Tuesday, January 5, 2021

When God interrupts our plans


When God Interrupts Our Plans

The LORD is still speaking to His children and He is still calling people to REPENT and He is still giving us time to reconcile with HIM before it is too late.  This morning as I was waking up the Lord put a message on my heart, and that message is that God interrupts our plans, and when He interrupts our plans, we had better pay attention and we better ask Him WHY our plan is being interrupted instead of just becoming upset and mad.  The Holy Spirit tends to frustrate us because God’s plans and His ideas for our life is not ours.  We want to get up and start going throughout our day the way that WE understand things, the way that WE think life should go.  And when our plans get interrupted it can be very frustrating and annoying.  But if the Holy Spirit becomes the one who is annoying us and frustrating us and making us upset, THEN WE HAVE A PROBLEM.

 It reminded me of when Jesus and His disciples were out preaching and speaking the truth and there were some little children, and the disciples just recognized the little children as a hinderance and a distraction.  But Jesus said; “Let the little children come, and do not forbid them, for such is the Kingdom of Heaven…”  Jesus did not see children as a hinderance, but He blessed those little children.  We have to make sure that each thing that the Holy Spirit puts in our life, that initially seems very frustrating to us, that we RECEIVE AS FROM GOD and receiving it that we see whatever God wants us to do.  When we wake up in the morning we have to just pray and say; “Lord, make us a vessel of honor and wherever your Holy Spirit is leading, wherever you are breathing, we want to go THAT direction, we don’t want to be stubborn but we want to be broken to be used for YOUR purpose…” Many people do not want to be broken by God, but those that aren’t broken when they land on the Rock, the Rock will land on top of them and CRUSH THEM TO POWDER, just as is prophesied. 

I encourage you not to be frustrated by the Holy Spirit.  The world is very frustrated.  Coronavirus comes as a frustration upon the world, and people come out with all kinds of conspiracies as to what’s going on with the Coronavirus.  But ultimately GOD is in charge of EVERY SINGLE THING THAT HAPPENS ON THE FACE OF THIS EARTH.  Not that He makes evil, but He retracts His Holy Spirit from evil men and the punishment that comes upon them is the punishment that happens by the hand of demons.  The Holy Spirit is not a demon.  But people are given over to demons when the Holy Spirit retracts His protection.  Coronavirus and what is happening on the whole world is happening by demons and demonic forces, BUT GOD IS THE ONE WHO ALLOWED IT.  And what a blessing it is that in this time that we are living GOD is frustrating the world.  The whole world is annoyed that they can’t just go back to work, and work as they always did.  The world wants to go back to NORMAL; “Just bring the vaccine, just bring us back to normal…”  But God is frustrating their plans, He is annoying them.

  But instead of being annoyed, will we go before the LORD and humbly just ask Him, “What is your plan for me today?  What can I do that I can bring you glory and honor and praise?”?  Instead of just wondering how you can make a buck in the world and how you can supply your own needs by your own arm, PRAY TO SEEK FIRST THE KINGDOM OF GOD AND HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS.  Ask Jesus Christ what you can do to bring HIM glory and bear good fruit.  If we don’t bear good fruit, if we don’t humble ourselves when God is frustrating our plans, then we are in danger of being cut off.  Jesus Christ will cut off every branch that does not bear good fruit, and the branches that are bearing good fruit He’s going to prune.  Are we going to be the children of God who see when God is frustrating our plans and just turn AWAY from our own plans to do the things that the Holy Spirit is calling us to do?  Or will we just be annoyed like how the disciples were annoyed at children? 

We need to move where the Holy Spirt moves us.  This world is moved by people, what people THINK, by what people SAY, but their businesses, by their culture.  We shouldn’t be moved by ANYONE BUT GOD.  You know sATAN does not move for ANYONE.  The only one that can move sATAN is sATAN’s Creator.  GOD can move the devil, GOD CAN DESTROY sATAN.  But YOU can’t make sATAN do ANYTHING.  And if you fall to the power of sATAN, sATAN is going to move YOU.  And likewise, on the righteous side, we need to let NO ONE move us, satan shouldn’t be able to move us, our culture shouldn’t be able to move us, people’s opinions should not be able to distract us and move us, the only one that should be able to move us IS OUR CREATOR!  And is that true for you?  Or are you moved by every single wave of the sea?  Are you tossed to fro, are you shaken?  Will you be beaten down and destroyed because satan is where you are placing your feet?  If your feet are in the world and you are bending your knee to the antichrist, then you are going to be tossed to and fro and you will be destroyed.

  God is bringing His judgment upon the ungodly children, those who are worshiping the devil.  But as for us, we will bend our knee ONLY TO OUR CREATOR, to JESUS CHRIST.  And if we realize that GOD is in control, He is the one who is blessing us during this time, He is giving us this moment of silence, this moment of time to be quiet, to be still and to know that HE IS GOD, then instead of just being frustrated we will start asking Him, “WHERE ARE YOU MOVING?”  We will start praying and asking the Holy Spirit for guidance.  Will we be humble enough to see when God is frustrating our plans?  Or will we resist the Holy Spirit and join up with the antichrist, just wanting everything to go back to “normal”, to push forward, to resist the Holy Spirit in everything? 

I want to be humble before God, and instead of pushing forward with my plans, I want to surrender everything that is mine, cast my crown before the Lord, and let Him do with me as HE pleases.   Will you also cast your crown before the LORD?  Will you let Him guide you?  Will you let Him lead you and be part of HIS PLAN?  Because ONLY the straight and narrow path, ONLY HIS PLAN for your life leads into EVERLASTING LIFE.  There is no other way into the Kingdom of God other than through the plan of Jesus Christ.  You need to REPENT, seek the Holy Spirit.  Stop listening to people.  Stop being part of religion and churches that have rejected the Holy Spirit.  Receive Jesus Christ and you will live, but reject Him and you will die.  May the grace of Jesus be with you.