Thursday, January 13, 2022

Are you looking for fellowship in vain


Are You Looking for Fellowship in Vain?

I’ve watched as some Christians expend all their energy in looing for Christian fellowship, the brotherhood of the saints.  But they don’t spend half as much time seeking FIRST the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, seeing to please their LORD and MASTER.  It becomes a thing of pride to think that WE can build God’s church.  When we rely on the arm of our OWN flesh to gather people together, then the work of the HOLY SPIRIT cannot be done, we become a hinderance to God’s TRUE Church.  We are NOT the ones who build the church, Jesus Christ is the one that builds His Church.  But because many Christians are lonely and they don’t have a relationship with Jesus where they TRUST Him, they seek after fellowship FIRST.  They are ALWAYS looking for a church, always looking for brothers and sisters in the Lord, always looking for new fellowships and gatherings, people to meet with.  What we SOULD be seeking first is the KINGDOM OF GOD and we should trust that HE is the one who builds HIS Church.  He builds His little flock.  But if we don’t trust Him, we can’t OBEY Him.  Are you really seeing FIRST the Kingdom of God and His righteousness?  Do you trust that He is the one that gathers or that HE is the one who severs?  Do you trust Him with your LIFE?  Or are you just looking for gatherings?  May the grace of Jesus be with you.