Monday, February 14, 2022

Sola Scriptura is a lie

Sola Scriptura is a Lie

The doctrine of “Sola Scriptura” is a doctrine of demons and a doctrine from hell.  The Bible itself does not support this doctrine.  Abraham did not have a Bible, he had FAITH and he came into the knowledge of the Living God and his Messiah through FAITH.  We have to come into the knowledge of the truth through the same faith Abraham had, because GOD HAS NOT CHANGED.  We know even from the Scriptures that the Holy Spirit speaks to us OUTSIDE THE SCRIPTURES, that’s why Jesus said that the Holy Spirit would tell us things that we already know, remind of things to come, and tell us things in the future.  (John 14:26 & 16:13) Those things in the future are not recorded in the Bible.  And in one place in the Scriptures we read that if everything that Jesus said was recorded that it would fill up all the books of the entire world.  (John 21:25)  We know that not everything Jesus said or wanted to say is recorded in the Scripture, but DO WE HEAR FROM THE HOLY SPIRIT WHAT WE DO NEED TO HEAR FROM THE LORD?  Many Christians are idolizing the Scriptures, they do that so that they can manipulate it, so that others cannot hear from God for themselves.  THEY want to be the authority, THEY want to be the one teaching and guiding you.  But Jesus did NOT promise the Bible, He did not promise a man or a church, Jesus promised the BETTER GIFT OF THE HOLY SPIRIT to lead us, to guide us and to teach us ALL THINGS, guiding us into ALL TRUTH!  Read again what Jesus said in John chapter 14-16 with open ears, open eyes, and an open heart to the Truth of GOD!  Jesus Christ is the infallible one, NOT THE SCRIPTURES.  Make sure that you really know Jesus Christ, that you hear from Him and that you obey HIM.  May the grace of Jesus be with you.