Friday, January 7, 2022

God's Revelation to us didn't End With the Book of Revelation

 Not everything that Jesus ever wanted to say to us is recorded in the scripture. That is why Jesus says in John chapter 16, "I still have many things to say to you but you cannot bear them now, however when He the Spirit of Truth has come He will guide you into all truth..."  Many Christians think that revelation from God, for all humanity, ended with the book of Revelation. No one else can have a revelation if they didn't live in bible times because that would be outside the Canon of scripture and not "biblical".  By believing such foolishness they make it as though God only spoke to people in Bible times, but in the latter days stopped communicating with His creation intimately as in the past. They even have the audacity to say the ONLY way God communicates is through the written scripture.  As sad and heretical of a doctrine it is, MANY Christian's are actually FOOLED by this. They think to themselves that if it's not in the Bible they don't need to believe it's sin or real at all... they presume; "Abortion" is not mentioned explicitly in the Bible, so it must not be murder,  Marijuana and other psychoactive recreational drugs are not mentioned in the Bible, so they must not be witchcraft... Demons are not mentioned tormenting people in hell, so hell and demons must be a crule fantasy... America is not mentioned explicitly in the Bible, so we are insignificant to God, Covid-19 was not mentioned in the bible, so we don't need to worry about our conscience pricking us... Anyone who does not truly here and have revelation from Jesus Christ for themselves are in very serious trouble. Jesus Christ is making a severe division between those who HEAR HIM and those who are not of His fold. The question is, do you hear from the Lord Jesus? Do you obey Him?  And do you have continuous REVELATION from Him?  Or has God ceased from speaking?