Thursday, February 17, 2022

Why can't I hear God?


Why Can’t I Hear God?

I want to make this message about hearing from God because a lot of people, they have a sort of a prayer life where they get discouraged because they don’t hear from Jesus the way they want to.  And we know that we should be hearing from the Lord.  So, how do we know the Lord’s voice, how do we hear from Him?  Well, Jesus says that we have to worship Him in SPIRIT and in TRUTH. (John 4:24)   We don’t just hear Him in our mind.  People are always wondering, do you just hear God, voices in your head?  But Satan can speak into your mind, the TV can speak into your head through your ears and through your eyes.  But we need to be hearing the Holy Spirit in SPIRIT and in TRUTH.  And when God created us, He created us with the ability to hear Him in spirit IF we would ask for the Holy Spirit to guide us.  So, what we ought to do is pray and say; “Lord please, give me the ears that hear you, I want to be in tune with your Holy Spirit.”  And then when we pray we have to listen for Him in the very bottom of our heart, in the bottom of our soul, the area where we KNOW right from wrong.  It’s not just a guessing game, it’s not about our emotions, but it’s the part of us that knows right from wrong.  Some things we’re not sure about, we pray about those things, we say; “Lord, I’m not sure if this is right or wrong…”  But we don’t just jump in front of Him and just suppose right from wrong.  If there is something we really don’t know we wait upon the Lord, we wait for Him to answer us, but we have to continue in prayer, being steadfast in prayer.

 One reason a lot of people cannot hear God is because they have not passed the elementary principles of their faith.  The things that the Holy Spirit has asked them to do LONG ago (the have left undone) They have not repented.  They have not forgiven the people they needed to forgive, they haven’t confessed and repented of sins that they KNOW are wrong.  They still have secret sins in their life and when the Holy Spirit has convicted us of something that we need to do, and if we aren’t doing that, it doesn’t matter how much more we ask to hear from God, we will still be spiritually stuck, until we overcome that, whatever that sin was or whatever that thing was the Holy Spirit asked us to do. 

One example that I have of this is when I was still in church, I was into a lot of music, and I just knew the Holy Spirit was calling me to get rid of all my music from the time I was young.  From when I was young, all the way back to when there was cassette tapes, I had music from band’s that I had listened to.  And I knew the Holy Spirit was calling me to get rid of all this old music.  But for some time it just sat on my shelf.  I could not grow in my faith until I followed through with what the Holy Spirit wanted me to do and get rid of all that old garbage music.  So, one day I took all the music, all the CD’s, everything that I had that was ungodly in music and I threw it in the dumpster.  And that allowed me to grow in my faith, to move forward in righteousness with JESUS.  But if I didn’t do that, and if that was pricking my conscience, but I was saying; “God I pray that you speak to me today, give me a NEW word…” I WOULDN’T receive any new word or expect to hear ANYTHING from the Lord because He had already spoken to my conscience something I NEEDED TO DO and if I wasn’t doing that I just simply wouldn’t grow.  And a lot of full grown men and women are still stuck spiritually as children, they are still stuck as infants in the Kingdom of God, NOT in a good way, not that they have “child-like faith”, but spiritually they are not developing, they are premature because they haven’t repented, confessed, they haven’t grown in their faith in the way that they should.  They are disobedient children, and they are slow to obey. 

So, I encourage you, if you want to hear God, if you want to know who He really is, then make sure you obey the things that you know are very basic.  Do you have profanity out of your life?  Do you have all those things that you know are ungodly out of your life?  Or do you still have ungodly friends, are you allowing things that you know are perverted and sinful like pornography and all of that kind of stuff into your house?  Do you have movies and ungodly music in your house?  These are things that will prevent you from hearing God and receiving His Holy Spirit.  Make sure that you truly repent of these things.  Seek after the Lord and be pure, and He will teach you.  He will speak to you and guide you, but you have to be willing to move and go forward in your faith with Him, otherwise YOU WILL BE STUCK.  I hope this helps someone to hear from God and to really confess their sins and repent of them and move forward in their faith.  May the grace of Jesus be with you.