anti-Christ, but THEY TEHMSELVES ARE NOT RIGHT WITH GOD.  He will say to them; “Away from ME you who sin, I don’t know you…”  What is it going to matter to us, what’s it going to matter if the anti-Christ is already here?  (And the anti-Christ is in the world) What’s it going to matter that the world is going to end in however many years and days or minutes, WHEN WE COULD BE DEAD TODAY, THIS MINUTE, THIS SECOND and then have to hold an account before GOD for our OWN sins?

              Anyone can see the sins of the world; anyone can look outward, but to look INWARD is the difficult thing, it’s difficult to see yourself.  And satan, the deception that he displays is; “Oh, look outwardly, look at all these things happening in the world, the whole world is getting SO BAD… but you’re okay, you’re a little bit better then the world, you’re not THAT bad, you’re not a murderer, you wouldn’t kill a baby, you would do THAT, so you’re okay!” 

NOT ONE SIN is going to enter eternal life.  You have to REPENT OF YOUR SINS.  AND YOU AND I SHOULD FEAR GOD, because God is the one who can cast us into hell, or He can say; “Enter into My kingdom you who have done MY will.”  Very few people are really serving Jesus Christ.  The whole world can tell that calamity is coming upon the world.  But few people are doing anything, they fear the calamity, they’re “preppers”, they like entertainment of the videos that are put out on the internet.  THESE PEOPLE DON’T CARE TO GET RIGHT WITH JESUS CHRIST, THEY CARE TO BE ENTERTAINED.  And they like entertaining others.  But we have to fix our eyes on Jesus Christ and we have to do HIS WILL. 

Any branch that does not stay in the vine gets cut off, and we are about to be cut off if we are not producing good fruit and attached to Jesus Christ.  Are we really connected to Jesus Christ, are we bearing good fruit every single day?  Are we preaching the gospel?  Are we living HOLY?  Or are we like the world saying; “It’s the apocalypse, it’s the “end times”, but who refuse to look inward at our own sin?  Have we truly repented or are we preaching nonsense like the world?  I want to make sure that my own heart is right before GOD.  The things that Jesus has give me to speak and preach, I’m not above those things.  I check my own heart, I check my own life, and daily I turn to the LORD and I ask Him; “Lord, purify me, make me clean…”  We cannot be clean and pure on our own, but with Jesus all things are possible.  And we have to abide in Jesus.  Without Him we are nothing.

Most Christians are LOST, they have their church, they have their bible, they study the bible, they study the apocalypse… but they have no idea what Jesus is doing, THEY DON’T KNOW HIM.  And because of that when they leave this earth and breath their last, Jesus will say; “Away from Me you who commit iniquity…”  And they will say; “Lord, we cast out demons, we knew it was the end time, we stood up in our church for what we thought was right…”  And Jesus will say; “Away from Me you who commit iniquity I don’t know you.”  He will say that because they never truly repented of the sins of the WORLD.  Following Jesus Christ is not about religion.  Following Jesus is not about looking good on the outside.  It’s about purifying ourselves in the inside, humbling ourselves before the LORD and asking Him to fill us with the power of His Spirit.  Are we really in the truth?  Do we fear GOD?  Or do we fear the anti-Christ and the apocalypse?  Make sure that you are part of those that fear GOD!  Don’t listen to those who run around talking about the apocalypse and the anti-Christ, those that think they are going to “PREP” and save themselves in the end when it all “hits the fan”.  GET TO KNOW JESUS, because HE is the one who will allow you into His kingdom OR SEND YOU TO HELL.